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Merryhill School Calvine - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Merryhill School Calvine9036 Calvine Road
Sacramento, CA 95829
(916) 689-7236PK-6Sacramentoprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Ben Wayne2012


11/5/2011parentI have nothing but praise for Merryhill School Calvine. This school not only has a challenging curriculum (that includes technology, art, language, & sports), but the children are also taught the value of kindness, respect, & responsibility. These values are also modeled by the new principal, Mr. Wayne, the incredible teachers, & staff. My daughter is in the 1st grade (she also attended kindergarten at Merrhill), & she has thrived. I don't know what this school was like prior to Mr. Wayne taking over, but it is without reservation that I recommend this school to any parent seeking a challenging, well-rounded curriculum that will help your child meet their potential in a supportive, respectful environment.
11/4/2011parentI liked the principal and most parents will say the same. However, if you are thinking about putting your child in the kinder program, I would encourage you to think long and hard about the teacher's length of experience. The class size is no different than public kinder in EGSD. The teaching standards are also no different. Before I enrolled my child at this school, I would not have touched a public school with a ten foot pole. My thoughts have completely changed. If you want your child to memorize without learning the concepts, this is the place. Folks, my entire family went to public schools, 5 out of 8 of them went on to become doctors. Private schools do one thing, that is make parents feel they are doing something great for their child. Besides, a majority of of these students end up the PUBLIC high schools, unless you choose the catholic high schools.
11/2/2011parentIf you believe in accountability in education, you'll be pleased with the Merryhill system. While our public schools tout they are accountable, there are too many stories that prove otherwise. Do you want teachers that are held to high standards? Do you want a curriculum that goes beyond the grade that your child is in? Do you want a Principal that is willing to meet your expectations for what a private school should be? Do you want a safe and enjoyable place for your child to be, even from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, if necessary? You really need to investigate the Merryhill School system. Mr. Benjamin Wayne has been the Principal at Calvine for over two years, and he has met and exceeded all of our family's expectations, and he continues to challenge himself and his faculty to meet or exceed Merryhill standards. You will not be sorry.
10/31/2011parentI have my kids in Kinder and Second Grade and they absolutely love it. The new principal is fanstastic! His passion and efforts have clearly made Merryhill, one of the best schools in Elk Grove.
10/13/2011parentMy daughter began at this school Fall 2009, when a new Principal took the reins. For the past two years, she has been challenged, has learned amazing things, grown in immeasurable ways, and has found her voice in choir and painting club, after being a pretty shy toddler. We have enjoyed every minute of the experience, and can t wait to share the environment with her little sister next Fall as she begins the adventures of Kindergarten. The teachers truly care about the kids, and the Principal (no longer the woman mentioned in early posts!) approaches his role with integrity, creativity and care. He greets every student and parent in the Lobby by name, and goes out of his way to enhance their experience. The school s use of technology is ahead of the curve, and my 2nd grader uses it today in ways that I didn t experience until College. This campus is truly a community, with effective and engaged leadership.
10/13/2011parentI am the parent of a second grade boy who started at this school last year in first grade. My husband and I did not take lightly the tuition cost but have been extremely happy with the high level of education our son has been receiving at this school. My son has been challenged and has achieved impressive academic requirements for being only 7 but he doesn't even realize it because he loves his teachers and his classmates. The school is very warm and gives the kids the feeling of security that assists in allowing each to thrive in their own way. In addition to the core subjects, there is also physical education, art and music. Many of these are being cut in public schools. We feel the value of this school is high and the education is excellent.
1/12/2011parentI have a child in second grade this year and my family I absolutely LOVE her teacher. Her teacher works with her one on one during study hall, sends class updates and photos through email, and challenges her. Even though my daughter is shy, she has a desire to be an ASB ( Student Council) representative. I can't believe how much my daughter as grown as a leader and a confident young lady. I thank her teacher and the Merryhill staff for that.
3/20/2010parentDefinitely above average. The new principal is extremely kind and the teachers are the same ones almost every year. My kids started here since pre school and are now in 2nd & kinder. As long as my finances allow, they will stay here! Not cheap, but I definitely see how well my kids are doing versus my friends kids!
7/16/2009parentI have had my son at this school for three years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The teachers really care about the kids, and the Principal does things for the students that I have never seen any other Principal do. She even takes the students out to lunch if they achieve the highest honor roll! All the teachers and the Principal know my son by name, know my name, and love my family. It is clear that this campus is a community and that the leadership is strong and focused. I was disappointed to read the other posts that stated that it 'the education wasn't worth it' I'd take a second mortgage out if I had to to keep my son in this awesome environment!
7/11/2009parentI too had the same experience as the parent that posted on June 7, 2009. I found that grading was very subjective, the principal did not follow through with her promises, and the teachers showed a lack of passion for teaching. Many promises are made at the kindergarten orientation about programs that are offered and the dedication of the teachers, but there was very little follow through. I meet with my daughter's teacher, the principal, vice-principal and even called the corporate office and there was still no change. Ultimately my husband and I chose to remove our daughter from Merryhill Calvine at the end of kindergarten. This school is expensive and not worth the tuition they charge.
6/7/2009parenthello, Ive had a horrible experience at this school. Unfortunately I found out about how poorly run this school is in the middle of the year so I decided to keep my son in for the duration of the year. The principal truly is just a business woman, she offers and promises up several programs and incentives before you sign up and ultimately never delivers. The teachers are very inexperienced and are hired to fill in gaps from year to year. Their qualifications for the most part are highly questionable. Myself and several other parents believed that the principal did LITTLE to improve our kids' learning environment, instead choosing to sell us on nothing rather then achieve for our kids. Furthermore, when a discipline issue would arise and it did often with the lack of control provided by teachers, the principal would let misbehaving students off the hook.
11/17/2008parentI love this pre-school. I have been going since my son was 4 months old -he is now 4. I have a 2 1/2 year old, and a 3 month old that also attend. There isn't a lot of staff turn-over so the kids get to know all the teachers. The Vice principle is awesome and I feel that all of the staff care about my child. I also drive a distance for this school because I am very happy there.
11/9/2008parentI have loved every classroom that my child has been in since Preschool Merryhill. My child has learned so much at Merryhill. The teachers make this school the best learning environment for our kids. I have loved every teacher my child has had and he has learned so much.
6/4/2007parentThis year has been amazing for my child at Merryhill-Calvine. I love the teachers, and he has learned so much. It's incredible to see the difference between what he is doing and learning compared to his friends in public school. He is busy and excited, and the teachers and administration really keep him in check. I love that all the parents and staff know each other and all the kids. It feels like an extension of my own family.
4/13/2007parentI think academic program is good. I wish they had less fundraising this year. Lunches are expensive and not very healthy. Teachers are great!
11/15/2006parentI love Merryhill. The academics are fantastic. They are about a year ahead of Public School, which is amazing. The class sizes are great, lots of field trips relating to the curriculum, and teachers and staff that care. PTOM activities help you get to know everyone at the school making it a feel more like home than school. My daughter loves going there.
11/13/2006parentThe school is fantastic! I have watched my daughter excel in the rigorous academic program offered at Merryhill Calvine. Every teacher that has taught my daughter is truly exceptional (She is now in the 4th grade). The PTOM gives parents plenty of opportunities to be involved in furthering the children's educational experience by working with the school on various educational and community projects. I also love all the field trips the kids go on during the school year, ther is nothing like real world experience. The library is good. But, all the computers for the kids to learn on is even better.
8/25/2006parentMy son just started back to Merryhill Calvine after taking the summer off. He arrived to excited and enthusiastic teachers, a motivated support staff, and a warm and welcoming Administration. The quality of education that he receives at Merryhill is exceptional-that goes without's the little things that make the difference for me and our family. We are known by name, and teachers and staff are happy to see us. Hot lunches are healthy, but my son is still willing to eat them (they ease the pain of tuna sandwich day with chocolate milk!)The greatest thing is that the staff takes Care of my son- any little bump or bruise is taken care of, and I am notified quickly. I Love It Here!
5/8/2006parentMy son has gone to merryhill calvine since kindergarten,he is now in the 3rd grade. I love this school the teachers and staff give their all to the kids. I am involved in the ptom (parent teachers of merryhill),and the school has a real community feeling.We have children on our street that are the same age/grade as my son and the stuff he is learning is more advanced. I am very pleased with this schools performance.
5/8/2006parentMerryhill is a great school. Our daughter has been there since pre-K and is doing very well. Good teachers, good administration, individual care and instruction, and adequate physical facilities. Extracurricular programs are adequate, there could be more, but most kids, ours included, do too much anyway. It would be nice if there was a better internal music program, but you can get that as well as sports out of school. Parents are pretty involved, at least at the support and fund raise level. There are always plenty of parents around to help. The 6 AM to 6 PM child care that is included in tuition is a wonderful plus. We'd go crazy if we were getting dinged every 15 minutes. The school lunch program is rather poor, we brown bag it.
1/20/2005parentAcademics are okay, but hot lunch program is pathetic. Library is also lacking, and their appears to be a high rate of teacher turnover. There is also no auditorium or multipurpose room and the PE program leaves something to be desired.
1/20/2005parentI love my child's teacher (K) but am not sure if we'll be enrolling for first grade. There is always some sort of fundraiser going on, which blows my mind considering how much tuition is. I don't feel like the focus of the school as a whole is on education.
2/22/2004parentThe administration is insensitive of parents concern. The intermediate grades have very low enrolled students because they don't have any plans for retention of their students, concerns are not addressed, rather ignored. The students left have special needs. Teachers don't have connection with parents.

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