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Natomas Middle School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Natomas Middle School3200 North Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 567-55406-8SacramentopublicNatomas Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic17.142009
Black, non-Hispanic26.612009
Pacific Islander1.82009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.582009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Carla Najera2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/20/2012otherI currently attend Natomas middle School for my 7th grade year for 2011-2012 and this school is terrible. The biggest problem here is BULLYING and it's happened to me so many times at this school. I am not lying because so many students here judge you off your ethnicity and looks. This school is definetely overcrowded with over 800 students here. Most teachers here are nice but the students are completely the opposite. Most students here are a bad influence. The students here tease and call people dirty names. I'm not going to this school next year and that's only because too many students here BULLY. Please take this very seriously because I'm not lying when I say that this school's has issues.
4/20/2012parentThis is my daughter's first year here at NMS, I actually love the principal, and my daughter is happy with her teachers and getting excellent grades. Having dealt with a Natomas elementary school with a HORRIBLE principal for the last few years, it is refreshing to see that the principal here actually does act quick to any issues to be quickly resolved, however, the office staff is the worst I have seen!! They are rude and not helpful at all!! This concerns me, because if they are rude to parents, makes me wonder how they treat our children!! I can only hope that this can improve.
3/9/2012otherI currently attend Natomas middle School for my 7th grade year for 2011-2012 and this school is terrible. The biggest problem here is BULLYING and it's happened to me so many times at this school. I am not lying because so many students here judge you off your ethnicity and looks. This school is definetely overcrowded with over 800 students here. Most teachers here are nice but the students are completely the opposite. Most students here are a bad influence. The students here tease and call people dirty names. I'm not going to this school next year and that's only because too many students here BULLY. Please take this very seriously because I'm not lying when I say that this school's has issues.
12/2/2010parentNow, don't get me wrong, this school is far from perfect. But I honestly think it deserves a chance. Though it may have a bad reputation, its not always the best decision to judge something from its past. I sent my daughter to a private school in 2008 just to give it a try and compare the two(public & private). Later on, my husband bought a house in Natomas and we ended up moving in the middle of 2009. 2 months after we moved my husband was laid off. I still had my job, but we could only afford enough to pay ESSENTIAL expenses. We cut back by sending her to a public school, in this case NMS. We knew that this school has struggled in the past, but we had no choice. My daughter has been excelling in this school since Day 1. This school has its flaws, but you never know. It could always be a pleasant surprise. :)
6/7/2010otherI is a wonderful school. People dont look at the excellent education children are getting.
12/2/2009studentthe school is lovely i love the fact that we get second chances if we make a mistake at leroy i also got suspended like that
2/26/2009parentI have a daughtr who is in 7th grade and this is her first year at nms. The principal is fabulous! but parents beware, the front office staff likes to treat and talk to parents as if they are talking to children.. On many occasions i've had to go directly to the pricipal! she has handled the situation, however each time tha i think it wont happen again it does.. Just continue to push back and not allow the poor bahavior.. Someday they may get the point that they can't treat parents as the treat the students!! otherwise academically, the school is awesome my daughter went from a 2.0 Student to a 3.6.. I'n very pleased
2/26/2009parentI have two 12 yr old that attend this school, and as long as you are involved in your childs academic progress they are going to do great. When i have an issue it is taken care of but we are now in middle school, this is when the attitudes begin..... Good school
12/10/2008studentIt is a bad school but has great teachers and teaches good-If your son/daughter goes to this school make sure they dress nice and the new 'Style' is 3/5---
11/4/2007studenti'm an 8th grader at NMS and i love this school. the teachers are great and interact with their students. many classes are fun to be in. NMS makes us want to come to school. i'm going to miss it when i graduate this year.
7/30/2007studentI go to this school and I think it is great. It has a good education and the teachers and staff members are helpful. They explain everything carefully to students who do not understand the subject. I like this school. Natomas middle school rocks!
6/14/2007parentMy son attended NMS from 2003-2006. His transition from a bay area elementary to a middle school in Natomas had its challenges for our family. Through commitment and perseverance our son successfully promoted from the principal's list to high school. Our family is grateful for the strong leadership of Mrs. Najera-Kunsemiller and Mr. Hervey Taylor. Our son also had fabulous teachers who genuinely cared and mentored our son to complete middle school. We truly believe that parental involvement is truly the key to a child's success.
6/6/2007teacherThis shcool is a very well rounded school and I teach in Houston Texas.It is so much better here at this school and the kids are so respecting. The food has its ups and downs but overall the [rating] is five star for behavior.
3/31/2007studentThis is a mid-level school and i am currently a student at NMS this school does have its ups and downs but this school i think faces with low discipline standards.The principal is great and willing to help out students during breaks,the school office staff is great with assisting new students start out at this school.The school does not offer many after-school parent events..only two this year have taken place and its already on the last trimester.Overall i think this school deserves a 4/5.
3/27/2007parentCarla Najera-Kunsemiller (principal) and Hervey Taylor (vice-principal) have turned the school around. My son started NMS under an earlier principal who didn't seem to care what happened to the students or the school. As soon has Carla was hired, things began improving. She hired many new teachers that are willing to work together as a team, with the children's best interest at heart. All of the teachers are helpful. NMS no longer has the discipline problems that it had 2 years ago. Carla managed to get a full time music teacher (Mr. Galndo was West Sacramento teacher of the year before joining NMS). The Parent Teacher Organization raised enough money to buy a piano for the music program. Starting in the 2007/2008 year, they will be offering a Geometry course for advanced students. Currently, my son splits his day between Geometry at Inderkum, and NMS (arranged by Carla).
1/25/2007parentI would like to commend Natomas Middle Schools staff and leadership on their expectations of the students as well as the parents. Before my son attended NMS I came to this site for feedback and ended up not wanting my child to attend because of the items said from a few years back. As a parent I am delighted to say that Natomas Middle School has been extremely helpful to my son, in helping me guide him to be more responsible, becoming an equal/leader and not a follower. I have constant communication with his teachers weekly not because he is in trouble but because I am involved with his school activities, homework etc... It takes a village to raise a child and to contain a family. A village consists of the neighbor next door, family, friends, teachers, & staff. Parents make the effort, get involved with your children's education.
1/23/2007parentPositive change has occurred when our school's principal was hired end of 2004/2005 school year. I was very concerned with my son s safety when he first started attending NMS. The behavior of a few students had jeopardized the safety and positive learning environment for all our students. Carla Najera-Kunsemiller and Hervey Taylor, principal and vice principal, implemented day-to-day operation practices that established high expectations for academics and behavior. They addressed safety issues resulting in positive behavior of students and changing the culture of the campus. These changes created a solid foundation and safe environment for students. They support all that is positive for NMS s students, teachers, staff and parents volunteers. They embrace our diversity and focus on common goals & objectives for good of the children. Our school now can focus on the success of our students through educational opportunities, to become confident and creating positive self-esteem.
8/1/2006studentI think NMS is not a very good school. The teachers arent very hands on and they dont take charge of the classes. I am a student who attends Natomas and my experience is very surprizing. There are students cursing at teachers and inappropiate dressing and the students are very rude and disrespectful and undisaplined.I have only attended NMS since April 24,2006 and I've already had a bad experiance. Im not really lookin forward to 8th grade this year.I would have thought this school would be better for me coming from Leroy Greene but i stand corrected, its 5x worse! But anyways if your lookin for a school i would recommend any school but NMS.
6/20/2006studentThis is a good school for kids that do well in schooll.
5/30/2006parentThis is the worse school I have ever sent my children to. Coming from Eastern state schools, this school is by far the worst. The teachers have no control over the classroom which disrupts the children who want to learn.
1/9/2006parentMost of the teachers here are pretty good at staying in touch with parents but then there's some that call every week to complain about you child but never really help them. My son asks for help from his math teacher and gets nothing. He's more lost now that's he's been here then before he even enrolled in Natomas. I wouldn't recommend this school.
12/9/2005teacherVast improvement from last year! Especially due to the new leadership from Carla Najera, the new principal going into her second year here. There is also an entirely brand new staff, especially the Language Arts Department, with a new Department Chair, Rita Sparling. Teachers are more organized, lesson plans are interesting and engaging, and students get along well with each other. The school is not only focused on literacy and English as a Second Language, but there is an XL/GATE program with GATE trained educators! I highly recommend bringing your children to this great school, they will learn, make good friends, and have fun coming to NMS!
8/24/2005studentI want to get higher academics, as well on physical activities in physical education.
8/22/2005parentMy son's really enjoy Natomas Middle School. It's only been 2 weeks into school but so far so good.
8/22/2005parentI am new to North Natomas area, I am very disappointed with this school so far. I have a 7th grader, but I have to keep my son here because I have no choice at this time. The front office is disorganized, and unpolite. I think that more people need to speak up and have something changed.
8/19/2005parentIf I could go back in time, I would not purchase a home in natomas just to avoid sending my son to the schools here. When I shared my concerns about my son's plunging grades with teachers, principal, counselor and even district administrators, I was told not to worry too much as over 20% of 8th graders are failing at this school so he's not too far from average-it's just a sign of the way kids are these days and he'll make it up in high school. When I asked the counselor how he would catch up, he could not respond. Not one teacher took the initiative to flip me an email to tell me my son was failing a class. I had to fight to get any communication other than routine contacts. My experience with natomas middle has made me a staunch supporter of school vouchers.
7/25/2005parentWe have received nothing but stress, anxiety, and frustration since my child attended this school. My child only attended the last 3 months of the school year of 2005 and never experienced a school that was so unorganized, unstructured with other students being so disruptive and disrepectful. I fear the safety of my child. Teachers and school seem to not have control of the situation which affect the learning opportunities of the 'good' students. We're currently working on moving our child out of this school until they have their act together. It's unfortunate that with such a new school in a new community to have such problems.
5/24/2005parentEnroll your child in private school. Until North Natomas establishes it's own school district and prohibits inter-district transfers from South Natomas, the problems will continue. It's tragic...
4/1/2005parentI must speak on behalf of teachers I have encountered at NMS. They are excellent and have went over and beyond on assisting me with issues I have had at the school with my son. He can be a problem and instead of the staff just shipping him to another school they have worked with me by email, phone calls and home visits. I think this school needs a chance due to staff turn over. The principle has always returned my calls and has kept me informed of things surrounding my kids.
1/11/2005studentI just moved to the new area and started attending school here only last year. It's slowly improving, it's not like any other school I haven't been too. The teachers are good, I actually LEARNED something. But the principals are unstable, in the last 2 years there's been 2 different principals. As for a 'thug school', been to San Francisco schools? Oakland schools? I have, it's much worse, so parents be thankful NMS is actually a 'good school' in my book. As for kids getting made fun of regarding race, its probally true. Teach your kids not to be such prudes because Middle School is harsh and kids there have no such remorse. I'm a A+/excel student, and have some of the most 'popular/pretty/finest' 8th grade friends. I like this school. Grow to love it to. -A student.
12/2/2004parentMy daughter attended natomas middle school as a 6th grader and had a horrible experience. She was picked on repeatedly because of her race. Many of the students showed complete disregard for the rules. They would yell profanity in the classroom and even lock the teacher out of the room. I believe this school is an unsafe place to send your children. The violent, rude and disrespectful behavior continued with little or no punishment the entire time my daughter attended this school. The students who acted up were sent to the timeout room, what a joke! maybe harsher punishment might stop the behavior and make the school safe for the kids that are there to learn! seek other options for you children! My daughter is now at a Natomas charter where the administration takes punishment seriously! Maybe the administators at Natomas Middle could take some lessons! Suspension and expolsion works!
7/30/2004studentnatomas middle school to me is not the best place to send your child. this school would be a ok school but parents would have to be strict and stay on top of there kids education if want kids to go here. meaning talk to them find out what they learned and try to your best effort to keep them ahead of the classes they take.this school does not do a good job of teaching students what they need to be taught so what i did was enroll my child there for one year 6th grade made sure his math and reading skills was best and 7th grade put him in natomas charter school.
7/11/2004parentNatomas Middle School is unorganized and a disappointment to the district. There is very little discipline, and few qualified teachers teaching at the school.
5/17/2004parentThis new school sure does need attention. The desire is there to be a good quality school, especially since it is so very new. The staff, by far, sure does need to be re-evaluated/re-directed. For the most part, most of my daughters teachers (for 2 years) are not accountable for their own actions. They are not responsible either for the duties of being a teacher. My complaints can go on and on. Let's just hope for the future, this gets serious attention and restructured. Get rid of some of staff and take the parents concerns seriously! Return a call or an email! Make the teachers be accountable for their job, for that is what our tax dollars are paying them for! Funny how more teachers are the ones stating that they just can't seem to find the homework that the student turned in! But the student gets the F!
5/6/2004parentThis is the worst school I have ever dealt with. The principal refuses to answer or return phone calls and the curriculum is based on the lowest common denominator. We are very unhappy.
12/24/2003parentMy son is in his second year at this school with positive feedback for the most part. Every family's experiences are different and must be considered when looking at comments. My son is a B student, no problems with students and the staff have handled any concerns I may have had promptly. The district budget constraints, not the school is to blame for any short comings the schools in our district experience.
12/8/2003parentI moved into the nice neighborhood of Westlake with the intention of sending my kids to quality schools. Instead I am faced with some of the worst schools in the Sacramento region. Very disappointing.
12/6/2003parentThis school needs all new staff and training. the front desk and over school is a mess. Students appear to be stressed and depressed. This unprofessional, unorganized school can be damaging to a growing Teenager. Everytime I've gone to the school I overhear an angry parent, or see 3-6 sad or sick students hanging around the front desk.The locker rooms have no showers, or drinking water. It's dark and dangerous and could cause injury and needs to be closed until they finsh. My calls and numerous emails go unanswered. I believe more than 95% of students will have disastrous experience here.
11/6/2003parentI do admire the teachers and administration that serve this school, it is very uncomforting and unfortunate to see lack of responsibillity and leadership from the principal. While I do believe the intentions are well intended, the political 'schmoozing' within NUSD has highly affected the talent and effectiveness of its leaders. Words of wisdom, seek a quality education and rewards will be a plenty.
11/3/2003parentTeachers do not show up for school on time and are not organized. I'm very sorry I sent my child to this school, I am looking at other choices. There must be a reason that three of my child's teachers have left and the first trimester is not even over yet. Not surprised that principal did nothing, he has yet to do anything that I have found to improve this school. I should have known we would have problems when they couldn't even get the schedules out before the first day of school, and now the website is gone and you can't email or get messages to the teachers.
10/29/2003parentMy child has had nothing but a disastrous experience at this under-achieving school. When another student began verbally and physically abusing him, I appealed to the principal, who basically did nothing about it. The teachers and administration are ignorant and disorganized. Your child's safety and education is at risk if you enroll them here. Whoever wrote the August 2003 review obviously has little or no standards for their child! Thug school! Beware!
10/23/2003parentThis school shows little or no discipline over the students.
10/8/2003parentMy child attended N.M.S. last year and had a horrible experience! She witnessed violence on the school bus that went virtually unpunished. The students still rode the bus, what about zero tolerance? She witnessed students yelling profanity at the staff with only 'time out' as punishment. She was bullied and ridiculed by other students because of her race. The staff did not punish these students and the problem lasted the entire school year. My child thankfully does not attend this school any longer. I would advise other parents to seek other options for their children.
8/6/2003parentMy daughter will be starting her 3rd year at Natomas Middle School, next week. I have had nothing but positive remarks for this school,its teachers and principal. The school is run on a very positive note. The teachers are very informative regarding my daughter. I feel that treating all kids equal and making them feel good about themselves is a high priority for this school. A+

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