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St. Robert School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
St. Robert School2251 Irvin Way
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 452-2111K-8Sacramentoprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic64.62582008
Black, non-Hispanic6.122452008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Brian James2008

10/6/2012parentI have had two children attend St Robert. One graduated from SRS, went on to CB and graduated with honors, and is now attending a prominent university...the other is still at SRS and will be attending CB soon. Both of my kids worked so hard at SRS, did all their homework, followed school rules, were respectful of their teachers, and were very involved in their school community. Both kids were honor roll students, who never once needed to be disciplined for disresepct or bad behavior! And guess what, they are both successful students who are prepared for the next level of their education because of the AMAZING teachers there. To those considering SRS for their kids, please remember when you read any negative comments below that they are the minority opinion and are coming from parents that were not involved, and who had kids with failing grades, discipline issues, or sports ineligibilities. It is always easier for one disgruntled parent/student to blame the school or teacher for a childs issues, than owning up to their own responsibility for lack of success. SRS is what you put into it...if your kids work hard, do their work, and are respectful...they will be successful.
11/21/2011parentI realize this site seeks the parent rating of the school but the greater impact made on me by reading the reviews was that of the actual students who attended the school. I have concluded it is not the best learning environment for my child. I don't discourage others from considering the school because each student and each teacher is unique. My child's teacher from last year was great. This year's experience was not close. Obviously, some parents are happy with the environment. I can't help but wonder how involved they are because while I enjoyed meeting many of the students and parents, I was not happy with the school administration. If we do not communicate our sincere concerns about this school - others will not know what to expect.
5/3/2011parentI have been a parent at St Robert School FOREVER. My family has generations of children who have gone to this school so I have seen many graduates come and go. This school is established; its core Catholic values are strong and its sense of community is incomparable. You can walk onto campus and just see how many parents linger to "shoot the breeze" before and after school. Its curriculum has continued to progress with the ever-changing needs of the world and the teachers have an average of NO LESS than 10 years of service to this school and many have their Masters. The staff is extremely proactive with the families but like any large family, cannot help but have issues with some of its members; however, as the youth are fond of saying, "it's all good..." And trust me, no other school will value the education of your child and try it's best to see that he or she gets the best of what the school is capable of giving, both in education and personal support. The Principal has become a living testament to loyalty and strong belief in the mission and philosophy of the school and I guarantee you will see this for yourself should you choose St. Robert for your child.
1/12/2011parentI have two kids enrolled at St. Roberts and the experience has been so positive. My son struggled and was losing confidence in public school, he was being left behind.. He was starting to feel like he was not smart. He is smart, he was just losing his confidence in himself. Here at St. Roberts he has just thrived. He has found his confidence and is so motivated to do well. They have great programs that helped him find his potential. Also, both kids love going there. It is a big family. Not only between the kids but also with the families. Changing to St. Roberts was one of the best decisions we have made as parents.
9/25/2009parentJust recently enrolled son after leaving another catholic school that we felt did not treat my son fairly. St. Roberts welcomed him with open arms, he was only there a week and what a difference it made. The kids were so accepting of him, the staff was wonderful and so accommodating to us. The Principal from the moment he spoke was so caring and calming to me through this hard transition. The new teacher called me and let me know how my son was adjusting, saying nothing but positive things about him. I am sad to say he has to leave for circumstances which are out of our control, but with that being said, they tried to help us stay in. If you choose this school for your children you will never regret it. Only regret leaving as we are absolutely heart broken.
1/17/2009studentI attended since the 3rd grade and was stifled by my experience. The teachers were lackluster at best and often relied too heavily on prepared tests rather than learning or devising their own material. I was also in a family of divorce and financial trouble and after this experience I became distanced from the Church because of the treatment I received at this school. Mr. James however was a decent teacher who had a kind ear though his methods were not always the best. I would not send my child here.
10/14/2008parentThis is a top notch school with many high points: reading programs, library staff and 'families' where 1 student from each grade learn from each other.
10/3/2008otherI also disagree with the April 15th posting. I went to that school K-8 and my experience (overall) was positive. There have been times where my views conflicted with Mr. James, the principal; however, the educational program is worth it.
9/24/2008parentI would disagree with the April 15, 2008 post. I did go through financial difficulty and a divorce. St. Robert provided a source of stabilty for my children and were very supportive of and helpful to my family during that difficult time. Each person's situation is unique. However, I found that by keeping the lines of communication open and following through with what I commited to do, the staff and principal were compassionate and easy to work with. I think if you are looking for a quality education and an environment for your children to develop a strong sense of community and helping others, strongly consider St. Robert. You only need to look at the dedication of the parents and the enrollment of alumni children, as a testament to the positive environment of St Robert.
4/15/2008studentI had attended this school for 8 years. After my family was harassed by the, now, principal, I was finally able to leave the school. While I agree the education was better than quite a few public schools, do not send your child here if you are having marital problems, or financial problems. I made it through the divorce fine - but I'm now athiest due to the attitude and unsupportive behavior of the congregation and faculty. Thanks Mr. James....
9/12/2006former studentI am currently a high school senior at Christian Brothers High School. I find that my nine years at St. Robert were invaluable to making me into who I am today. I would not have traded a single second of my wonderful experience. The teachers are amazing and involved, the academics are great, and the athletic program has a long standing tradition. Look no further for a quality school, you have found it in St. Robert.
3/24/2004parentGreat School. My child has been a student here for 6 years and the school just continue to improve. Great computer lab and a new library and science lab coming this year. Staff and teachers are wonderful and easy to get in contact with. Parent Booster Organization very involved with school. Great fund raisers and great fun events. I would highly recommend this school to catholic and non-catholic families alike.

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