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Sutter Middle School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sutter Middle School3150 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 264-41507-8SacramentopublicSacramento City Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic41.872009
Black, non-Hispanic10.022009
Pacific Islander1.02009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.462009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Eric Swanson2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/13/2012otherI am a seventh grader and I just started here at Sutter. I love that it so BIG. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone on is nice, but if someone is mean you report it and find some new friends. I came from a small elementary school where there was BULLYING. All of the kids from there went to Sutter but I have no classes with them and found so many other great friends. Everyday i recognize someone that I hadn't seen for a really long time. (from soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, ect.) Now for academics. I love all of my teachers. I am in G.A.T.E. and I am challenged a majority of the time. I have woodshop for my elective and it is so much FUN! I am also excited to TA (teacher assistant) next year. My class teachers asked for supply donations that ranged from $3-$20 but understood if you couldn't afford it. Also Mr. Rodriguez and Mrs. Tahara-Martin are a little intimidating, but I have become great friends with both of them. My mom, dad, and I are in PTSO (parent teacher student association.) My brother, who is an eight grader goes here, too and he loves it. Sutter has lot of SPIRIT and SMARTS. Also at lunch there is music and it's a nice break after four periods. GO MINERS!
2/26/2012parentI am a parent of a current 7th grader and my older daughter was at Sutter last year for 8th grade. They both are having and had wonderful experiences at Sutter. I can't say enough about the fantastic teachers at this school. The teachers take extra time to offer tutoring during their lunch time or after school. They are caring and keep the parents updated on Zangle. The find the teachers at Sutter to be really exceptional. I know that now since my older daughter has moved on to high school, & I don't get the same kind of current feedback like I did from the Sutter teachers, especially with posting their grades on Zangle or on their class website.
1/29/2012parentMy son is in 7th grade at this school. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is! There is a lot of school spirit, and PTSO is outstanding. Mr. Rodriguez and the office staff are fantastic. I'm not certain why any parent cannot contact the teachers, the emails are on Zangle, the school website, and maybe classjump.I really love using Zangle to keep up with my son's progress. I saw a B go down to a D one day and IMMEDIATELY emailed the teacher. I received a response right away, and always have!! The teachers are always wonderful about helping if my son or I ask. I hope all parents are using Zangle!
1/27/2012parentThe school itself has a great academic curriculum but getting a teacher or staff member to contact you in regards to your child's grades is almost unheard of. I have requested many times for the teacher to call me and nothing. Very disappointing. Also, I agree about the popularity contest but that is with all schools. No matter where you go. I believe in communication between the teacher and parent. There are way too many children out there with no direction and constant ridicule because of failing grades and not being able to keep up with their peers. It's a battle for the child and can become a battle for the parent. No one wants their child to fail. It's heart breaking to not be able to help them because of non-communication from the people we trust. Teachers are suppose to help make our children become well educated so their future is successful. My name is Melody White and I am not scared to post what I feel is important. Especially if it is my child who might suffer because of this. Step it up Teachers, WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!
4/17/2011parentI've never encountered racism and the school is absolutely wonderful. You would be doing your child a favor by sending then to Sutter.
12/11/2010parentthis school is terrible. racism still exsists , and u find that there is so many snobby kids. It is a big popularity contest and youll be better off sending them some where else
12/9/2010parentGreat school. Best teacher in the state (Jody Cooperman). I came form a catholic school and found compassion, love, learning and direction. I will always remember the welcoming Sutter community as a safe place in a hostile world. From the office people to the classroom it is a total atmosphere of unconditional love. It is a shame I had to leave my church to find it.
10/13/2010parentExcellent teachers! Great Gate Program!Challenging. Teachers really want the children to suceed!
8/25/2010parentThis is an excellent school!! My daughter will enter her second year at Sutter. As for the remark is not the school's job to raise your child-you need to do that at home. I am glad that they are strict with discipline at this school. Excellent learning environment.
6/1/2010parenteasy to suspend for punishment-appears they want kids out of the way instead of figuring problem - "OUT OF SIGHT - OUT OF MIND" theory!
3/10/2010parentMy son went to this school two years ago and want my daughter to go here next year....great great school for our kids
3/5/2010studentbest school ever!!!! i will hate to leave next year... :-[ but i am really enjoying it you make a ton of new freinds and get a great education... :-]
1/30/2010studenti am currently attending this school. it has a great academic program but the students should focus more on academics than social status and popularity. overall, the school is great and im so sad that next year i have to go to high school. ;(
1/3/2010studentThis school...I graduated from this school last year and I can't say enough about it. It's a great school with great teachers and great students. This school has a wonderful principal and vice principal [though I heard they got a new v.p.]. The staff is very warm and welcoming. I know anyone who attends this school will leave with graditude in their hearts - I promise that.
1/2/2010studenti love sutter middle school it is the best school ever and i cant even tell you how fun it is! i go there know and i love it mucho!
12/1/2009studenta review is definitley not enough to complete this school. words cant describe it. i am already crying because i have to leave next year. there are no words in the dictionary to evaluate Sutter. words cannot describe the spirit and passion of a Sutter Miner.
11/20/2009studentThis school is just fun. I love it.
6/20/2009studentthis school is awesome and i hope all my friends from elementary school will come during the next school year
8/14/2008studentThis school is one of the best schools I ever have been at. I just graduated from there a few months ago and I am already missing it. Some classes were challenging, but I learned a lot more than I ever thought I could. The electives were extremely fun and I was glad there was a music program. I was able to learn how to play the cello because of the great teaching skills of Ms. Vigil and am now glad about pursuing music. I also enjoyed the math classes. Students are tested to see what math they are in so that no student is over- or under-challenged. The science classes were fun and exciting and very updated on new science discoveries. I highly encourage middle school students to go to Sutter.
6/23/2008studentThis was a fantastic school! I recently graduated and have realized how much I owe the school and faculty. The teachers were great, if my grades went down, they would be glad to help me and were extremely nice. I improved my grade in one quarter by 1.3 points GPA. The school is a great experience and is great prep for highschool. If you would like your child to have a balanced social and educational life this is the school for them.
10/18/2007studentthis is the best school ever i came here last year and i can't believe i have to leave this year! the teachers are so nice and always remeber your name and try to help you out and if you get bad grades they will really try to help you get good grades! this year we got a new principal im sorry that i don't remeber his name but he is excellent and so nice and even nos mostly everyones name and always talks to everyone and is never mean!! although i miss mr.purcell our new principal is awesome and seeing all the new 7th graders and meeting new people just makes this experience so much better! people should really send thier children here it is so fun and has a excellent eduacation you will love this school!
9/6/2007parentWe came to Sutter last year because of the acedemic reputation and raves from other parents who had children already enrolled. I must say that I was disappointed by the vocal encouragement for parent involvment that never really extended into an open hand when I put it to the test. Not that anyone was not's just that I had to be one step ahead always. My child was enrolled in the Resources program and her core teacher was caring and sharp. In fact, most of my daughters teachers were wonderful, but they are busy and they have hundreds of students. If you don't go point out your child, show your interest, chat with the teachers; don't expect them to come to you. My daughters review is positive. She loves the school. That in itself says a lot for middle school period.
8/20/2007studentThis is the best school Ihave ever went to! I love it! All the teachers are soooo helpful and nice! I love Mr. Purcell and am really sad that he is leaving!
9/18/2006parentWe moved my gifted student from a private school for 7th-8th grade in preparation for high school. Although we have no regrets, it has been a mixed experience. Sutter has a very good academic reputation primarily drawn from the high number of GATE eligible students enrolled. Parent need to recognize that the gifts of the few exceptional teachers do not necessarily translate into exceptional education for all students at all levels. Extracurricular activities are actually few and mostly limited to competitive sports. Parent involvement is limited to fund raising. Safety is highly valued but that philosophy does not extend to after-school outside of formal sport or club program hours. Sutter has a huge enrollment and the students are just one of many. Make sure that's the right environment for your child before choosing this school.
6/15/2006parentThe academic program at Sutter Middle School is geared for GATE and regular level students. What makes Sutter so special is the personalized attention that each child has access to no matter their level of achievement. The principal Mr. Purcell is awesome. He take special care to notice and remember each and every student by name which with 1200+ kids on campus is a miracle. Personally, I have never seen this type of dedication by all staff to help each student reach their potential. This school is amazing!
3/20/2006parentThe best middle school in Sacramento. Both of my son's attended this school and both are doing wonderfully in high school. The best skill my children learned was how to be organized, use their time well and keep on top of the homework required. I can't say enough about the social, educational and overall atmosphere of Sutter Middle school. It is a great place to send your middle schooler.
1/11/2006parentSutter's academic program is very rigorous. To be successful at Sutter, your student should plan to work hard, adhere to behavior standards and consistently attend class. If your student is GATE identified, there is more than one GATE-track class in Language Arts, History & Science. Math choices include Geometry for qualified 8th graders. Sutter sports programs are competitive so 'average' atheletes will not make the team. Other than that, the large student population is not a drawback. The administrative and teaching staff does know individual students and will ensure placement in appropriate classes. Most teachers offer lunch or after-school homework help / tutoring. If you ask a Sutter student about their middle school, they will overwhelmingly tell you they 'love' Sutter and that it is a fun place to go. Sutter students go on to McClatchy HISP, West Campus, Christian Brothers, St. Francis, Jesuit, Kennedy's PACE program and more.
1/10/2006parentGreat academics. Real feel of community. The students take great pride in attending and rise to the challenge of the heavy work load.
12/27/2005parentMy daughter attended Sutter 3 years ago and it is the best run school I have ever seen. The principal, Greg Purcell, should be studied and replicated throughout California. Everything at this campus is geared to setting a high bar for student success. Academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities are expected to be performed at the highest level possible. I saw kids from all over Sacramento that parents pulled out of their private schools when they reached the middle school age to attend Sutter. They then returned to private school for high school. It is a great, diverse, challenging environment.
12/12/2005parentexcellent staff and best involved principal. Knows the kids and parents by name. All of the staff put in 150% to help the kids succeed. Before and after homework assistance is a plus.
12/4/2005parentMy daughter loved this school . She went there for a year and half.
11/8/2005parentMy son just started 7th grade and loves this school. His teachers are all on top of things and I've found the school year to be very pleasant so far. He has been looking forward to joining a football team through school for awhile now and they do not offer football at the school. He did say in 8th grade they can do a flag football season.
11/2/2005former studentAcademic programs: very strong. Avaliablity of extracurriculars: good. Parent involvement: fantastic.
8/27/2005parentSutter Middle is a great school to be in.
8/26/2005parentA large and busy campus, can be overwhelming to students used to a small school environment. Safety and discipline excellent considering size of student body. High academic standards. Very high homework expectations, especially in GATE program. Many students (and families) experience stress and distress over homework load. Young and enthusiastic teachers. Quality of electives disappointing. Very popular principal.
7/11/2005parentThis school is very good. My daughter says she loves the classes and the teachers are great! The teachers are very dedicated and have great enthusiasm! The programs are good and the extracurricular activities are very good. Many parents are involved!
7/11/2005parentThe teachers are amazing and the programs seem fun. The extracurricular activities seem enjoyable. Parents loved gettting invlolved.
6/28/2005studentGood, many cultural backgrounds, much social activity, well commended sports teams (cheerleading, baskeball, soccer, etc.)
4/22/2005parentFrom my childrens experience Sutter has one of the best academincs programs in town. My youngest went to a different Junior High however and his workload was aquivalent. Sutter seems to handpick the sutdents who attend where other schools seem to serve neighorhood kids. Hence why the scores are better. Parking and traffic are dismissal, and I also object to playing hip hop music at lunch period! I like the other parent dont allow my kids to listen to this type of music ever!
4/1/2005parentGreat academics and sports programs. I think the kids love school at Sutter because the teachers are great and really relate well to the kids. I also think the principal shows a lot of creativity by encouraging so many extra cirricular activities and rewarding the kids with school dances and music at lunch. Despite being such a large and diverse student population, there does not appear to be discipline problems. I think they really pay attention to the kids and try to make the campus a fun place to be for learning.
4/1/2005parentAs an educator and a parent, I would not hesistate to suggest that a child attend Sutter Middle school. The faculty is excellent, caring and patient. Their dedication is evident in not only student work, but in the students. The school offers numerous programs for students including sports, music, art, and leadership. Parents are friendly and work collaboratively to support the school, and students. Mr. Purcell and the teachers of Sutter are among the best that Sac. City Unified School District has to offer. This is why Sutter is academically heads and shoulders above the rest.
3/31/2005parentI have found the principal, Mr. Purcell to be extremely approachable and available. His day begins long before the students show up and he is there long after they go home. I wish he could be cloned. This is a principal who cares about his school and his students! If your child is struggling, as mine has on occassion, call the teacher. I have found all the teachers to be responsive and more than willing to meet and discuss ways to improve my childs grades. And, I might add that Mr. Purcell has attended these meetings. I wish that Sutter went through 12th grade. I have met several former Sutter students and ALL have said that they were more than prepared for High School. My child travels 30 miles round trip to attend this wonderful school!

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