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The Met School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
The Met School2315 34th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 264-47009-12SacramentocharterSacramento City Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
17 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic48.482009
Black, non-Hispanic14.552009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.212009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Allen Young2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/29/2012otherI am an alumni of The Met. This is a great school and helped me get to where I am at today. I am currently at a university, and I will be applying to law school next semester. The Met is very college oriented and helped me navigate through all of the steps of college applications
1/15/2012studentI am a student at the Met and I do believe that it is a exceptionally good school yet there is some drawbacks. My advisor gives us a little to much free time and does not seem to help enough, it frustrates me sometimes. I also wish they had languages other than Spanish. Some good things about the Met are that at least the advisors are kind and so is the principle. I also like the control they give the students although sometimes it seems as though the children run the school, which to me seems peculiar. All around the school is rather good but still needs some getting used to for me.
5/12/2009studentThis school has alot of freedom to learn at your own pace. The advisor's and other student's make it feel like a family. This school gives you a chance to get a look at real life experiences. To know that the field of interest you would like to go in to is going to keep you wanting to go everyday for the rest of your life before you actually have to make the choice. It is a good way for teen's to find who they really are. Also, for it to be a small achool it gives student's a chance to really understand the material better, with the one on one help from any advidor or staff on campus that can help you.This school can give you the experience you need and helps shape you into a leader of the future. Being able to coordinate your own projects. It really helps.
3/27/2009parentWe recently moved my daughter from West Campus to the MET. She went from being withdrawn and overwhelmed to a happy, contented young woman. The pressure to perform or be kicked out of West was too much for her (and me). She has blossomed at the MET with the one-on-one assistance from the principal/advisors. Within three weeks of attending the MET, she had an intership at a preschool. We are so happy to have found this gem in SCUSD. Karen Gunby, parent
12/11/2008studentThe Met Sac is an amazing school. It is a hands-on based learning school, which means, that you have to go out in the community and do hands-on work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you go to your internship. Depending on what you want to go in when you are older, I am currently interning at an engineering firm (DMJM HARRIS | AECOM) at this site, I work as a Structural Engineer. This is because in the future I would like to become an Engineer. I have also been attending Sacramento City College classes. From past experience of coming to this school and working through their program, I have interned at several body shops, and the outcome was being able to paint 3 of my family members cars. Concluding, better in the community than at a desk being lectured.
9/23/2008studentAmazing school, the one on one attention and the real world learning easily benifits us student's futures. I mean, come on, taking college classes at Sac City and gaining college and highschool credit for it? This school can't be beat once your away from the school itself. Even the two days a week internship. I myself intern at the Sacramento Zoo and am gaining so much more experience then I would through sitting at a desk all day long, getting lectured and being tested on what I know.
9/19/2008studentThe Met Sacramento is thee best school!I never into to miss a day because its so fun!Every Tuesday and Thursday we get to intern somewhere we choose!Allen is the principle ever!
9/5/2008parentThis is the best school ever, it addresses each student's learning needs individually. The school recognizes and acknowledges the the student's learning styles and methods respectively to assure each student has the same opporutunity at a great education, unlike a traditional high school setting.
2/26/2008studentI love this school. I went to a blue ribbon large public high school my Freshman and Sophmore year and i felt so lost. As soon as i came to The Met i felt at home. This school has really helped my future, i have become way more independent and a much better worker. I wish more schools were like the met, many students are missing out.
1/31/2008studentI just can't beleive how many options I now have. In middle school I was failing, now I'm interested in school, and I'm learnig about what i am passionate about it.
11/28/2007otherI just shadowed at the Met today and I LOVED it! I am definetly going to go there my parents love it to! I am so excited about it and cant wait to go next year!
6/13/2007parentMy son just graduated from The Met. I highly recommend this school. In Jr High he got an F in Math & a D in Science, even thought he got A's on all the tests. He didn't want to do the repetitious homework & Math & science are his strongest subjects. At The Met he had a say in what he did at school. We sat down with our son & his advisor and made a learning plan for the semester. He then had to make a time line showing how he would complete the work and meet the learning goals of the school. He was working on things he was interested in, so getting him to do the work was not a hard as when he was in a traditional school. The Met may not be for everyone, but I heard several of the graduates say, 'The Met saved my life.'
5/19/2007parentI am very happy with this school.Although they do not have alot of extracurricular activities that may be the best thing for kids because i believe that extracurricular activities do get in the way of the children education.I have a student who goes there and was failing before she entered this school.She is doing so much better and loves her advisor.I wish there were more schools like this one around for i travel a little ways just to make sure my daughter gets a better education.Thank you Beth for the best school ever.
4/23/2007studentFor starters, I have been at The Met Sacramento for my entire high school education. And overall it has been the best experience of my life. Most control is not given to students. I know that with more responsable kids more control is given. But it is a parents job to stay in the loop.I think this is a great school. Im learning, Im a top student. And if I had gone to any other school I would have fallen straight through the cracks when I was a freshman. Im proud that Im a part of this school. I think its a great alternative.
5/5/2006parentWe, as a family have been disappointed by The MET Sacramento. The schools philosophy of everything (test scores, disciplinary actions, communications, etc.) must go through the student only serves to put the student in a position of control over the parents. This may work for some parents but it did not work for us.
4/4/2005parentI think the school is unique in the way that the students are learning. Through their internships they are really getting to see that the things they learn in school are going to be applied in their life even after school.

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