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San Gorgonio High School - San_Bernardino, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
San Gorgonio High School2299 East Pacific Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92404
(909) 388-65248-12San BernardinopublicSan Bernardino City Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic13.212009
Black, non-Hispanic15.652009
Pacific Islander0.392009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.932009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Chuck Schindler2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/19/2010studentThis school is really great. I hear from other schools and how they have conflicts and I'm just baffled since I've never seen that here. Yeah, we have problems with test scores, but we're on our way up again. Teachers care about the students and the staff just want us all to succeed. One of my teachers once told me, "We're here to support these students, sometimes we're the only ones there to help them succeed." There is a magnificent peer leadership program and a huge number of clubs. We have the AVID program and tutoring almost every afternoon. I am the fifth out of my sisters to come here and I am the fifth who is on her way to college.
6/21/2010studentI love this school. I barely went here my junior year and I am happy that I am going to graduate from here. This school deserves more credit! I understand that it has its every school. But this school is something else. My peers are family, I love them. The people are easy to get along with and welcome everyone for the most part, There exists no cliques....everyone comes together. The teachers are great, though there are some that are a bit rough. The counselors..lead us in the right path.
11/16/2009parentI like the school my oldest daughter graduated from there and another one will graduate this year.
9/28/2009parentI like San G., My daughter went their with no problems and great staff.
3/19/2009studentSan Gorgonio High School has influenced the community by impacting local and distant youth around the area of the Inland Empire. With the variety of programs offered such as AVID, Honors, and a vast majority of different cultural and influencing programs and clubs, San Gorgonio stands as one of the most agressive schools dealing with a negative community. Overall, SGHS is a diverse and positve impact on both the community and educational enviorment.
1/15/2009parentAs a current San g student, SENIOR C/O 09! i think the school has alot of potential. the teaching abilities are great and the teachers strive to help you academically get good grades to graduate. they insist on helping you through the process for future education. As my last year attending there i wish everyone their best and to keep up and try your best to suceed for your goal.
10/18/2008studentThis School Has A Very Good Environment, and has a good educational program
9/30/2008teacherThe best school is the school that best matches your needs. San Gorgonio has very strong areas such as Honors/AP, AVID, Peer Leadership and Sports. This is great for goal orented students. But San Gorgonio's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: average students. Like every school we have our problem students--maybe too many. But our mass of regular students who are 'just trying to get through high school' serve as a rudder on a ship. They proved stability. The rare flare-ups of problems go away because of these good students get back to school after the show is over. On the other hand, that same rudder pulls down the school spirit and many attempts to reach higher goals. The Peer Leaders have had much success in this effort. With the right school leadership and support this good school could be an excellent school.
6/18/2008studentAs a San G student, I am very satisfied with the school! At the school I play water polo ans I am on the varsity swim team. While there is not much school spirit present, we are definitely workinr on that problem. And as for the lack of after school activities, there are plenty! The sports programs are great and while we may not win as a school all of the time, we are usually in the top three in the league. There is also tutoring and various other activities that students can take a part in. I am a straight A student and always have been, and I think that the teachers and staff directly influenced my abilities to keep my grades up!
8/7/2007parentAs a parent of a child that goes to school at san g I think it is a great place to go to school my child gets A's and B's and the teachers are amazing he comes home smiling everyday because he has friends and the sports are just great ecpecially the football team if your child want to go to san g it would be the right choice sincerely, lynn windsor
9/7/2006parentSomething needs to be done about school lunches. There are way too many kids on both 1st and 2nd lunch.
8/1/2005teacherI graduated from San G a few years ago and found that compared with my peers in college, I was less prepared. San G was a fun place to go to school with some very good teachers, but the school lacked any synergy. There was very little sense of community and that fostered a sense of apathy among the student body. The school needs stronger leadership than that provided by the previous principal.
4/6/2005parentThe school academics exceed very low they do not have the curriculum that my children needed. As far as sports activities, they need help in that area. there is not many choices for extracurricular activities, and the parent involvement need more participattion. If any goes to college from there is a miracle.
2/5/2004studentI am extremely impressed with the overall quality that the San Gorgonio Staff and student body has exhibited this year. Several teachers are dedicated to their students in ways that go beyond their job description. From after school activities to in-class curriculum, teachers and students have come together to make our school a better place to be. As a student at San G I have seen first hand how far alittle effort can go. In an attempt to unify our school Kevin Wright (Peer Leadership and former ASB advisor) has brought students, teachers, principals, and other community leaders together through Synergy Day Forums. (Synergy- working together to achieve more) Mike Smith (Teacher/Social Studies Department Chair)has offered his students so many opportunities to his students (myself included) outside his class to further help them reach there goals. In January he took twenty of his senior American Government students to San Fransico to participate in Harvard Model Congress (a simulation where we each took on the role of a current house member, Senator, Cabinet member, or Supreme Court member and passed legislation). I cannot stress enough on how far our school has come. If we all keep up the good work and the positive attitudes there's no stopping us!!!

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