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Gage Elementary School - San_Diego, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Gage Elementary School6811 Bisby Lake Dr.
San Diego, CA 92119
(619) 463-0202K-5San DiegopublicSan Diego Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic51.972009
Black, non-Hispanic8.992009
Pacific Islander1.322009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.972009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Kathy Burns2013


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/28/2012parentThe other parents writing reviews are EXTREMELY involved in their children's education, that is why they left. You may not think you need to worry about test scores but when your children go off to middle school you'd wished you'd been more AWARE of the scores. As for me leaving was the BEST thing ever and the same prinicpal was there and unfortunately she did nothing, nor did the higher grade teachers. This will be something you need to figure out for yourself. I on the other hand found out that there is better out there. My childrens education is the most important thing to me. Now my children can know what real GATE educated teachers and structure in a Seminar instructed atmosphere is. The stories aren't questionable, they are fact .
10/15/2012parentMy two children have attended Gage for the last four years and we love it. I had heard questionable stories about the school from others that had been here years ago with the prior principal but I wanted my children to attend our neighborhood school. If you are interested in test scores alone, then maybe you should take your kids elsewhere. If you want that great small neighborhood school feeling that is getting better every year, than Gage is for you! Parent participation is growing every year too! My child's test scores were wonderful. After all, your child's education is a team effort between you and the teachers...not just the teachers.
10/10/2012parentI cannot say enough great things about Gage! The staff and the teachers are an extension of my family. Or a at least it seems that way!! My daughter has had excellent teachers and done extremely well. The school has many free programs and a very well organized PTA. Its all about how you follow up with your childs education in the home. The people complaining on here are probably the parents that are not involved with the school.
10/10/2012otherGreat community school with lots of caring teachers and staff!! Lots of enriching extra curricular activities and a WONDERFUL PTA!
3/19/2012parentBeing a teacher, I know what it takes to make a great school. This school is wonderful. They have strong academics and numerous activities during and after school. I was concerned the first year as the staff seemed complacent and happy with status quo. However, since 2009, Kathy Burns has been the principal and she has made great improvements all around. In addition to after school dance and science classes, they have recently added art classes! In these struglling times for schools with cutbacks to numerous programs, Gage Elementary is a great choice.
12/29/2011parentGage has provided my two children fine educations. My older daughter was in GATE and excelled, my son is not and has received the extra instruction he needed. Free after school tutoring is a very nice offering that caught my son up to pace by attending 2x a week for 1 hour.
10/10/2011parentMy kids went here from Kindergarten on, this is bully central I pulled one son out mid year because of the problem and choiced out my other son the following year. They have a new principal now, but the problem teacher is still there. It was a horrible experience for my family.
9/22/2011parentIf you like bullying you will love Gage.Our son was bullied and beat up and we could not get the staff to help us! We had to move our son to another school. We did not understand why so many parents were pulling their children out of Gage untill we had a problem. My sons teacher was abusive and out right cruel. When we complained the teachers retaliated against our son. My son is Gate and we were told Gage does not participate in the gate program because it will make the other students feel stupid!!That hurt my child and held him back!! Now in another school my son is a star student and is getting the treatment he deserves. Gage is rated as one of the worst schools in San Diego so beware before you enroll.
5/16/2011parentGage is a great school!! I have 3 children attending since 2008. The teachers are great/roseman, deleon, morton.The best things are also the PTA sponsored activities like the Halloween Carnival, Math,Science and PE nights, movie nights and dances! The principal Mrs. Burns is very friendly and cares about all families and students. My son has been in special day classes since first grade and all the teachers praise and support him. My daughter did not qualify for special classes, but the teachers were on top of it before I could say anything and they still let her attend, knowing that she needs the help no matter what a test may say. I know the API scores are lower than wanted but everyone agrees this school is just as good as Green. If I had to give constructive criticism , it would be regarding the front staff secretaries. "Just give a tiny bit of customer service", it will go a long way.
5/9/2011parentGage is a great school!! My daughter attended Kindergarten thru 5th grade here.My son has attended this school since kindergarten and he is now in the 3rd grade. The teachers are great!! The best things are also the PTA sponsored activities like the Halloween Carnival, Math,Science and PE nights, the talent show and movie nights and dances! The prioncipal Mrs. Burns is very freindly and cares about all families and students.
5/7/2011parentMy daughter is a 1st grader at Gage and she LOVES going to school. Every 7 weeks they recognize students who attend school everyday, are on time, and have good behavior. They attend a "Student Star" assembly and are recognized for their hard work and effort. The school has many family activities (Math, Science, and PE night). There is also an afterschool Garden Club that meets every other Wednesday and a Running Club. The teachers are very nurturing and really care about the students and their academic success.
3/13/2011parentWe did a lot of research on schools but were too late on our paperwork to get into the school with the highest ratings so, we ended up at thing ever!!! The kindergarten teachers are a parent's dream (especially Lori Miller) and so far, the 1st grade teachers have left the same impression. Mrs. Burns, the principal, is always available to discuss your concerns & she truly cares about her staff & students. If you allow yourself, you will have the opportunity to extend your family here, it is truly a community. We have been blessed to make a lot of friends by meeting other parents. The school also has a lot of fun groups & activities. There is a School Beautification group that has planted some beautiful flower and produce gardens with the kids so the students take a lot of pride in the campus. There is a running club that starts every morning 15 min before the first bell. I didn't realize how cool this was until I saw my son learn to love a morning run. He has run 50 miles so far this year! There are family math & science nights,a monthly Principal's Tea (to learn about current school/district news), book exchanges, great field trips (whale watching!). You will love it!
1/18/2011parentWe moved to Gage from another school in the track with a higher API score as this is our home school. We have been extremely happy with the quality of my child's teacher and the principal, Ms. Burns, is wonderful and trying very hard to improve API scores, attendance, and keep each parent informed and involved. API scores should not be the only measure of a school's worth. This is a very close knit school where you can get to know each other and support one another. The small PTA board does a lot for this school and really cares. My only complaint is I wish there was more parent involvement. But the ones who are involved are super nice and this is a very friendly school. If you are thinking of Gage, I definetly recommend this school.
11/1/2010parentI have 3 children in Gage elementary and we all loved our school and take pride. The teachers are fantastic as well as academic program too.There are many activities going on during the school year like Science night, Math night, P.E. night, talent shows, spelling bee and many more. We would like to invite kids and parents to come and see.There is a new club on campus where children are working on to make school more pretty, they paint , plant the seeds and take care of nature around the school.We love our school and she will always be a part of our future.
10/12/2010parentGreat teachers and great kids.
5/18/2010parentI could not wait to take my daughter out of GAGE. They academic programs has very low standards. About 60% of the kids in my daughters class had to attend summer school! Not to mention, the teacher has been there for so long she didnt know any interest in her job. Everytime a child would get into trouble the whole class had to pay for it. They never had any class parties because the class always paid for 1 kid's trouble.
6/25/2008parentGage Elementary is a good school. My daughter was in kindergarten K-2 in 2007-2008 school year. She enjoed going to school every day. Learning process was fun, creative and covered many areas to prepare children for 1st grade. My daughter's teacher Mrs. Youngman is a great teacher. I wish she could teach my daughter's class K-2 in 1st grade. She is very good: knowledgable, experienced, great personally and much more. Svetlana Hodges Svetlana Hodges
4/14/2008parentI really like and apprecuiate the Special Day classes and help my son has gotten from Mrs. Guitowsky. She is a very Caring and understanding teacher.
9/7/2007parentMy Daughter who is now in 4th grade has been attending Gage since last year. We have been very happy with the academic programs and activities at the school. At first I didn't feel I was getting enough communication from the school to the parents, but that is not an issue anymore. We get plenty of newsletters sent home. The teachers are available if we ever have any questions or concerns. We're happy with the after school care on site and cafeteria prices of school lunches.
9/6/2007parentI hate to write these types of reviews, but hearing all the parents in our neighborhood complain at this school I was a little pessimistic going in. Our first experience was with the front office staff, moving from out of the area we asked for a tour of the school and were immediately let down. Our first day of school was another let down as the teacher didn't even introduce herself to us and we did not receive any typoe of inofrmation coming in. We could not move our son out of this school fast enough. I hope the Principle reads this note and maskes drastic changes for teh future students.
3/27/2006parentThe quality of the academic programs at Gage are fantastic. The level of parental involvement is very high, and is exciting to see so many parents involved in a public school. I woudl like to see more extracurricular activities.
3/22/2006parentDescent programs, some very motivated teachers, School grounds locked after school unfortunately, mediocre parent involvment however those that are do alot
12/6/2005parentGage elementary is excellent! My son has attended K-first grade there,I have been impressed with this school. The teachers show great interest in the students. The school offers variety in teaching the children. I loved the fact that even in kindergarten they were being taught not just basics like reading/writing/arithmetic, but also science, physical education, and lots of fun in learning. This school has lots of spirit, and kids really seem to enjoy being there. I also want to say that 'running club' is WONDERFUL! I don't understand why all schools don't have this. The kids run laps around a large field to earn tickets to go towards popsicles, running ribbons, and top runner awards. I think this program is an excellent idea to encourage physical activity and a sense of achievement. My son ran 75+ miles over the course of kindergarten! More than my entire life! Gage is great!
1/26/2004parentGage is a fantastic school. My daughter is in the second grade and has had three great teachers - Ms. Youngman, Ms. Scott, and Ms. Lindstrom. We look forward to third, fourth, and fifth grade at Gage Elementary.

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