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The Cambridge School - San_Diego, CA

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The Cambridge School12855 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 484-3488PK-7San Diegoprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Jean Kim2012


10/1/2012parentWe came to Cambridge from another top Christian School in the area and we are just truly amazed by this school. The curriculum is like nothing we've ever seen - a rigorous Classical Christian Education - that our kids just love and thrive on. The faculty are phenomenal. All of the teachers we have encountered are so passionate about what they teach and so passionate about our children. The Administration fosters a culture of partnering with families and takes the time to really get to know and understand each family. The other families are so genuine and real...we feel like we are really part of a community here. There is strong emphasis on character and virtues incorporated at every level of this school from academics to athletics, even enrichments - which creates a peaceful, loving environment. We feel so enriched as an entire family to be part of such a stellar academic and spiritual school the has the education and values in exactly the right place!
8/9/2012parentOur two sons attend The Cambridge School. One is going into 2nd grade, the other into K. This school is amazing. Just yesterday both of our sons received letters from their teachers expressing their excitement for the upcoming year, how they have been praying for my kids and how they look forward to what they will learn this year. The small class sizes along with a teacher's aide in each classroom provides our kids an optimal learning environment. That along with the classical christian approach to education is putting our kids on the path to become life-long learners. They also provide other learning opportunities to round out our kids' skills including athletics, academic competitions and clubs/activities (such as fencing: what 5 and 7 year old boy would not enjoy learning how to use a sword!). Very thankful to have found this school and be a part of something great!
6/20/2012parentOur daughters are entering 3rd and 6th grade this year, and we couldn't be more pleased with The Cambridge School. Our elder hated being in front of a crowd; after six months at TCS she was volunteering to enter a recitation contest. Our younger daughter is a firecracker; we are thankful that at TCS developing godly character and cultivating the virtues is as important as developing ones mind and have seen her learn to love to do both. Having homeschooled, I found TCS uses all my dream curriculum (including Singapore Math and Institute for Excellence in Writing). The teachers love their students and love learning themselves. The 20 minute drive each way is worth it.
2/21/2012parentFantastic school! I have a child in the first grade and K4. They love it here. Mrs. Lowing in K4 just loves her kids and really reached out to them. Mrs. Clevenger spends quality time with the kids in first grade. The class sizes are small and a room mom or aide is usually in the room. My son started to read this year in first grade and is constantly buying books when we go out and reading them. My daughters energy level is sky high with excitement to attend school everyday. Both my children hate holidays because they really enjoy going to school here. My son told me the other day, I can't wait until Friday!! Why? I love Latin!! Other parents are pretty easy to approach and are outgoing. I haven't noticed any stuffy crowds. Most parents are really involved with the school and tend to volunteer when needed. Sean Giles is a huge asset. Barbara in the front office is Ms. Courtesy of the year. Always willing to help out. We love this school and so do our children.
1/16/2012parentWe moved 2 of our children to this school last year (2010) and had such a great experience that we decided to move our other child there too starting in 2011. We moved from an "excellent" public school to The Cambridge School. The difference is unbelievable! I expected to see a change for my children who needed smaller class sizes and someone to help them get excited about school. What I didn't expect was the change for my child who I thought could do fine anywhere. I didn't even realize that she had lost her love of learning. She is so energized about school now that her joy is evident all weekend long. I could go on and on about the curriculum, teachers, and the Christian values but fundamentally if you want your children to love to learn, this is the place for them!
10/24/2011parentThe Cambridge School is amazing - it has actually exceeded our expectations! We never imagined educators who care so much about our child. It has developed a dynamic vision of education and has hired talented, passionate teachers to carry it out. Their system works. Our daughter learned more in the first 9 months of school at Cambridge than she did the entire previous 4.5 years spent at another private school. I believe this school offers some of the finest, if not the finest, primary school education in the San Diego area. This makes their tuition a surprisingly good value for our family. And given their commitment to my child's spiritual development as well, Cambridge is in a class of its own. Icing on the cake: Our daughter loves going to school!
10/20/2011parentWe are very blessed and honored for our daughter to attend The Cambridge School (TCS); she is now in her third year. TCS is truly in a class by itself and offers no less than a transformational learning environment. The combination of a classical education (eg, math, science, arts, languages) coupled with a Christian worldview is powerful to affect both the hearts and minds of the students. The TCS environment is academically rich and nurturing, so students are not just informed with facts and knowledge but transformed in this setting. TCS sets a high standard for the faculty who have advanced degrees and a strong creative passion for teaching the classical-Christian curriculum. The teachers also love and pray for each student and work closely with parents on their child s progress. TCS lays a solid foundation and love for learning for life; students are challenged to excel but also have a lot of fun in the process. As a parent, it s also awesome to be a part of the greater Cambridge community of families and friends. Through the mission and work of TCS, students lives, families, churches, and society are truly being impacted eternally for the glory of God!
10/19/2011parentOur daughters transferred to The Cambridge School this year (grades 2 and 5) and are very happy. They are up and ready even before I wake them up. The teachers are loving, patient, and pass on their love of learning. I helped in the classroom on a group project recently and was impressed by the students' kindness to each other. Plus they are learning immense amounts while simultaneously developing a servant's heart. Friday morning Memory Time is worth attending to see the learning in action.
5/17/2011parentWe are completing our first year at Cambridge and are very happy of how the year went. We were not really looking for a school that had a religious base as much as we were for one that had a very sound academic program. The Classical way of teaching was new to us and we did a lot of research prior to attending Cambridge. We stay on top of our children's education and have been pleased with the Mandarin and Latin teaching-which has been fun for my kindergartner. We were also new to the Singapore math method, but aware that America's traditional way of teaching math is failing. The Singapore method does appear slow in kindergarten and I had concerns regarding whether or not they were teaching all the concepts necessary, but after doing research, I learned that this is a typical experience and that it all comes together in first and second grade. If you were to change schools early on that might be a problem. The reading and writing programs are very strong. We have also been pleased with History and Science which we were evaluating closely based on the fact that a lot of religious schools are weak in this area. We will continue to evaluate-but over all are very pleased.
3/3/2011parentThe Cambridge School has more than exceeded our expectations. The faculty, staff, and administration are top rate - extremely professional, loving, and committed to growing godly and wise children. As a former educator at both public and private Christian schools in the San Diego area, I have found Cambridge to be in a class of its own. It is still a very young school, and does not have many of the the bells and whistles that larger schools can afford, but the vision for growth is extremely strong and well-planned. Both of our children are thriving at The Cambridge School!
1/30/2011parentWe weren't looking for just an average Christian school. We looked for a school with strong academics to challenge our curious son and that also teaches that all of creation belongs to God and all knowledge is His. This school does that and with teachers who have cared not only for our child's mind but his soul. We're in our second year here. After being at two other Christian schools, we've seen nothing that comes close to comparing.
12/6/2010parentThe Cambridge School has instilled a love of learning in my child. They employ innovative teachers who cultivate curiosity in the children with an organized logical approach to learning. The school is very pro-family as they do not fill the students' (and thus the parents') nights and weekends with meaningless projects and homework. Since time is not wasted during the school day, homework is meaningful and moderate. Prior to finding Cambridge my child fought me every morning because she did not want to go to school. At Cambridge, she is sad when there is a day off. High academics, innovative teaching, wonderful families -- I have found Cambridge to be all it proclaims to be!
11/30/2010parentThis school has heavy change over. Their founder recently stepped down and they brought in a new Head Master who is only there for 1 year. The school employees some teachers that are very aggressive and unrealistic. They expect a 4 year old to read/write/sit still non stop. They are also located in an area that doesn't allow growth in class sizes, too small a chapel, no future sports, etc. Some parents never get involved, some never give and the overall attitude is that this school is better than everyone else. The founder gives speeches throughout each school year and it's the same old story.
11/21/2010parentCambridge offers a very nurturing environment that gets my son excited about learning new things. He is only 6 and can recite all of the books of the Bible, and he sings hymns that he learns at school throughout the day. He is always doing creative projects that bring learning to life for him. The school has a warm community of parents, faculty, staff and students who work together to make the school excel.
9/19/2010parentSadly, we cannot recommend this school. They are 'selling' a program that does not exist. Facts are this school is unstable with a lot of changes at the expense of families. They really should stop glorifying themselves that they are better than other schools. I really do not think that this school is any better than any other local schools they are competing with, private or public.
9/30/2009parentWe are very happy with our kid's education at the Cambridge School. Each day during our prayers, he would thank God for a fun fun day he had at the school. Although we were newbies in the school, he already feels that all the school mates are his friends, and we are also felt a strong sense of community too. From our observation, their academic is more rigorous than the Montessori school our son origionally attended. And the character training is excellent. The teacher really cares and is available. The student: teacher ratio is also great.
6/2/2009parentComing alongside the family and the local church,The Cambridge School operates daily under the premise that she is just one of the 3 legs of a stool that supports our children's growth and development. In an age where families are separated by geography, divorce, and oftentimes just differences in worldview, it is rewarding and comforting to have discovered a school where our goals for our children, to have nurtured within, a lifelong love for learning and also a lifelong pursuit of loving God and serving their neighbor are taken seriously. In our three years as parents of Cambridge School children we have witnessed an unflagging passion amongst faculty, staff and families to see children grow up to be virtuous scholars, preparing them for not only making a living but living a well-ordered life...... respectful, disciplined, thoughtfully and winsomely engaging our world and caring for those who are less fortunate.
4/17/2009parentUnfortunately, the teaching my child received was below average. Personal experience with leader staff was extremely unprofessional. A small school like this one doesn't afford much choice when teachers aren't meeting your child's need. The kids are wasting precious time instead of learning at the level they crave.
3/31/2009parentI have no doubt that this is the best school for my son after trying many other school options. Don't get manipulated by some boorish comments. As an experienced, well respected teacher, I recommed this school to the family with high expectaion and value.
12/10/2008parentGreat job Cambridge faculty, staff and admin on a job well done an award well deserved!
12/6/2008parentThe quality of this school is severely limited by lack of experience and budget. How long have the teachers have been there and what is the turnover? Instead of focusing on the children, the focus feels more like raising money and putting bandaids on the many disruptions to learning. There are many great Christian schools in San Diego as most people already know. Some of the feedbacks here I noticed are excessive, marketing this school in lieu of being real and honest, and from grandparents or aunts and uncles? If you're pondering which school to send your young child, this is one to avoid.
11/22/2008parentComprehensive and rigorous academics, loving and very well qualified teachers, and a loving and committed community of parents, teachers and students make this school a very desirable place to send my kids. I live in Scripps Ranch, where the schools are very well rated. I still chose to send my kids to this school because I want my kids to be educated with a Christian world-view, where they see the world and themselves in light of God and His truth. I can't be satisfied with just strong academics where the truth of God is neglected or often attacked. Don't just read the reviews... I invite you to check out our school website and attend one of our information nights and see for yourself!
11/22/2008parentIt's rare to find passionate and gifted lower elementary school teachers with master's degrees and even Ph.Ds who really nurture your kids academically, spiritually and socially, who actively partner with the parents, and who really 'get' the school's Classical Christian vision and execute it with excellence. My kids can't wait to go school, look forward to Mondays, and cry when they have to stay home because they're sick. All this, along with top notch standardized test scores, says a lot about this school.
11/21/2008parentIt's easy to be effusive about this school. Quite simply, my child is flourishing here and I see the excitement for learning in his classmates as well. My wife and I are both thrilled that every aspect of academics is centered around unwaivering biblical principles. I strongly recommend this school to parents who desire a solid biblical basis for their child's life of learning.
11/21/2008parentCan't imagine sending my child anywhere else. Other classical Christian schools either provide a strong spiritual component but lack in academic rigor or vice versa. I believe Cambridge does both VERY well. We are very happy with the school, and so is our child!
11/21/2008parentCambridge beautifully and thoughfully weds the pursuit of discipline and academic achievement. Our son receives all the attention he needs to learn, grow, and be challenged both morally and intellectually. We encouraged daily by the staff's commitment and passion to our children and the school's philosphy. We recommend Cambridge to all our neighbors and friends --and not just to those who are interested in private school. In short, Cambridge has a been a true blessing and has helped us become better parents.
11/20/2008otherAs aunt and uncle to two students at The Cambridge School, we have been very impressed with the quality of education, commitment of the teachers and staff, and, most importantly, the enthusiasm of the students for the school, its curriculum, and activities. The students seem to thrive on the academic challenges. As noted elsewhere, this is a new school, but that, in my opinion, has not limited its academic excellence.
11/17/2008parentThis school does an outstanding job of executing on its vision. Yes, it's a new school and so has the normal issues you would expect with a new venture. But, the teachers work tirelessly to implement the classical model, the staff are effective and cheerful in their labor, and the head of school embodies the vision through her devotion and passion for God, the students and the school. Give this school a serious consideration.
11/11/2008otherAs a grandparent, I have no words to express my deep appreciation for the functioning of the Cambridge school. My grandchildren receive personal attention from a well-qualified and competent staff. I see contentment and satisfaction on the face of every parent. For any parent who looks for a great school of academic excellence and spiritual values based on biblical standards, this is THE SCHOOL in the area. The staff, children and parents together make a family. My grandkids long to be in the school all the time which speaks for itself. May God bless this school that it will turn out to be a great blessing for the community around.
11/10/2008parentI agree, this is indeed a great school. My children love it! I wouldn't send them anywhere else.
11/9/2008parentI was also disappointed with this school. They fell short in all aspects, including the way they treat the children and parents. The curriculum was boring and repetitive. I think the administrators and teachers are young and inexperienced. The parents are also young so they do not see how poor this school fares compared to other schools in San Diego. I do not agree that this school is a top-tier private school with high academic rigor. The level of teaching of foreign language is very basic as is all of their curriculum and activities. Please do not be deceived.
10/20/2008parentWe are a new family to The Cambridge School and are very pleased with the overall quality of the school. The staff is very dedicated and has a passion for the students that shines in all they do. Our children LOVE going to school each day and have already learned quite a bit in Latin and Mandarin as well as the basic subjects.
10/18/2008teacherThe Cambridge School is by far one of the most beautiful examples of excellence in teaching and love of learning. Students at The Cambridge School are inspired, encouraged, and work toward excellence while at the same time are pushed in loving care to develop their character. Teachers at The Cambridge School are life-long learners themselves and therefore value instilling a true inquisitiveness in their students. TCS curriculum is academically challenging and well-rounded. The staff are dependable, resourceful, and loving. The parent community is extremely close and supportive. The administration holds in plain sight the goals and execution of a walk towards loving that which is true, good, and beautiful. And at the center of all this noble work is our Heavenly Father. All it takes is a few visits to The Cambridge School classrooms to realize that it is a rare gem in Southern California education.
6/4/2008parentWhile this school is young, we have found the teachers deliver well on the classical Christian model of education. The staff is effective. The teachers are exemplary and passionate about their work. The students demonstrate outstanding learning attitudes. All this done in a godly environment!
2/20/2008parentOur child loves the school! what more can I say? She is so excited about learning. Finally a school that we can believe in.
2/11/2008parentI have two sons who attend the Cambridge School, and I am very satisfied with their education and the warm Christian community that is embodied there. The boys are really getting the best of both worlds-- a challenging and rich educational program along with genuine development of their faith. The Cambridge School is the only option for a classical Christian education in San Diego county (as far as I am aware). This method provides a solid and developmentally sound foundation in math and literacy, while also going 'beyond the basics' in art, music, and foreign languages. I volunteer at the school once a week and have observed the children at play, and I have no concerns about playground safety. I highly reccomend the Cambridge School.
1/9/2008parentMy daughter really loves this school. We could not be happier with our choice to send here to Cambridge.
12/25/2007parentWe tried out this school but found that the school is poorly run and disorganized. Parental input is highly discouraged and I worried about the safely of our child during recess. Academically, it was disappointing as well. I would not recommend this school.

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