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University City High School - San_Diego, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
University City High School6949 Genesee Avenue
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 457-30409-12San DiegopublicSan Diego Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic36.862009
Black, non-Hispanic8.862009
Pacific Islander0.862009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.322009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Jeff Olivero2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/5/2012studentUC High was and still after more than 20 years a great school. If this is real and I am very sure, this is a result of real public investment in education. We must focus on these facts. 20 years ago UC High was a great school, and now still a great school. Whatever people say it will not change my idea of good public investment in education, dedication and commitment of the people who work to keep this great school.
4/20/2012parentThe teachers look just nice but they are not very supportive and caring. I was very disappointed.
3/2/2011studentI am grateful for the education that l received at UC, it really helped to make into a successful adult.
4/5/2010parentMy daughter transitioned into this school the latter part of last year. She has found the school culturally challenged. To say it clearer, diversity is not embraced by the staff or the students. For this reason, my child who is in the GATE/SEMINAR program at UCHS does not feel her experience is the best. As a parent, I can say that I agree with her because my experience has been quite questionable. If you are minority seeking a great school for your son or daughter, you might want to think twice before you enroll your child at this school. FYI, the best teacher ranks okay and the worst is clearly one who does not offer encouragement to the student. In summary, we as her parents have come to realize that this is not the best place for our child to be.
3/18/2010parentMy son is in 10th grade. For the first time in many years he is experiencing success as he deals with issues of being a Seminar student lacking motivation to succeed. He had the chance to switch schools early last year but decided that this school was providing for him with what he needed to succeed. I agree! Teachers understand his needs and work to support him, not to demean him. They work with his strengths not against them. My son thrives because of their support.
3/17/2010parentMy child attended this school for her freshmen and sophmore year. It was a good social environment but the teachers were not involved enough and the students all came from drug backrounds. It wasnt a good place to put my child in.
11/1/2009parentMy son is in seminar. He chose this school. The teachers are wonderful and the staffs are very helpful. This school has a wide variety of people and he likes the diversity. He's also enjoying his sports program. I'm very happy with his decision.
9/16/2009otherGreat Teachers, great Principle, great location, and most of all, great students!
2/20/2009parentThis is my kids first year attending this school as a junior. My kid loves the classes and teachers. It is refreshing to see teachers that are passionate about there subjects. My kid has made friends with kids that are black, Asian, Hispanic and white. I feel that the diversity of the school reflects our society. I feel that schools should reflect the society, not the neighborhood, because that is what we will educate them for, the real world and it is not all middle class & white.
12/12/2007parentI love this school my son is attending and he says its wonderful it just needs a little more extra eativitie and its almost perfect.
12/12/2007parentMy little Elizabeth is in her second year here and i am glad i got her in to this school because of the core classes she is signing up for the cheer team this year and she loves it. I think they should have a bigger variety of fun classes because they need stuff like that to make school fun. I have seen the campus and i think they need new grass for the fields but that can be taken care of.
12/1/2007parentUC is located in a good middle to upper middle class neighborhood but has a surprising amount of crimes commited on campus. My child often feels unsafe at UC. This school offers a great AP program and has one of the best track and field teams in the county, however the athletic field is in the worst condition of any of the 15 campuses I've visited. The school needs a new track field, pole vault pit, fields re-sodded and lighting installed for night football games.
11/6/2007otherI enjoyed the rigorous academics, but was disappointed to not have to opportunity to be in choir. There is no choir, and little few band, music, and drama activity. Emphasis put on AP and honors classes rather than extra curriculars and lower level classes. definitely not a well rounded education.
5/14/2007parentI have had a student at this school for the last 7 years. The quality of the academic and extracurricular programs at UC have suffered because of a failed district discipline policy that allows students to commit criminal offenses up to three times before that student can be suspended more than five days or recommended for expulsion. How long are parents going to be content with standards that deal in shades of mediocrity? When discipline returns to the campus, education can start. Until then, all of the well intentioned efforts of the administration and staff amount to little more than a district-wide experiment in babysitting. Don't misunderstand: The teachers are making a valiant effort, but they should not have to babysit and teach.
1/5/2007studentOverall UC is a great school. However, like all good things, there is a bad. As a student I have encountered both good and poor teachers. The Principle is one of the greatest I've met. He interacts with students and does his job very well. He is even considered 'cool' by many students. Basically, like all schools, if the student is willing to learn, the classes are wonderful. UC is fun for the students as well as being a great learning facility.
4/25/2006parentMy son is a 9th grader at UC. He informs me that the often the classes are unruly and it makes it difficult to hear/learn. He has also had a few problems with theft. On the other hand the teachers and counselors have been responsive to requests and are good at communication.
1/12/2006parentI'm rating these based on a student in the lower track. Scores are higher for my children on the more advanced track. Teachers were not in place until the end of October/beginning of November. Many of the teachers were new and lacked experience. Shouldn't struggling students have the most experienced teachers?
1/11/2006parentMy daughter is a senior this year and has enjoyed her high school years in terms of the academics. She had a lot of choices with AP classes. Most of the teachers are very supportive and set good role models. There is an active educational foundation in which the parents and community are involved with the school. The athletics leave a lot to be desired in the way of integrity of the selection process.
8/20/2005parentIt is an ok school. The teacher/student ratio is not bad. Students are not split or showing up in groups. The sport utilities are pretty good as well. The quality of the provided academic programs is mediacer though.
8/19/2005parentI was very disappointed in UC. I pulled my daughter out in 12/04 in the middle of her sophomore year. No discipline, dress codes not enforced, inappropriate music at lunchtime, too liberal.
5/17/2005parentOffer good advanced courses. Have a majority of very good teachers. Counciling staff not very helpful. Have to give up a class period for extracurricular activities.
3/31/2005parentI have 2 attending UCHS (12th & 11th) unfortunately our experience hasn't been so great. Academically UC is good, teachers are fine but the administration needs work. My 11th grader doesn't feel safe on campus - too many fights. Administration continues to deny any racism...walk the campus during lunch, you'll see nothing but segregation! I'm pulling my 11th grader from UC.
10/18/2004parentBoth my chilren currently attend this school. My 12 grader has had a nice experience at the school. Good teachers. Not great, but over-all we have been happy. She's a high achiever and seem to breezer through with out much help needed. I think the principle is very good. Just can't do it all. My 9th grader does not feel safe at the school. 7 fights in the past month. Race relations seem to be very tense. We are putting her in private school.
5/27/2004former studentUC is an awesome high school to attend. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to help out in anyway they can (Mr. Brown held special AP review sessions everyday after school in the weeks prior to AP testing to make sure we had every chance to succeed) and the schools overall aura is friendly and encouraging. There are a wide range of exta-cirricular activities available including a gay/straight alliance to help confused youths, and to educate ignorant youths. From my first day as a freshman to my senior prom and graduation, my experience at UCHS was all that I could have ever hoped for... and more! (By the way I got a 1360 on my SAT's with only the help of my wonderful instructors.)
10/25/2003parentUC is a small school with a diverse student population, great teachers, and excellent leadership. They offer a large number of AP classes and allow a wide range of students to participate, not just the 'gifted' kids. Great AVID program, fantastic cross country coach, a high level of parental involvement - my son had a great experience at this school. That he didn't study more, run faster, or score better on his AP tests was not the school's fault - they offered him a great teenage experience while preparing him for college - where he's also having a great time. From Advanced Bio freshman year to Ceramics senior year, he enjoyed attending this school.
8/10/2003parentCollege prep is below standard, the academic advisors need a solid program for there students to guide them for future colleges and university,to fit the individual needs of each student that takes alot of work and excellent interest. Sat test scores are low, My daughter took the Princeton reveiew to help..her score was 1370..
5/13/2003 I think that UC is a very diversified and structured school. They provided me personally with many tools that were necessary to get along in every day living. I feel that the teachers give the students all the knowledge that they possibly can and they love to challenge them.

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