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Los Alamitos Elementary School - San_Jose, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Los Alamitos Elementary School6130 Silberman Avenue
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 535-6297K-5Santa ClarapublicSan Jose Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic58.982009
Black, non-Hispanic1.612009
Pacific Islander0.582009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.292009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Shyril McGuiness2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/1/2012parentLos Alamitos Elementary School is a good public school. Teachers do their best with the limitations set by the local and state funding. Parent involvement is awesome, people in this neighborhood really care. Cons: I am not a big fan of the combo classes. Classes are a bit over crowded.
5/7/2011otherLos Alamitos is a really good school. All the kids there are friendly and the teachers are all really nice. There are a few cliques that think they're all that, but mostly everyone's nice there. The people who work in the office are really nice too, so I recommend going to Los Alamitos Elementary School.
4/2/2011parentIt's true what you continue to read, the parents are heavily involved with students and staff. It is a great school but certainly not without flaws. With Kinders now joining the school for a full day, lunchtime can be tricky and even chaotic in a small cafeteria which runs in shifts. The school's annual walk-a-thon raises well over $100K yet, field trips have been compromised due to budget cuts.
9/2/2010parentWe are very happy with this school! The staff, teachers, parents and parent involvement are amazing. They are all very supportive. Great PTA, 100% membership from the parents last year!
5/3/2010parentLos Alamitos has been a wonderful school for my first grader. I have seen him blossom with the nuturing, caring and academically bright teachers he has had so for for Kindergarten and First grade. His confidence is growing, his academics are top notch and everyone is very supportive. We moved to Almaden for the school system and we are not disappointed in the least!
4/30/2010otherLos Alamitos, have great teachers and everyone is extremely supportive. They have a strong PTA support.
4/29/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful and the school has been recognized as a California Distinguished School again.
4/29/2010parentLos Alamitos has just been recognized as a California Distinguished School for the second time.
4/29/2010parentLos Alamitos is a wonderful school with an amazing curriculum!!! The teachers are absolutely supportive of each & every child! The students work so hard everday! Los Alamitos is the best school in the best community!!!
4/29/2010parentLos Alamitos provides well-rounded education to my son, a 2nd grader, who is academically smart but behind at motor and social skills. PTA supports various programs such as Project Cornerstone, Music, Accelerated Reader, Science Lab, Art Vista, and many events. The amazing part is high-level parents involvement. Many parents are willing to go far beyond care for their own children, which makes the team work perfectly. My son feels safe and happy in this school and learned more than just academics.
4/29/2010parentI have a first and second grader at Los Alamitos who can't wait to go to school everyday! My children together have had 5 teachers and every one of them has been supportive, creative, encouraging. The PTA is so strong with parental support that it is able to carry some of the programs cut by the school district and supports programs that assist the kids to be the best they can be, Cornerstone, Art Vista, Music, Accelerated Reader, Reading Lab, Science. I love Los Alamitos- 5 stars!
4/29/2010otherIlike los alamitos school because the affective learning programs they use for the kids
4/28/2010parentLos Alamitos is the perfect combination of great academics, the arts, and a whole lot of loving from the staff, students, and community~
4/28/2010parentBlue Ribbon School, CA Distinguished School. The teachers are great and the kids seem very enthusiastic to learn
4/28/2010parentThis school is a terrific school. We have such great teachers, wonderful music program, excellent parental support, and a good group of students.
4/28/2010parentLos Alamitos is a fantastic school. The teachers, staff, parents and children are friendly and strongly committed to creating the best possible learning environment. As our state continues to take money from the school budgets, the community at Los Alamitos rallies to come up with ways to help teachers deal with increased class sizes, and to preserve programs so important to a well-rounded education. We are thankful that our children have the opportunity to attend this amazing school.
4/28/2010parentThis school does not have one teacher or parent that think 'I' or 'you,' it always has been an enviroment that says 'We' It feels like everyone on campus does their part to make this school thrive not only acedemically, but in areas of climate control, art, technology, and much much more. The teachers are amazing and encourage each child to do their own personal best. Parents feel welcomed and involved and that makes these learning experiences a wonderful one for everyone, especially the kids!!! Proud to be a parent here :)
4/28/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful, caring and really devote their time to teaching the kids.
4/27/2010parentI agree with other reviewers that Los Alamitos has a dedicated hardworking staff and parental involvement through the PTA is high. Families make the school worthwhile. Unfortunately, lack of leadership from the principal has had a negative impact on this school. Students who are bullied are afraid of retaliation. Principal is more concerned about test scores than the well-being of the students.
4/27/2010parentHigh parental support and involvement. School staff is great. Fabulous teachers.
4/27/2010parentThe school is like an extended family. The parents and teachers go above and beyond to ensure that our children get the best possible education in spite of continuous budget cuts. It seems that all parents and teachers are unselfish with their time and really put a lot of effort into working together to provide an amazing learing environment for our children. I am pround to be a part of the Los Alamitos family.
4/27/2010parentAmazing school. Wonderful teachers, and alot of parent participation. I feel lucky to have had both my children attend Los Alamitos.
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos school has been such a blessing for our family. The parents and teachers are wonderful and make sure that our kids get a first class education
4/27/2010otherOur four children attended in the 70's and 80's and now our grandaughter in 2010 and another to follow next year! Over all of these years, Los Alamitos has never failed the precious children entrusted into their care. The parental support has remained consistent and amazing throughout the history of this wonderful school. Beginning with it's first Principal (Bruce Bondelie), the bar was set high for the teachers and staff and they have never dissappointed. The environment is one of nurture, mutual respect, challenge and love. Our family is proud to be among it's strong history.
4/27/2010parentBlue Ribbon School, clean and very academic. Love the upgrades to field and track.
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos is everything a school should be: a fantastic resource for the children, a caring and trusted place for the parents, and a center point for the community. The teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers make Los Alamitos a fantastic place for the kids. Long live great public schools!
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos puts the kids first, that is what I love about our school.
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos is a great place to go to school because the kids are focused on learning and the parents are committed to supporting an environment that is diverse and supportive. I also love the upgrades to the ball field and track.
4/27/2010parentgreat teachers, committed staff, concerned and active parents=succesful students.
4/27/2010parentTeachers work hard to provide an excellent education. High parent participation and concern. Wonderful environment to nurture students and make good citizens.
4/27/2010parentI LOVE working at this school! The staff is great to work with, the parents are more involved than any other school I have seen. Everyone rallies together to provide the best learning environment possible for the students!
4/27/2010parentParents and staff work well together to ensure that every child can be successful.
4/27/2010parentI volunteer heavily at this school. The interaction between staff and parents is execptional. So many great programs for our kids.
4/27/2010parentGreat teachers and parents really step up when needed, and are very active in their kids lives.
4/27/2010parentHaving nephews in this school, we have seen that the teachers are extremely dedicated and work to keep interest of students high and to help the students promote their community and school spirit.
4/27/2010parentIt is a wonderful community that focuses on academics, art, music, reading, love of learning, and in being a good citizen. There is so much participation in the school it is impressive and inspiring. I can't recommend it highly enough.
4/27/2010otherMy Grandson attended Los Alamitos and my Granddaughter is at Los Alamitos school. I am very inpressed with the teachers and activities for the students. Los Alamitos is a wonderful school.
4/27/2010parentWhen our family was in the market for a new home, we chose our neighborhood primarily because of Los Alamitos. We had heard and then did the research to verify some of the great things we had been told. It wasn't just the test scores that we were interested in. The teachers and family involvement is what really impressed us. There are so many parents that volunteer to help wherever it is needed. The key is that the teachers and families care so much about the success of this school and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it a successful learning environment. The additional programs and activities that are offered are a definite bonus. We currently have two children at the school so I guess the best way to guage that Los Alamitos is a 'Great School' is the growth, development, success and happiness that I have seen in my children along the way.
4/27/2010parentBest school with great staff and active and caring parents.
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos is known for its school pride and overwhelming parent participation. We are very fortunate to have such great teachers and faculty at our school that make it a great place to learn for out children and volunteer for our parents.
4/27/2010parentMy grand daughter loves the music program. Mr V is great with kids. I hope they can keeep music in the school
4/27/2010parentGreat teachers, great staff, high parent involvement. I feel fortunate to send my child to Los Alamitos Elementary School.
4/27/2010parentLos Alamitos is a friendly, supportive school with wonderful teachers, students, and families. The test scores are high and the children have fun. What's not to love about that?!
4/27/2010parentThis school has incredible parental involvement, dedicated and highly skilled teachers, and very positive energy. The staff and students respect one another and believe in making the world a better place. They're committed to being environmentally friendly and to lending a hand to those less fortunate in the community. Kids feel safe, confident, and inspired because of the fantastic teachers and strong programs like Mr. V's music class. I'm so grateful our family can be a part of such a wonderful school...
4/26/2010parentWe love how all the childrens and familys are friendly at this school
4/26/2010parentI love Los Alamitos Elementary School because the teachers and parents feel that our children's education is a priority. Los Alamitos has an amazing amount of parent volunteers who not only help out in the classrooms but also ensure our kids have access to art via the Art Vista program, provide Project Cornerstone (an asset development program), provide reading help to those children in need via the reading lab, organize fundraisers, robotics, and so many other activities and projects. I am also extremely pleased and impressed with Los Alamitos' Science program and its wonderful music program.
4/26/2010parentThis is the seventh year that I have been at Los Alamitos. My 2nd child is now in 3rd grade. I can only say wonderful things about this school! The teachers really care about the students and there is a great teacher/student/parent relationship. Parent involvement is very high and the PTA really works with the school to provide support. It's an A+!
4/26/2010parentOur daughter LOVES it at Los Alamitos. We have it all...caring parents, teachers, staff, everyone !!! Awesome place for my 3rd grader!!! We have 100% PTA enrollment at our school. So many of the programs here happen because of caring volunteers -- again, the parents, teachers, staff!!!
4/26/2010parentI love Los Alamitos because of the high quality education my children are receiving, the amazing parental support of all students and the dedicated, hard working teachers and staff. It is a loving and warm environment in which my children thrive!
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos is a cohesive group of teachers, parents and students all working toward the same goal. The friendly atmosphere at the school is amazing and the kids love this school.
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos is a great school with super teachers and parent support!
4/26/2010parentThis is a public school which achieved an unprecedented 100 percent family participation in our PTA organization this year. We consistantly win accolades in our large school district for overwhelmingly high number of parent volunteer hours. We are a Project Cornerstone school which is an anti-bullying, asset building program, we have Art Vista, an incredible music program, a science lab, computer lab and caring teachers who are models of life-long learning. This year alone our students have read over 24,635 books in our Accelerated Reader program with high comprehension percentage. I could go on and on, this is such a wonderful place for my 3 boys to begin their love of learning!!!
4/26/2010parentThe parent and teacher participation is excellent!!!! The teachers my child has had have been so amazing! The PTA is extremely involved!
4/26/2010parentThis school is dedicated to learning and teaching kids to make right choices.
4/26/2010parentWe love Los Alamitos for all great and educated teachers, wounderful and caring parents.
4/26/2010parentAmazing parents and teachers and students. Multiple programs, involved PTA and teachers you can communicate with to make a positive difference for your children. LOVE Los Alamitos!
4/26/2010parentMy daughter gets a wonderful education there, and she's making a lot of great friends.
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos has wonderful, active parents who are committed to quality education. The teachers and staff are all compassionate and love what they do. This year we have been recognized again as a Distinguished School for 2010. We are fortunate to be a part of such a phenomenal school!
4/26/2010parentThe teachers are great and the parents are actively involved to provide additional programs they would otherwise be without.
4/26/2010parentWe love Los Alamitos because of the amazing teachers, wonderful students and supportive parents (community).
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos is a great school because of the school administration, caring teachers, involved parents and a curriculum that the students enjoy and remember.
4/26/2010parentWe have found the education, programs and the staff to be committed and are in full force of encouraging our children. I personally give my time to help at the school, because I appreciate all the hard work in helping my children grow in academics, social skills, making learning fun and insightful. Los Alamitos Elementary School brings out the best in our students.
4/26/2010parentWe love Los Alamitos because of the committed teachers, administration, and fantastic PTA.
4/26/2010parentGreat teachers, great parent volunteers & a great administration. The student body is very well behaved and stays active in it's school community.
4/26/2010parentWe are so lucky to have this school in our neighbor! Great teachers and wonderful programs.
4/26/2010parentThe teachers seem to really care about each child and go the extra mile to help the succeed.
4/26/2010parentI love Los Alamitos because of the dedication of the staff and parents that make it such a friendly and fun educational experience for my children.
4/26/2010parentI have had my nieces and nephews attend Los Alamitos in the past and now my great niece attends there. As an educator they do a wonderful job with educating their students. A proud Aunt
4/26/2010parentThis school has a FANTASTIC reputation!! Every child needs to have music as a part of their education!!!
4/26/2010parentA California Distinguished School, Los Alamitos has excellent teachers and school administrators who demonstrate a commitment to the students' academic and social well-being. Also, our son has food allergies and the teachers, staff and parents have been very supportive and careful in making sure to accommodate him.
4/26/2010parentI love Los Alamitos because of the high quality education my children are receiving, the amazing parental support of all students and the dedicated, hard working teachers and staff.
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos has always been and continues to be an amazing elementary school with fantastic teachers who go above and beyond what is expected.
4/26/2010parentI love Los Alamitos due to the great teachers, the great curriculum balance and the high level of parental involvement.
4/26/2010parentLos Alamitos is a fantastic elementary school with thoughtful, caring teachers, an army of volunteers who make sure our children are learning music, science, art and the core values they need to become responsible, caring and respectful human beings, and a community that supports them in every way.
4/26/2010parentGreat teachers, caring and involved parents, balanced curriculum, family feeling.
4/26/2010parentYou could hardly do better for parent involvement. The high-quality programs funded and run entirely by parents blew me away when we started last year--science fair, art fair, talent show, along with many hours logged in the classrooms, library, reading lab, playground, etc. Funding is entirely voluntary and happens through PTA membership (100% this year) and one giant fundraiser--the walkathon and auction, which are extremely well-run family-fun events in themselves. Principal works tirelessly to help make this partnership with the PTA into an effective educational package for our students. Staff are friendly and helpful. Teachers are professional, creative, supportive, and caring. Students seem happy, challenged, and cooperative. The community has a strong sense of school pride. We love it!
1/26/2010parentVery high level of involvement from parents and PTA. My child enjoys his Kindergarten.
1/12/2008studentThis school has improved every subject with me and the teachers are very caring.
4/4/2006parentLos Alamitos is a wonderful school with an excellent combination of parent and teacher participation. Each grade level offers a challenge as well as excitement. My child enjoys the quality music, art and P.E. programs.The school is a hidden jewel in Almaden.
9/1/2005parentVery high level of parent involvement. The PTA funds a great music program. Brand new principal this year (2005 - 2006). I was not overly impressed by the previous principal (she was only there a couple of years). There are only two sets of playground equipment. One is reserved for kindergarden students. The second set is for grades 1 - 5, so the grades must rotate days.
8/21/2005parentI couldn't dream of a better elementary school for my children. We moved here to attend this school, because we heard so many great things about it, and we have not been let down, the best mix of strong academics & 'whole child' curriculum i.e. music, drama, art, robotics,science, math clubs, tennis. Gate program is also one of the best, and the parent involvement makes the school a home for all!
4/12/2005parentThis school has a great robotic program. This program partner with the First Lego League to have competition every year. It has parent involvement as coaches. This school also has a great music department. It also group children in advance math and advance literature.
8/17/2004parentIt is great school with excellent atmosphere. A public school giving education of a privite school!
8/9/2004parentIt's an excellent school and I'm glad that I made the right decision in sending my son there.
6/21/2004parentGreat teachers. My three children have all received an excellent education at this school. It has a positive on campus atmosphere and great parental support.

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