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Willow Glen High School - San_Jose, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Willow Glen High School2001 Cottle Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 535-63309-12Santa ClarapublicSan Jose Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic30.112009
Black, non-Hispanic3.22009
Pacific Islander0.612009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.892009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Shannon McGee2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/25/2012parentThere can be "NO TOLERANCE" when it comes to the safety of our children... NONE.... The world is crazy and if the threat was real, the casulites would be unmentionable.. but thank God it wasnt.The staff and administrators are big on pushing "NO TOLREANCE" on our kids and force feeding these idealogies. But when the shoe is on the other foot, incidents gets sweeped under the rug, no communcaition, 2nd and even 4th hands reports, no organizations, and no leaderships.... Where was the Sports Director, and all these other administrators? Why wasnt the football program canceled... MONEY or did the safe with a "NO TOLREANCE" take the back seat to money. What a disgrace from a school that lives in a glass house.
4/28/2011parentNot ready to rate yet, my daughter is coming into WGHS as a junior coming from private school. I am actually impressed with the smaller feel of the school. She is recommended to take AP classes to stay challenged and that is something we did not have at our past school unless you were an A++ student. So I am looking for great things of my daughter. It is our neighborhood school and I feel good about it since I pay taxes on it! Willow Glen High School was one of the best High schools around in the 1970's they had metal shop, great athletics, home economic classes,sewing, they had a car fix it program where did these go?
7/17/2010parent I have to give this school some credit - for a public school in a mediocre district it's pretty good. I have problems with the public school system so I have lots of gripes BUT I'll start by saying that my kid likes this school; that is saying quite a lot. She's an honor student but not interested in the whole sports/govenment/spirit thing but still feels like she's part of a big family. I know some of the teachers and they are real humans who are very committed to the kids and the kids feel it. They work like dogs. The college and careers counseling is outstanding. The administration is approachable-you can work with them. Don't expect perfection but as these things go the school is not bad. Remember this is a big government institution - adjust your expectations accordingly.
8/31/2009parentIn response to the person who posted on August 29, I would say that the Principal is actually extremely accessible and responsive to parent requests. I can imagine that she is overloaded with beginning-of-the-school-year requests, so I would counsel patience and persistence in contacting her. As for Auto and Metal Shop, those are available through CCOC (Central Country Occupational Center), and many WG students take advantage of those and other classes such as Veterinary Technology. They can even take a bus from the WGHS campus to and from CCOC. And I know for a fact that they work very hard to help students with learning problems. I'm sorry that you've had these experiences, but I would encourage you to try again. We have a Senior and a Freshman and have been thoroughly pleased with their experiences.
8/29/2009parentprincipal is hard to reach. electives there are none no auto shop or metel shop to teach student to work with there hands if child has learning problems they do npot look at IP.
5/1/2009parentMy daughter is a Senior and is vey happy at WGH. I would agree with some of the comments made by other parents about team spirit a strong point at WGH. I would also like to mention Mr. Gallegos. I have had the opportunity to speak with him on a couple of occassions, and I believe he is doing a great job. Lastly, communication between parents and teacher could be better. Sincerely, CH
11/16/2008parentI like this school for my teen. but feel that the communication between teacher & parent is poor. Its difficult to get in touch with the teachers. Not too crazy how the school deals with discipline. But may not be the schools fault...could be the district in itself, and their policies.Not in the best interest of the child. Overall, for 2 yrs I have been pretty pleased WG.
8/6/2008parentExcellent School, need more good parent to support so rating can go up more higher then usual
6/14/2008parentI have been a parent at WGHS for three years and have three more to go. The programs are outstanding, the feeling of family is strong and the administration is very focused on the kids. You can see the teachers becoming a stronger team every year. The kids are very devoted to this school and are being accepted at the whos who of colleges. What else can you ask for?
4/23/2008studentI think that this school has potential, but there are many improvments that can be made. Overall this school has very good teachers with certification above and beyond. Students have the capability of interacting with fellow students and having a 4.0 GPA if they try their best. There is also quite a bit of school spirit shown, which is outstanding. GO RAMS!
10/7/2007parentWillow Glen High School tends to get a bad rep from people who don't go to the school and don't really understand the school at all. In actuality, it's a great school! My kids go here and when talking to parents from other schools, they usually end up jealous of the great programs offered at the school, the great teachers--and the most AP classes in the district, the parent involvement and the camaraderie the kids feel. Time and time again you hear kids say they feel like family at Willow Glen High School. Don't listen to the nay-sayers that don't know the school. Also, gang-presence is less here than at any other school. In 4 years, I've never heard of one gang fight at school. Kids feel safer at WGHS than when they visit any other school. This is the best!
10/5/2007parentMy daughter graduated in 2005 from Willow Glen High. I am a huge fan of this school. The teachers are outstanding, the parent participation is wonderful and it's a school that gets support from the surrounding community of Willow Glen. I would choose it again without hesitation. Our family had a great four years.
10/5/2007parentOur daughter graduated from WGHS in '07, and we had nothing but the best of experiences while she was there. 94% of her graduating class was starting college in the fall - the highest class ever to have such an achievement. It's a great school!!
10/5/2007parentWillow Glen excels in it's college prep for students. It has numerous AP and University Express courses to choose from, an excellent college counseling program, and graduation standards that meet or exceed the UC and CSU entry requirements. When comparing experiences with friends from other schools, they have not been nearly as well informed about college prep and don't have anywhere near the number of AP courses. Therefore, their students may not be as able to compete for those spots at impacted colleges. Willow Glen is improving greatly every year, and it's exciting to anticipate more changes that are expected in the near future.
10/5/2007parentWGHS is a great high school offering AP classes, and classes that receive college credit as well as the broad base academic requirements. WGHS is diverese ethnically and financially offering the student body a greater picture of the real world. WGHS has a strong spirited school as well as a very supportive parent group and surrounding neighborhood community. Our son is a recent graduate of the school, and is part of the 94% of graduating students going to college. Overall it has been and continues to be a great school in our neighborhood.
10/2/2007parentI am an alumni of WGHS and I can say that I was proud going to that school back in the 70's and i'm proud to have both of my kids attending WGHS today..there was a period of time when this school didn't meet the expecatatons of other high schools in the area and neighborhood kids were not coming here but the extreme dedication by this administration, teachers, parents and students turned that around..Over the past 5 years this school has reached new academic levels, parent involvement, and leadership..It is great to be able to say that WGHS is back on the map and this is the high school kids want to go to-there is even a waiting list to get in..Not only are the neighborhood kids coming back but so are those who once graduated here and now are teachers..It's just fantastic..Thumbs up to Willow Glen High School.
10/2/2007parentMany of the teachers are alumni so they have a vesed intrest. They are more then willing to help any student who bothers to seek out help. They also have a great homework center.
9/30/2007parentI strongly disagree with the person who reported that the school does not keep parents informed. We got phone messages at least once a month, regular mailings to our home, and e-mails about every day from the parent volunteer who sends regular updates to everyone on her e-mail list (which was extremely easy to join). Our daughter is a senior and has attended since halfway through her freshman year. We have liked her teachers, and the administration has always been very responsive to all our needs. I was amazed, when I looked at the yearbook, at how much there is for kids to be involved in -- more than they could ever imagine. WGHS has just undergone some admin changes, but the new folks look to be great replacements for those who left.
9/26/2007parentWillow Glen High has been a great school for both of our kids. One has gone off to college and was well prepared for their academic future. The other is planning to go to college after high school. It takes a little time and commitment to get involved, get to know the school, know the teachers, and support the institution. Both our children were/are actively involved in after school sports, school events, and school sponsored activities.
9/26/2007parentI was apprehensive about my child being swallowed up in the high school environment, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of involvement from the teachers, administrators and other parents in the community. My daughter just started her freshman year, and I have only positive comments about WGHS. I look forward to the years ahead, and have every confidence she will be successful because the community cares about these kids and this school.
9/25/2007parentAll 3 of my kids have attended WGHS. It's a wonderful school where my kids not only have been happy, but all have thrived in a community where staff, parents and students all collectively work together. Our older kids got into every college that they applied to and they were fully prepared for the rigors of a 4 year college program. WGHS gave them the opportunity to participate in athletics, student leadership, mock trial, yearbook, school clubs as well taking on their rigorous AP and Honors curriculum. I have been very active in supporting the school through community outreach for recruitment, parent club programs such as father/daughter, mother/son dances, sports boosters as well as the regular parental support of cheering in the stands along with other parents and students for the many teams at the high school. You will be part of a true community at Willow
8/9/2007parentMy son and daughter attended last year at willow glen high school, and it was unstisfactory. If you want to know something you personally have to go to the school and ask, becuase no body calls you or inform you of what's going on. I'm really disappointed. The school is very poor with poor education. The food is not healthy.
7/24/2007parentMy child has just completed freshman year at Willow Glen and we were more than surprised (and elated) at how good a year this has turned out to be. The sporting program was excellent, the coaches dedicated and 2 team members were scouted by top rated colleges, included an Ivy League.The academics are as good as your child is willing to put in the work, great school scores do mean a great academic experience if your child is not willing to put in the hours. As it happens, Willow Glen has an outstanding University Express program so I have no doubt as to my child's successful academic future.
3/25/2007parentOverall my experience with Willow Glen has been horrible. Teacher and staff communication with parents regarding students' academics and attendance is very poor. They do not practice what they preach. The contact I've had with the school has always ocurred because I've taken the initiative to contact them. Even when my child misbehaves, teachers and administraters do not have the courtesy to call me. Their academic assessment and placement is also inadequate.
2/15/2007teacherI am currently teaching at Willow Glen High. As a first year teacher, I could not be more pleased with my choice of schools! The staff is extremely helpful, and the students have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed. It is my understanding that the school has been making great efforts to improve the school, and after reading some of the reviews, I would say they have done it! We just got all new windows, and are about to get a new science facility. There are small learning communities to help students get connected to the school. There are also numerous AP and Univ. Express classes which allow students to get high school and college credit simultaneously. All teachers are highly qualified. I would recommend this school to any family and to any teacher looking for a great environment in which to teach!
9/18/2006parentMy daughter could not handle being around the students that attend Willow Glen. She stayed for the first two days, and after that I pulled her out. I was completely outraged that a public school in a somewhat affluent area would be this bad. The facilities are run down, there aren't enough lockers. The office staff are rude and don't really seem to care. They take all the appropriate steps...but there is lack of concern and care. This school is in major need of funding and a stricter moral code to be set forth by the staff. A uniform dress code should be enforced here. A big disappointment!
8/30/2005parentDecent advanced classes. Average to below average sports. Zero music. Due to bussing, very limited parent involvement.
8/5/2005parentWillow Glen High School has kept my son a poor student at best interested and staying in school till he graduates. They have a great music program and a wonderful special education department with many resources for the child that might not be able to get into a 4 years school. This school does want every child to graduate and go on to be something in life.
7/18/2005parentWe have been extremely happy with Willow Glen High School for all 3 of our kids. They were well prepared for college, had complete access to Advanced and AP Curriculum, as well as being able to compete in many sports and extracurricular activites.l Willow Glen gives each student the ability to succeed as well as the opportunity to try new things such as Robotics, mock trial and on site leadership. Willow Glen is an old fashioned high school -- part of a wonderful neighborhood--with a very dedicated staff--- a great choice!!
6/22/2004student Willow Glen high school is an excellent school because of all the different activities that go on through out the year such as basketball , football and cheerleading. However, I dislike the gangs that are attending the school. They graffiti all over the walls And they are irreverent towards teachers. Yet, the students who are not in gangs are well behaved and are willing to learn. I admire how Willow Glen teachers and staff help students make right choices in a career, or what classes they should be taking, and/or how to solve a problem. In conclusion Willow Glen is a wonderful school. Unfortunatley, the teachers and staff have to deal with, one problem, gangs.
6/10/2004teacherI am teacher at Willow Glen High School...I am writing this feedback to let you know what I see happening to this school. The resources are not made available to ensure the students' and the school's success. The library does not have a librarian, there are not enough computers, the classrooms are NOT insulated from the elements (heat, cold and noise), the teachers are divided and the class sizes are enormous! For a school to succeed, the students need to be supported - in classes with a reasonable student to teacher ratio (28:1-tops!), the staff members need validation and the facilities need renovation! If a district does not care about a school site and does not fund it equitably, how can it be expected to grow and flourish? The students are doing the best with that they have, unfortunately it is not enough.
1/15/2004parentWillow Glen High School has met the needs of my children whether through academics, sports or opportunities for personal growth. They have been challenged academically in their classes but have also received support from their teachers to meet those challenges. Their standardized test scores show me that they are receiving the content they need for college. The classwork shows me they are receiving the study skills they need to succeed. The multicultural atmosphere is enriching and instructional. My children have enjoyed Willow Glen and would recommend it to others.
1/7/2004studentWillow Glen is one of the few school in the city of San Jose that provides students with AP classes. Each of those classes is preparing me for college. Teachers here encourage students to apply to highly respected universities and I feel that I am prepared just by attending WG. Yes of course, the teaching staff isnt the best, but they do well. I'm in 5 different AP classes and each teacher gives me the time and attention that I need. Willow Glen High School is actually a great school. I enjoy it here. One shouldnt judge WG just by one parent's comment. Remember parents, there are two sides of the coin.

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