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Anzar High School - San_Juan_Bautista, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Anzar High School2000 San Juan Highway
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
(831) 623-76608-12San BenitopublicAromas/San Juan Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
28 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic46.082009
Black, non-Hispanic0.512009
Pacific Islander0.512009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.012009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Charlene McKowen2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/29/2012otherBlatant favoritism, bias, and protectiveness for sub-par curriculum and educators were the hallmarks of my high school career. What must have begun as an attempt to offer a unique high school experience, one that fostered personal relationships between teachers and students and developed critical thinking skills along-side academic knowledge, never saw fruition. Academic knowledge often took a backseat to critical thinking or a teacher s personal interests, and I found myself having to supplement my knowledge with additional studies to match the high school education of college peers. The personal relationships lauded so highly by the faculty during my time there were paid for with the neglect of others. I don t contend that this neglect was purposeful or malicious, but merely a by-product of the failed educational experiment that is Anzar. Uniqueness based on a model that achieves success beyond the norm is admirable; however uniqueness for the sake of uniqueness, when it denies students the experience and education they are entitled to is condemnable.
11/1/2011parentVery pleased with Anzar. Appreciate teachers and willingness to spend one-on-one time with students. Love small school atmosphere, and access to staff is comfortable. Parental involvement is encouraged, something not always possible in a larger environment. Could use more gifted programs, but I understand what budget constraints can do to program offerings. Principal is more than administrator, a true advocate for what they are seeking to accomplish for all kids. I have/had 3 kids here, oldest now college frosh at CSU, feels really well prepared. No doubts my other ones will get into wherever they want to go and do well with what they have learned here.
11/3/2009parentAnzar High School is one of the best high schools in the area. The teachers care about their students and challenge them in every subject. No student is left behind. I love how they involve the parents and community and keep us up to date on future activities and progress reports through schoolloop. Our family Loves Anzar!
9/16/2009parentAnzar has high standards for academics, but what makes this school truly great is the sense of community instilled in the students, faculty and staff. Through strong leadership and example they encourage a love of learning and use the EPERRs to get the students to really think about what they're learning. I LOVE ANZAR!
9/16/2009parentBecause my grandson is going there and it has been an excellent experience for him - great teachers, great school
9/16/2009parentMy Son is attending his first year in high school at Anzar and is having a great time learning and has excellent experiences with his teachers this year. I also met with the principal and she was very helpful in assisting me with any questions I have had. The school is small and gives more one on one attention. Go Anzar Hawks!!!!
3/25/2009parentMy daughter loves this school and it fits her very well. The principal is involved, knows all the students, and is reachable. The teachers, for the most part, and demanding and creative. They may not be able to offer what a big school does, but they are a great small school.
3/24/2009parentWas disappointed with the maturity level of some teachers/admin. at this school. To state this school is college prep. is perhaps a mission statement of what they hope to achieve. Their API score is not above 80%, and the curriculum is lacking in diversity. If you child want to go straight to a Junior College this small home-town high school is fine. But if you are hoping for placement in the UC system you had better make sure your child aces the SAT.
11/11/2008studentits really small, the amount of cliques is dumb. The teachers make you make time for them and dnt help
10/2/2008parentThe principal of this school rocks. She is wonderful.
9/6/2007parentGood staff addition! My son expressed excellent comments regading new counselor Fuentas to the school. My son states Mr. Fuentas is a positive move for the school.
8/20/2007parentOur son is starting his second year at Anzar. Prinicipal leadership is exceptional. From Monterey to Santa Cruz, out of all the shools available, we rated this high school number two (to Pacific Collegiate) for academic achievement options - college track. This was largely due to the strength of the Principal. We tried for 3 years, via lottery, to get into Pacific, but no luck. Now I'm glad. Anzar is good, very good. The teaching quality has been great, the discipline has been excellent. School camraderie is good. School size is smallish, and in my opinion this improves the experience.
5/31/2007parentI have had a child at Anzar for two years now and another entering next Fall. I have been very happy with the school. I was proactive from the beginning, meeting and communicating with my child's advisor whenever I needed information or help keeping my child on track. I always got good information from the advisor on how to work with other teachers. When my child was in 9th grade, I worked closely with several teachers to ensure my child was turning in work and understood what was expected. The teachers communicated by email, telephone, and personal meetings. I have judged the exhibitions and I think the kids learn alot from doing them.
3/7/2007studentI go to anzar high. I think it is a great school! I love how its small and everyone knows everyone.
12/19/2006parent This school is not a quality school.
3/21/2006parentTop notch school...innovative programs, fair, dedicated teachers
12/12/2005parentThis school is a small school that gives individual attention to students. The graduation exhibitions required for graduation foster critical thinking and help students learn to apply what they have learned to real life experiences. A wonderful school where your child will never fall through the cracks. Most of the teachers know most of the students.
4/27/2005teacherI love Anzar. After teaching in large, prestigious schools where kids learned little (but look fantastic on paper), it's refreshing to work in an environment where teachers truly care and are passionate about what they teach. My child will attend Anzar when they are of high school age.
2/17/2005former studentAnzar is a very commited and efective educational institution. Both stidents and teachers work together to bring an amazing result!
12/20/2004parentAnzar has amazing teachers who really care about the students. The campus is clean and fairly new. The only the that is disappointing about the school is the principal. She scares me.
5/30/2004former studentGraduated from Anzar in 2002. I think Anzar is an excellent school and it should not be looked down upon because of it's small size. Parents, please do not just overlook this tiny teaching community when helping plan your child's future. There are many opportunities for a student here. The student-teacher relations are like no other school I've ever been to. You can have a lot of fun at Anzar, even without a football team. Go Hawks!
4/18/2004studentAs a sophmore @Anzar,I have mixed feeling about the school. While most of my classmates will argue that the school's too small, coming from Mt.Madonna, a small private(non-religious) school, w/10 students in last years' graduating class, Anzar's a perfect size for me. It's small enough to recieve extra help from teachers, but big enough to have a variety of people to get to know. However, my more negative views of the school ride on the academics. The school administration continuously boosts of the school's so-called rigorous academics, and of the 'stimulating' exhibition projects that students are required to complete in-order to graduate. Personally though, I heavily disargree. The exhibitions could be a great learning experiance, but the school fails@tying them into the curriculem, making them seem useless. I don't feel challenged in my classes, or like I am learning a great ordeal. Many of my teachers seem frazzeled. I hope Anzar gets things together.
1/26/2004parentThis is a relatively young, rural school district made up of two distinct communities (San Juan Bautista and Aromas) with often distinct agendas. This district--based on stats--is working hard to establish and meet reasonable goals, and to remain focused on what is in the best of our children. Clearly, they're improving...and equally clear is the fact that this is no easy feat in the face of so many variables, especially where parents are concerned. What I cherish about this district is heart of the leadership...even when the press is unfavorable, they remain open to feedback and persevere. My experience with this remarkable group of teachers and administrators is exceptional (and I've been a parent in this district and the preceding district for over 14 years). There is little doubt that in the coming years, our district will blossom as a result of their hardwork and committment. Mostly, I'm grateful that my children are in their care. I can't thank them enough.
11/21/2003otherI'm not a parent, but I graduated from Anzar in 1998 and I began my term there in the pioneer freshmen class in 1994. As an Anzar alumn, I want to say that Anzar high school is an excellent school and a motivating learning environment. Because of small class sizes, students are able to interact directly with the teachers one on one. That in itself is unique to most schools. Furthermore, The teachers at Anzar invest their time and interest into each student, encouraging and guiding students to explore opportunities available to them after graduation. The teachers at Anzar taught me what I needed to know to be successful in college. My experience at Anzar has set the standards for what I want and expect from the school I will send my children to. -J.B.
11/20/2003otherI am currently a student at Anzar High school and I believe that I am getting a quality education. Yes, this school is small and doesn't have the funds or resources to have very many extracirricular activities or advanced placement classes, but its size is its beauty. Every student gets one-on-one attention from the faculty and are on a first name basis with their teachers. Anzar High School is a wonderful place to spend four years of school.
9/15/2003otherThis school is lousy and I would never send my kids to this school. I went to Anzar High and they never provided me with the curriculm that I needed. Just their liberal way of school learning. The best teacher there was Good Ol' Mr. Willis

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