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San Marino High School - San_Marino, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
San Marino High School2701 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 299-70209-12Los AngelespublicSan Marino Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic27.12009
Black, non-Hispanic0.732009
Pacific Islander0.272009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Loren Kleinrock2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/9/2012otherAs a former student associated with SMHS, I can definitely attest to the fact that their educational model excels at producing wonderful test scores. If you wish your child to become wonderful at memorizing answers to pass tests, then SMHS is for you. If you wish to become a true post-educational success, able to use critical thinking to solve real-world issues and problems, then stay away. The staggering amount of endless repetitive, memorizing style of homework, even well after the student has a full grasp and knowledge of the subject matter truly retards a students full true potential. Yes, SMHS produces wonderful "cubicle-dweller" type of employees rather than entrepreneurs and risk takers. It is a microcosmic representation of the causes behind Americas decline as a producer of industry and innovation. The graduates who succeed only do so because of parents involvement or financial backing, Not as a result of the education they received there. If you don't have your own resources independent of the school system, and are solely relying on the school to provide the best well rounded education and teaching, you will excel at becoming a great employee for someone else.
9/11/2011studentMost of the teachers here know what they are doing. There are also some teachers that are really fun and nice. The dance and drama productions are amazing. The community really supports the school, that's how SM has been able to maintain it's status. There are also many different clubs available for kids to participate in. There are also leadership opportunities and they are evident when the students and ASB put on and organize their own pep rallies, assemblies, fundraisers, and events.
12/5/2009otherThis schools has it's strong points and it's weaker points, just like any other school. Some families love it, and some families decide to send their children to private schools. Do your research and make your own decision.
5/10/2009studentI graduated from San Marino High School a few years ago and I have found that it has not helped me (or other people I know who graduated from this school) to really be mature, self-confident, self-directed adults. This school was more like a factory of test-taking, essay writing, spoiled overachievers. I did not gain much life experience, socialization, or critical thinking skills from this school. I remember most students just doing what their parents expected of them. The sports teams were for the most part coached by teachers without much coaching experience. The visual arts program had little to no supplies and little to no support. Most of the teachers at this high school simply met the parents' demands. There is major grade inflation at this school. Whatever happened to life skills, life experience, global education as well as social or civic awareness?
1/22/2009studentAs a student I must say the academics at SMHS are outstanding not only because of the test scores that are produced, but because of the staff. The teachers at San Marino are constantly challenging the students to look at the curriculum beyond the standards and use the material from the class room and apply it to world situations. Furthermore, the facilities/extra circular at San Marino are unbelievable. Moreover, the amount the school is able to provide in comparison to the average spent on pupil is amazing. And the great part about SMHS, the school doesn t remain complacent and always looks for ways to improve.
4/6/2008parentHaving heard the level of excellence at SMHS mostlybrought upon the parent initiated tutors for their kids, I was apprehensive about moving to SM. However, having my 3 kids (ages elem to h.s. ages) at Carver and SMHS, for the last 3 years, I realized I was listening to the rants of a few outspoken parents who thought their kids were brighter than they were. As a 'minority' in the SM district (non-Asian), my kids have blossomed intellectually. The test scores are not as high bc of the high Asian population (though it helps), but, of my honest opinion, bc of the great support the schools and community provide for all of the kids. I thought I would have to get after-school tutors for my kids, but my oldest is in all AP classes and my hubby and I are happy to say that we haven't spent 1 cent on tutors.
3/5/2008studentSometimes it's just not about school teachers that create a great school. I was a student there only in my senior year but the environment is the envy of other school. I had to get extra tutoring to keep up with some of the advanced classes. The entire community and parents really support the school, raising funds to improve the school, either bringing in better equipment and facilities. The most important is the parents get involved in their kid academic activities. Kids don't get ostricized for having good grades. Heck, even the jocks have good grades. If I had kids, I'd would put them there. It's like being in a private school but none of the high costs these school charges. It's a bargain.
5/21/2007parentI had a complaint about a teacher who post a teenager girl in swim suit on the school homework website. I was not able to talk to the principal directly without first going through teachers, counselors, and vice principal. When I finally reached the principal, I offered to send him an email to let him know the inappropriate school website. His response was 'I cannot give you my email address. Can you imagine if all the parents have my email address?' Some of the teachers do not care about students' well being at all. The school is rated highly in academic area only because all parents send their kids to tutors.
5/2/2007former studentI spent the majority of my life growing up in the San Marino Unified School District. As the composition of San Marino has progressed substantially from affluent white families to Asian families, the academics have become unbearably stringent for some. I have quite a few friends that graduated from Polytechnic High School of Pasadena who note that San Marino H.S.'s education is at least equal to if not better than Poly. We had a few very competent Poly students transfer while I was attending who found it difficult to keep up in the advanced courses at SMHS. There are numerous instructors at SMHS who are top caliber, but there still remains some whom I would rate as average. The student academic mentality is what separates this high school from many in its region. Even at a standard class level entering students should expect an near-AP difficulty edu. in comparison w/ local HS's.
12/19/2006parentI think that the San Marino schools are much overrated! Though the SAT scores are very high, it is not the schools that are teaching this, but the parents that are pushing them at home. Many of the children in San Marino are not exposed to much diversity. If you want your kids to have a better academic experience then go to South Pasadena or La Canada.
6/13/2006parentGiven that this school is in one of the most affluent towns in the country, I consider it mediocre. They often tout their high test scores as evidence of their excellent instruction, but that is just smoke and mirrors. One expects high test scores from students who have highly educated parents and who have unparalleled financial resources. I recently requested a list of courses offered and it was laughable. Compared to other public high schools their programs look pathetic.
5/30/2006former studentI loved my experience at San Marino High. The academics were tough but the class size was just right to provide us with the attention we each needed to succeed. The teachers really care about your needs. I hope my children can attend San Marino Schools.
5/5/2006parentThis school is as good as an elite private school. I went on a tour a few weeks ago. Several students from this school have aced the SAT. The area is beautiful; right down the street from the Huntington Library.
3/26/2006former studentThis school gets really great ratings because the parents are really on their kids to get good grades. Students are totally driven and the teaching isn't that great. Sports teams are okay. Could be hard if your family isn't driven like some families.
1/11/2006parentThis school has a very good reputation, and is very competitive. It is almost too expensive to live in tis city for the average person...but the school is great. Good luck finding a home
10/30/2005studentThe students are very competetive and we have some great teachers. We're ranked one of the top schools in california and I believe we do measure up.
10/16/2005parentSan Marino high school is good looking on the outside, but maybe not the best classroom wise.
9/7/2005parentThe quality of academic programs is extremely top rated. The availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities is available, but you have to ensure you sign up as soon as possible as everything is very popular. The parents are very involved in participating whenever the school is requesting their participation. The parents ensure to be informed of any needs the school has so that they can contribute in whatever is needed to ensure that the students are receiving high quality education.
8/28/2005former studentThe academic programs are great. Lots of parent involvement and strong PTA. Excellent school in an excellent district. High level of competition and pressure among students.
5/14/2005former studentGreat school, recently California Distinguished. Superior Academics, Great atheletics. #151 in the nation according to MSNBC.
4/27/2005parentRemarkable! Fabulous! There are so many words that can describe this great school! First and foremost, the education offered is marvelous, top notch..teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly - accessible to students and parents! Administration is super! Newly remodled campus is beautiful and safe, kids are polite and friendly. Parent involvement great! My son is flourishing in this enviroment both academically and socially. Sports programs are improving, thanks to an attentive administration and dedicated parents and students. Most importantly their goal is to produce the well rounded individual, which includes excellence in academics, social awareness, community involvement. My son is very fortunate to be able to attend, and I know both of us will miss it terribly when he graduates!
4/13/2005former studentSan Marino continues to offer excellent academic instruction, and consistently ranks in the best public schools in California. Parents are extremely involved, and there are a variety of extracurricular activities (sports, drama, music, art).
5/19/2004parentThis is an ok school. I feel race is too much of an issue at this school though. Otherwise, its a fine school with a great reputation. One of the beset public schools in California.
11/2/2003parentThis school has very bright teachers as well as students who really try their best to compete with any other top schools in California.

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