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Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School - Temecula, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School45125 Via Del Coronado
Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 699-00806-8RiversidepublicTemecula Valley Unified School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic45.322009
Black, non-Hispanic4.372009
Pacific Islander0.522009
Native American or Native Alaskan2.62009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Jim Flesuras2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/4/2009studentI love GMS. It is a great school. The teachers there help the kids like me to choose better choices and they also make learning fun in everyway. Even my worst subject, which I don't like very much, was fun.
8/4/2009studentI love GMS it is a great school. Except for the staff. They aren't too great. The only real people and teachers that are great there are Mr. Flesuras, the principal, Mr. Appel, a teacher, Mr. Matthews, a teacher, Mrs. Onstott, teacher, and Mr. Portis and Mr. Stroud. Both of them are P. E. teachers
4/2/2009studentI am now a sophomore at Great Oak, but 2 years ago I attended GMS. The school was fairly safe, but many teachers displayed favoritism, and the administrative staff was awful (particularly the vice principal). The only teachers I ever really felt inspired by were Mrs. Nuoffer, Mrs. Dominguez (no longer teaching), and Mr. Matthews. Other than that... I could take it or leave it.
1/8/2009parentThe teachers at GMS are great. I have emailed my daughters teachers over the weekends, and at night, and I usually get an email response in a matter of hours not days, as with Redhawk ES. Some teachers have a great vision of using technology in their classrooms. It has really opened my daughters eyes to the many realms of education. For the first time ever, she looks forward to going to school. I look forward to her remaining years at Gardner, I hope her 7th and 8th grade teachers are just as great.
8/15/2008parentI have been very happy with Gardner Middle School. After a miserable experience with Vail Ranch Middle School, I moved my kids to GMS and am so glad that I did. Vail Ranch had some very nice teachers, but the front office staff and especially the assistant principal were exceptionally rude. They treated the children and parents like thorns in their sides with a 'them against us' attitude. At GMS, the teachers and administration are very helpful and friendly. The counselor assigned to my kids is one of the nicest people I've met and a great resource. The health clerk is very kind, also. Every school will have some personality differences between teachers and kids or issues with some kids behaving badly, but I feel Gardner treats any issues very seriously and with fairness.
2/17/2008parentMany teachers have moved to middle school from elementary schools and do not seem to be able to teach the students up to the California standards. The counselors and principal are focused on a few general problems and seem to have forgotten they are there for ALL students, not just the ones who cause problems.
1/6/2008parentThis is the worst school ever. The assistant principal is the worst I've ever delt with. SHe assumes all kids are 'bad' and rules like a warden in a prison. I took my son out of there this year and he is so much happier and doing much better. Students who have a parent as a teacher at the same school shouldn't be allowed to have them in their class. If you are white - forget it. No one at this school will listen to you. Too much favortism going on!
1/6/2008studentI'm very upset with the teachers, not only do they ignore my e-mails during my hospitalzation, they did not give me any make-up work. It's no wonder why I'm failing 8th grade. Please do not look at this review as offensive, But the communinty is very low class, and lots of gangs go to this partiular school. I'm now in the process to get homeschool to get myself out of this quicksand. Please consiiter this review and look at other schools.
9/22/2007parentWe came from San Diego. After reading the neg. comments, I was concerned to have my daughter attend. She has been there since August 20th, 2007 and has done very well. I am not sure what happened to the other parents in 2005 and 2006 but I am sorry for their experiences. Maybe since the was new, they were still working out the bugs. I think the teachers and administration staff is nice and friendly.
9/5/2007parentMy son came from a private school and is loving GMS. It is exciting to see that they have a wonderful music dept when so many other school have eliminated music. For a newer school, there is a friendly atmosphere when I visit the school. I always feels that the administration keeps me informed of school activities as well as my son's work. I think that more parents should come and help out at school and they too will see that what a great school we have at GMS. I want to also mention Mr Simmons, who really inspired my son. He is truly an awesome and dedicated teacher.
8/11/2007studentI'm now a sophmore at GOHS but one thing I have to say to all parents is that GMS is the best school I have ever been to. I learn so much. I love my teachers especially Mr.Matthews. He was an amazing teacher. He always push us students to try our best. I got 4.0 GPA. I was part of the video production. That helped me out so much because my freshman year was not hard. Rather easy. Cuz i knew how hard I need to work to be the best.My teacher helped me out when I needed it. The principle is out of the world. He cares about each an everyone of the student. Thanks GMS. I love that school. So I recommend the school to the students that would like [to] be outstanding
3/20/2007parentThis school is the worst that any of my children have attended. There is little for the students and it shows in their attitude towards the administration. The morale of the students overall is extremely low and leadership is the cause. I have thought about transferring my children out, although it would become a grave inconvenience for us as parents. It is a shame that the district allows this administration of this school to continue as it is.
2/8/2007parentMy child came from another state with a much higher rating. My expetations for a Ca school was very low. I was suprised how well the school did academicly. There is not one area that we didn't like. My child did band, sports and had an IEP. He thrived in all areas! GReat School!
8/16/2006studentI am a student at this school and I think we have a good atmosphere. It is true, sadly, that there are bad drivers 'darting in and out' but some schools are like that. Thats the city we live in, people! We have a Peer Buddy program for special needs kids where regular kids use one class period each day to participate in helping the kids. We have activities such as dance, volleyball club, golf club, track & field, whiffle ball. If you have enough people you may create your own club. We are a good school, good people, good staff/teachers. You will be fine going to this school. If I, a student at this school, enjoys going to school each day at GMS- your child should too!
5/11/2006studentThis school is not that great. There are no extraurricular activities except for sports and there is no parent involvement. The acedemic programs are very unorganized.
3/28/2006parentIf you have a special needs child please consider another school. You will do fine if you have a completly average child that will not stand out.
5/6/2005parentI personally think this school does not have their school in order. This is one of the most impersonal schools we have ever attended.It has a very cold atmosphere and not friendly. There is no teacher/parent association whatsoever. Very dissappointed in this school. There are no activities to motivate the students morale. Maybe they should look into a more friendly atmosphere to make their school more enjoyable. They also need some parking lot supervision. Parents drive all over darting in and out to pick up their children at both times of the day. Teachers are always impatient and it makes for a dull learning environment as opposed to a fun place to learn. Maybe they should ask the students what they feel about their school! i bet they would be surprised!

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