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Parish Hill High School - Chaplin, CT

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Parish Hill High School304 Parish Hill Rd
Chaplin, CT 06235
(860) 455-95847-12WindhampublicRegional School District 11

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic93.85112009
Black, non-Hispanic1.618122009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.6472492009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.3236252009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/17/2012teacherThis past week I was in awe of the students spirit towards state testing, the cheering support of teachers and administrators, the promise of ice cream sundae celebration after testing to unify us all, the music at lunch, the students high fiving their teachers and principal. The joy and excitiment in the building is great. Our pride and effort has grown in the past three years. Our school numbers are growing. Parish Hill is a wonderful rough gem on its way to being a rare jewel.
2/16/2009studentWe get away with everything at this school and student services staff has no idea what they are doing. Middle school teachers are very good, although some fall short of satisfactory.
1/25/2009parentThis school has a come a long way in the last few years! Give us some more time and we will be the next Top 10 Great School in Northeast Connecticut! We have many new Teachers, a brand new Administration, a new Superintendent, and a unified Board of Education that has fresh energy, team spirit, and lots of motivation to put our students back on top and make our communities proud!
9/26/2007former studentThis school is not only lacking in the structure and size of the building, but the apathetic teaching staff. They do not prepare children for college in the slightest, they get a good knock on the head when they set food in the real world. This school makes a decent middle school, but when the kids have the option to change schools before they enter 9th grade, make sure it happens. As for 'safety and discipline' kids get away with the most in that school as I have ever seen. Not a good place for them to learn anything about a social or academic environment.
7/22/2007former studentSchool a few really good teachers. They do try and make sure every student makes progress but it is often the case that they do this by teaching to the lowest common denominator and holding back the more intelligent students. Keep your kids out of this one.
6/14/2007parentThe benefits of a small student body cannot be overstated. In this day & age PHHS is a safe and nurturing school. The teachers can really get to know who their students are and how best to teach them. It's nice to be a name & not a number! Community support is not as strong as it should be, but the naysayers by and large, have not had a personal relationship with the high school, and they are quite vocal in oppostion to the budget. All my children went on to the selective colleges of their choice.
3/25/2007parentThe new principal has really made all the difference. She never stops and it is obvious to parents how much she really cares about all kids. We we are lucky she came to PHHS when we needed her the most.
7/31/2005parentI, myself, attended 7-12 at PHHS. I graduated with the thought I wasready for college - only to realize in the Fall how truely unprepared I actually was. . A new building isn't going to make a difference - it's the quality of teaching the students are recieving that truely needs to be addressed. As for the 'parents having a say in education offered', regardless the school your child attends, attentive parents have a say.
2/16/2005parentThis school provides a great education despite limited support from the community. It is safe and the reports about bullying are simply not accurate. The staff is a caring, creative and professional group of men and women that have the education of the students as their top priority. The building is a joke and needs to be replaced, but that is up to the townspeople. Despite everything that they have had to go through, the teachers continue to deliver a quality education to the youth of Chaplin, Hampton and Scotland. I hope that they are able to continue their good work, for the sake of the current and future generations of Pirates. God Bless Parish Hill.
2/4/2005former studentI went here for grades 7-12. Truely a let down. Class size yes, but due to it's size it simply can't offer the specialized programs that other schools do. This puts you at a disadvantage going into college. Coming out of the gate with this place you have an uphill climb. I would move to avoid having my children attend this school.
11/4/2004former studentHello, I am ben Gonzalez. I like this school a whole lot. Its been good to me. the lunches are delicious especially the tacos. the Teachers and staff are amazing. Ive Learned so much from them. I wish every little child in the world could have a chance to attend Parish HIll High school. Thanks Parish hill for all your support and good lunches. You'll always be in my heart. Parish Hill for life.
9/13/2004parentThe school has an excellent curriculum and my children excelled with the low student:staff ratio. The probationary status applies to the building itself, not the programs.I agree with those who want to improve/add on to the building, not 'ship' the students out. Keep the students here where the parent's can have a say in their child's education. If it is decided to send them to other schools, what's going to happen when those schools no longer can take them due to growth in their own student population? Uupport Parish Hill, be involved!
6/5/2004parentWARNING:rated below a 1 this school is on probation for curriculum and several other violations. The bullying in this school is surveyed 220 students 130 have been bullied. My child has experienced this every day for 10 mths with no recourse to the bullies. Say NO to the new school unless they get an entire new staff. A lot of parents want to pull their children out of this school. Know the facts before voting.

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