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Dupont Park Adventist School
3942 Alabama Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 583-8500
private | PK-10
County: District of Columbia


  School Head OfficialYear
Lafese Quinnonez2010
11/2/2010parentThis school has mad a great difference in my sons life. he now again enjoys going to school
5/20/2010otherDupont is a great school. I love it. The school building does need work, but I still love it. The people who wrote negative comments I hope their minds are changed.
10/7/2009parentAs a parent of 2 children that attend DPAS. I read the reviews and a smile came to my face. If you send your child to a Catholic school, you would expect for Catholicism to be taught. So why would a person think any different when they send their child to an SDA school. I also smile because I have heard some words come out of parents mouths that are so unbecoming to a parent let alone a Christian. Also, I have watched parents stand in the parking lot and complain without speaking to the teachers or the principal. If you go to the staff they will listen but as with anyone it is how you approach them. In this day and age it is so important for our children to feel safe and to get a quality education. That is what DPAS gives - preparation for earthly and heavenly life!!!!
9/21/2009studentDupont has a good curriculum and will help to brighten your child academically, but only if they are mentally strong enough. THe work isnt to be taken lightly. THe teachers for the younger students are pretty good. However, the higher the grade they're in, the more I would stay on top of the teachers. They often conclude things without absolute facts. Some of the very Godly teachers that usually are without conflict I would say are Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Chambers and Coach Damon
9/7/2008studentDupont is and average school. It has a good curriculum however some teachers dont exemplify Christian values. The principal is decent, but they could do better with how teachers act around students and away from parents
9/4/2008studentI attended Dupont from Pre-k until 8th grade and loved every minute of it. I is a loving enviornment and your children will never forget it.
2/16/2008parentI had children that attended this school. Sadly to say, it was a very disappointing experience-especially to be a Christian school. Even though I was fond of the principal--- the administrative staff, teachers (except for a few that are no longer there), and the afterschool supervisor did not exemplify Christian values. They gossiped and would often not tell the truth in many situations. I would not recommend this school if you are seeking a nurturing and peaceful environment for your child.
10/13/2007parentAs a parent of two children, I would highly recommend Dupont! Both of my children have excelled academically and have also gained a great sense of self confidence. The teachers are something to be reckoned with especially in today's society where no one really seems to care about our youth. I have had great experiences with many teachers to name a few: Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Telford, Mrs. Marshall, Ms. Taylor, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. McNair, Mrs. R. Smith,Ms. Mendie. They all have shown my children and me what it means to be a Christian. The academics and the relationship that they build with Jesus speaks for itself.
8/15/2007parentMy child attended Dupont for 2 years and unfortunately, I pulling him out. I agree whole heartedly with the parents who say SDA people seem to look out for themselves. They seem to only care about the other kids to meet financial obligations. The quality of education is not all that great. When I compare it to some public school curriculums outside of SE DC I'm finding that I'm paying for what others are getting for free. The openhouse I attended before enrolling my son must have been staged because the behavior I saw that day has not been seen since. To each its own but I believe there is better out there for my child and that's what I'm going for.
2/14/2007parentI have had children at Dupont for 4 years now and I am pleased with the progress my children are making. The only problem I have had with the school is that you are sometimes left out of the loop if you are not an adventist. However, the teachers have been great with contacting me ahead of time if one of my children were falling behind. Each year that my daughter has been there, her teachers have given me their home numbers so that I may contact them at any time. As long as I stay focused on the great education my children receive, I can deal with the exclusive club mentality until my children recognize it.
2/9/2006parentThe current principal Ms. Q is not always willing to listen and address any problem. The academics are excellent.I am a very disatisfied parent in which I have been involed in this school for years. I have withdraw my child last year. I have never experienced so many disrespectful, insensitive teachers in all of my life. They just gossip all the time. I have had a couple of good expereince with two teacher their one name Lisa Marshall & Mrs. Bailey the only to professional teacher in the school.
8/31/2005former studentI attended Dupont Park over in the mid 90's and now a college graduate. I had many great experiences at Dupont and also bad ones. Most of the Faculty and Staff are willing to work with students but there are a few who are negative and could care less. The school tends to take favor to those who are SDA and who's parents are faculty and staff members of the school. The school is really what you and your child make of it. It is a SDA school so be prepared to follow SDA rules and guidelines.
7/3/2005studentDupont is the a great school at is good for educational and disiplinary development.
4/19/2005parentI had three kids and my neice attend Dupont Park in 2002-2004, and I am saddened to report that we had a terrible experience with the school. I felt like they were discriminatory against us becuase we were not seven day adventist. However we have since moved on to a much better environment for our children, needless to say I don't recommend this place to any family that is not seven day adventist.
4/5/2005former studentI am a former student(over 30 years ago), and I have children who currently attend this school. I have nothing but praise for this school and it's staff, teachers and administration. My children have always been in the top 10% of their class. Academically the school prepares them for college and life. But more than the academics is the spiritual growth I have seen in them. As a christian school they are encouraged to give back to God and society. The have learned to model the selfless behavior of their teachers. They care about others--not just themselves. I credit that to Dupont, Mrs. Q. the principal and the teachers. Dupont was the only choice for my children. To find such a gem in S.E. Washington,D.C. is a treasure to embrace--not destroy. The school has over 70 years of training students to succeed--and it shows. Dupont is the best!
4/4/2005parentI have sent two childen to DPAS. Our experience was great. Not only where my children educated but they were loved and taught of God. Any time I have disagreed with the teacher or principal I has talked with them and all was resolved. The academics were far above any public school and most private. I am glad that my children went there. My son is attending high school and is doing well because of the foundation he receuved from DPAS. I highly recommend DPAS to any parent who is serious about education and wants their child to be challenged and loved. If you want a quality education send your child to DPAS but be ready to spend many long nights with them preparing.
4/3/2005parentI am a very disatisfied parent in which I have been involed in this school for four years now. I will be withdrawing my three children in June. I have never experienced so many disrespectful, insensitive staff in all of my life. My children are very unhappy there I have tried to make things work but it is useless. The principal is not at all concerned about the students just the tuition. I am having a hard time getting any cooperation from the school with helping my child on a one to one basis.[The principal] will not allow her staff to give special services to students that are behind your child will just stay behind.
4/3/2005parentMy children attends this school and it has not been a pleasent experience for them and I have tried to resolve these unfortunate mishaps with the staff but I have not gotten anywhere. I just can't do that because I would be lying and I wish someone would have warned me but it's too late however I will gladly tell you that I would not recommend this school.
3/29/2005parentI have had two children and a nephew attend Dupont Park Adventist School and I have nothing but praise for the school. This school nurtures the children and provides for them a safe haven from many elements of the outside world. These children develop deep friendships and loyalty as a result of the Christlike love taught here. I truly hated that my children had to leave. Now that they attend a high school; they are more than prepare and are ahead of the other students due to the excellent programs and classes offered at Dupont! Even with hindsite, I wouldn't have had my children attend anywhere else! As a final note: the 5th grade instructor has always been at the top of our list as one of the best teachers at the school.
3/19/2005parentI have had the opportunity to work very close with the staff members and students at DPS. The students are always polite and respectful the moment you walk in the door. This school has received a double 7 yr. accreditation and if you see the students, you would be amazed. I have a nephew and he has been reading since pre-k 4. The kindergarten class has scored in the 99 percentile of the Iowa tests. The principal, Ms. Q as they call her has done an excellent job. The programs this school puts on is also amazing. Visit the school for a day and you will see the high level of academics, discipline and most of all their love for eachother and the Lord. I highly recommend this school to any parent serious about their child's education and spiritual future. May God continue to bless this school, staff and principal.
3/19/2005parentMy sons attended this school years ago and now my granddaughter attends this school. The staff was very caring and professional then and the staff is very caring and professional now. My sons and granddaughter and I have always been treated with compassion and respect. The current principal Ms. Q is always willing to listen and address any problem. The academics are excellent.

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