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Lake Region High School - Eagle_Lake, FL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lake Region High School1995 Thunder Rd
Eagle Lake, FL 33839
(863) 297-30999-12PolkpublicPolk

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10/4/2012parentThis school allows kids to wear whatever they want, short shorts, low cut tops, flip flops, clothes you would expect to see at a beach or club, not school, this is very distracting. Orientation was very disorganized, many kids didn't get a class schedule, the office personnel are rude and unconcerned, kids drive way too fast in the stuent parking lot and the only good thing is the chorus teacher is amazingly interested in his students progress and the kids were selected to sing at Disney
4/7/2010otherThis is a terrible school. Students can wear revealing and innappropriate clothing. Mp3 players are allowed in class. Students are not disciplined appropriately. The gang influence is extreme and the drug use is extravagant.
11/19/2009parentI believe many of the faculty members are truly rude and inconsiderate. Some teachers are just incompetent. The principal is not much help. If complaints go through the principal, he would probably 'scold' the office staff but unfortunately, the principal is nothing without the office staff so nothing is truly enforced. For as ill-mannered as they may be the principal usually puts up with it because the skills are too priceless and time too costly to do without if they had to fire or replace. It's probably why many of the staff members have the attitudes they do have; they know they can get away with it. He allows it. I am looking forward to moving out of Polk County School District all together. Don't move here if you have children and definitely don't send them to Lake Region.
9/9/2008parentSince there has not been a rating posted since 03 I will try to bring things up to date. I have had enrolled students in Lake Region since the 03- 04 school year to present. Sadly, it has been a downhill ride. To start, it is now a solid D grade School two years running. The Administration should have been cashiered by now. Hapless at best. They have lost quite a few of their best faculty. Prepare for teachers not qualified, or in some cases competent, to teach the subject assigned. This has been my personal LR nightmare. Upon Complaint, be prepared for excuses and no real concern. Avoid this school, transfer out. WH is at least a C school. Trust me, it can t be worse. My experience from complaining to Bartow demonstrated to me that the apple rots from the core. School Vouchers are the only solution to education theft.
11/27/2003parentMy son was a student at Lake Region Hish School Before graduated and joined the Navy. The education he received from the school was second to none along with the experience gained in a professional enviroment from the schools many inter and extracarricular activities. To this day my son still proclaims his love for this school and all that he expirienced in his four years there.
10/10/2003parentI have had two children graduate from Lake Region and currently one child is a senior. We have been impressed by the variety of the courses offered and the teachers and staff have been wonderful! I transferred to this area because of work but bought a home in the district so that the children could attend Lake Region. Five stars!
9/9/2003parentI have a daughter who is excelling thanks to caring teachers and faculty.All of the teachers that I have come in contact are thorough and professional. I have found that if I have a problem someone is always there to assist me.It's nice that the principal always has time to address parents even without an appointment. I have transferred my student out of district and drive 50 some miles a day for her to go to Lake Region. It is worth every mile.
8/26/2003parentMy daughter arrived as a transplanted Junior from out of state and we were delighted with the administration, the special touches that make a school a joy to attend. The staff is friendly, courteous and very helpful with special situations. I would highly recommend people moving to the area to go and visit this excellent place of learning!

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