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Homestead Senior High School
2351 SE 12th Ave
Homestead, FL 33034
(305) 245-7000
public | 9-12
County: Miami-Dade


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10/19/2010otherI love HSHS , because of the atmosphere. Everyone think's that HSHS is such a terrible school, when it really is not. You get a great education, and also it feels like home when you first arrive to the school. HSHS should be acknowledge for the hard work that the staff & students, are doing to change everybody's perspective on Homestead Senior High.
7/6/2010studentI am a student at homestead senior and it's not really a bad school what people say it is. The only thing that is bad is that there is teachers who really don't want to teach us. They don't even try. Yes there is teachers who do try and they do a good jop at it. But other than that homestead senior high is really a great school.
6/19/2009otherListen, It is sad to see how so many parents criticize this school! My whole family went to Homestead Senior High and we are all good hard working people..I was always taught be who you were raised to be! Some students act like complete fools they run in the hall ways like 2 year olds, curse at the teachers, most of the girls have no self respect and whose fault is that? Yours!! Not the schools or the teachers, I worked in the office when I was a student there and was embarassed for the principals when the parents walked in with the same attitude the student had! It really made no sense. Instead of sitting at a computer putting down this great school why don't you get up and help make something of your school! It is not the teachers or the satffs responsibility to raise your children!!!
12/8/2008studentI'm a student at Homestead , it isn't as bad as people hear. The students just need to try harder &its not our fault that we should get judge because of the school we go to . We do not have an issue with the uniform . Some teachers dont even try teaching , so we just give up on doing it because no one is pushing us .
12/7/2008studentI'm glad to be at Homestead Senior High School. A lot people said that it is a bad school but is not the problem is the students don't want to learn.
11/23/2008studentthis school is horrible in safety and overall education. iv'e attended it for the last two years, and for a remarkable amount of time maintained a 3.5 gpa until last year. you can't excel in an enviorment like homestead because those who intend on doing good and going somewhere in life are mostly targets of violence themselves.
10/2/2008parentI' Think that the school need to be more strict with the dress code and the communication with the parents
8/8/2008studentthis school is not bad.i am a student attending still and the teachers and the students are doing everything they can do handle things.this school actually has the best nursing program in the dade county district area.although.some teachers and mainly all parents do not care at all.they are not involved in the students academic environment at all.but the ones who actually care are trying to make it work.to conclude my story,homestead is not bad like you guys think.its the lack of effort the parents and some teachers have that makes students just want to give up on their schoolwork.
7/22/2008studentI am a student that attended homestead senior high.When i first got there i thought of everything everyone told me about the school. I admit that the administration don't care about the students, but from my personal experience, the teachers care and will help you if you try. As for the parents on here thats blaming the teachers for your kids failure, out of respect, you really should stop. The teachers do their job, your kids are the problem along with the administration
6/24/2008studentI don't recommend this school to anyone. Most teachers are carefree and don't know how to handle the children. The students do whatever they please and don't care about education, and the teachers and staff do very little to change this.
5/23/2008parentI am a proud parent of Homestead Senior High School. One of my three daughters attended Homestead for three years. I only received calls from the teachers telling me what a wonderfull daughter I have. Curently my son is attending Homestead and will be graduating in June 2008.
5/20/2008otherI am a former student of HSH and I'm well aware of the reputation. Many people cringe at the mere thought of this school, but mostly out of ignorance. Homestead has a lot of great programs and many great teachers that enable it's students to develop and grow if you give them the chance. I've been to other high schools of much better stats but it was Homestead's rough yet welcoming atmosphere that really brought the picture of the real world to me and showed the tools I needed to grow up. They say that kids are products of their environment and everyone cna agree that Homestead in itself is a pretty rough place to be so the school in itself isn't the problem. There are also problems at the board level and we should try to consider working up solutions over complaints for a change.
3/18/2008otherThis school does NOT care about the children and the parents. I have been trying to get in contact with someone about my sisters attendance and have not yet till this date recieved a call back. Someone has to put the staff in this school in their place. We as the parents and guardians of the kids want what is good for the children and this school honestly does not care!!! I have left messages upon messages and no answer. 1st message was left in February, it is now March 18th and i have not recieved any calls out of the 5 messages I've left.
2/29/2008teacherI am an alumni of hshs 2003. The school was okay, most of the teachers were dedicated. I was actually inspired to become a teacher thanks to one of them. I am currently an elementary school teacher and i know now what those teachers had to put up with. Teachers, students, parents and the community must work together to make the better. Question for all those who complained, what did you do to contribute besides complain. If you volunteered, joined a committee, or got involved kudos to you. If not, you are just as bad as the school. Oh yea, i am also a former band member! the band rocked! cmb 03 2nd grade teacher
1/3/2008studentOne thing I got to say is Homestead Sr High School is super unorganized, unmanaged, and not acceptably strict enough. Its not the students it the staff as well as the organization
11/9/2007otherI'm a former student (graduated last year. The teachers try but the bad students overrule the good. Aside from teachers like Ms. Jones and Mr. Hall I can personally tell you that the course material is extremely weak.
10/9/2007parentAs previously written in a post, I too cried when I had to enroll my son in Homestead and same thing, all schools were over capacity and he was stuck. He made the best of it and loves it. I will admit the first year was a rocky year, and with the change in Principle, there is so much pride and spirit. Go to a football game one night and see for yourself. Leadership makes a huge difference. Go Broncos!
10/8/2007studenti am currently attending hshs and i find it to be great. im attending the nursing program right know. and its going great. also the enviroment is nice and friendly. the school is nicer and better when you actually see it instead of judging it with out even checking it out. so stop listening to what others say and go see it for your self and then tell the community what you think.. thank you, student at hshs
9/21/2007parentHello, My daughter is a student at Homestead Senior High and so far I don't have anything bad to say about the school. This is her second year, and I can truly say, at first I did not want her to attend there, because of some of the bad things that I have heard. But since my daughter has been attending there, she has been doing very well in school, she enjoys going there and we receive a lot of help from the teachers and the teachers are very encouraging to the students, as far letting the students know their potentials. My daughter has improved in her writing skills and with the help of her teacher, she scored the highest in her FCAT scores than any one else in her class. I glad to her of the programs that they provide for the children, more need to sign up for them.
9/6/2007parentMy son just started at Homestead High School this year. I have to tell you I was mortified that I was not able to get him into a different school. I cried when I got the news that all of the schools I tried to get him in were over capacity. I have to tell you that so far, I'm eating crow. The school has proven to be one of the best things that has happened to my son. There is an aeronautics and aviation technology program that he is exceptionally interested in and he is in the marching band. Believe me when I tell you that I have never seen my son so excited about school. The staff is doing their best to keep the students in line and they've reached a point where they've adapted a zero tolerance attitude. The school is what the parents and students make it!
8/30/2007studentI attended HSHS and I had a wonderful experience. The only negative experience that I had was the lack of involvement that the parents had with the school and their kids. There are many, many awesome teachers that care about the students and their well being. Unfortunately the staff cannot fix the issues that students have at home and bring their issues to school. The school itself had many interesting programs that they offer to students. I was part of the Business program AIB, class of 2000, FBLA, cross country, and played soccer. I choose my path, and although my parents were not there to guide me, and motivate me, I was mature enough to know what was best for me. Unfortunately not many students at that age have the same maturity and need guidance from their loved ones. Bottom line the parents need to get involved, teachers cannot take the role of parents as well.
7/9/2007staffThis is the essence of the problem: the community does not want to help the school. And this fact leads me to believe the community does not care about its school. If the community wants change all they need to do is stand up and demand it. There are plenty of teachers, staff, and administrators working at Homestead Senior High School who are trying day in and day out to facilitate that change. If the community would help out it would greatly expedite things.
4/19/2007teacherHomestead is a great school. Just everyone is focused on the bad and makes the school look horrible. My two daughters attend homestead and they are both wonderful girls. One is currently in the nursing program graduating as a license partical nurse and the other daughter is in the magnet program of hospitality and tourism. This is an wonderful school aside from some discipline issues
3/1/2007parentOut of control students, the school is not a good school. My daughter used to attend this school, and she said the only reason she liked it was because of her friends. Overall, HSH is a rotten egg of a school.
12/14/2006parentI am very disapointed in the school. I questioned the schhol several times about uniforms I spent a couple of hundred dollars in uniforms and kids wear whatever they want. Skip classes no body calls
10/8/2006teacherThe absolute worst school ever. If you love your children do not send them to this school
3/28/2006parentThe greatest school I think because its fun to be in and its educational.
3/14/2006parentIt is absolutely the worse school that I have ever seen in my life. I do not know what is worse the out of control kids or their parents. If you are unlucky enough to have to send your child there, pray you never need to speak to the principals, who don't know how to reply to phone messages or faxes of a concerned parent. I see it as a place where you send your kid if you have no choice. and with only one high school to service my zone, and no school provided transportation.
1/11/2006parentAt this time, under Miami-Dade County Schools of Choice, this school offers a Magnet Program in Aerospace and Travel/Tourism. In addition, it quietly hosts a star Nursing Program for high achievers. That is the only academic program that is challenging and super beneficial to any student involved. As other comments noted speak of the extracurricular activities, there are plenty. However, top notch academics is lacking. At present there are 2 principals and 3 assistant principals and still plenty of finger pointing and mismanagement among the teachers and administration. The school dipped to and 'F' grade in 2004 FCAT scoring. Plenty blame is dealt out to poor student behavior and lack of parental participation, however, if the administration doesn't seem to care or agree, then their outward relationship to students and parents is the same. Visit the main office and you will know what I mean. Little Congeniality.
7/28/2005parentThe quality of Academic programs is very good. The extracurrucular activities are average. And I personally believe that parent involvement is less than 2%.
7/27/2005parentThere are great programs at Homestead but controlling and managing students with disciplinary issues remains a problem at Homesteads as well as poor parental involvement.
6/28/2005parentThe academic programs have stayed teh same in the amount of time I have been involved with teh school. Teh programs could use some revitalization and new content. There are plenty of extracurricular activieties.
3/30/2005studentthe school has dropped greatly when it comes to disapline, thanks to the constant change in administration, stability is not something we seem to find here. most of the good teachers have gone to other schools to teach. the speech and debate club is WAY underfunded and so are most of the other clubs and sports teams. the nursing program is the only good thing that this school really has.
3/11/2005parentThe school needs more extracurricular activities.
1/7/2005former studentWorst school I have ever gone to. At least 5 fights had broke out a day, security guards had let kids skip, teachers were as dumb as the students (teaching what nouns and verbs were in high school) No parent should let their kid go to this school.

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