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Denn John Middle School
2001 Denn John Ln
Kissimmee, FL 34744
(407) 935-3560
public | 6-8
County: Osceola


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10/21/2010otherI am not sure about the staff but the kids OMG!! Every time we go to a game against them, all the kids there are cussing up at storm./ I think they teach the F word at this school! Where are the teachers and or parents to correct this behavior and language??
10/19/2010teacherDenn John Middle School is a great school to be part of because it aims to challenge students to achieve not just academic success but also embrace life. The administrators are very supportive of its teachers and staff. There are a lot of phenomenally talented students. A feeling of warmth greets you when you enter the school.
11/11/2009parentit got discipline, and all things i was hoping for
10/11/2009parentI believe that the teachers and adminstrators at DJMS do care very much about all the childrens' education. The problem is usually that parents don't teach their children the fundementals at home...and then they are shocked when they are told that little Johnny is misbehaving or hit the teacher or is cussing like a sailor. Teachers need the parents to partner with them to give their children the best education available. The behavior issue is solely the parents' duty. My 11 year old attends DJMS and loves it, but she is shocked at the language some students use and the lack of respect these kids have for any authority figure. Where do you think they get it from???
8/20/2009parentMy kids go here and its great it a little bit small but has great teachers they help your kids understand the class more and i just love it i dont regret putting them in that awesome school is also pretty! My daughter is going to 8th grade.also if your kid gets advanced clases they start high school credit in middle school! awesome school!!!
3/8/2009studentI attend Denn John Middle School as an 8th grade student and I believe that DJMS is an amazing school.
7/22/2008studenti love this school!. after the FCAT they try to make you comfterable.. so after the test we can leave the stress behind -one of denn johns own students
5/26/2008studentAfter going to HMS, thinking it was the best school in central florida, i realized i was wrong. Very wrong. DJMS is definetly the best school. The teachers are incredible, the principal even better!! i absolutelty love this school. the advancement of technology here is amazing. the elctives are growing with 4 new electives( Drafting, Ecology, Technology and Sign Language) theres so many good stuff about it i cant even begin to describe how awesome this school is!!
10/11/2007parentI think every school has issues. I dont agree with the parents that have posted negative comments about Denn John. There is a high involvement of the faculty and staff with the students. They do have activities for the kids. I also find it very easy to contact the teachers and speak with them face to face. I think that you should take some time and visit the school, meet with the teachers and other staff. Ive had a very positive experience my daughter is now a 8th grader (and honors student) and has been at that school since the 6th grade. I have no complaints whatsoever. I always advice people that if you have some doubt or problem, go ahead and schedule a techer-parent conference. I think keeping those communication lines open with the school helps a lot.
9/8/2007parentI think Denn John MS has been a positive infulence in my children's education
9/8/2007parentDenn John middle has improved significantly over the past few years. In part because of the new principal that the school has. I would not chose another school for my son
4/25/2007parentI am very happy with my sons progress here in Denn John Middle school. The administration, starting from the principal, teacher and other staff members are doing an excellent job in the education of our children. Do not take my word for it, just look at the grades that this school has received in the last two year. Great Work!
3/15/2007studentI absoluttely love this school....amazing students with GREAT potential...safe enviroment,awesome principals,and teachers you will not forget for the longest time!! :)
11/30/2006parentOur child has been at DJMS for 5 months and we are very disappointed. Teachers appear to resent parental involvement. I agree children need rules and structure, these should be applied with common sense. They have a A but only because they of improvement not quality.
10/17/2006teacherThe school is far too overcrowded with large class sizes. The administration allows poorly behaved students to distract the good students from their learning. My child's education should not be compromised for those who don't know how to comport themselves in a learning environment. There is only one lab for the entire school, and there just aren't many resources for students here. I would not recommend this school.
5/17/2005teacherDenn John Middle School is a great school! The teachers work very hard with the students to help them succeed. They are also really big into technology. There is also a 'family' feel at this school that makes it very welcome and supporting. They have very set rules that the students must follow which also helps them succeed. Some academic programs include the Baccalureate Placement Program, Chorus, Band, Music, Navy ROTC, Ropes Course, COMPASS, Read 180, Keyboarding, and many more! There are after school programs provided through the YMCA and the 21st Century Learning Grant. Parental involvement is high for concerts and other after-school activites. Parents can also write to their child's teachers through their agenda.
5/12/2004parentDJMS consists of a close knit group of educators, who are committed and caring towards the students. The discipline in the school is strong and strict, maintaining an orderly campus. There is a zero tolerance for drugs and violence.
3/30/2004studentDenn John is a great school and I love it!!!
8/26/2003parentBullies run the show. Administration addressed it as them establishing 'Their pecking order'. My only choice was to home school.
6/16/2003 My daughter just completed three years at Denn John Middle School. The group of teachers that she had for eighth grade were awesome. Also, the band director that my daughter had this is was from a high school previously. He did an awesome job preparing her for high school next year. The group of teachers my daughter had (the friendship 8) really care alot about their students. They want their students to succeed. My daughter has left Denn John Middle School with an awesome GPA and alot of good quality education to make her succeed in high school. My daughter completed a few honors classes and the reason why she did excellent is because of all her teachers ways of teaching. I would recommend Denn John Middle School for incoming students as they do have a excellent group of well experienced teachers that care. I want to thank them for making a difference in my daughter's education. I want to wish them a relaxing summer and many more good years at Denn John Middle School. Thanks for making a difference in at least one child's life and I know that you have made a difference in many others.
4/17/2003 The school needs to change dramatically. I do not like how the teacher operates in regards to homework. My daughter does not get enough homework.

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