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Lake Mary Elementary School
132 S Country Club Rd
Lake Mary, FL 32746
(407) 320-5650
public | PK-5
County: Seminole


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10/28/2012parentMy child transferred to Lake Mary Elementary from Heathrow Elementary earlier this year. I felt a bit hesistant. However, I am amazed how much he has grown (from an academic and emotional standpoint). His teachers are outstanding! They actually care. The environment is warm and accepting. I am very thankful that my child is a student here. He enjoys attending school here. What a great change.
4/24/2012parentAfter transferring from Hamilton this school was a big improvement. However, my daughter is asking to attend a different school next year. She explained that the art teacher is constantly yelling at the students and the art class is very dull and boring. She explained that her previous teacher at Gompers Elementary made art fun but not here. I also have had complaints about the P.E. classes. There have been several incidents that other students were not listening or following directions and the rest of the kids had to pay the consiquences for their actions by having to sit down in the pavillion for the entire gym class without moving or talking. Don't get me wrong the curriculum teachers my children have had have been great but this school needs improvement. Also all of their technology equipment is outdated and not enough for all of the students.
2/20/2012parentI am relocating to the area and am inquiring information about the school, from the reviews I am wondering how true is the unwelcomed feeling parents get when visiting, I am very involved in my childs education and love to help and assist in school. Will this be an issue? Also, is traffic bad when picking up and dropping off your children?
8/26/2011parentThere are some wonderful teachers at this school. Some great parent volunteers also. Some of the reviews I've read here, using the office staff or the car line traffic as an excuse to not get involved in the school is pathetic. A school is as good as the team of parents, teachers, and administrators make it. Get involved instead of griping about administration. Lake Mary Elementary has been a great school for many years, and hopefully the new team will continue the success.
10/4/2010parentI agree with the last post. There are many fine teachers, however we have also been made to feel most unwelcome and treated with a lack of respect by the office and support staff. I agree that it tends to dampen the community enthusiasm as I do not want to get involved if I am made to feel unwelcome. I also don't enjoy being yelled at by the staff when I have waited in the car lane for 40 mins to pick my child up in the afternoon.
11/9/2009parentThere are many fine teachers at Lake Mary Elementary. The problem is the principal. She has a very heavy handed management style. She is always right and will not accept a difference of opinion gracefully. Parents are not made to feel welcome which tends to dampen community enthuasiasm.
3/4/2009teacherWow! It is extremely surprising to read so many negative reviews about such a wonderful, hardworking school. I am a teacher at LME and I have been there for many years. I have watched numerous teachers, assistants, and administrators work so hard to provide a successful, positive learning environment for a diverse group of students. In reading some of these reviews, I find it appalling to read things like 'some teachers are just there for the paycheck' and 'the principal's management style is her staff is always right.' We come to school early, we stay late, and we think about our students while we should be sleeping at night. Our principal is a valiant leader who supports her staff and has made all of LME's students' education a top priority. It seems the only thing lacking is community support.
10/13/2008parentI agree! The principal at this school is unaproachable. She runs the school like a dictator. I dont believe she still has a clue my childs name even though she is an excellent student. I believe the focus here is all wrong. We have been blessed with some great teachers along the way but I think they are even stiffled by the managment at this school. What a shame!
5/21/2007parentIf your child has no issues, and you can go with the herd, this is a good choice for you. We moved to LM 8-06 for the schools, and are bitterly disappointed. I hope there are good teachers at this school, but I do not have experience with them. Investigate, do not go on school report cards alone.
4/21/2007teacherOnce upon a time this school amazed me. You could see the teachers planned together and cared for each other. A new principal came in 2003. Since then the school spirit and enrollment has gone down. Teacher that have worked at the school for years, have left. This school has really changed for the worst.
6/17/2006parentThere are many wonderful teachers at lake mary el. However the administration does not hold all teachers accountable. I was not pleased with the ese program nor the technology training both which have drastically declined with the new administration.
5/14/2006parentI am very pleased about the academic program at Lake Mary Elementary School. My child is doing very well. I attend every PTA and stage production. I will say there is a teacher that throws stuff around the classroom and yells, and makes students cry. Now I know that young students can exagerate sometimes, but I heard enough incidents of this that there must be some truth to this. Lake Mary Elementary has a high rating among the elementary schools of Seminole and Orange Counties. I am glad I sent both my children to Lake Mary Elementary. I purposely kept the district in mind when we moved to our house.
3/8/2006parentAfter two years at a very expensive private school in the area we switched our daughter to Lake Mary Elementary. Instead of being ahead of her new classmates, she was behind. The teachers have been wonderful, the academic program is right on target and the administration is approachable. The buildings do not compare to where we came from and the classrooms are cramped but the education is top flight.
6/16/2005parentDon't buy into the hype that this is an A-school. Yes the students score well; however this is mostly because they come from stable and somewhat affluent backgrounds (not everyone, but probably higher than the surrounding area). In my opinion, many (but not all teachers) seem to be there for a paycheck. I suspect that these same government employees are there because the kids are easy to teach. The administration, including the principal, did't impress me as effective leaders or very responsive to parents. If you child wasn't born gifted, I would recommend against this school -- there are other schools in the area with dedicated teachers and a cooperative, caring administration. I think the quality of the academic programs, availability of music, art and sports to be average. The school doesn't seem to handle children with discipline problems very well. I saw a lot shouting and berating; with inconsistent consequences.
3/7/2005parentMy oldest daughter went here and I was very happy with the teacher and curriculum quality. The prinicpal was a strong leader. Last year, some changes were made and the high standards went down. Parents are very involved and this is what fills in the gaps for more help in the classroom.
7/30/2004parentGreat school, focused on respect for others and respect for self...
1/29/2004parentMy son and daughter attend/attended LME after a year of private school in the area. The lack of educational funding, crowding, and loss of an effective principal has hurt the school. Although a good school with some dedicated teachers, it mainly suffers from the mediocre curriculum of the district. We are once again considering a move back to private school for this reason. The Seminole Choice Program (read desegregation) has allowed 23% of the kids to come in from out of zone. This number is up significantly over the last few years and has added to the overpopulation unfairly. It has also added more discipline responsibility to the already overworked teachers. Woodlands and Sabal Point Elementary should be the choice of parents seeking the best in Seminole county. Another word of advice: The Seminole gifted program does not meet the needs at the elementary level. However, the middle and high school programs are quite good.
9/4/2003former studentI am not a parent but I attended Lake Mary elementary in 1990. The teachers are great and are the reason I was inspired to become a teacher myself. Mrs. White my fifth grade teacher was awsome and made me feel so comfortable after transfering to the school in the middle of my fifth grade year. Thanks for everything.
6/16/2003 My son has attended LME for two years after attending a private christian school where he was not helped, his confidence was almost destroyed. He went to LME and his teacher was wonderful, and his confidence has returned. He loves both of the teachers he has had the last two years at LME. Mrs. Flanagan has been an awesome principal, and we will miss her since she has been moved to another school.I would recommend LME to anyone. I'm hoping our new principal will be just as awesome! Thanks.

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