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Lake Worth High School
1701 Lake Worth Rd
Lake Worth, FL 33460
(561) 533-6300
public | 9-12
County: Palm Beach


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8/29/2009parentMy son just began this school year and I have got nothing but support from the administration and teachers. When emailed, the principal responded to me quickly and even had one of his APs call me the next day to reassure me. My son encountered a bullying problem already and the situation was handeled the next day! I understand the cultural diversity as I taught in that area and I totally agree with the parents below. We must be involved with our kids to help them succeed. I am happy with the Criminal Justice program there and am thankful for the caring teachers that do work there despite the odds. Thanks for all you do!
8/17/2009parentThis school is the best they have perfect unifroms no jeans just pants I enjoy having my child in this school.
8/12/2009parentI agree with the parent that wrote that you get what you put into it. I have two children that are going to be seniors this year. I would like to thank all the devoted teachers that have made a contribution the their excellent education. LW offers great magnet programs with devoted teachers. Stop blaming the school for your troubles and get involve, volunteer and have your kids get involve with clubs, sports, and make sure that they do their homework and study.. One of the main problems at LW is that they do not have enough parents involved in helping the school (Volunteer). Other schools in our area have parents that are always volunteering. Thanks Again Teachers you are great.
7/22/2009parentAs with anything in life, you get what you put into it. I have two children at LWHS and they both are very involved with clubs, sports and their magnet program, as am I. They have always received high 4s or 5s in FCAT. I believe the lack of parental involvement in the school and the students' lives is the number one problem with the school. As far as the school's diversity, that's the way life is in South Florida, stop babying your children and they will be better off in the long run.
7/20/2009parentI took my son out of this school. Too much gang activity and teachers have no control over classroom activity. No one seems to really care or maybe they are just overworked. Very sad situation.
4/22/2009parentHas excellent choice programs that help the students when they grow up.
6/8/2008studentI attend Lake Worth High and I have to say it is a wonderful school. The Medical Magnet program is amazing though the class is very vigorous. I already have a schlorship for college because of it and a intership at Nova Southeastern University. We may have low test scores but that is because of its diversity. Many students there are new to the country and we have a high amount of handicapp students. I think the new principal was a great way to help the school and he is doing alot to help improve the school.
2/25/2008parentThis is a great school, the academics are great, and the staff is awesome! A+
10/10/2007parentMorale is rock bottom for my daughter's teachers. They are stretched beyond reason and discipline has become soft with freshman academy. Class schedules changed after the fourth week of school.Unacceptable! This is not the leadership promised with the new principal. Looking for another magnet program.
6/4/2007studentLake worth has everything to offer from extracurricular activities to music. Academic program is district in its own right.
4/25/2007studentLake Woth Community High School has so much to offer the students. Many programs are available from culinary, rotc, medical, child care, bands, clubs, and specialty classes.
4/25/2007teacherI am sad to say that this school's morale and family spirit has diminished since the new administration came this year. We have lost the best guidance counselor and assistant principals to other schools and this has hurt us greatly.
4/10/2007staffAs an employee of this school, I really think that this new administration can make a difference. The teachers are very Able and the students are excellent citizens. GO TROJANS!!
5/23/2006teacherI appreciate the caring teaching staff. All extracurricular activities are currently offered and reflect the student body.
5/7/2006parentI feel the quality of LWHS is much to be desired.From what my son tells me he more than often gets bored and he's in gifted!I had a problem with him last year and went to talk with the guidance counselor- No help found there but an empty headed person.I can't wait till he graduates!Oh and the drop off in the morning is ridiculous.I live 10 miutes away but with traffic it seems like 20.
1/18/2006studentIt's great academically. There's not much parent involvement though. There's many extracurricular activities you could get into. Overall, it's a pretty good school.
10/31/2005studentThis school is great because it is multi cultural and the teachers provide a fair amount of work and have an awesome way of teaching the students.
9/21/2005parentLake worth has the potental to be a great school. We placed our son there to be a part of the medical magnet program. This is his second year in this proram. We are disappointed in this magnet. The level of expertise and caring has not proven to be what's advertised. The administrative and guidance staff is terrific! They are helpful and friendly especially to those of us who are confused with the changing rules.
8/19/2005parentWe have just started at LWHS in grade 9, but to date, all of our experiences have been positive. The response from the Guidance Department has been phenomenal, especially compared to my experiences at BAK MSOA the prior two years. My daughter, a straight A student in gifted during middle school, really likes all of her teachers. If the school year continues as it has started, high school should be an extremely positive educational experience for her. When I went to visit the campus on a school day before I even got out of my car a campus police was there to check on my presence. At this point I feel that my daughter is very safe at this school and will learn much from the ethnic and economical diversity at this school.
4/2/2005parentThis school needs to quit focusing on FCAT and start teaching spelling, grammer, math...you know the fundamentals. My son was in the gifted program in middle school and yet flunked the reading FCAT in high school, what does that tell you! He had 4 english teachers last year. His cell phone was just stolen out of his book bag and the parking situation stinks. Too many teacher work/planning days. What are the summers for? The teachers make how much and yet theres days of at least once or twice a month for planning and no school. I'm a native Floridian and I see our school system as going down the tubes. So sad.
3/30/2005parentThis is the only school in which you are not allowed to speak to the principal.(If you don't believe me, call) The Guidance Counselors talk down to you (parents), and treat the students as if they have nothing of value to say. One thing you do not want to do is ask for help with anything. This school go out of thier way to avoid you. I have three boys, my oldest is graduating from LWHS this year. I will never allow my other boys to go to this school. I am going to make sure that my other children will receive a better education and be able to read and write when they graduate,and if they ever have question or problems they can go to a teacher or counselor for help without fear that they will be turned away and talked down to.
1/24/2005former studentI believe that Lake Worth High School is an extremely pathetic school! I would never in a million years put my kids there! It is a joke! Put your kids somewhere they can actually be taught and not have to try and teach the teacher!
7/18/2004parentScience program is pretty good, however the school needs some improvement with safety and learning.
10/13/2003parentLake Worth High School is the oldest school in Palm Beach County operating on the same campus and with the same name. Due to this long history, it has a great tradition of alumni support and scholarship assistance. The magnet programs are exceptional, drawing sharp students from across the county (the school has its own Tri Rail stop). The school has programs to give students hands on experience in the construction trades, daycare services and the culinary arts to name a few. In addition to the these programs, the drama club it one of the finest in the state putting on first class drama and musical productions that include cast members from every group of students. The staff has a firm control of the campus and learning is given top priority. The school also excells in athletics, community service, etc. Lake Worth High is one of the best high schools in the state.
10/10/2003parentLWCHS has great Magnet programs: Criminal Justice, Rotc Air Force, and Pre-Med. The sports program, including the cheerleaders, seems to be fine. It is one of the largest high schools in our area. The administration keeps a close eye on discipline.
9/22/2003otherAs a current student of Lake Worth High, I believe that our school is definitely one of the best public schools in the state. Most people judging our school look at the regular students who are not involved, but the heart of 'L-Dub' (Lake Worth High, for all you outsiders) lies in our magnets, as well as our extracurricular participants. While there are many students who don't even attend a full day of classes, there are so many students who strive to maintain good grades so that they can stay in football, PreMed, drama club, or any of our other sports, magnets, and extracurricular activites. You find spirit in our students on days you most expect it, and least expect it. All the yellow, red, green, and blue in the world is on L-Dub's campus during Homecoming week, and Haitian pride day leaves you blurry-eyed after seeing so much red & blue! L-Dub is diverse all the way across our 1-mile-radius campus and provides a wonderful education to anyone willing to take advantage of it. Trojans for life!
9/9/2003parentAcross the board, the classroom environment is not condusive to learning. Too many students and not enough adult supervision. Students do not follow a dress code and administration does not seem to enforce one. My children have gone on to college, but that does not change my comments above. If I had it to do over again, I would home school.

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