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School Profile

Tropical Elementary School
885 S Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32952
(321) 454-1080
public | PK-6
County: Brevard


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/23/2012parentHorrible horrible school. Run down, dirty cafeteria and the 2nd grade teachers are burnt out! The office staff is rude and the principals are more interested in what they are wearing than what the kids are doing. So much bullying going on! So sad. Very overworked teachers and not much caring on the administrative part. Terrible speech program. How this school is rated a 10 is beyound me.
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11/18/2010otherI attended Tropical from the time I was in Kindergarten to 6th grade and I can honestly say that the only thing I can really have a negative comment on is the students. The teachers themselves are amazing and will in a heartbeat take care of the students. Now I have no idea why any of the people would have a negative comment on the faculty, I grew up with the office staff and in my experience they are amazing people, they were nothing but KIND to the people who deserved it and to the students, and they have PLENTY of after school activities, that take place in Before-and-after school care, such as cheerleading spanish, karate, lego club, patrols, book bash, ect. The principal was amazing and absolutely kind-hearted. Like I said this school is amazing.
3/15/2010otherI am a grandparent of a child that attends Tropical elementary and I am very pleased with the quality of education my grandson is receiving. Great school, great principal all around positive learning environment.
11/23/2009otherThe learning aspect of the school was okay. It was nothing special. No after school activities. Office staff extremely rude to parents including my own. Nurse also very rude. Physical Education classes are harsh.
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11/13/2008parentBoth my children attended Tropical Elementary. I was pleased with the school Educationally and they they were prepared for Middle School. However, I felt that the principal seemed to cater to the wealthy families in the community. Often allowing them to pick classes and teachers, the same kids always picked for special assignments etc, etc,. Not enough activites offered to children. No tutor program for children who are weak in subjects. Office staff are rude.
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7/25/2008parentIn response to the Sept 2004 comment. It sounds like this is a parent in denial about their child's servere behavior problems. Tropical deals with every sitiation on an individual basis and has an extremely positive learning environment! The administration is responsive and is typically available to meet with parents at a moments notice. From my perspective the teachers you say are allowed to do whatever they want are professionals and should be given that autonomy. If there is an issue I am sure it is handled in a confidential manner; that would be between the teacher and admininstration.
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3/24/2008parentI love the teachers and staff of this school! They are responsive and caring, and it is a true neighborhood school. We are consistently an 'A' school.
4/29/2006parentMy daughter has attended Tropical Elementary for the last three years and will be moving on to middle school next year. I can truly tell you that she received an excellent education at Tropical and was always dealt with repectfully and with caring. The parent and other support organizations at Tropical are outstanding and deserve to be commended.
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2/5/2006parentAcademic programs seem decent, but there's not a foreign language program. Rotating activities seem to be enjoyable by the children. Teachers don't have as much parental support in the classroom, so they don't do as many special activities.
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8/29/2005parentWe just moved into the area and have been very impressed with the hard work of the principal and the teachers
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4/24/2005parentgreat school. well organized.
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4/12/2005parentMy son is in K at this school. The teachers are great but I wish there was more involvement in the classrooms.
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4/1/2005parentI have to comment on the review of September 2004. That is definately not my experience of Tropical. It is anything but punitive and I have been very impressed by how well organised and orderly the school is. The office staff have always been very helpful. I can only guess this person has an ongoing dispute, that hasn't been addressed to their satisfaction.
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3/7/2005former studentI didnt like how kids do not have many activity's to choose from for example, have drama club, band,or home ec. A lot of children including myself wanted to have things to do after school. There are things at after care that you could do , but had to be a member at after care to join. I was not very happy when i was unable to do alot .There are baseball and basketball leages at kiwannas but i would rather just have to drive down to the school for these things , not go to cape canaveral and all differant places! -anoymous
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2/17/2005parentTropical is an excellent school for your child to attend. Their academic success is consistent and their attention to your child is sincere. I highly recommend attendance.
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10/14/2004parentI requested my grandson be transferred to Tropical Elementary staring with the August 2004 school year. Thus far it has been a perfect match. Whenever I have phoned his teacher I have received a call back within twenty four hours, always by the next morning. He has always answered my questions in a direct and understandable manner. My child has experienced no phyisical confrontation. He has only been offerred 'help' by his school mates. Inofrmation and newsletters and timely and accurate. The school seems well organized and keeps the students engaged. I am more than pleased thus far.
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10/14/2004parentI enrolled my child in Tropical Elementary August, 2004. So far it has been an excellent choice for my son. He is engaged by his teachers, and classmates have been friendly and helpful. Teachers are well informed and answer your questions promptly. I am well pleased.
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9/30/2004parentTropical has some quality teachers and others that are totally lacking and have nothing to offer students. The atmosphere at Tropical is very punitive in nature. It is not a positive learning environment at all, but one that promotes negative consequences. Teachers are allowed to do whatever they want with no leadership or adherence to county wide standards. The Principal is unwilling to deal with problem teachers or issues head on and certainly falls short on doing her job effectively. The office staff are generally rude and discourteous. There is no respect given to students by the majority of employess right down to the cafeteria workers. In comparison to other Brevard County schools, Tropical has a great deal to improve on and learn. An 'A' school doesn't mean a wonderful and happy school.
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5/21/2004parentMy daughter attends Tropical Elem. and she loves it! The whole school staff, from office to teachers to custodians are so involved and genuine. They give each child the tools to learn and want to learn. Their TK1 program is wonderful for the younger child needing that extra time to mentally catch up age wise. And the parent envolvment is heroic in all their efforts! I feel it is the best school not only on Merritt Island but for the whole of Brevard County. I even know a family that had a house built in Tropicals school zone for the sole reason of the schools reputation!
5/17/2004parentI haven't been thrilled with the 5th grade design for Tropical. The grade is the only one that changes classes--5 teachers, and the communication back to parents is poor. The math teacher doesn't really teach--she hands out assignments and then individually tutors those who need it.

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