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International Studies Charter High School
2480 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 643-2955
charter | 9-12
County: Miami-Dade


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/1/2012parentThis school is an absolute joke. It does not live up to the expectations I had. The students at this school are a very bad influence and have no respect or manners whatsoever. The principal is incredibly rude with the students, he screams in their faces, curses at them, tries to throw things at them. The staff at the school is very close-minded and do not help any students who are being harassed because of their sexuality. This school supposedly will have you fluent in a language in 3 years, I have yet to learn one correct form of french because of the delay of teachers arriving from europe. My child was left without a teacher for half of the year in their french class, and hasn't learned one thing. The Physical Education teacher is incredibly rude to the younger students, not to mention the fact that the P.E. is in a parking lot and there is no shade whatsoever. This school is a joke and I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU SENDING YOUR CHILD HERE. My child is being taken out because of the horrible years they've spent here.
4/11/2012parentI must say that it is sad that parents judge the school for the size of the halls and that the classes are tiny unlike other overcrowded schools, what a privilege! They should concentrate their critical efforts to enumerate the leadership from its principal and staff, the academics, accomplishments, national recognitions and so many other merits ISCHS has so far been able to achieve. The teachers are very qualified, dedicated individuals solely compromised to raising the bar for each student and very concerned for the future of the student body. My son graduated from ISCHS, when he attended the school, we were taking a risk and if I have to do it again, I would not hesitate it a bit. He went to the Honors College at MDC and now he is at UF. The great memories will last a lifetime, the education he received priceless.
11/30/2011otherOne word: deplorable This school is by far the most deplorable one throughout Florida... Not spending good time time, school is tiny, hallways are narrow, classes are so small. Most of the professors are not qualified to teach their class... Avoid ISCHS.
1/24/2011parentI'm super happy with the school, keep students aware of their responsibility as exemplary students, maintaining a level of excellence. The principal is very good he is aware of your students in general, without neglecting any detail, developed further activities to keep children motivated to supporting them in their sports and all they do. .
12/18/2010parentMy child currently attends this school and I am extremely happy with it. My child comes home happy everyday and he loves his teachers and classmates. I truely believe this is an excellent school for anyone who is looking for a small, private school like environment.
10/13/2010parentFor it's personalized attention to each student, for their languages specialization and for its diversity.
12/11/2009parentMy child is a student @ ISCHS. I don't like the school at all. This is her first time at this school and I am very dissapointed. She comes from a private schools and next year she is going back to her old school. I made a bad choice sending my daughter to this school and the secretary is not professional at all
10/2/2009studentI am a student here and I love it. The teachers are really nice and helpful. And the principal really cares about us. I love my school.
9/19/2009parentI have had the oportunity to compare ISCHS with another schools not only in the area but in the district. I am very happy with this school. My daugther is happy, too. Most importantly, she is learning about other cultures from her classmates.
9/13/2009parentI would rate this school as OK but not great academically. The good points are the small class size & the small size of the overall school. The language courses are also very good & allow for students to go to college in Europe. The negatives are thre lack of electives, extracurricular activities & the organization in the office. The website is seldom updated & the school secretary can come across as rude. I think the administration is honestly trying. I do not know if adding a middle school is such a great idea before the have the high school totally organized.
6/2/2009parentThis school year was my child's first year in a public school. I was a bit apprehensive about sending her to public school, but International Studies far exceeded my expectations. The classes were small, most of the teachers were outstanding, and my child is very happy at the school. I would recommend it for anyone who is seeking a private school environment.
10/24/2008parentMy child has been in the school for three years and I could not be happier. The class sizes are small, the teachers are exceptional, and the education my son has received is above average. I am very happy with all that ISCH has to offer
7/15/2008studentAlthough the school is very small, it is a very good place to make friends and synchronize with the teachers. The principal is a good guy that sometimes seems like a pain in the butt, but he's not. The courses are very good, and the environment is safe and tidy. You get to experience with people from different ethnicities, which is a good start to a great career due to that you have experienced with other cultures.
7/11/2008studentIschs is a great school.The principal is a wonderful leader.Yeah it's pretty much a really small school.Teachers really are devoted to teaching.Students come to study and have chances of learning more than in a regular high school environment.I started off my freshmen year with all honors.I really do recommend this school for you and your child.
7/8/2008studentRegardless of its awkward location and miniscule population, ISCHS has proven to be exactly the type of educational facility I have been hunting for. It has provided me with ample knowledge regarding my education and even more so, the establishment of my individuality. Being my first year, the exceptional teachers forced my brain to spark and even helped disinter a talent and passion for writing I never knew I possessed! Not to mention the complete cultural immersion each student experiences with the individual programs. Spanish,French, or Italian, each program offers the kind of experience no other institution can possibly offer! ISCHS is a family, and you or your child, are always welcome!
6/23/2008studentThis might be a small school of only about 230 students. However, it exceeds in academic achievement and I can say that I would never replace my 4 years at ISCHS for any other high school. The teachers are great, and we have great foreign langauge programs in which we graduate with a diploma depending on the language we study. amazing school :)
4/22/2008studentAs a student I reccommend this school. First of all, those who say the school doesn't have a cafeteria or lack discipline is WRONG. Although we are a small school, the principal and staff do their best to provide us everything we need. The school's academic quality is excellent, for we as students have to take classes in foreign languages which are of a higher level. All the teachers are great. Everyone knows each other at the school and has the opportunity to make many friends and have a one-on-one relationship with the teachers. Moreover, the school has great FCAT scores, which show the advanced instruction that the students receive.
11/24/2007studentI'm a student in this school. I do enjoy my school, I have made many friends here and the teachers are very nice and really do care of the child's education.It's the students that sometimes make the teachers look bad.
10/7/2007parentEven this schoold does not yet have P.E., it does have other great assets such as 220 students! Working on havng sports at a nearby park. Isn't this better than having your kid in a 3,000 students environment? A global, multicultural and nurturing environment where kids feel safe and can learn. This year quality of teachers improved tremendously! New schol will start construction very soon and it may be ready in a year! It is not perfect but much better than many other schools.
9/27/2007parentI don't think that this high school is bad. I'm very happy with my son's school.
7/20/2007parentThis school has some serious issues.There is no P.E.Therefore the students have no way to burn all that extra energy through exercise and don't have a chance to excel in sports.They say it's boring.The school is located in an office building and the hallways are too narrow. The science lab is tiny.There's no cafeteria.The food is horrible.There's a discipline problem and the administration doesn't do much about it.Most of the students don't like this school.The academic quality is questionable.This school is going downhill.

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