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Miami Central Senior High School - Miami, FL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Miami Central Senior High School1781 NW 95th St
Miami, FL 33147
(305) 696-41619-12Miami-DadepublicDade

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2/19/2010studentMiami Central has greatly changed throughout the years and we finally are making a comeback not to mention now we have great teachers that go up and beyond the call of duty, truly care for the students and how they are doing... there are more teachers now that care if one student it struggling than to focus on the FCAT Our new Principal has not only changed the school but has also motivated the students to do better and the teachers to try harder. The school is safe as opposed to what a lot of people think and the classes are also well worth the trouble. We have greatly changed, just because there are a few bad students doesn't mean that the school as a whole should have to keep the OLD Reputation that they are still giving us because this is a new year and we are a new school!
8/17/2009otherI personally think this school is just misunderstood. You cannot blame the students and their parents because some of the students don't have parents that even care. And some just want their children to get an education no matter the condition of the school. Miami Central is an all right school.With more academies that should be added then it should be the best.Misunderstood children who don't need or want attention, they are just being themselves.Maybe instead of complaining do something to help the school.If you think nothing needs to be done then don't do anything!!
12/5/2006studentThis school was very fun my 9th grade year..Now its so strict and it seems like all that 'strictness' is not even helping.
11/14/2005studentThis school has some teachers that do their job and do well. The problem is with the students that refuse to learn anything. There are various sports, art, music classes. Some of them are required. There is no parent involvement at all.
12/8/2004parentI consider Miami Central High School to be a pretty good school. My sister graduated from there and did quite well in college. She felt prepared for the experience she went through her freshman year. In addition, this high school is relatively near my home and offers a magnet program that my son is interested in.
12/6/2003othermiami central although it remain a 'D' i must say that central is a good school yet it could be better if people and parent of the community were more involved... The violence rate has decreased since 2000.. in about 5 year or so central will honestly represent what is written on the front of the school ' school of excellence'..
11/14/2003otherI feel that Miami Central could be better. This school is what I would call a 'minimum security' prison, because if you are caught in a hall sweep, also called lock out you are automatically placed in indoor suspension no matter the situation.
8/19/2003parentMiami Central is not a very safe school to attend. I feel that Miami Central should not be considered by any parent to try to send their kids.
6/28/2003  excallent school

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