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Castle Creek Elementary School
1245 N Avalon Park Blvd
Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 207-7428
public | PK-5
County: Orange


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3/4/2012parentSadly we had to leave Castle Creek b/c we moved 5 minuted down the road into a new school zone. Had I known what horrid schools are out there I would have never moved. We miss Castle Creek SOO MUCH and loved all the teachers we came in contact with. There was not one person that wasn't friendly and caring and the school was always kept up and clean and the hallways were cheerful with art and welcoming things that went with the season or the celebration. Now I am at a school that rates better for the FCAT testing but the school stinks and the parents that "run the school" make it horrible to even entre. Thinking about selling our house b/c of this school zone. If you are lucky enough to be at CCE DO NOT move. I miss the office staff as well. They always had a smile and a welcome when I came to help.
11/30/2011parentI moved to the Orlando area several months ago and my children were zoned for Castle Creek. Beautiful and well kept school. My only beef was with the registrar there. She is very rude and very unprofessional. I left several messages for her but she never returned my calls. I had to leave work and wait in the office until she decided to attend to me. The person working in the office was very kind and tried to attend to my questions and needs, but I really needed to speak to the registrar. After I waited for a while she finally came to the front very rude and looked like she was angry because she had to come and do her job. Sorry but this what Orange County and our tax money pay you for. Other then that experience and hurdle my children started school and are fine and the teachers are terrific. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this school a 5 all because of this one person.
10/20/2011parentWe have been at the Castle for 2 years now and love it! Both of my children have had excellent teachers. The "new" principal works very hard for the school and is very approachable and personable. They strongly encourage parent involvement but only a small amount are truly involved. I wish I'd see more parents getting involved because that would lead to even greater success but that is on the parents not on the school. The PTA this year is awesome and has organized many activities for the families and community to come together and to get involved! Parents and teachers alike should really join and support their school's PTA because it all goes back to the betterment of the school and therefore our children's future.
8/29/2011parentThis school is great the teachers are very nice and the school is beautiful and clean.
1/15/2011parentI think Castle Creek is a great school. You are going to have personality conflicts in any school, but I do feel all the teacher's have the school's best interests at heart. The PTA does as fo a lot of $, but all that money is going back into the school so it is kind of like an investement in my child. If we want that to change, we need to take more of an active role in the PTA ourselves! Overall, I am very satisfied with the school.
9/28/2010parentThere was a principal change early 09-10. With new leadership I was hoping for a change of culture. So far, I haven't seen it. Parents are welcome to participate in school programs as long as they bring their check books. Leadership roles in PTA are delegated to staff. Parents must be hyper-vigilant to make sure their children are taught to a higher standard. This school (and district) spends most of it's effort to meet MINIMUM requirements. The office staff is very efficient, and some teachers are fabulous. They sacrificed the Math Specialist to keep the Music and Art teacher. Be prepared to be inundated with Hispanic culture regardless of your race. The nicest thing I can say it that when I advocate for MY child, they respond.
9/9/2010parentMy child went to school at Castle Creek for 3 days and I pulled her out. The teacher had an extremely poor attitude. Quite a few incidents happened in those 3 days and my husband and I choose to find her a better environment to learn in. Sad no one has posted in over 1 1/2 years.
3/24/2009parentCastle Creek is an excellent school. My daughter is there since the school opened in August 2006. The teachers are awesome they always give the extra mile for your child. They support them, encourage them and teach them. I 'm always being so gratefully for Castle Creek teachers in special two off them that helped my daughter to be successful and an excellent student. Ms. Angela Zambrano second grade teacher THANKS!!! for all your Love, Patience, Kindness, Guidance, Help and HARD, HARD WORK with my daughter. Thanks for helping her and teaching her how to learn to speaking, reading and writing in English. When we came here to Florida in 2006 my daughter didn t know how to speak or understand English neither I. Thanks to Ms. Zambrano she passes her second grade successfully as AB Honor roll student. For me as a mother was a long year with many obstacles
1/29/2009parentI have two children attending this year. Our oldest is in her 3rd year and I am very pleased with the teachers she has had! They have all been great for her and have continually challenged her. I would like to see more parents become involved in PTA and help make Castle Creek an even better school. With all of the recent budget cuts, parents need to realize that the entire staff is being stretched very thin. Nevertheless, all of them continue to put the children's needs above everything else! Thanks to the entire staff for 3 great years of education!
1/27/2009parentThis school has helped my child blossom to a great student. She now loves to read. She become more interested in science because of the school's effort to motivate kids to do science projects every month. My child is priveledge to come here.
6/30/2008parentAfter completing our second year in operation, I continue to think that Castle Creek is a great place for my children to be educated. The key is parent involvement - as much as you are able to be involved in your child's education, the better. It's easy to blame the teachers or Dr. Taylor for issues that may arise with your child - but we all need to take a long hard look at ourselves as parents and how much we are influencing our children's behavior and how much we are involved at the school before pointing fingers elsewhere. I have been lucky enough to be able to be involved at the school - through PTA, and SAC and in my children's classrooms - and I have no doubt that my opinions are heard and that the staff and administrators are available to me when I need them.
4/24/2008parentThis school is making fifth grade the new junior high grade. The kids change classes for every subject in fifth grade and some of the teachers are not very approachable. The Principal and staff are not very caring. I'm glad my child is leaving this school after this year.
11/1/2007parentNot the greatest school. Poor leadership and the leadership is unapproachable. Poor communication between some of the teachers and parents.
5/30/2007parentMy two children (ages 9 and 6) both had wonderful years. The teachers and staff were caring and committed. The principal was prompt and responsive to the few questions and concerns we had. My son has an IEP, and the staff was organized and proactive in helping him find the best solutions to his issues, as well as compassionate and understanding. The security was much better than the previous school my son attended, with a locked front-door policy during the day (everyone has to enter or exit through the front office). We are very pleased with this school.
5/11/2007parentBeautiful school and has been very organized for their first year of being open. Would recommend this school!
5/7/2007parentI have two of my kids attending to this school is a great school brand new the pick up and drop off of the students is great anf safe....but the way they used to discipline the kids is very wrong....
5/7/2007parentNo patience with students, irrational punishments, they yell at the kids and the language they use is very inappropriate. Nice building.
5/1/2007parentI'm very disappointed with this school, teachers and staff don't have patience with the children or the right psychologic approach when interacting with the students, some of the teachers and staff are inappropriate in their language and yell at the kids. Some of the teachers are not approachable, you have to set an appointment every time, even just for a simple question.
4/23/2007parentFor a brand new school, I am pleased with the quality education my child is receiving. I am looking forward to the next few years!

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