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Lake Nona High School - Orlando, FL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lake Nona High School12500 Narcoossee Rd
Orlando, FL 32832
(407) 956-83009-12OrangepublicOrange

School Head OfficialYear
Dr. A. Robert Anderson2012


4/25/2012parentWe had an excellent experience at this school in 2010-2011 school year when the middle school and high school were combined. We are very much looking forward to returning to this school next year for 9th grade. After suffering through a year with the prinicpal and administration at the middle school in it's first year of operation, it will be a blessing to return to this school with such a competent principal and staff.
11/27/2010otherWhy 2 out of 5 ? Because . I am a student not a parent . parents dont experence what i do as a 10th grader . Theres not much diversity , and this school is filled with middle schoolers. they should be gone next year . but if i wanted to go to a middle school i would have failed. its not fair how we older kids have to run over theses 11 year olds . like really ? i wanna experience highschool .this school dose NOT have many extra curricular activitys or electives. and lunch is like 25 mins i think . and theres so many people we have to RUN . alot of teachers treat us like kids . why is it that there are some kids i younger grades but in classes that they shouldnt be in ? thats not a fair advantage . im in 10th grade in spanish 2 . theres a kid in 9 grade in spanish 2 ... WHY is it that hey get to finish this class before i do ? Ahh . Seriosly id change school But the touchscreen things are nice . and some of the teachers . everything els is bleh .
9/30/2010parentSo far Im super impress with this school, I have a kid in Middle School and a kids in High in the same school and I dont have any complaing. One of my kids was in Colonial last year and it was the worst experience I had. In Lake Nona you can tell the teachers are happy with what they do, all HW are reported daily/weekly on progress book and they are so organized and their communication is so good, and they are provide with the best in technology. They allow student to grow up instead of treating them like little kids. Im very impress and glad I made the decision to move and send my kids to this school.And the fact that both Middle and Hight are togetter and they start and finish school at the same time is wonderful since it allows my kids to watch after eachother.
9/15/2010parent The administration at LNHS is outstanding! Dr. Anderson and his team are willing to help any parent with any question - and they do so with a smile! The teachers are top notch. The Collegiate Academy program (where students can work on college credits while still in HS) is challenging but a great way to encourage students to push beyond their "comfort zone". The dedication to the arts in this school is amazing - the band, chorus and drama programs are fabulous! Overall, it is a wonderful environment for students (and accessible to parents who want to be involved) and I'm proud to be a Lions Mom!

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