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Lee Middle School
1201 Maury Rd
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 245-1800
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public | 6-8
County: Orange


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12/10/2010parentWhat is the suspension demographics at this school? Anyone interested in knowing? I certainly am. What is the promotion demographics? My child will be bused in from a differnet area and this type of information is of concern to me.
5/4/2010parentStudents and staff alike are wonderful. Great job teachers and administrators!
3/29/2010parentThere are great teachers at Lee Middle, but I question the goal and purpose of those who have an A student in their classes get an F. What is the excuse for the inability to motive - too many students in the class, race, or I get a pay check whether or not they fail. Maybe it is that we need to keep a clear line between the required failure rate and those who pass. Whatever the excuse, no person should be allowed to teach who cannot motivate an A student. For God sake, it doesn't take much.
3/2/2009studenti love lee middle school!! i have swiched from many different middle schools (because of parents work) and so far this one is my favorite all the teachers are so nice and really show a positive influence on the students
5/14/2006former studentThe administration has been trying for many years to build a consistent, committed faculty and it seems that this goal has yet to be fully realized. The school has a relatively high teacher turn-over rate especially in the general education classes - and sometimes will have to higher former substitute teachers to fill general ed. or reading positions. If you want your child to have the best education possible at Lee, he/she will probably have to become a part of the educational minority there and be accepted into the IB Program or Gifted Program. If not, your child will be in general education classes and will most likely be negatively effected by the large class sizes, lack of individual attention, and consistent behavior distractions that are overwhelming for even the most experienced of teachers.
5/8/2006studentLee services students from very different socio-economic backgrounds. It is located in the college park area. Typically a general education teacher will teach four regular classes and one advanced class. The regular general ed. classes typically average between 28-35 students and the advanced class is usually the largest gen. ed. class, sometimes averaging over 40 students.
5/4/2006parentMy daughter has just started at Lee Middle School. The teachers all seem to be on top of things. I have not had any problems contacting or setting up teacher conferences. I do not know about the principal yet!
1/10/2006parentThe school is definitely better than last year. I was so disappointed last year with the kids and the staff. This year I have talked with my sons teachers and feel like they care tremendously about his education and well-being. The office staff also seemed friendlier and more professional.
9/5/2005teacherVery rigorous and solid Gifted Education Program.
8/19/2005parentI cannot believe the bad things written about this school. Many people don't understand the inner workings. Hall time among students is often used for just socializing instead of taking care of their personal business. Students are not being mistreated if they are not allowed to go to the bathroom. Many times teachers have reasons for this - perhaps the child asks everyday during the same period. Secondly, the principal and administrators are excellent. You have to be tough to get discipline under control. I have had two children go through Lee and a third one there now. I chose to send my children to Lee. I support the school 100%. Instead of complaining, more people should get involved if they want to make a difference.
6/3/2005parentLee middle school's extracurricular activities such as band and chorus are supreme. I am proud to say my child goes there.
4/27/2005parentits a small school nothing exciting about it
4/1/2005parentMy son is in the sixth grade at Lee Middle School. He is in the gifted program for science and math which he has enjoyed very much. Most of his teachers are enthusiastic, caring and interested - there is only one teacher which my son doesn't care for because he can't keep consistent control of his classroom. Overall, our experience has been excellent so far.
2/3/2005parentI am disatisfied with this school. Class sizes are too big and my child is not getting the attention he needs to learn. My child never has homework. When I asked his teachers, they say they don't give any because the kids are all out of control and wouldn't do the homework anyway.
1/29/2005parentLee is not the perfect school, you are correct. But what the person wrote about the teachers not caring and not letting students go to the bathroom when needed, that part is true. My youngest child will not attend lee middle if i can help it, if that means me moving out of the district then so be it, but i will not allow my youngest child to go through the torment that my oldest child has at this school. The principal is the worst i've able known in a school, he doesn't care and he is rude, along with the assistant principals as well. If you don't respect your students, they are not going to respect you either! if you yell at the students, how can you expect them to respect you. If you isolate students, how can you expect them to respect you and learn at the same time!
8/9/2004teacherIn response to January 2004's review, when you state your opinion and include untrue facts, this makes your opinion less valid. There are several different types of students including black, white, hispanic, and asian. Lee is not a perfect school-but I don't know one that is. Lots of students take advantage of hall time and a limit has to be in place. There is plenty of time to use the bathroom and get a drink between classes. The more interruptions of class time make it difficult for the students to learn, and then everyone blames the teachers.
1/31/2004parentThe teachers, and staff are unprofessional, uncaring and rude and are not qualified to teach or work around children. They lack patience, understanding and care. The teachers are on a power and control power trip with their students not allowing them to use the rest rooms, get a drink of water and going to the safe office when it is necessary to do so. The ratio of students is 97% black and 2% white and there is a lot of reverse discrimiation going on. The teachers act afraid of the black students and pick on the white kids instead because they know they won't fight back. The office workers act as though the school were their private domain and get around to helping parents and students at their leisure. They speak down to parents but want to be treated with respect. This also happens with the teachers who expect that they can talk down to the children but expect total respect from their students. Lee is more like a battle ground of egos than a learning facility. They care more about being right than teaching the correct way. My child was failing a class and her teacher told her if she brought in 5 canned goods she would get 5 'A's' for each can of food she brought in! Not a good school to attend.
6/19/2003  My kids are getting a great education at Lee.
6/18/2003 I love Lee Middle School. Two of my children have moved on to Edgewater High School where they take honors classes and do exceptionally well. Two of my children are still at Lee. I know that they would not receive a better education in private school.
6/18/2003 wonderful staff. Our child had a great year.

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