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Olympia High School
4301 S Apopka Vineland Rd
Orlando, FL 32835
(407) 905-6400
public | 9-12
County: Orange


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12/6/2011studentOlympia may not be perfect, but it's still a great school. Most of my teachers are good, and Mr. Budd, my drama teacher, is amazing. He really cares for his students and isn't judgmental.
1/5/2011parentThe area where Olympia High School is located in SW Orlando is one of the nicest places in Orlando to live. But unfortunately, Olympia high school is bad news! There are two full time orange county sherrifs on duty at all times to break up the weekly fights and investigate all of the stealing that goes on at that school. It's out of control! And, if your kids play basketball watch out! They have a terrible freshman coach, a JV coach with an anger management problem and varsity coach who is there just so his son can play, which is why more than a half a dozen very talented student athletes have transferred to better schools. If you've ever seen the show Lock Down, that's what it looks like when they change classes. Go tour the school and see for yourself.
4/16/2010studenti am a current student at olympia high school and i totally hate it here the school has no control over there kids the teachers are very rude and judgemental because olympia is a white school people think that everythings is good about it but their wrong the sports teams are weak, the activites they have are always mainly white kids, and olympia has nothing to offer no magnet programs really most people say that they would rather have there kids go to olympia then oak ridge, evans, or jones but in the years 2009-2010 olympia has had more fight then all these schools that are labeled as bad because its a black school if any student is planing on coming to olympia i would think twice
10/4/2009parentA new school that scores an A in the state and cares about its students.
5/6/2009parentI have 2 daughters that attended this school and I have to say I have seen it change for the worst. If your daughter plays sports be carefully they have their picks of what sports they support for the girls and as far a academics goes, you do have some great teachers but you also have some terrible one's as well. I think that they have a ways to go and I don't think the administration care enough about the students (all in general) to get them to the next level.
9/17/2008studentI won't say this school is perfect,because it's not.However,unlike what other reviews say,it is a great school.Some classes are still too oversized and the curriculum still lacks a bit though.Despite what some parents may say about some teachers and how they teach,it's usually their students fault for the grade they recieve.It's simple,if at least one person has an A,then the teacher is doing their job.If a student is unable to retain what is taught,that's their fault.Alot of students get away with blaming their teachers for thier grades because their parents are naive enough to believe them.Most of the teachers there care about thier students from what I've seen,some have even made personal relationships with their students.The sports there are pretty good(except football).The only real problem at the school is cooperation.Students aren't meeting their teachers half-way.Regardless of all that it's still an A school.
6/10/2008studentI have been to 4, count them, four high schools and have transferred high schools 5 times. I have been to Dr. Phillips and Olympia, I have been to Brevard County and I am now currently enrolled at Freedom High, and the only one that I would return to in a heartbeat is Olympia. The teachers care a lot about the students that they are reaching, and though I do not currently agree with the principal in power, the administrators have been nothing but tolerable and sometimes even helpful!! The Drama department is amazing at this school and the teacher of the department is the single most kind, welcoming, nonjudgmental, and inspiring man I have ever met in my entire educational career. And I have NOT seen a school ANYWHERE with as much school spirit as there is at Olympia. It is a genuinely amazing place to go.
2/15/2008studentIt's awesome! I love it so much. It is really cool and educational. I really like and wish I could have done high school 5 times!
11/24/2007studentanyone noticing a pattern in the reviews? its overcrowded, the kids are horrible, the teachers just don't care. honors are way too easy, i have less work than my friends at Dr. phillips in regular. everybody goofs off in class, teachers can't control them. the schools only been open 6 years, and its crazy! The kids are very snobby, most grew up toghther and don't want to be friendly to new people.
9/22/2007parentOlympia is in a struggle stage. We put our son in for a year and half. In that time, he went through 2 principals, 2 ADs, and 3 guidance counselors. Sports are weak. Classes are overcrowded. Honors teachers were weak. But, the AP instructors are very good.
8/27/2007parentI have a senior who has enjoyed almost four years at Olympia. I have been impressed with the teacher involvement in the academics. Olympia has a growing sports & music foundation, as it is still a young school. As for the people [concernedj with] inequality among the races, I haven't seen that. Olympia has a very diverse population, but I think that learning is first set in the home, and that the students will do best by what is taught at home. I have been pleased with what Olympia has been able to teach my children, and would recommend it over other high schools in Orange County.
8/25/2007student The teachers were mostly good. We have only 2 lunchs, and they are packed. The hallways are so small, and people at lockers take up at least half of every hallway. Classes are full to bursting, and running out of chairs. All of my classes have over 30 kids. we lost homecoming last year. sad. I am a junior this year and can't wait to graduate and move out of state.
7/17/2007parentWe had two difficult teaching issues last year. Engineering did not have the equipment. They kids watched videos 2-3 times a week. One teacher was out sick more than in and there was no consistent subsitute who could keep the kids on track for a class that had an end of the year county exam. Now my child wonders if he is prepared for the next level.
7/16/2007studentI absolutely love Olympia. The teachers and administration staff are really great.
9/1/2006former studentOlympia is one of the best high schools I have been to. The teachers and students are very welcoming and the school makes you enjoy waking up in the morning for school.
8/16/2006studenti am a freshman at olympia and i just love how thier are so many nice kids. and the techers are great.
8/7/2006parentAs a parent to 3 OHS students I see first hand the level of care and involvement OHS has given to each of my diverse learners. Our family is involved and spends a great deal of time planning,working and investing hours on campus and off. Our pricipal Mr. Avossa has met each of our sons on the field and in the classroom. Our teachers devote themselves wholeheartely to mastery level. This school works hard, plays hard & discipline is a must among all learning communities. We beleive our senior has been prepared for college and will succeed in life b/c of his daily training OHS. We Love Susan and Ellie what a delightful team they are to greet visitors at the front door.
7/23/2006parentI think that Olympia is a beautiful school,n but not all the people that work there are beautiful...especially administration. They feel that they are better than any other Orange County Public School, and lose good staff for silly reasons.
6/18/2006parentExcellent sports programs, coaches. Facility is beautiful and easy to navigate. Curriculum and teachers lackluster. Classes overcrowded. Too diverse of a student base; kids from poverty level income to billionaire family's.
6/15/2006parentThe school is marginal at best. The administration and staff are marginal at best. This school has all the fluff and no substance. It has the character of a big city school and all of the problems that go with it. After numerous requests for assistance we received absolutely no assistance. I would not recommend this school to anyone. It is the most marginal school I have seen in 10 years.
6/8/2006teacherAcademically the school was great - The teachers were by and large an experienced group capable of inspiring their students to learn. There were a wide variety of extra curricular activities available and the school has had a lot of success with its' sports programs for a relatively new school. There is an excellent level of parental involvement and participation.
2/10/2006parentOverall, I feel that Olympia High School is a good school academically; although, they lack student and parent support, communication, and alternatives for students who lose interest in education.
1/27/2006parentMy daughter and son, a Junior and a Freshman respectively, attend Olympia High School and absolutely love it. The classrooms are clean, the teacher's friendly, and the whole atmosphere is wonderful!
1/11/2006parentMy grouse is not with the school's academic, music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities programs, but the racist teachers. I guess the parents who gave the good reviews are white. They have no clue what the minorities at olympia go thru. Get a grip folks, most of olympia high school teachers are racist, so new parents be aware of this, be very aware. They are however a few of the minority teachers that are fantastic. My daughter attended olympia and she was accused of so many different things, it was amazing. I agree with the parent that wrote she thought she was going to war every time she goes to ohs. Even my color was questioned with lifted eye brows. I volunteered my drivers license so they can see the last names were the same - same of you folks that turn a blind eye.
11/3/2005studentGood school....Hasnt been open long but very nice and clean and good teachers
10/2/2005studentOlympia is a school that is very prominent on the social classes of the people. It is very much like a school you would see in any Hollywood movie. Every person has a role, and can not step out of their social class.
8/20/2005parentThis school only seems interested in high grades,and the principle only wants the school to look good to the general public,but the previous principle cared,and took interest in her students,there are quite a few racist teachers who have belittled my children,and when you request a meeting with staff members to discuss the issue,you are made to feel that your child has a problem,as they refuse to admit that it exsists.teachers,and staff members only help the kids they like,and i always felt i was going to battle when i had to visit the school for any reason,as even the office staff could be cold and unhelpful,its a shame that such a fantastic building,cannot be shared equaly amongst all races
7/19/2005former studentThis school is only worried about the score the school gets and really doesn't let the students have any real freedoms. Also the staff are really just not helpful. But they do have a good wrestling and golf program.
6/29/2005parentOlympia provides an excellent forum for student development - in the arts, core subjects, and AP and Honors classes. Olympia's students excel in all fields, and the school consistently scores well in all measurements taken. The faculty is solid - good, committed teachers whose first priority is their students. Great band and choral programs. Although a strong academic school, Olympia also stresses physical activity. Students excel in all sports. Great school, great teachers, terrific location, and an attractive and well-designed campus! What more could you ask
7/16/2003parent It was a blessing the day rezoning was done. My son has a greater level of self-confidence, inspired by the Staff at Olympia. He has every opportunity to excel. Extra curricular activities are well organized and supervised. Olympia has made great achievements in its short life span.
6/18/2003 We are so pleased with the quality of education available at Olympia High School. The APEX program is wonderful. The emphasis on high achievement by the administration and faculty is absolutely fantastic. The facilities are modern and attractive. There are numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

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