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Merritt Brown Middle School
5044 Merritt Brown Way
Panama City, FL 32404
(850) 872-3976
public | 6-8
County: Bay


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/13/2011parentSo far, so good! Our 6th Grader is loving her first year of middle school. Of course, it's only been a month and classes are still pretty easy. We especially appreciate Mr. Fant, a very dedicated Math Coach! Wish there was more parent involvement, but that pretty much goes for any public school, especially after grade school.
8/29/2011parentI had one child at this school all last year. We have had only a couple of issues with harrassment from other kids and the teachers have been careful to take care of the problems promptly. Academically, my child has soared at this school. That same child found Bay Haven to be far too stressful, and had gone there from K-5th grade. Straight A's in advanced classes with top scores on FCAT are enough proof that this school is awesome. Teachers such as Mrs. Sermons and Mr. Fant go above and beyond for the kids. We are very happy with this school.
9/12/2010parentMerritt Brown used to be... not the best school in the county because of various teachers, and too-easy academic programs. But since about 7 years ago, Merritt Brown has been transformed into a new school and most of the bugs have been worked out, probably because of a Principal that shows true leadership. I've found that other schools in the county lack in academic challenge compared to this school. the teachers show that they care about their students. Gym is a class that can push you to the limits and get you into shape and educate you about your body at the same time, as reported by my son. this school is way better than other middle school my children have attended, including Mowat, Jinks, and Bay haven.
2/28/2010parentDespite the comments of some of the other parents who have rated this school, MBMS is still a wonderful school that is even better than bay haven!
5/20/2009parentMy family has had several children go through this school. They were always in advanced classes, so I can't speak toward the quality of the general education, but they always had good experiences that prepared them well for challenges in high school and college. Mr. Fant and Mrs. Sermons are academic pillars that all my kids loved. I've had children interested in band, sports (volleyball, basketball, track), technology, math team, art, and just about everything else you can imagine, and they were never short of extra curricular activities to keep them engaged in school and working hard. As with anything, the school is what you make it. Some reviewers have called it dirty, but I'd like to compliment them on the progress they've made in that regard since my first child started there in 1999. I'd recommend it strongly to anyone looking for a solid all-around program.
4/22/2009parentMy student love her school. It makes me feel safer and helps not to worry about her during the day.
4/1/2009studentOne word to describe this school: awesome I am a member of the ITV crew there, the band, Mathcounts Team, Track Team..... I have learned so much! I'm in the sixth grade, and I'm going to the State History Fair! The teachers here are perfect, I think especially Mr.Fant, my pre-algebra teacher, who also coaches our wonderful Mathcounts Team. Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/17/2008parentI am not happy how there is children that are being singled out by staff.I think its more on staff getting the grade then the students.There are teachers that should not be teaching if they want a paycheck find another job.
2/23/2008studentI love Merritt Brown. This is my 3rd year and I'm still in love. MBMS has helped me academically and phisically. Thanks to all my teachers...yall are the best!
2/4/2008parentMerritt Brown is an awesome school. All the teachers that my kids have are always helpful and supportive. The extracurricular activities are great.
10/2/2007parentThis is my son's third year at Merritt Brown. If we didn't live so far from the city, and need the bus transportation, I would definately prefer him to be in another school. They are not consistent with their rules, except for the recent uniform (dress) code. The language and behavior of the students is appalling.
10/1/2007parentThis is our second year at Merritt Brown, and although I'm not sure about rating it five stars, for the most part I have not had issue with the school. They appear to stand by their plan, and if/when it has had problems, they have adjusted. My son is doing well, even in subjects he's not thrilled with. Problems (inevidable problems) are not ignored, and dialog is always welcome.
9/30/2007parentWe moved our 7th grade son to this school because of a move to new location. It was the best choice we made. We realized that the school he was at was not academically challenging him (he is an advanced student). Merritt Brown's honor classes and teachers are awesome. So far we are incredibly pleased. My son misses his friends from his old school but that is it and it is the most popular public middle school in Bay County. The teachers and counselors have been very responsive to anything I've ask or questioned since before we enrolled him. As far as parent involvement, you can become a volunteer and there were quite a few people at open house in the upper grade levels - which says there is parent involvement but I'm not sure to what extent. I highly recommend this school for at least the honors programs.
10/19/2005parentThis school is pathetic when it comes to compassion and care and thoughtfulness and respect to the students. The teachers seem to want to target those kids whom already have problems with academics and make things worse for them. THey make learning a chore instead of a joy. They know not how to show compassion and respect to the students, yet they want respect regardless of how they treat your child.

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