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Pensacola Christian Academy
10 Brent Ln
Pensacola, FL 32503
(850) 478-8480
private | PK-12
County: Escambia


10/15/2012teacherthis school is terrible i got detention for late slips but my books got knocked down! and u have to pay for everything!
10/9/2012parentMy kids love this school and they love their teachers. Very friendly, caring, safe environment. The curriculum is so much more advanced than public school. It is strict, but that's fine with me. PCA is very clear on their policies and beliefs. If you don't like it, good luck in Pensacola's public school system because it's terrible.
9/13/2012parentIf it was possible i wouldnt even give them a star! they are rediculous they would call me for every tiny problem they had it was rediculous. They kept making statements like we have to "train" your child to do what we want.. and the whole time I'm thinking.!!!??? TRAIN! he is a CHILD not a dog! I pulled him out after 2 months of being there!
7/29/2012otherHi,I am an interested student and would like to know how this school is.Are the teachers nice?What clothes do you have to wear?Like for high school,can the girls have designs on their shirts or can't they?And two more things:1:Do they supply you with everything as far as textbooks and gym clothes or is there something you have to buy?2:Is it hard to get accepted iinto this school?Thanks
4/3/2012otherI see reviews saying that PCA will teach good values but the thing is when I was there the high school student body was rather "wordly" as some would say. This to me plays an important part in a school. Just because the teachers teach such things on which is doesn't seem they do, but the student body influences others as well. The student body will influence your children, I find few to stick with that will encourage me.
3/13/2012otherThis school is amazing I've only been here for six months I used to be homeschooled by pca but my family moved so I can have the full experience of pca and I have loved it so far though it is strict.
2/15/2012parentMy daughter loves this school we have tried everything from public schools to home school but nothing beats this, great food great teachers many clubs,and activities to get involved with.This is the school to go to.Anyone trying to find a good education for your child I would take them here.
10/19/2011parentThe facility is lovely. The closed minds are not . I wish the teachers were taught to teach rather than follow a TE which teaches to the middle. My child was told to stop answering so many questions because the other students had not learned what he had. That really killed his spirit. I have been disappointed since he came home with this news. Being new to the area, we didn't know where to turn for a middle school. We are desperately seeking a better choice.
10/14/2011parentThis is the first year I have homeschooled my daughter who is in 6th grade. We are using the DVD's because we live out-of-state. She went to a Christian school which prided itself on the 'advanced curriculum', and she got straight A's. However, it was a surprise to see how behind she is in a few areas compared to the class on the DVD's! We are working on catching up and we are really appreciating the solid Christian values being taught here and the excellent program. She would not want to attend the school, due to it's policy on dress (she and I are not dress wearers), so God directed us to the DVD's:) After all, God does not look at the outward appearance. Thank you Jesus!
3/23/2011parentThis is, in my opinion, the best school in Pensacola. After dealing with the public schools where my high schooler attends I decided to send my 2 younger children to PCA. Best decision! Teachers are very caring and there is lots of communication with parents. It is strict, but kids need that these days and I have no complaints. I love this school and so do my kids. We are blessed to be able to send them there.
3/18/2011parent This is the best school that any of my children have attended and we have been in many places. My daughters have been there from K4 on up. I cannot be more pleased. I don't know what people mean about no parental involvement, there is plenty. PTMs, telephone communications, assemblies, homework, and more. School is the child's "work place" and teachers are doing all they can to make it a great one, why would parents want to be there? Complaints about strictness is strange, that is why it is a good school, students know what is expected, they know the responsibility is theirs, yeah! Imagine, teachers want the children to get to school early so they can give them extra help! Our lives are filled with rules so our children are learning rules, nothing wrong with that. Love this school! Can't make a better choice.
3/5/2011parentOverall, the curriculum is solid. The facility is clean, safe and modern. Also, the price is great. My primary issues are lack of parental involvement and the enforcement of ridiculous rules. First, I have to comment on the mother who home schools (March 1, 2011): Your comments regarding parental involvement are not applicable to you. Our children attended another Christian school where parental involvement was strongly encouraged. That didn't mean parents "had" to volunteer; it was an option. Parents felt welcome, involved, and the children loved it! Also, PCA doesn't keep parents informed, but rather places the entire burden on children, which causes unnecessary stress and errors. When my child forgets a book or an assignment, we can't go back into the school. If a mistake is made, then the child gets a green slip or goes to detention. Relaxing silly rules would help; electronic technology could help. For example, teachers could use web-based technology to post homework assignments, upcoming projects, and communicate with parents. PCA s fundamental thinking has its benefits, but it definitely impedes progress and improvements, which is why the school is good, but not great.
3/2/2011parentMy child has ADHD and the structure is comforting. To feel that you can have your child go to school and know that he/she will return home safely is a blessing.
3/1/2011parentI have read through all the reviews. The one common thread of complaint is the lack of parent involvement. Really? I don't understand paying tuition for your children and then wanting to have to donate your time as well. I would think you'd be grateful to get what you paid for. We use the Abeka DVD program in our homeschool. Because I oversee my child, I have more than enough parent involvement. I am mostly very satisfied with the curriculum and the teachers; however, I do think the math curriculum is weak for the college-bound math & science majors. It is unfortunate that PCA does not offer AP classes for their talented students. PCA also should include the use of various types of technologies at the high school level. These would include the Microsoft Office suite of applications, online reseach tools, and graphing calculators. Although I am from the hand-written note card generation of writing papers, NoodleTools is a much more efficient way to accomplish that task. I thank God everyday that I am able to homeschool my child with this outstanding curriculum.
12/20/2010otherI'm a student there and I would not want to be anywhere else. It is a great, safe environment where to learn. The teachers are great and are there because they want to teach not just get paid. They teach you great Christian values that prepare you for life. You have the opportunity to meet good Christian friends. It is a great school for anyone. For anyone not wanting to come here because they are worried about not having fun, you are so wrong, I have had more fun there than anywhere else (okay maybe Six Flags or Cedar Point beat it out, but that's understandable). I have been there since K-4 and am now a junior in high school and fully intend on finishing my education there as well as attend PCC. God is greatly using this establishment.
9/10/2010parentMy daughter is in the 1st grade, also attended K-5. I'm really impressed about Pensacola Christian Academy. The children learn so much more than public school. The teachers are friendly and caring, and also gives me a call on how she's progressing. I give them 5 stars
8/10/2010otherpca was great :) most of the teachers were great at teaching i was really smart i thought that it was sort of sctrict when i got there because you had to wear skirts and even 6th graders had to walk in lines but u didnt know what i had until i went to bbms they have great curriculum it is advanced we were learning things in 4 grade that i was learning in 6th grade i honestly recommend this school if you want your child to learn respect.
5/20/2010parentPCA is the best school in the Pensacola area. Yes, it is strict, but parents who send their children to this school know their children will learn to be respectful and hard workers. Although you do have to pay tuition, it is the most affordable private school in the area and the education they will receive at this school is worth every penny. We are a one income family not earning much since my husband is in the militay, but we made sacrifices to have our children attend this school even though it was 40 minutes from our home. Unfortunately the military moved us again and my children ages 13 and 11 were sad to leave. I wish my new location had a school like PCA.
3/24/2010studentI do the abeka Curriculum , and I think that the rules are very good the teachers all have good testimonies and i just love PCA
3/5/2010parentAs a former PCA teacher (of 25 years), I can tell you that appearances are paramount and substance is not important. Students are expelled because 'they can't support their testimony'. Academically, I can tell you that the math curriculum is lacking. They learn the basic math operations but, when students get to college, they are unable to use graphing calculators. They also miss out on the basics of set theory and the ability to use the logic of proofs in advanced math. Yes, the rules are important, but rules become 'religion' and they fail to reach the all-important heart of the student. Has anyone noticed that the majority of their students don't attend Christian colleges or go into Christian work? I speak from year of being on the inside of the organization.
10/25/2009parentThe school was wonderful. I'm a military wife and mother of three; this was by far the best school our children ever went too. A+ teachers and staff.
10/17/2009studentI went to PCA from K5-12th grade. I graduated in '07 and must say that I got an excellent education there! PCA prepared so well for college. As far as I'm concerned, the education elementary students get is second to none. True there are some rather strict rules for middle school on up but overall it's a great school. I plan on putting my kids there someday.
4/26/2009parentMy oldest child attended PCA after completing 5th grade is public school. Now I will send my other 2 children there as well. Academically PCA is better than the public schools no doubt. I just wonder why more of their graduates aren't trying for Ivy League colleges....I haven't figured that one out yet!
4/1/2009parentI have grown up in the Pensacola area & PCA has always had a reputation of being very strict but my daughter attends & loves it. The school is very clear & concise in their mission of education & as a parent you know where you stand...as it is stated in the school manuel 'it is a privledge to attend not a right.' My daughter has told me at times the rules are strict but has no problems & has had exceptional teachers. I have inquired to her teachers regarding what my daughter has told me as strick rules & most of the time I have realized the rules are there for a reason. Yes as with all schools there are teachers who are very cool but on the whole most are caring & nuturing. I wouldn't discredit a school entirely based on their policies I would also consider the academic.
2/12/2009studentthis school has the best religion, but let me say, this school is a little bit strict. other than that, it is an awesome school!!!
12/17/2008studentI went to PCA for three years I graduated in 2003. I previously was home schooled and also went to public. I do not agree with all their rules, I did what I wanted to outside of school and did what they asked when I was there. There teachers are great they do their best to give everyone what they need and help everyone individually I could not have asked for a better education. This is a really good school because of the education and because they actually instill morals and ethics in kids.
11/20/2008studentive been taking the a beka coriculum ever since i was in second grade and i simply love it im now in eighth . if you compare this to schools in the area of pennsylvania i live we are two years a head of what the nearest puplic school is teaching
7/19/2008studentI am a student at PCA, and although it is a very strict school, I have found that I love it. I don't agree with some of their rules, but you will never find a school that is perfect. I don't see the purpose of the girls wearing skirts, but I would rather go through that than go to a public school where the academics are very poor compared to PCA and not get good grades in college. Over all, I am glad that my parents transfered me and my 4 siblings to PCA.
6/20/2008otheri went to this this school since 6th grade and now i am in 12th i honestly say that the faculty and the teachers were not as i expected actually were not very great in their teachings in my perspective.
4/12/2008studenteven though i only know the school through my Abeka DVD homeschool program, I can tell the teachers really care about the students and their success...and there are great acdemics ( I was reading books on my own in Pre-K 3!!! and I, personally, am WAY ahead of other kids my age in every area of academics.) , I really wish I could go to this school, but I enjoy learning along with it at home just as well...
12/6/2007parentthis school is absolutely unbelievable! I've often wondered on these reviews if it was somone from the school putting in the kudos! But I am a real parent. My daughter attended from PreK-2nd grade and unfortunately we have to transfer. I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about her not attending the school. Everything is absolutely organized, you feel that your child is safe and well taken care of and when you walk thru the halls the spirit of the Lord is there. They have strict rules but it's worth it and the price of the school was cheaper than what I paid for daycare on a military base. My child was reading in Pre-K and writing in cursive. I just can't say enough about the school. It will surpass the dreams you have for your child. A seed will be planted.
11/14/2007former studentI attended PCA from kindergarden until the 12th grade. yes the facilities were nice when we changed buildings, and the teachers were 'kind' but the parent involvement was none. After leaving this facility and being a member of society, it quickly became apparent that i was in no way prepared for the outside world. Also not to mention the fact that the administrative faculty strongly disagreed with scholarships to other colleges other than PCC. I do not under any circumstances agree with their teachings and feel unprepared by the outside world by their inadequacies.
6/12/2007studentI am currently a student at PCA and I do enjoy the school because they have wonderful teachers and I do enjoy the academic programs.I am involved in the orchestra and piano lessons.I especially enjoy orchestra.I think the parent involvement could be a bit better.Mostly everyone there is wonderful and kind.The school and staff are great but the rules are a little too strict.
3/10/2007parentMy child attended this school from Pre-K through first grade. We enjoyed every minute of it. Although we have moved away, PCA set the ground for my son's learning. The teachers were always willing to aid and I enjoyed that we were not slapped with having to volunteer or sell products but once a year. It was a wonderful experience and we especially enjoyed the Kindergarten graduation. That was a highlight of our time at PCA. The school has its quirks such as the dress code for upper student girls, however I can not speak for the upper school as we only attended through first grade.
8/9/2006parentRegarding parent involvement...Unlike the public schools, PCA doesn't seem to have a need for extra help from parents at the classroom level...Much parental involvment is needed with the homework and projects. Parents are asked to contribute items to class parties and help with candy sales. We are invited to monthly Parent teacher meetings (PTM's) and assemblies. The difference is that PCA seems to have an endless supply of college 'Teachers in training' from their college next door that assist the teachers in any way they need. The teachers and college students adhere to the same dress code as the students, and behave very professionally.I feel they may fear how some parents may dress and act. They do have high standards, and do not tolerate misbehavior.
8/2/2006parentI abslutely love this school , this was the best thing that ever happen to my children , the only thing I dont like about the school, is there is not alot of parent envolment , I really dont like that. But the education is great!
5/6/2006parentI had heard many great things about this school and have personally found this to be true. I feel a chrisitan based education is the best education a parent can give their child. Pensacola Christian has made a positive impact on my child. The academic quality is great and the spiritual education is priceless.
5/1/2006parentVery stringent in ideology.
4/30/2006parentI have 2 children enrolled at PCA.(K-4 and 1st grade) The school has a wonderful phonics program. My first grader is a very strong reader because of this. And my 4 yr. old is reading amazingly and not sight reading like it is taught in public school. The school is very disciplined and the classes are taught very efficiently and the children respect the teachers. The one negative issue is that they don't encourage parent involvement.
3/23/2006parentThis is a very diverse school with a great academic program. The school grounds resemble a college campus and is gated to insure the childrens safety. This school offers a quality christian education for grades k4-12using the Abeka Christian Education books and they also offer continuing education at the Pensacola Christian College located right next door.

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