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Seminole High School
2701 Ridgewood Ave
Sanford, FL 32773
(407) 320-5050
public | PK, 9-12
County: Seminole


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11/1/2012parentOur son graduated from Seminole last year. He had been in the IB program, hoever, thank goodness we took him out. He told us that kids in the program were so stressed out they used drugs to relax. This is a big price to pay for education. Our son was bullied on a daily basis and when we contacted the school administration they did try to help. Unfortunately, when a student turns in another student for bullying it only makes that situation worse. My advice, find another school. I wish we had.
10/31/2012parentAmazing, I'd written a review recently as a parent and someone who can spell,etc., and it's nowhere to be found here....suffice it to say, I think SHS has major issues, and I want to take my son out of this school.....they have ZERO parental communication despite my being a volunteer, and easily accessible. I'm always contacted by phone when my son, who is in marching band, misses a single period when he has to perform at a pep rally; I get a call from school, but not when he's in danger of failing a class. Yes, I know, use Skyward, but I work 2 jobs besides take care of everything at home, call me about something CORRECT & that matters. That's the tip of the iceberg. Drugs? YES! Bullies/gangs? Absolutely, particularly to the girls. You going to censor me again? I'm cc'ing various other boards this time......
3/10/2012otherThere is a certain type of bond that we, the students at seminole have with the school. A bond that no one can break. Seminole is our heart and our soul. The academics at seminole high are outstanding 10/10! Amazing teachers in standard, honors, advanced placement, and IB. These teachers know how to build strong relationships with us students and teach us with great understanding. If you wish to finish off the last 4 years of your child's grade school life here, you have made the right choice. I hope my review influenced some curious wanderers of the internet.
7/28/2011otheri dont really understand why parents send there students to seminole, im going there now and im scared everyday because of how dangerous the students are i highly told the princabal but he did nothing. please what ever you do, do not send your student here you will regret it!! i mean to describe the life at seminole the students walk all over the staff and have broken every rule they have, violence is everywhere you look.
3/10/2011otherthis school is not the best. I am a sophmore at seminole and in the honors program. none of the teachers can control there classroom and the adminastration only cares about you if your in the IB or health program. The security is poor and so is the adminastration. I've actually been looking into dif. schools because i'm over seminole.
9/30/2010otherI am a student in the Academy of Health Careers at SHS. The Academy is, I think, the best program Seminole has to offer. The teachers are caring and extremely well trained. They seem to go out of their way to make the students feel welcome and cared about. The principal is always present around the campus and that fact, along with strong administration, makes the school safe. With AP and honors classes, along with the IB program, Seminole has the best, and some of the most challenging, academics in the county. The extracurricular activities are outstanding as well. I am a member of the Band and the school's weight lifting team.
10/6/2009parentThe teachers are tougher. Parent involvement (e-mail). The school provides healthier lunch's.
9/15/2009parentI love Seminole High for the opportunities it provides to my children, Both of my children, one a senior and one a sophmore this year are in the IB program at Seminole HIgh. It is a very challenging and rewarding program with well trained, wonderful, caring and supportive teachers and counselors. Thumbs up to Seminole High and all it has to offer.
9/15/2009studentSeminole High school has opened many doors for me through the IB program. I am a senior at Seminole and participate on their lacrosse team. The IB teaching staff have been so helpful and informative in the 4 years I have attended Seminole. We also happen to be the 2008-2009 High School Football State Champs! GO NOLES!
1/10/2009parentGo Noles! I am not only a parent of soon-to-be 3 graduates of Seminole and 1 getting ready to enter the Academy of Health Careers next year, but I am also a 1985 graduate from Seminole. Seminole was a great school there, with an undeserving reputation, but is a much, much better school now. Finally, after so many years of being neglected by the School Board, Seminole gained what it always deserved...recognition for its great education, great diversity, great extra curricular activities, great teachers and great leadership. For so many years schools in the north end of Seminole County have been neglected due to the 'location.' Because of the desegregation law suit imposed on Seminole county several years ago, these schools have been given the attention and resources they so well-deserved years ago. Academy of Health Careers is the way to go. Mrs. Maguire is the best. Go Noles!
9/13/2008parentSeminole High is a very diversified school with excellent programs (IB & Health Academy). Seminole County, FL has made wise choices with regards to administration which makes this the best 'academic' county in FL. Go 'Noles!!! Go 'Noles!!!
9/4/2008studenti love it; it has a great enviorment to the whole campus
7/8/2008parentI have a daughter in the IB who will be a senior, and I have a son who is in the Health Academy. I am also a Alumni of Seminole High I love this school and with teh direction of Walt Griffin at Millineium Middle and then to SHS and now over sees all the Secondary Schools for Seminole County this county will blossom. It already teh best in Central Florida but I would like to see it teh best in Florida. For anyone new to the school or been in Seminole district their whole lifes my suggestion is get involved in extra curricluar activities. There is something for everyone. THIS SCHOOL IS GREAT!
10/30/2007parentMy son is a freshman at Seminole in the IB Program. He loves the program and says what he loves is that the school has many traditions that are carried out year to year. I find him to have increased motivation and drive since starting here. The school had a mandatory summer class that helped him to define his goals and learn organizational and study skills. I would suggest that if you are considering sending your child here, that you encourage them to attend either the IB Program or the Health Academy. Like any school this one has its share of kids who are not motivated and who are a disruptive element. My son is a member of the Pride of the Tribe, Marching Seminoles and is loving every minute of it. The School's population has a welcome diversity allowing the kids and parents to learn about one another.
10/22/2007studentSeminole High School is probably the best high school in seminole county. It has gone from a D school to a B in only two years. I am currently enrolled and I enjoy going to school. I have been in both IB and honors level classes and recive a great education. My teachers are smart, witty, fun, and not at all rude. The kids there are great there is always something fun going on. The school offers a ton of extracurricular actvities. I am in 5 after school activities, including The Pide of the Tribe Marching Seminoles. Take my word this school rocks.
9/9/2007former studentI am a former graduate of Seminole high school and I am filled with Noles Pride. In response to the comments made about our performing arts dept, we are the best in Seminole County. But what these commentators don't understand is we sing and excel in choral and popular music. All schools in Seminole county audition for Disney's Candlelight Processional and Seminole high school is always given the most accolades and the most shows. Not to mention the fact that our teachers are overwhelmed with jobs offers from other schools because they want the legacy in the dance and choral programs that Seminole has. But our teachers will never leave Seminole because it is where their hearts are. The thing all these outsiders fail to realize is that Seminole has the same issues other schools face; however, what we have that they don't is the undeniable pride in every Nole.
5/24/2007former studentSince 2003 the FCAT scores have steadily climbed in all areas. It is a safe and diverse school filled with caring teachers. Hard work is required of all students.
7/6/2006studentI as student of seminole am so proud of our school! With the leadership of Mr. Griffin, our principal, it has come so far. Facts don't lie, in just two years this school has gone from a D to a B school. Seminole has a nice blend of students and activities to be involved in. Yes, there are some students who honestly don't care about their education, and sometimes hender the classroom experience, but I've been in IB, honors, and one regular class, and have learned from all of them. Many people blame the teachers for the lack of education, but it is the student's responsibility to want to learn. There are a few teachers who may not be the best for the job, but with teachers like Mr.Vong, Mrs.Prom, Mr.Hernandez, Mr.Whitman, Mr.Scolfield, Mrs.Meahl, and so many more who have taugh me so much. I'm proud of Seminole High. -Lani Milton
5/7/2006parentSeminole is probably one of the worst high schools in Seminole County. The staff is rude and uncaring, the principal really does not care. If you are not IB you are not receiving a good education. It is frightening what goes on at this school and a huge reason why I took my child out.
5/1/2006parentMy daughter has only been attending Seminole High School for a few months, and I have been mostly satisfied. One bone of contention I have is that I have left numerous messages, and IF they return calls, it is days, maybe weeks later. My daughter has one teacher that after 3 messages, still hasn't returned my call. That needs to change! In resonse to some of the other postings----- Parents are responsible for the way their children behave at school. We can only ask the teachers to be back-up for us as parents. Why are we blaming the teachers for the actions and disrubtions caused by the students? Parents need to step up to the forefront and take responsibility for their children, so teachers can do their job and teach and not have to spend so much time disciplining our children.
1/24/2006parentIB program is one of the most academicly challenged programs. Excelllent for college.
1/6/2006parentMy child was in the regular classes. She could barely learn because of the amount of students that didn't want to be there. They back talked the teachers, they interrupted the teachers which made it hard to focus. I took my daughter out of this school.
1/6/2006former studentI was a former student of seminole highschool. I think that it is totally unsafe unless you are in an acadamy. I used to be in the health dept. until I realized that wasn't what I wanted. It was very safe and the teachers were very supportive and caring. When I got into mainstream classes, it was horrible. Most of the teachers don't care. Kids would yell and talk back to teachers which made the teachers distracted. I didn't learn to much. I felt unconfortable everywhere. I am not one to get involved in confrontation but you have to be careful what you do or say because most of these kids don't care what happens to them, they will do anything to hurt someone. I would strongly advise you check this school out before you send your child there.
11/23/2005parentThe IB program is great especially the mathematics dept particularly Mr. Vong. Improvement needed in the psychology dept.
9/22/2005studentI love attending this school. There is so much spirit and pride and there is always something to do with clubs, sports, performing groups, dances, shows, etc. There are a lot of partents involved in the school function and the function of the many extracurriculars; the parents head the funding for the sports teams and other booster related associations.
7/27/2005studentI am not a parent here I go to Seminole High and honestly , I feel this school was the best choice to make out of the other school's in the area. At first I was pretty scared to think I'm going to Seminole , because of all the stories I heard, but it turned out to be awsome! We have the best Principal in the state and he has really made us improove alot, you can really tell. I am currently in a few of our extracurricualr activities , they include : soccer , show chior, acting , lacrosse, etc. The point is that we have great extracurricular / academic programs. Seminole high school is an awsome school!
4/9/2005parentQuality of programs is questionable based on FCAT results 2004 as a 'D' school. The IB program offers a very challenging college prep program if you child is inclined.
12/5/2004studentSeminole High School is great.
11/12/2004studentI am currently a freshman at Seminole High school's IB program and I have read some of these reviews. They are apalling! Did you notice how most of the negative reviews are from people who do not actually go to this school and experience it. Although I have not been in this school very long, I am aware of its rep and other things. I have friends in every other public school in the county and all of their schools have many of the same problems as SHS does. Another thing I had a problem with was how people are saying rude things about the music program. Chorus, which I am glad to be a part of, does not teach music theory i agree with that but if we wanted to learn that we would be in that class. I just think that everyone should give this school a chance. Thanks.
6/28/2004parentThis school is huge with over burdened facilities. A recent principal change should make a lot of difference but the realy change must come from the students and the parents. The classes are very large (30+ in an honors Geometry class)and the teachers are stressed out from many being floating teachers. The school is in the middle of an undesirable part of town and is not very safe. The music programs leave much to be desired especially the vocal program where the students are not taught correct vocal techniques but jsut to sing loudly and bring home awards. Band is fairly good but some of the teaching needs work, there is not a lot of positive aspects in the band program. There is an orchestra program that is being taught by a clarinettist with only string methods as background. There is an IB program on campus but it isn't necessary.
3/23/2004former studentI am a former student of Seminole and i am now a member of the United States Air Force. I enjoyed my time at Seminole High School and i have no regrets of my attendence there. You take the bad with the good. And at seminole it was mostly good memories. A great school and above all else its in a great community with great people. Go Noles!!
2/23/2004parentI just finished reading the reviews of Seminole High and felt like I must add mine. I have one child that graduated last year, one attending currently and three more to attend in coming years. Yes, there are some problems at Seminole High School, but no more than any other high school in the county. We have great teachers, we have some not so great, we have great kids,we have some not so great. That is the way it is in high school. I have never been afraid to send my child to Seminole High School. I am not afraid to drive there either as someone else indicated. I do not think the problems lies with the administration or teachers. Any problems lie with the Seminole County School Board. Until such time as the School Board puts its faith in Seminole HS, we will have the reputation as not being the best. Last, but not at all least, is the parents. The parents at SHS need to be involved in their childs education and be present at the school and then we will see more changes. I will continue to be happy to send my child to Seminole High School.
2/19/2004former studentI am a graduate of Seminole High School. I am now graduating from college and getting ready to attend graduate school. I am appalled by the comments that have been made about Seminole. One would hope that parents would embrace the diversity of a school such as Seminole because in all actuality it models that of society. The performing arts program is nationally ranked. The IB program, AP classes, Health Academy and Honors classes allow for students to excel in education. The teachers are supportive and highly involved inside and outside of the classroom. I would not trade my experiences at Seminole for the world. If you wish your student to have a first rate education where they can develop emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially then send them to Seminole. If you prefer them to be sheltered and have everything handed to them, then send them elsewhere.
1/8/2004studentSeminole campus is filled with many ethnic groups, religious beliefs and much more. Speaking as an African American, I m sure that if I would have attend any other school I would have not been able to be myself. Not once have I been put down for my belief or race. I feel Seminole High is the best school around far as safety, discipline, and anything else you may name. No matter what school you attend there will be problems. I have had some of the best teachers at Seminole. When I say the best I mean teachers that come to do there job. Teachers that mean what they say. Teachers from the old school now in day s students hate teaches like that. Schools are for learning to better yourself and to teach what needs to be taught. So please make sure you have done your job by teaching your child how to behave if every parent takes that time to do that schools would run more smoother.
11/18/2003parent I am not only a graduate of seminole,but am also the parent of a freshman. Although I was somewhat excited for her to go my old school, I am now sorry that I sent her there.
10/9/2003otherI attended SHS. Class of 99!! I was a health academy student and about halfway though I decided it wasn't for me and went back into mainstream classes so I've seen both sides of the school and I think it's a great place to be. The choir, dance, and band are excellent and award winning. I never felt unsafe (unless you venture off school property, it is located in a horrible area) but I mostly wanted to address that I recently moved out of state and an attending college and I an doing wonderfully, unlike the students from other areas. The local high schools here are inadequate...at best. I didn't enjoy going to high school, but I don't think I could have attended one that would have better prepared me in all situations. So, isn't that what HS is about, preparation for life??
9/10/2003otherI graduated from Seminole High School in 2001 and I am utterly appalled by some of the comments that I have read on this site regarding the school. I can without a doubt say that my four years at Seminole were the best four years of my life. I have found no other school that is more of a family than Seminole. Mrs. Coleman is an amazing woman. She brings the student body together in good times and in bad. She and her staff are the glue that holds the family together. I have also never came across a group of teachers as dedicated as these. They make it their goal to help the students and make a difference in their lives. It pains me to see such irreverent stereotypes regarding Seminole continuing to be passed on to our community by those who do not even take the opportunity to become an interacting member of the family that is Seminole High School.
9/9/2003otherI graduated from Seminole in 2002. I have to say that overall, it's not a bad school. What caught my eye was the class size. I don't know how much could have changed in a year, but when I attended school the class size was nowhere near 24 students. 5 of my 7 classes were filled with 35+ students. There were times when there were so many students in a class, kids had to stand or sit on the floor because there weren't enough desks for all of us!
8/31/2003parentThe Health and rigorous International Bac program are great. I hope the administration is working harder to make the school a safe environment during school and after school for tutoring and activity times.
8/25/2003former studentI'm not actually a parent; however, I was a former student of Seminole High School ergo, I believe that I am entitled to speak my opinion. I must say that I enjoyed attending this school for four years. It was an exhilarating experience in both education, fun, and in learning the values of life. There are so many types of students here with various cultural backgrounds. The learning never ends. It is no secret that Seminole High School has a bad reputation, but like someone once said in the overused and trite saying: 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'. I have never once felt unsafe or unhappy being at Seminole. I was a part of numerous extracurricular activities and clubs. Academic Excellence is stressed, and the encouragement of the teachers gives every student something to strive for. Students here have the opportunities to better themselves; what, with the International Baccalaureate Program and Health Academy, along with Advanced Placement Classes and Honors the ability to learn never ends. The atmosphere of the entire school including faculty and staff is one of a 'homey' feel. I don't think anyone who hasn't experienced being a Seminole firsthand should 'put down' the school. I was proud to be a Seminole...I still am.
7/11/2003former student I think there are much better schools out there, Seminole H.S. has teachers that aren't that involved with the students as far as them needing help during class....I don't feel they make the classes/schoolwork interesting enough to the kids, no wonder alot of kids don't like going to school...they also need to moniter the so-to-speak 'bullies', kids go through so much just growing up, they don't need kids making them feel worthless, that effects kids for years after highschool, I am 20 and still get butterflies just thinking about seminole high school...there should be more diciplinary action taken....
6/23/2003  SHS still has a long way to go to compete with the other county schools as far as classroom instruction and extracurricular activities are concerned. We always seem to get the short end of the stick as far as budget goes. (What happened to the construction that was slated to begin three years ago? Instead, more portables are brought in.) IB and Health Academy are impressive but regular mainstream instruction is lacking. Our student watches way too many movies and never seems to have homework or reports due. With Karen Coleman at the helm, leadership is strong and very school spirited. I feel it's one of the more conservative schools in the county and the students who attend are the kinds of kids I want my daughter interacting with. If given the choice to move to another school we would stay at SHS. Go Seminoles!
6/18/2003 Personally I feel this is the unsafest school in Seminole County. After viewing the campus several time during a year, also seeing for myself students selling drugs on our Middle School campus, fights, language, even hitting parked cars, I feel it is totally unsafe. Even after reporting it several times I was told to bring a camera. I would hope we as parents would take a greater interest in High School as our children are still growing, and changing. Not take the position now that they are in High School they don't matter. I wish to transfer out of Seminole but as this is not an option unless I move, which I feel unfair we had chosen her elementary school and Middle School, we should have been provided the same curtesy over High School. I have tried speaking to the school board and several others, the response was more then dissappointing. I feel they really don't care if you are willing to drive your child to another school or not you have no choice, or was not given a choice because it is the only choice. At this point I feel we are being forced to send my child to this High School, we deserve a choice, or at least the curtsy of a conference. Many may feel I am harsh but I have one child and have seen much with my own eyes. I am not impressed with the school. No respect is shown to the child or the parents. No one wishes to speak to a parent or help one, at least I have found no one yet. I understand now why so many parents opt for home schooling over this school, as I myself know of 9 parents unwilling to place there children in this school, nor have they gotten the curtosy of a responce when coming to them about transfer.
6/18/2003 As a family we are very happy with Seminole High. They have a very dedicated and caring staff who are all working to give the students a quality education. The family atmosphere is a reflection of the team spirit all Seminole's strive to exhibit. Great school.
4/18/2003 Seminole has it's high points and it's low points. From the outside it is not to pleasing to the eye and it is in a somewhat not good neighborhood but inside students get more of a taste of the real world because they are not babied whatsoever. They see things there that may happen in the real world. There are all types of people there that the students may not get to see in other schools that only include upper-middle class caucasian students or lower class hispanic students or whatever the case may be. Some would see the diversity of seminole as a bad thing but what people need to do is look on the bright side and see what the students get out of the experiences that they have at seminole high school.

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