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Polo Park Middle School
11901 Lake Worth Rd
Wellington, FL 33449
(561) 333-5500
public | 6-8
County: Palm Beach


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentNew year and the new principal is making needed academic changes such as more focus on learning less on free time. Mrs. Clark is starting strong and it shows. Nn
8/18/2012otherPolo park is a great school the teachers are great and the campus is nice and big. I am a student of 2011-2012 and going back for 2012-2013. Some of the teachers I do not agree with but we work it out and I still get a good grade for the semester. The only thing I would change is the fact that you can only take Spanish in you 8th grade year but other than that i give it a thumbs up. It is very diverse and I haven't actually witnessed any bully but there are good people there just a few that always star drama. The dress code is amazing. We also recently got a new principal and I hope she is a good one too. GOOO STALLIONS !!
4/10/2012otherI went to PPMS for my sixth grade year and had a wonderful time. There is nothing wrong with this school. Everyone is treated fairly, and the teachers really care. I personally thnk it's the best school in Palm Beach County. Also, they go on lots of fun trips (all grades).
12/20/2011otherI have been at this school since 6th grade and I cannot say much about this school. Sure the teachers are nice and some of the students but there is no control or organization. The teachers do not have control over the students and some classes have gotten to be a disaster, and we dont get the required learning. Some people say the bulling is all outside the school but the truth is the teachers never pay attention to whats going on in classes, in the cafeteria, in the halls and on the bus. Teachers should try to be less ignorant and pay attention to what is always going on. One last thing is that the age groups should not be mixed. lots of older kids take advantage of the younger ones and it results in bulling which again teachers dont notice. I am at a new school now and i love it. There is not a lot of bulling and if there is any the teachers are very strict about it and solve the problem right away. The counselor is constantly talking to us about bulling and how to prevent it and why.
8/31/2011otheri love my new school polo park middle school. its great because every body is nice and never is bad to you. and this is my first time being at polo park . i love you polo park middle school!
8/24/2011parentI have been very happy with Polo Park. I've had 2 children here (1 still attending) My children have been very happy with their teachers (for the most part) I have always had great communication with every teacher I've needed to speak with in person or via email. The office staff including the counselors are always helpful and want what is best for the students. We've had several Principal's so can't really comment on what type of job they are doing, but my son is doing well and I'm happy and he's happy.
7/29/2011otherI'm a student that just passed 6th grade going into 7th this year. Polo park is a very great school! And you should believe that coming from a student! the lunch is terrific, 6 grade teachers are super nice and so is our staff and principals and assitent principal! I had a great time at Polo park and for the first time in MY life! I actually wanted to be back in school! I Love Polo Park!:D
5/18/2011otherThis school is truly horrid. Bullying and gangs are huge issues and the teachers do not care whatsoever. If you are a good parent you won't send your child to this school. If I had to rate it 1-10 I'd give it a -14. It is HORRIBLE! So much drama and fights happen and the kids are never under control. Don't send your child to this school!!!!
3/23/2011parentMy child's best friend go's to this school. The homework is very reasonable and the school is very clean and the students are very polite and kind. She is going to be in 6th grade next year and her friend is going to be in 7th so i'm going to to also put our daughter in the school next school year!
1/11/2011parentThis school is amazing! It's not perfect but all in all, the administrators and teachers do an awesome job of keeping a bevy of middle schoolers engaged in learning. This is a clean, safe and fun environment. It is technologically up-to-date. The principal is accessible to parents and students alike. Other staff are quick to return a call. Quite a few of the teachers are inspired and that positive outlook impacts the students. The biggest report card is student behavior. The kids are definitely kids but they are polite, knowledgeable and funny. Compared with many crumbling, violent middle schools filled with apathetic children who are treated like inmates, Polo Park is a paradise. Count your blessings before you complain.
1/19/2010parentMy child is a student here. She likes the school a lot. I have no complaints as far as peer pressure. She made the Honor Roll and teachers seem to make the transition from elementary to middle manageable for the kids. I am happy.
1/16/2010parentThis is the worst school my child ever attended. The academics are very poor. The students do not have homework, therefore they do not get involved in school work and learning. Most teachers do not seem to care much for the students and some teacher talked to them with lack of respect using vulgar words.
5/25/2009parentI've had 3 children attend this school and would highly recommend it. Actually all the wellington schools are A rated and I would definitely agree.
5/23/2009studentive been going to polo park in 6th 7th and 8th grade its not what it use to be. all you have to do is stay away from the wrong crowd and you'll be fine the teachers are extremly nice and the students are really friendly
2/11/2009studentas a student at polo park middle school i can honetly say that there are no longer and gangs. the teachers are involved and understanding, the students are friendly and just love to have a good time. There are pleanty of after school activitys to keep students busy. The sports program is undiscribible. The baseball and softball are county champs. As a sixth grader and i was extremly nervous about attending a new school ( i was at panther run last year, also a great school)
11/14/2008studentI went here for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. I had the best time of my life at this school. The teachers were great and the classes were fun. I honestly miss it and wish I could go back. It such a great school and a really nice environment. BEST SCHOOL A+
10/18/2008teacherI have been teaching at the school since it's inception. I must say that I honestly would not work anywhere else. Some of the reviews are very unfair and completely one sided. While most schools have it's faults, and this one not being an exception, I believe the postivies far out weigh the negatives. I personally have had nothing but excellent students and positive experiences throughout my 8 years. My advice to all is to do your homework and find out about the teacher your child has. Stay involved and demand results for your child. If youare not informed or involved you have no one to blame but yourself. Ask other parents, ask oher students and go to parent meet your teacher night. We have great teachers at Polo Park but admittedly there are not-so great teachers as well. In the end the greatest teacher for your child is YOU.
4/3/2008studentMost of the Gang stufff is gone now they starting to imporve. When I was in 6th grade there was to many gangs now there are barly any. I had some problems but if you know who to talk to your problems go away fast. The teachers there are understanding. Intesive reading has so of the best teachers ever and so dose math and history.The teachers know what they are doing and Help the syudents when need.The school is a Fabulous school, and there is only about 900 students most who are very friendly. This is a above average school.
3/8/2008parentThis school has gone downhill since Mrs. Gregory left. I had one son in there with her and one in there with the new Principal Mrs. Andrews. I am not happy with this school. There are some things that are good like updating Edline everyday, but others are terrible. Think twice before moving near this school!
3/8/2008studentQuite frankly the experience that one will gain from this school is based on what kind of classes you are in and how advance you are. I personally wenthere and was ok, to put it lightly. I had reasonable teachers, although many of them were spoiled and full of themselves, although they were very nice to us. But, the only reason as to why this was was because of the fact that I was in all advance classes. Now my younger brother was in the regular system and even some remedial classes. Now his teachers were horrible to him and his fellow students, they would only threaten to send them down to ISS (In-school suspession) opposed to teaching them anything. Now on both of our ends we agree that the Assistants principals are horrible, they do not want to actually work. So overall this school is definetly not the best choice.
2/13/2008studentI'm a current 8th grade student at Polo Park. People in my opinon either love it or hate it. It basically depends what 'crowd' you are in. Some of the teachers are caring, attentive, and respectful. The lunch system is horrible. We have to wait 30 minutes to buy a totally piece of pizza and then have 10 minutes to eat. Yes, this school is full of all types of crowds.
8/21/2007studentThe teacher dont care about the students, dont do anything to help them, and the very few extracurricular activities are very poor made. This is school is in need of new staff and especially a new Principal. The dicipline is also applied excesivly in the cafeteria, but none is applied outside the cafe. Fights occur frequently. The only thing that i did like about Polo was my 8th Grade science teacher and dismisall bell.
8/21/2007former studentAs a graduating student of Polo Park Middle School, I have come to realize that Polo Park does not deserve it's A raiting. With an exception of about two teachers, all of the staff are grumpy and unfreindly towards the students. There are no locker spaces for students, and hallways are overcrowded. Classes are spaced out, and it takes more than the 5 minutes they give us to change between classes. They provide little to no after school activites. And buses are nightmares to deal with. I strongly suggest you do not send your outstanding child to Polo Park.
6/29/2007parentPolo Park is a great school. There are problems in buses for every school. I take my child to school or have a friend take him. The math teachers are excellent. I highly recommend this school. If your child wants to learn, he/she will. Feel confident to send your child to Polo Park.
6/1/2007parentI must say I am very disappointed in this 'A' rated school. I would call on other parents to spend time at this school. The principal will pacify you but nothing will be solved. There are some great teachers here. Unfortunately, not enough to help my child. This school, only a small amount, has a gang influence. Walk around and see for yourself.
5/25/2007parentMy son is now finishing his 8th grade year. He has been there since 6th grade. He has done well at Polo. My daughter loves this school and has excelled academically and so has my son. I rate the new principal an A plus. Great job, Ms. Andrews!
5/10/2007parentThis is my son's 1st year at polo park. There has been nothing but bullying. He will not be going back for 7th and 8th grade.I am very disappointed at our school system. I thought wellington had the best but all we have is teachers that don't care and spoiled over indulged kids
4/28/2007parentOur daughter attended Polo Park Middle School Gifted Program and has gone on to be accepted into the prestigous Dreyfoos School of the Arts Program. Her experience at Polo Park was excellent. She had a passion for learning, loved the environment, and looked forward to going to school everyday. The principal was extremely positive and caring and her teachers were all highly qualified and attentive. As for problems on the bus and/or with behavior of some students, that is found everywhere, and is a good opportunity to teach your children how to focus on what counts in the midst of any chaos they may face in life and a great way for them to develop the tools they will need to navigate through life. ;-) Polo Park Middle School is as special as we thought it was, and the reason why we moved to Wellington from New York.
2/19/2007studentI've gone to this school for three years and I'm not satisfied. Our new principle is great but 8th graders and 6th graders don't get a rewarding field trip.
11/30/2006parentPolo Park has been a bad experience. I have been a school volunteer and room parent for 10 years and in my opinion 99% of the teachers and staff little or nothing about their students and their academic progress at Polo Park. I love schools but not Polo Park.
8/17/2006studentI think that the school is great its just the overcrowding and the behavioral problems on the bus the bus is like a zoo! If you send you child to this school I highly dont recommend the bus.
7/17/2006parentPolo park is a great school. I have to kids and they love it. And they have two step brother and sister that also go there and the say all the teachers are great and they enjoy learning. I am really happy that I had my children go to this school. It was a wonderful experiance to have them come home every day and explain what they would do and if I could I would help them with their homework if they needed it. Once again this is a great scool to send you child/children to. I am sure they will be in the best care a they possiably can be in. Please thake my experiance ino concideration. Thank you, vanessia
6/21/2006studentAs a student I think that polo park is the worst school.
6/19/2006parentMy child attended Polo Park this past year in the Gifted Program and it is a great school by Palm Beach County Standards. Our experience is that Edline is updated daily.
6/4/2006parentGOod School Great Teachers Poor Principal Support
4/17/2006parentSOME of the grade level office staff are unresponsive, irresponsible and incompetent. The few communications that do come home are often erroneous. Staff and teachers are more interested in keeping kids quiet and giving them busy work so the staff can pursue their own interests like chatting on cell phones, using the internet, or watching television during class time. Although there are a few effective teachers and staff there, I find that my concerns voiced to those in charge are never followed up on.
2/16/2006former studentI enjoyed this school very much I thought I learned alot. I learned all the basic subjects and received a variety of two elective classes of my choice. If I could choose a Middle School again Polo Park would be my number one choice.
2/2/2006parentI agree with the previous post. The school is a disaster. There are fights all of the time and little constructive response from the administration. Trying to contact the administration is also difficult. Phone calls are not returned and if one goes to the school to see an administrator, they are always in a meeting.
1/24/2006parentThis school is on the same par as you would find in an inner city. The teachers don't teach. The children don't learn. My son did get a perfect score on the FCAT's in consecutive years, but it had nothing to do with Polo Park.
1/20/2006parentI would advise parents to avoid sending their children to this school if at all possible. The administrative personnel are non-responsive to children and parents alike. They do not return calls. If you want your child/children to be in a good learning environment, this is the last place you want to send them.
11/26/2005parentThe academic programs at Polo Park prepare students for high school. Extra Curricular programs go begging for staff sponsorship with the exception of chorus, sports, and cheerleading. My children love to go to school. Behavioral issues are generally mild and delt with fairly. As is true with all Palm Beach County Schools, the enrollment is large (1600+) but they are ahead of the curve in limiting class sizes to well below 25 in most cases.
10/28/2005parentMy son attended Polo Park for grades 6-8 and graduated to high school two years ago. He was required to take a remedial math course to improve his FCAT score, which I thought was a great idea. Unfortunately, there was no classroom for the class and they had to meet in a large storage closet inside another classroom. The Intensive Math teacher showed Disney videos 2-3 days per week (for the entire class) instead of using the time to teach the students math. When I questioned the teacher about this policy, I was told that he normally rewarded the students with a movie every other day if they worked hard in class. My son entered high school very unprepared for Algebra I or any FCAT improvement. Luckily, some excellent math teachers in high school have made up for what was seriously lacking in this math program at Polo Park.
10/22/2005parentPolo Park is the best school my daughter has gone to! She is in the gifted program and she has the best teachers! She has so many friends and loves it! Its just a wonderful school!
6/21/2005teacherPolo Park is a great school with a lot of hard working teachers. There are a lot of extracurricular activities available to students. Pass program for students who are struggling.
1/24/2005former studentI spent three years at Polo parka and I have no complaints. The staff is awesome and the envirmento is safe,caring and set for laerning.
8/11/2004parentCommunication between school administrators and parents is sorely lacking. The expectation that 11-year-olds be responsible for all communication to and from school is naive. Contacting teachers is very diffucult. Few use the Edline system. The school's web site has not been updated since May 2003.
7/26/2004former studentPolo Park is a very well organized school with wonderful teachers. I was there for 3 years & we had the best time we could possibly have as teenagers. There are multiple fights but they are dealed with quickly & the fights arent talked about too much which keeps all of us focused for our classes & learning enviroment. The schools activites are great for learning but, also fun which is why we are always excited to enter each class. There are lots of sports to choose from at Polo Park which keeps alot of us young ones out of trouble so I would definately recommend this school too many friends & as well as their parents. The prinicple Mrs.Gregory is great! Ive known her for 9 years and everyone of her students have grown to love her her like we love our parents!
3/10/2004former studentThis school is like a zoo. I work for a large fortune 500 company and have not experienced the politcs or red-tape as I did while my son attended this school. Fighting is everywhere, if your child is assaulted and he/she fights back forget they will be suspended. Who can learn under these conditions!
8/26/2003parentpolo park is one of the best middle schools around.The principal is wonerful and runs a tight ship, as well as being fair.I would highly recomend this school.
8/19/2003parentI have to agree with the other parent. My son was there and always talking about fights and the trouble. The teachers are great but cant do much becuase of overcrowding. If your kid is a special needs, the wonderful ESE team will take more then one school year to handle the problem if they do it at all. But they are so nice at pacifying you. They will sooner send your child off to another school then admit they couldnt or wouldnt help, or didnt have the man power to help.

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