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Country Isles Elementary School
2300 Country Isles Rd
Weston, FL 33326
(754) 323-5250
public | PK-5
County: Broward


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/16/2010parentIt starts with the Principal and V. Principal's positive attitude that spreads to the teachers. This positive attitude is contagious and the students thrive helping them to be confident about themselves. The strong family involvement and the open communication with family is priceless. This attitude continues in the after care program.
5/14/2010parentCountry Isle Elementary School is a beautiful school that offers its students the very best in education as well as special events to enrich the childrens' lives. It is obvious the teachers really care and love the students. The PTA works hard to offer physical and fiinancial support I simply adore my daughter's 4th grade teacher, as well as every teacher she's had to date. You can tell that the principal, Mrs. Tonya Frost is passionate about the welfare of her students and staff. Even though CIE is an older school its creativity and commitment overcomes every obstacle. My daughter is a straight A student and that's because CIE nurtures her and helps to develope a young lady who will make a difference in this world... because CIE makes a difference in her.
5/13/2010parentMy son and I love Country Isles because of their outstanding and knowledgeable teachers and staff. They are very structured and detailed oriented. They have an entusiasthic attitude that makes the kids happy to go to school and I think that is what is all about.
5/13/2010parentI love Country Isles Elementary School because of the very devoted teachers. They are excellent and really go out of their way to help each child with their individual needs. You can tell that they really care. They also accommodate parents very well also. The staff is also very professional and always helpful. The school is also very unique with its special programs like Winterfest. It is also very well maintained.
5/13/2010parentWe love this school because it has a great sense of community, great layout with the central area being a wonderful outdoor quad with a garden, and the teachers and staff have been there for years and seem happy. All that and an A+ school!
5/13/2010parentBecause the teachers and staff make our kids their number one priority.
5/13/2010parentIt's a wonderful place for our children to grow and learn. The teachers and staff are dedicated and enthusiastic and take the schools motto, 'educating responsible citizens' to heart.
5/13/2010parentIn Country Isles everybody truly cares, great staff and dedicated teachers. For my family this school is a special blessing.
5/11/2010parentBecause Teachers and Staff are working hard to guarantee that they 'Teach to the whole Child' and NOT just to the Test! Parent Task Forces have been created to run independent Art & Reading programs to leave no child behind and to compensate for Budgetary shortages. We are developing a Legislative arm of the PTA to stay abreast of new laws, budgets and reductions so as to be able to be proactive and find ways to supplement so our children don't pay the biggest price of bloated Government waste and bureauocracy. We have a heavy emphasis on Recycling and are focused on using our Corporate and Community resources to make sure that every child has the same enriching programs to supplement their core subjects.
2/8/2010parentI like this school. I was a bit nervous after reading all the reviews but after half a year with my son in Kindergarten I am very impressed. I love his teacher and believe he is learning at a great academic pace. Great school!
5/24/2009parenti think this a good school,i am not to impress with the 4th grade this year.My daughter is not gifted but she is not being challenged enough. I also feel some of the 5th grade teachers donot prepare the kids enough for middle school unless you are in the gifted class. My daughter definitley did not recieve enough in 4th grade this year,i purchased a book to give her extra work.Overall it is a great school to start off,i just think it needs to step it up in the higher grades.
5/19/2009parentI can not say anything negative. Country Isles Elementary has been wonderful in my daughter's education she had special needs and the school was able to provide her with all the tools and experienced teachers to make her succeed and level up. She is going to second grade. She is doing GREAT!. Great communication with the teachers.
6/1/2008parentMy daughter is going to 4th grade. The teachers and staff are excellent. I like that they get the parents involved in alot of things. The aftercare is excellent. I love this school and would recommend it to anyone
10/9/2007parentMy son attends Country Isles Elementary and absolutely loves it! He is in his second year and I feel confident and comfortable with the academic curriculum and the with the teachers.
6/10/2006parenttwo of my children attended this school for 1-5 grade. we loved the teachers, all of whom gave special attention to our children when they needed it. the teachers were very good at alerting us to school activities and telling us when our children needed some help with a subject. the staff can be a little stuffy at times (the Weston Effect) but overall, a great school.
3/25/2006former studentExperienced teachers and friendly staff. Music, art programs are very good. Safe and quiet atomosphere. Parent involvement is good.
1/23/2006parentCountry Isles has been a positive experience for my daughter, largely because of the teachers she has had so far. Most of the teachers are very good, and some are superstars. She is in the gifted program which has been 'overhauled' recently. Without this effort we would have moved her to a different school, but the new principal seems to be very committed to making this school the very best it can be.
11/4/2005parentExcellent school woth exceptional programs for challenged students.
8/31/2005parentCountry Isles is a good school which offers an array of programs. CIA offers quality academic programs with qualified teachers to implement the programs.
7/2/2005parentThe teachers at Country Isles are wonderful. They care about my children and both of my children are getting an excellent education. This is a terrific school. Also, there is a very active parent association at the school so I always feel included and welcome to help in classrooms and in school activities. This has been a super experience for my kids and me!
6/1/2005parentMy son has been through K-5 at this school mostly in the special ed environment. Now my younger son is finishing first grade. I have nothing but great things to say about this school. The teaching staff and administration are the best!
5/17/2005parentOur children have learned a lot at Country Isles. The teachers are very good and the children are behaved for the most part. The lunchroom is very scary. I have no idea how anyone eats. The tables are so dirty, as is the floor. The noise level is unbearable. There isn't any teachers to supervise and the children go crazy. Also, the teachers are very impersonal toward the parents. They show little empathy in a variety of situations. They believe rules are rules without ever considering trying to understand or hear out individual circumstances. School has become a more of an impersonal factory, everyone at Country Isles is a number not a person. The cold impersonal attitude is reflected in the front office. Don't expect to see a smile or be remembered from one day to the next. I think this school is an unfortunate sign of the times.
3/22/2005parentDon't be fooled by the Fcat scores. Country Isles is the only school in the area with special programs for kids with learning disabilities and the scoring doesnt discriminate this fact. Probably one of the best schools in Weston, Country Isles provides a healthy eviroment for growing kids. Most teachers are excellent; others fall on the average category but with a good overall support of the schools this has very little effect on the overall picture. You can sense a lot of good will among staff and parents making this school a pleasure to belong to.
1/30/2005parentWonderful teachers and suppport staff!
10/5/2004parentI think the administration sets the tone of the school. It's a very nurturing environment for my first grader. My child's teacher this year and her kindergarten teacher always made my husband and I feel so welcome. Amazing shows put on by the music teacher. It's a school as I remember school to be!
9/14/2004parentAt Country Isle Elementary my kids did pretty good. They have good teachers, the only thing is that sometimes they can be a 'little cold', if you need some information specially at the main office.
8/26/2004parentAt Country Isle my kid sometimes felt he was under a microscope, he felt he should be a robot and not able to express himself several times. Discipline is perfect, but when it goes to an extreme, it can create in a kid the idea that discipline is equal to stay quiet.
6/9/2004parentMy child enjoys attending this school although we have had a few teasing incidents with some 'problem kids.' I think the teachers should tighten up on the discipline.
1/19/2004parentThis is a great school and am very glad to have come here. My son and I were very weary of changing schools for his last 2 years of elementary, but it all worked out fine. His 4th grade teacher was wonderful and was there for him a lot during very tough times in a tragic time for our family. His 5th grade teacher I was a little leary of (never having a man teacher before) but he is the absolute best. He makes the kids want to learn and come to school everyday. Mrs. Murray (even though this is her last year) is wonderful to the kids and parents and always goes that extra mile to get all things done for all. Our school is able to go on field trips thanks to her and all of the great teachers here that work the overtime (with no pay) so that they can all benefit from this wonderful school. I would say to all, this is a great school.
1/9/2004parentThis is our first year at Country Isles. My child is in Kindergarten. We just love the school. I haven't had any problems with the teachers, PTA or staff. Everyone is very helpful & friendly. My child has learned alot in Ms. Bavuso's class and I wouldn't trade her for anyone else. I really like all the parent participation that is allowed. All of the extra activities are great too...keep up the good work.
1/7/2004parentMy kids and I have been at Country Isles for four years and can only say positive things. The teachers and staff continually go above and beyond and that is a reflection of the leadership of the school. I came to Florida thinking that the only way to a good education was through private school and boy was I wrong. It is my opionion that Country Isles has taught us that a good education may be at a private school but a GREAT EDUCATION can be found at our school. Sure, I stay on top of what is going on at school but any well concerned parent plays that role. Additionally, I continually comment to our educators that I have never before met such well-mannered, respectful young people. There's obviously something going on right at Country Isles Elementary.
11/18/2003parentI was sorry to read one of the comments about a child not having a good experience at CIE. We have been associated with this school for 5 years and have had nothing but a great experience. The teachers go above and beyond what is expected of them. Country Isles is a wonderful school. You can't go wrong choosing this school for your child.
9/28/2003parentMy child has been here since Kindergarten and it has been one hell of a journey. My child did very well because I stayed on top of it as a parent. The principals and teachers were okay, not the very best though. This is our last year, can't wait to leave and move on.
9/9/2003parentMy daughter has been attending Country Isles since kindergarten and it's a great school with great teachers who really care about our children.

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