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Saint Joseph Catholic School
535 Ave M NW
Winter Haven, FL 33881
(863) 293-3311
private | PK-8
County: Polk


  School Head OfficialYear
Deborah Schwope 2007
12/28/2011parentMy daughter has gone here from 3rd-8th grade, and went to an "A" public school for 6th, then transferred back for 7th. There was a major change in academics from each school. I disagree with people who say that this school isn't advanced, at least in middle school. She has been learning high school science, high school spanish, and advanced math (Algebra 1). The school is safe, friendly, and clean. My daughter absolutely loves this school and everyone is a family, this school is worth the money! A+!
3/16/2011parentMy daugher just started PreK3 program this year. I have to say that her teacher is the reason we attend. My daugher has learned things from this teacher that I am so glad I choose this school. I can not wait for her sister to attend in two years. The teachers assistant is also a pleasure as well as office staff. I highly recommend the PreK 3 program.
1/25/2011parentWe are new to the school this year (2010-11) and we are extremely pleased with our decision to enroll our daughter. The school is wonderful and she was welcomed exceptionally well among students and faculty. The principal of the school is absolutely an amazing, dedicated individual who seems to know the name of every student in the school. Highly recommend St. Joseph's for a whole body educational experience, the 45minute drive is well worth the quality student development.
10/7/2009parentSt. Joseph is a wonderful school. They have done an excellent job academically. In the last two years, St. Joseph's graduates have captured four Valedictorian spots in the local high schools (including IB). Of the thousands of seniors competing for these positions, our graduates continually rise to the top. The school also has an abundance of extra curricular activities for students and families. We are very happy to be a part of such of wonderful community.
7/9/2009parentExcellent school, academic programs and teachers.
6/24/2009parentAs a former educator, I am extremely pleased with this school. The Principal is wonderful. She truly cares about each student and expects success all around. My oldest is in middle school and I am positive that he will be well prepared to excel in high school.
5/19/2009parentWorth every penny. Excellent middle school academic program. Strong families, caring teachers and a safe school environment.
4/21/2009parentSafe school, upper scale. However, at least one year behind good/average public schools. The school spends too much time on religion and incorporating religion in each subject.
1/20/2009studentok well most of the reveiws here are untrue. both of my parents teach at the school and I know for a fact that half the things people are saying here are untrue. We have a new principal now and she is acually ok. Parents love her. As a student in middle school they teach us alot of stuff, especially in science and math. The discipline is ok but kind of messed up. Some teachers are amazing and have been teaching for more then 20 years. Others, I dont like and I dont think they care at all. The students are really gossipy and it isnt all that easy to make freinds. BUT, there are no fights ever and bullying is almost non-existant. St. Joes also has one of the best religious programs around. Overall, its a ok school.
1/19/2009parentSt. Joseph's is an excellent school that is constantly striving for improvement. The new principal is extremely dedicated to academic achievement and has implemented outstanding programs and policies that have made St. Joseph's a premier school in the area. My family has felt very welcome since joining the school. The parent involvement is amazing. We are very glad our children have the opportunity to attend St. Joseph s School.
3/15/2008parentAll three of my children have attended St. Joseph and they have moved on to become academic, social, and athletic leaders. Our school prepares students to be very competitive, and some of our alumni have been valedictorians, class presidents, and have had perfect SAT scores in high school.
11/16/2006parentThis school has been serving Winter Haven for 50 years. It is and had been the best school in the county and is one of the best in the nation.
3/29/2006parentI think this is one of the best schools in the county and worth every penny. The teachers are fantastic and the principal is probably the best I've ever seen. Great extracurricular activities and the parent involvement is incredible. Especially Fall Fest!
1/19/2006parentLower elementary grades are fine, but there is virtually no active discipline program instituted here. Treatment of your children really depends upon your income level and community status. Middle school students are leaving with a less than adequate knowledge in the math and science areas.
6/15/2005parentSt. Joseph Catholic is a fine school. Their teachers are dedicated and work long hours.
6/12/2005parentSt. Joseph school staff are dedicated to providing quality education. Parent involvement is high and is reflected in the successful acheivement of the children.
3/14/2005parentI noticed a comment previously from a staff member at this school that no one is leaving this year (in regard to comments about high staff turn over). I have just learned that the 8th grade math teacher up and quit and at least four other teachers have submitted resignations effective at the end of the school year. With such a small staff of approximately 20 classroom teachers, this continues to be a high turnover. As a parent, it concerns me to see this trend year after year.
7/6/2004parentI have noticed that the administration has gotten better over the past year since the addition of two assistant principals who seem to know what they are doing. The teachers are all nice, however, I do wish the three teachers who were let go about a year ago would come back. Most importantly, I have recently researched and discovered that some of the remaining teachers are not state certified while those who were let go were state certified. I am not sure of the mentality of this and hope it won't happen again.
6/9/2004parentMy child has had a wonderful 2 years at St. Joseph's School and I plan to have him continue through the 8th grade. Our family has had a great experience with the school, it's teachers and principal.
6/6/2004parentThis school has a wonderful amount of parent support and involvement. The faculty and staff are second to none, and the children all seem happy. It is a credit to Catholic Schools.
4/22/2004staffI am on staff at St. Joe's for the third time. I can't seem to stay away. It is a school with outstanding, loving parents, a top notch quality plus dedicated and caring Christian Faculty, an Administration who is on the ball and makes you feel right at home in a professional yet warm and very caring Christian way. St. Joe's is Family. Yes, we had our problems and our differences. What family doesn't? We did our best and with the help of Jesus, and one another it will be a beautiful school with all working for the good of our children.
4/21/2004staffSt. Joseph Catholic School is a high-quality school which excels in education, religion, teachers, and administration. I would highly recommend St. Joseph School to anyone who wishes to have excellence in education. The principal is caring, loving, hardworking, and so very dedicated.
3/29/2004parentParents of this school should know that some of the teachers are not certified in the areas they teach. Some only have non-renewable temporary certificates, some have no certificate in the state of Florida, others are completely out of field. To verify this information, check out the Florida Department of Education web page where you can look up the status of any teacher in the state of Florida.
3/23/2004teacherI was a teacher at this school for several years and left to work in the public system after seeing what went on behind the scenes. I was let down when a new principal came in and made changes that just didn't make sense. I tried to hang tough, but just couldn't take it. I am one of the dozens of teachers who chose to leave due to dissatisfaction with the administration - not because of retirement or having a baby. From the tone of many of the parents here who have made 'positive' comments, not much has changed. As far as the teaching staff, I hear most are great. Students do seem to be happy at the school.
3/22/2004parentI am very disappointed in my experience at St. Joseph School. Never have I experienced a 'Christian' environment so full of gossip and negative talk from parents, teachers, and office people. This is our first year at this school, it will also be our last. I had heard that there were some problems in the past that had supposedly been taken care of...I had also heard that the only problem was the poor administration. Turns out the latter must be correct. If you are upper crust, gossiping parents who plans to make heavy donations and mingle with the administration, this school might be for you. Otherwise, maybe you should reconsider.
3/19/2004teacherSJCS is a good school, but, look guys, it really isn't fair to judge those teachers who were let go last year. I am still a teacher at this school, and I can vouch for those who left last year - all highly professional and qualified. I'm glad we are sorting out our past mistakes, but they weren't the fault of those teachers. I hope they are all doing well, they are missed. As for the others who have left, I know many of them and still speak to them regulary. Mostly it was due to disatisfaction (which is every teacher's right), some were retirees or new moms. None the less, let's put that behind us and celebrate what we have today - a growing environment with great families and great teachers. Thankfully, things are improving.
3/11/2004parentWhat a great year we are having. Our principal showed real leadership last year and had to make really hard decisions. Bravo for her! We have a wonderful staff now! Everyone is happy and working together as a team. What a difference it makes in the overall atmosphere of the school and more importantly for our children! We really do have a true Christian atmosphere.
2/26/2004parentSt. Joseph's is a wonderful environment for children to grow and learn in. The children are taught in a safe, traditional, and encouraging environment. Very rarely do teachers walk students to their cars, speak to parents, and invite parents to participate in the classrooms, but St. Joseph's teachers do that. The principal is available and interested in each of the students at the school and their families. When my student is at school, I know that he is getting a good education in a happy and safe classroom. Overall, I would rate St. Josephs' principal, teachers, and students as excellent. They represent themselves well.
2/26/2004parentI've been a parent in this school for several years. Yes, last year was a difficult year. But this year I've seen big changes. When I come into the office I see smiling faces; the teachers all seem to get along and I often see them joking and laughing at car pickup. Very different from last year. My children love their teachers and I've found that anytime I need to meet with one of them, they're more than happy to make time for me. It seems like it's a whole new school. What's interesting to me is that two of the teachers let go last year have chosen to keep their own children at St. Joe's. That tells me it's still the best school in town.
2/23/2004parentSt. Joseph is a wonderful school where children can learn in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. The teachers give their all to provide a top notch education and the administration is always looking for ways to take the school a step higher. Teacher turnover happens everywhere at different times, but this year every teacher is staying, with some of the best new teachers any school could wish for, proving that this school is stable and will remain an asset to this community for years to come.
9/24/2003parentI pulled my children out of this school last year after watching it deteriorate over the past five years. It is a shame to see so many wonderful, highly qualified teachers leave year after year, only to seek employment with the public school system. The administration seems inconsistent, changing policies again and again, disciplining (or not disciplining) children consistently, and letting these outstanding teachers get away! Although I respected all of my own childrens' teachers and enjoyed the Christian environment most teachers upheld in their classrooms, we just couldn't stay at a school with such inconsistent practices and procedures.
9/21/2003parentWhy has there been such a large turnover in faculty and staff? Over 40 people have been terminated or resigned in the past 8 years.
9/21/2003parentSome of the teachers at this school are highly qualified, others are not qualified at all, beyond their piece of paper that says so. Many are out of field. Eleven faculty members left after a terrible school year, including the assistant principal, guidance conselor, and several highly qualified teachers. Although the tuition is the cheapest in town, so is the quality of the educational experience. I don't recommend this school to anyone.
9/21/2003otherI am a former student from this school. I have often wondered why so many teachers have left the school every year. Finally, I have realized that the situation is due to unprofessional leadership on the part of the principal. It is very sad to see teachers leave every year and never see any of our former teachers at graduation because they no longer work there!

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