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Winter Park High School
2100 Summerfield Rd
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 622-3200
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public | 9-12
County: Orange


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10/15/2009parentWinter Park is a great school for academics..I have had one graduate and one now in tenth grade. My only reservations are the overtones of the elite and money. Lets face it a lot of the families there have money and their children don't hesitate to flaunt it and exclude those who are a little more middle class. There's also a lot of children of parents who graduated there who have a snooty, arrogant air passed down from the parents who act no better at times!
9/16/2009parentIt has the best principal who attends all the after school events and shows that he cares about his students.
4/27/2009studentwinter park is a wonderful school. they have a wide variety of academic programs that many other schools envy. winter park also has a great reputation compared to other high schools.
3/12/2009studentmoved here from an IB school in California to IB here at winter park high great school, awesome teachers
2/13/2009studentI love my school. Great academic program and a large and supportive staff. A lot of kids, but a safe school. Amazing extracurricular activities!
1/11/2009parentWinter park is a great school but when it comes to the Principal he is not good. In other schools I see the principals interacting with the student but he does not do that. When a student gets in trouble they go to the dean they should at least go to Mr. gordons office too. but this is a great school
10/2/2008studentI love WP! I'm in the IB program, and the teachers are top-notch, I'm very happy here.
9/7/2008parentWinter Park High School is one of the greatest High Schools. All of the teachers and staff go out of their way to help the students no matter what the situation may be, they always find a solution.
7/22/2008parentI have a 10th grader at WPHS and my two oldest graduated in 2007 and 2000. The band program is the best I have seen. Principal Gordon really cares about his students and makes each one feel important.
7/20/2007studentWPHS is the best high school in florida, we have the greatest band, amazing sports programs as well as the acedemic knowhow to get us into college. GO WP!!!
6/30/2007parentBoth of my sons went to Winter Park HS. One just graduated from Duke and the other attends UCF.I also mentored a young lady who will be attending UF in the fall. I can not say enough good about WPHS, it's staff,teachers and principle.It has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to every parent in Orange County. Thank you for 8 great years Winter Park!
5/23/2007parentMy daughter is a graduate from Winter Park class of 2006. For the most part her school career at WPHS was wonderful. She was very involved in the rowing program at Winter Park which is second to none in the State. As far as parental involvement, it seems the PTA needs to realize that parents want to be involved in their children's school but we work for a living and can't always be there at noon for the PTA meetings. A little effort to accommodate the working class parent would be helpful. Overall though excellent experience!
4/24/2007former studentAside from outstanding extracurricular activities, the education one receives from Winter Park High School is no where near superb. The IB program is challenging, but only because there is little to no teacher involvement. (Although there are few exceptions- Mr. Bertossa is a phenomenal teacher). Lunch is extremely disorganized, and it seems the administration is often oblivious to what goes on behind the students' 'angelic' facades.
2/26/2007former studentI am a graduate of Winter Park High, class of 1991 and am proud of the education I received. Because of the IB diploma, I was able to go to FSU on full scholarship and received enough credit hours to enter as a sophomore. I've since gone on to earn two master's degrees. I owe all my success to the foundation and love of learning that Winter Park provided. Most all my teachers had advanced degrees (Master's and Doctoral) and challenged students not only to think of the whys and what ifs, but also how the subject matter relates with the current world environment and interrelates with other subjects. Extracirricular activities are plentiful at WPHS. Although I remember one individual upset that WPHS didn't offer an ROTC program. We did have plenty of others and students were encouraged to have a well-rounded educational experience.
8/6/2006parentWinter Park is still an 'A' rated school. Though they were given a 'B' for the 2006, their stats on the scoring all around as well as the teacher's credintial will still show that they are 'A' school... especially the IB program. Go Wildcats!
6/15/2006former studentWinter Park High School is consistently been proven to have a high success rate for their students to be successful in a career oriented world. Their teachers have high standards for themselves as well as their students. Bravo, Winter Park High.
5/9/2006parentWinter Park High School is the best in the area. My kids have attended the IB Magnet Program which enabled them to receive full college scholarships. They have a wonderful band program, excellent and dedicated teachers, and a very safe environment. I would recomend this 'A' rated school to any caring parent looking for a quality education for their children.
4/22/2006studentWinter Park is outstanding academically and athletically!
4/6/2006parentWinter Park High School has a wide variety of educational and extracurricular activities. The principal and staff support teachers and students above and beyond what would be expected. Winter Park High School strives to provide a quality education for it's students that will equip them to persue their goals be it college or the work environment.
1/29/2006parentMy son is a 3rd generation graduate of Winter Park High School and I can honesty say their quality of education has only improved over the years. Since my graduation in 1978, Winter Park High School developed their IB program and I was extremely impressed with this academic opportunity. His IB classes were taught by some of the most outstanding teachers in Central Florida who really care about the educational success of their students. My son was selected by his college during early decision and he firmly believes the IB program was responsible for his level of preparedness at the college level. Because of his advanced credits, he was reclassified as a junior during his first year at college. Winter Park High School clearly paved the way for his success. This is an outstanding educational environment for students and parents alike. Go Wildcats!
1/28/2006parentthis is a very respectable and safe atmosphere where children can learn and have a good high school experience.
1/11/2006parentWinter Park High is great in most areas: Teacher communication and caring has been for the most part fantastic, I feel my child is in a safe environment, a lot is expected from our children and there is opportunity for parent involvement if you wish to participate. However, the band program I was not as impressed with when it came to teacher/parent communication. The music is phenomenol and structure fantastic but the caring is not there.
1/7/2006former studentI graduated from Winter Park in 1997 and was very impressed with the teachers and staff members. I have nothing but fond memories of that school. It's a fun place to learn and it's also commonplace for teachers to go the extra mile to make sure their students excel in their grades. They really do care about their students.
7/28/2005former studentI went to winter park for all(class of '04) 4 years of high school and I loved it. It was almost like we were in private school. They are very strict with kids. I was also in chorus for 4 years and have to say that all the preforming arts are amazing! All the faculty had alot of involvment with the students. I thought that this might help parent know what kind of school winter park is and it does live up to the expectation.
6/29/2005parentMy daughter just graduated from this outstanding high school. She has a full scholarship worth $40,000 yearly into a private college. Winter Park High offers accelerated learning oportunities to all students. It's up to them to take advantage of the AP classes that the school offers and/or the IB program. No matter what the student's interests may be there are plenty of opportunities for him/her to get involved in extracurricular activities. My only complaint is the guidance counselors' lack of flexibility in scheduling conflicts. As parents, it's easy for us to blame our child's school for poor student performance, but the opposite is usually true - students make the school, not vice versa.
5/18/2005parentMy three daughters attended WPHS. Two graduated with an International Baccauluareate diploma and one with high AP honor status. They received a stellar education and were extremely well prepared for college. Two finished college in three years due to transfer credits. I am a huge fan of WPHS and think they have a wonderful music and art program as well. The campus is currently under a long overdue renovation which makes it a pain to attend classes there but will ultimately benefit future students.
4/1/2005parentIB Program is very challenging. The Drama Department provides a great outlet for many talented students. School provides many different opportunities for students to participate in.
1/14/2005former studentthis school is a great school.
1/10/2005studentI love Winter Park. It has to be one of the best high schools in the state. Teachers are wonderful and know what they are talking about. Caliber of information learned is awesome. The only thing im not diggin' right now is the construction. But once that is done, our old Winter Park will look amazing. As for athletics and other extra curricular, they are excellent. I've never seen a school so dedicated to thier education that excells tremendously in sports as well.
5/11/2004parentWinter Park High has a great music program. Their Band and Chorus programs are superb. Lot's of parent volunteer interest, and the kids are motivated etc.
5/10/2004former studentOur daughter graduated in 2003 and our son will graduate this year (2004). They were both heavily involved in music (one in band, orchestra, the other in chorus). The level of music that is studied and played is at College level or professional level. All the concerts are done very beautifully with a wonderful showcase of talents. The principal is excellent and small matters were generally easy to take care of. Some of the younger teachers have disappointed my kids by making it too easy to pass or too lenient with assignments and grading. They preferred a lot of challenge, heavy on requirements. The school was recently selected for a music demonstration school. My son was a top percussionist at Winter Park and had opportunities to play all types of percussion instruments owned by the school. The band director also found students musical work on school holidays for pay.
5/4/2004former studentWinter Park High School's faculty and staff's dedication to each student makes WPHS a wonderful learning experience. When I attended Winter Park, I received great instruction in all the courses I took. I would recommend this school highly!
9/9/2003parentGood parent involvement. Good teachers in AP and IB classes. Great Chorus and Band.
8/26/2003parentAs a parent, I am very pleased with the standards that Winter Park High School sets. I go several times a month and I see the quality and care that the school carrys. I am also pleased with the security as you enter the premises and that students are not allowed in the parking lots while school is in session. I feel that my child is safe and involved in a carefree environment.
6/16/2003 High academics and quality extracurricular programs.
5/18/2003 Winter Park has a high quality education program. It prepared my children for many of the challenges that came before them in college.

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