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Imhotep Center Of Education - Atlanta, GA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Imhotep Center of Education541 Harwell Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 696-8777PK-7Fultonprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic75.88652008
Asian/Pacific Islander0.709222008

Students per TeacherYear

3/1/2012otherAttention all parents, please disregard this school for your children. Thre are only about 39 children in 4-8th grade, and many teachers are not committed to teaching.
10/11/2009parentImhotep teaches one year above school level and supposedly adheres to the national standards but it is not evident with the type of instruction that my child received in the fourth grade. One major problem is that the school does not appear to have any written standards that the teachers can follow. The math instruction for 4th through 8th grade is terrible. My advice to anyone considering sending their child to the school is to find a good public school because the school is not worth the money.
11/23/2008parentExcellent school with a challenging curriculum and great extracurricular activities
6/30/2008parentExcellent school, great administration, My 2 children has gone since age 3 1/2(both are 9 and 7) now. We left for 1 yr do to financial reason and I regretted them leaving, but will be returning to Imhotep in Fall 08. PUBLIC schools is not worth the risk. APS should be called Social Dysfunctional Schools instead of Public schools.
6/25/2008parentWow where do I start. All 3 of my children have attended this school since Pre - K. The academic foundation and critical thinking skills received at Imhotep has been wonderful. My children love the accelerated learning environment that challenges them everyday to be their best. The teachers are nurturing and truly care about the success of my children. I come from a family of educators and would recommend Imhotep for any child.
4/28/2008parentMy children have been enrolled at this school for 3 years. Overall my experience has been fairly positive. This school is designed for the child that is capable of learning in a fast pace environment, if your child does not fall within that range then this school would not be a good fit, if your child needs a little more one on one then you may need to look elsewhere for a smaller setting, and/or a slower pace. For the amount of tuition all the teachers should be certified and there should be smaller class sizes. There is no parent teacher organization and often times it's difficult to meet with the teachers uninterupted even with an appointment. Overall the school has been great in terms of teaching the children self & cultrual awareness and responsibility.
3/18/2008parentI have really enjoyed this setting for my children. The teachers are young and energetic and the administrators are definitely hands on! You know your child's academic standing at all times because of the consistency in progress reports as well as the 'drop in' policy of the school. We've been really pleased and will definitely enroll again.
2/8/2008parentI am extremely impressed with the education that my son is getting. He is a PK4 student. Today, he came home telling me what he learned about Black History. He knew about Rosa Parks, Garrett Morgan, and Jackie Robinson. I am appreciative of schools like these. Of course, the school is not perfect, but educating Black children is the focus, not disciple or the state test. We need more functional Afrocentric or African-centered schools. Trust me, it is for the betterment of our kids. Overall, my son and I are excited about the education he is receiving.
1/16/2008parentMy child has been getting lesson on ABCs for a whole year since enrollment, we have no mathematic, reading, language arts, and science lesson for homework only ABCs. I would not be enrolling my child again.
12/16/2007parentThis is a very good schoo, however the principal needs to mentor and intervene with teachers when their approaches are not the best. We are debating if we will re-enroll our child in this school. The intensity on learning is great and I would recommend this scholl for most, however I think for some that may find the hands off approach of the administration more than lacking. The attitudes of some of the teachers need to be adjusted and mentored. Even good teachers need supervison.
3/7/2007parentFor African American Children growing up in today's society, this the type of School that all parents should want for their children. Imohotep provides children with and advance level of education in every grade level. Students in Level K are testing at 2nd grade Levels. This School teaches young black children about their heritage, it teaches them that they had to work twice as hard to make it in this world, it teaches them responsibility for their actions and the consequences tied to their actions. The Teachers and the Administration truly cares for each and every child and love what they do. Parents are very actively involved and tuition is relatively inexpensive for the level of education that you receive. I would highly recommend this School to any parent who is looking to provide the Best Education for their Child.
2/15/2007parentI have 2 kids at this school preK and 1st grade, the teachers are great, the classroom sizes are too large for private, they need more teachers! and the administration needs a lot of work, it leaves a lot to be desired. Needless to say, I won't be re-enrolling. Tanzy
11/13/2006parentThis school provides the students with the rigor to have academic success in all settings. Students are confident about their heritage and learning potential.
3/13/2006parentThis school is perfect, it is a family type environment, international club, genius teachers, and black pride based, the curriculim is college prep and if my son wanted to he could skip high school and go straight to college from 8th grade.
11/22/2004parentThis school is a great place for any student in Atlanta or Smyrna. Parents will love this school. Teachers are great, staff is great and worth the minimal tuition.

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