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Seeds of Faith Christian Academy
1591 Fairburn Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
(404) 344-3985
private | PK-5
County: Fulton


2/27/2012parentMy son has attended this school for K2 and K3; both years he has had great teachers. This school is a center for excellence and only accept that of you and your child. The staff is loving, encouraging and dedicated to my child. Even though this is a private school, the cost is affordable. I am grateful that I found this school.
12/11/2011parentBest kept secret! We have two boys whom we teach early and often that mediocrity is unacceptable and personal excellence is expected . We chose Seeds of Faith Christian Academy for their education. Our experience has been exceptionally positive. It is equally important to note that our boys are happy. Both children have grown academically and spiritually based on a high standard of learning. The level of communication is superior and consistent from both administration and teaching staff. I'm thankful for each newsletter, PTF meeting, weekly graded packet (including artwork) online update, teacher conference, email and prayer. The dedication for teaching exudes from SOFCA professionals and reaffirms their commitment for excellence in our children s education. For example, students in my son s K5 class are reading, working with advanced math and memorize/recite poems and bible verses. My K2 son is learning well, he s recognizing numbers, letters, phonetic sounds and practices handwriting as well as bible verses weekly. We are extremely pleased and expect to continue partnering with SOFCA through 5th grade.
10/20/2011parentThis is a great school. My daughter is in the first grade and has been attending SOFCA since K3. She loves it and so do I. I wish they had a middle school so that my son could attend also. It is very affordable and the entire staff is wonderful.
7/15/2011parentGrade A " This is an awesome school. The entire staff is wonderful. My child is being well educated not only when it comes to class assignments but she learns about the Lord as well. I teach her at home they teach her at school together we are making this world better. I am indeed pleased !
5/4/2011parentThis is a great school and it truly is the best kept secret in Atlanta! My son is doing great in this school. The teachers and staff are excellent. He is reading far above his grade level and his math skills are awesome. Before he came to this school, we were worried about his reading level-his previous school appeared to be okay, but we after the social events, the academics were lacking. Seeds of Faith worked with our son and he now reads better and knows so much more than his friends who are enrolled in other schools. I can't say enough good things about this school. I am so thankful that we found Seeds of Faith.
8/11/2009parentThis school has slipped significantly not only in its standards, but in the way things are handled from an adminstrative perspective. There needs to be an overhaul from the top. My child did not return this year, because last year things got out of control. There was a great lack of professionalism as well as a decline in the quality of academics. Administration needs to stop placing blame on everyone else and take accountability for their actions. There has always been a high teacher turnover. Other christian schools I have visited has their teachers there for years and years. It is good to hold the parent and child accountable, but administration also needs to be held accountable. The test scores may be great, but when the kids are assessed outside the school, many times they are not up to par. Many students enroll every year, but the retention rate is low.
8/8/2009parentThis is an excellent school if you are looking for an educational facility to hold both you and child accountable to what God instructs us to do. They are well rounded and focused on the betterment of the child's overall development.
7/27/2009parentThis school had a strong educational level but currently the test scores are not at consistent with the previous reviews. It's nice to hear how they use to be and maybe they will get back to that level but right now the scores are below standard and the children who are assesed outside the school are below level. Some very good teachers left the school this past year. Unfortunately, we can't take a chance with our child that it will return. I am glad to hear that the school has done some good in the past. You will not find a school that has better Christian Teachings or run Administratively sound, but the education is below level . You just have to decide which is most important for your child.
7/11/2009parentThis school has been second to none! Two of my children have completed the program. One of my kids started in K3, the other one in 2nd grade. Not only did they excel in academics, but most importantly, they excelled in moral character! Their standardized test scores (Stanford 10) were compared to children their ages across the nation. The test scores proved that this school succeeded in reaching it's mission of being the 'place where your child's education is never compromised.' Both of my kids went on to public schools not only well prepared, but one was advanced a grade and both were enrolled in the 'Talented and Gifted' programs of their respective schools. I witnessed with my own eyes, through typical parent visits, the organizational level of the school. All of the credit for the success of my kids must be given to the resilience and organization of this school!
7/11/2009parentAll three of our children are SOFCA graduates. The oldest will be graduating this shool year as a Math-Science Magnet student. He has plans to attend Georgia Tech! Our last two children are recent graduates. They are moving on to middle school. The youngest of the two will be tested for the gifted program. Thanks to all the SOFCA educators who touched the lives of our precious gems!
5/15/2009parentGood learning but horrible administration. Think twice you could find a better school.
4/28/2009parentThis school became comfortable and somewhat disorganized this year when enrollment increased. Administration dropped the ball several times, and instead of being humble about it, became defensive. The administrator always has to have the last word, and can be perceived as unprofessional. The standardized tests results are not a true assessment of how the kids are doing. You receive a true assessment of your child once he/she attends another school. The atmosphere is very clickish. Please do your homework, talk to parents in the community before sending your child to this school.
1/12/2009parentThis is my childs first week and so far I am impressed! Its a very organized and structured Christian environment. The teachers and Administration are very professional and seem sincerely eager to educate and care for the children.

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