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Liberty Elementary School
10500 Bells Ferry Rd
Canton, GA 30114
(770) 345-6411
public | PK-5
County: Cherokee


  School Head OfficialYear
Nicole Holmes2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/23/2012parentMy daughter is in first grade at Liberty. We love it!! The teachers really care about my daughter. I volunteer regularly both in her class room and in the Library. My daughter is pushed to achieve her best in academics and in behavior. The warm and friendly environment allow my daughter to do her best because she wants to achieve, not because she feels forced. My daughter is an average learner, but I feel Liberty provides equal encouragement for both below and above learners as well. The emphasis on AR reading and testing has made my daughter a much better reader! My daughter wakes up every morning happy to be going to school and comes home every day excited to tell me what she has learned. What more can a parent ask for of a school?
8/17/2012parentMy oldest daughter attended 2nd - 5th, and my youngest K - 5th (her current year). They have both excelled and had wonderful teachers! Dr. Holmes is fun, inspiring, and hands- on. I see that most negative reviews are from parents of kids with learning challenges, and my opinion is that they should accept that learning challenged means that learning is challenging, this is not the fault of the staff. If this school is not a good fit for those children, that is unfortunate, but my average learner and advanced placement learner have had a great experience.
8/7/2012parentFantastic school, principals and staff. We moved to the Bridgemill neighborhood just for this school and we could not be happier. Lots of parental involvement. My child is the happiest he has ever been!
8/3/2012parentThe principal at this school is fantastic. She is very nice and caring and tries hard to meet all of the parents requests. I also am impressed with the male assistant principal. The other principal I have not had any interactions with so I do not have an impression either way. I think Liberty is a great school. I have heard from several people in the community that if your child has special needs or learning issues that Sixes is the better school for you. I am not sure why that is because legally all schools have to accomodate your child. Otherwise, I would recommend this school
5/28/2012parentThe Principal here is on her high horse, rude, and just not nice. The building is cold and lacks the fun learning environment I crave for my children. My daughter's kindergarten teacher was just as cold and worried more about her career as a photographer. My older child's teacher in third, who's last name begins with a V, was arrogant and inappropriate. Gossips about other parents and teachers; also thought she was good at teaching, but my child's scores went waaaay down in testing. . Thank goodness my oldest is now in middle school. In honors too! The newest asst principal is very nice and I wish badly he could be Principal. We are currently looking at houses in the Sixes district. Now that, from what I understand, is an amazing school.
4/28/2012parentI must say, we miss this school very much!!! We have moved out of state and we want to move back because of this school. My son is in the 6th grade this year and it's a review from what he learned in the 5th grade at Liberty. It's a true saying, you never know what you have until it's gone!!!
3/14/2012parentLiberty teachers and staff are quick to identify and work with parents and students when learning disabilities may be a problem. My son has received a great deal of support and has become a better student for it. All of his teachers have went above and beyond to help him succeed. The principal and staff have been friendly and warm, and helped him along the way. Students are challenged and rewarded. The PTA is very involved and raises money to fund educational materials for the students. Best school ever.
5/11/2011parentLiberty Elementary School has provided so many different opportunities for kids to be successful. I am so glad my child is a part of such a great place.
8/3/2010parentThis school is awful. My Son attended this school for 1st and second grade both teachers lacked patience just like the staff in the front office all the way up to the principle. Its a joke. We moved away from this school as fast as we could. If you can send you child to Sixes its a much better school and right around the corner. My son is going into third grade in a new school ( Cobb) starting on Thursday the 5th and we STILL HAVE not received our records that we requested over a month ago. A visit to the office today just confirmed the lazy and rude Staff at this school. I mean when you walk in and the lazy records worker is over 50 easily and wearing a birthday crown? I know its an elementary school but that is for the kids not the staff. Her excuse, I just haven't had the time. But you had time to hairspray that crown into your hair didn't you. Pathetic school because of the staff Good school ranking because the area it is in has great parents that do the staffs job in teaching the children.
8/27/2009parentLiberty is a fantastic place for children to learn. The changes over the last couple of years have been fantastic.
7/18/2009parentHad a rough year here. Had a special needs child go to Sixes and my gen ed child to Liberty. The Special Ed program at Sixes is top notch! But my son is just a number at Liberty and no one in admin is very personable. Any parent researching schools in this area....send your child to Sixes...Mr. Hultquist, Mrs. Nay, and Mr. Dixon are amazing and the teachers are the best there is. The Special Ed/Autism is all we could ask for!
7/1/2009parentMy children are excited about learning and the teachers continue to push them to be there best. LES offers various forms of media, plenty of paper/pencil, and hands on activities. PTA is very involved!!
3/23/2009parentWe were at Liberty for 3years before moving to FL. We miss the school, teachers and staff. I feel our children received an excellent education in not only the traditional academic areas but also the special areas - art, music, technology, media, pe And loved the emphasis on reading! PTA is welcoming and offers great family events that support the school. Was always impressed with how admin and staff knew all the students!
2/17/2009parentI feel the school challenges our kids and offers a great learning environment.
2/7/2009parentTo the Jan. 15th post: Most of the teachers at the school are Teach 21 (technology) certified and gifted certified to differentiate for the higher learners. It might not be obvious that they are getting anything beyond the basics, but it is worked into the school day in various ways. You might have had a bad experience that was isolated, but don't lump all teachers into yor issue.
1/31/2009parentThis is a great school It is a challenging environment for kids. I have been very happy with the teachers ay Liberty. The school environment is also fantastic!
1/15/2009parentI have 2 kids that have attended Liberty since 2006. The teachers have been great but the curriculum is not very challenging. They tend to teach down to the lowest common denominator instead of giving the kids an academically challenging environment. 2nd mild complaint would be that they teach to the GCRCT and Iowa standardized testing and don't go beyond that.
10/9/2008parentAlthough my experiences with the staff has been very good, the parent involvement in this school is lacking. When it comes down to needing volunteers or things sent in it's like pulling teeth, this is especially sad when you look at the average home price, surely they can spare a few $$ or a few hours of their time??? Evidently not!
6/2/2008parentI have all positive experiences from Liberty. My daughter is going into third grade and has had wonderful, caring teachers. On a daily basis, the teachers stay past 5:00 working on activities for the next day or the next week. They are all very dedicated.
12/26/2007parentawsome school most careing wonderful people ever great teachers
11/10/2007parentMy son is in Mrs.vaulks class and it truly has been a wonderful first semester so far. We love the attention and support from the school and espically the teachers.I really hope my daughter get Mrs.Vaulk neax year
7/21/2007parentI am a former Kindergarten parent at Liberty. Our child was in Mrs. Julia Johnson's class. Mrs. Johnson was an amazing teacher. She really worked hard to make the material exciting for my child. She was always willing to assist me and kept me well informed. I can only hope that our first grade experience is as good as kindergarten.
5/26/2005parentMy daughter is in Mrs. Correll's Kindergarten class and this year has been WONDERFUL! The teachers are very attentive to all of the children and have created a great learning environment that the children are flourishing in! Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the amount of involvment by the teaching and other staff and also by the principals. I would highly recommend Liberty Elementary to anyone and everyone! Thanks for a great year!
1/21/2005parentI am not that impressed with the team of teachers for the 5th grade. I hardly ever get any feedback when I have written questions in the agenda about my childs work or things that have been sent home. We have also been promised sessions with the counsler but still have yet to go to one. On the other hand the second grade teachers are very up to date with things and feedback is within the day. Thanks.
11/9/2004parentIf you are a willing parent to participate in your child's education, Liberty provides a great environment to promote your child's education. Many of the teachers are young, but most of them have a passion for teaching children. However, we have found it is important to email them weekly to check on our children's progress. The material being taught is aggressive and challenges the students. Parental involvement has been excellent, and the staff has generally been approachable. I have been surprised and pleased at both the quality of the school and the quality of education for a public school
10/16/2004parentOverall liberty is a great school that has a lot of student and parent involvement. I have found that the majority of the teachers are younger teachers. I have found that if you work closely with the teachers (by e-mail, writing notes, helping with projects in the class/home etc.) You and your child will have a more favorable outcome throughout the year. I have had to be very proactive and use some form of weekly communication. I just think that it helps when teachers understand that i will do my job as a parent to help with my childs education but i also expect for the teacher to do her/his job when it comes to educating my child and i will make them accountable. I also will add that their test scores are higher when compared to other elementary schools in the county.
10/14/2004parentOverall, Liberty is a great school. Most parents who have kids there (that I know), love the school. The principal is great and the school consistently participate in various activities throughout the year that mostly involve students.
8/5/2004parentThe teachers at this school don't care enough to work with the kids to make them learn. They do not have good disability or special education programs. My son is in the special ed. classes & they don't make him work or learn. They act as if he is incapable of learning, and that is so not true. Many conferences, still no changes. He went to Sixes Elem. before and done great. I'm very disappointed in this school, although the staff is nice, but just to lazy to do there job. Also the other downside to this is when the kids are trying to learn something it's all from a computer (not the teacher). I will go to the state this year if it don't get better.
7/30/2004parentThe Pta and the teachers at Liberty are wonderful. The head principal leaves a lot to be desired.

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