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Brighten Academy
3264 Brookmont Pkwy
Douglasville, GA 30135
(770) 615-3680
charter | PK-8
County: Douglas


  School Head OfficialYear
Lisa McDonald2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/19/2012otherI am currently a freshman in high school, in the Pre-IB Program. I attended this school since it began, and I was just in 3rd Grade. I must say, this school prepared me so well. Sure, the campus is a little small, but the teaching quality is excellent and I recommend it to children of all ages. The staff is caring and kind and they do all that they can to ensure that their students achieve greatness. If you're a parent and you want your child to go to a safe, kind school that also provides an incredible education, Brighten is the way to go. If you have a child who is interested in AP or IB courses in high school, their middle school is exceptional. Douglas County High School, housing the IB Program, knows who Brighten is, and Brighten has a very high acceptance rate into that program. I do not regret 1 day of the six years I spent at that school.
8/2/2012otherMy children went to Brighten -let me say the school is not so Bright.The staff is in particular very unprofessional,they are inconsistent with their discipline,They have these 7 C's that are a joke. There in No P.E, no real Music, No real Art,,just because its Charted does not mean it is always better.They hire unqualified, deaf teachers ,really hearing imparied,for middle schoolers. As a family we constantly felt the pressure to donate money,and felt belittled if we didnt give as much as the other families,whom were given apples on a tree for the whole school to see. Education is not their first priority.I know I am jumping all around,but sorry its the truth, the playground,what playground, a old basketball court held down with a giant rock and dirt in a circle also its the parking lot,the tiny lunchroom is the gymnasium,but the kindegartan room is the biggest by far!The parents are the janitors for volunteer hours wether working full time or not.But if you want to volunteer and work for the county they require a statewide background check. and want you to pay for it,to chaparone,its halarious,unless your VIP in the click WHITE.
3/12/2012parentMy child has attended this school for 3 years and it has progressively decreased in terms of standards.They are very good on educating in math, language arts and some science but lack in other areas. The uniform code is not enforced with some, but overly enforced with others; the same goes with the discipline code and the tardy policy. They do have their favorites and they do not hide it. In the younger grades you are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and the teachers welcome you, but the older they get they less they want you in their classroom and prefer your money and sweat for your 15 hrs in volunteer credit, if you work fulltime you can forget it. Because of a lack of funding they ask you for money weekly and you are pressured to give it. I would equate it to a percentage of private school tution without signing a contract. They lack true afterschool activities and you are charged monthly for the ones you elect. They are truly lacking in art, band and PE- No real playground, outside toys to play with or musical instruments. This school does not make your child a well rounded individual because there is so much to be desired socially.
11/29/2011parentI am writing about our experience of Brighten, we have moved away now from Douglasville, and wish we could go back, or Brighten and its teachers and staff could come to us. Our children loved their school and therefore as parents, we loved it to. They couldn't wait to get to school every morning and that showed in their attendance records and their learning. The teachers were fabulous and very committed to helping our children, the standard of education was huge leaps ahead of the local county schools which we experienced first. Our kids loved their 'special classes'. We, as parents, loved the extra curricular 7 C's which the children worked really hard on. A school for me, is not just not a school or a place of childcare, its a place of education where I can know my children will be safe and cared for, we trust the staff 100%, therefore we would recommend this school to you all. Thank you Brighten Staff for everything you have done for our children, they had a great start to their elementary education and we hope they will carry their values you taught them and experience with them always.
11/28/2011parentBad experience with this school which became progressively worse the longer we stayed (years). Children as young as five and six are suspended, even if they are only reacting to bullies, but the bullies get to stay. A majority of teachers who label and ignore both students and parents. Administration which doesn't listen to the majority of parents, but rather to a small group of them. Constantly low on funds equals constant pressure on parents to give money or feel guilty and be ostracized. Huge gaps in learning, too much focus on testing. Advanced classes that are a joke, slower classes which are worse. Cliques among teachers, administration, and parents. No cooking facilities, must bring a lunch that meets their standards (no microwaving, no carbonation, no sweets), or buy the food that is shipped in from another school. Tiny play area that can't support all the children. Uniform code that isn't enforced, and which is allowably skipped at least twice a week (per administration), even though uniform wearing was one of their big selling points. Only a few children are their actual priority; the rest are on their own. Skip this school.
9/7/2011parentMy four-year-old daughter just started in Brighten's pre-k program and she LOVES it! My son just started his second year at Brighten and he is doing so well. The staff involves you in your child's education and really cares about your child's learning and development.
8/8/2011parentBrighten Academy's preschool program is a joke. They have unrealistic expactation for children. Their method of dealing with children is suspending them. SUSPENDING THREE YEAR OLDS on the first full day of school! The teachers are not equipped to handle all ranges of student personalities. High spirited children who take a little extra time to get the hang of things are singled out and labled bad. It is absurd.
11/12/2010parentBrighten is a wonderful school with a terrific staff!
11/12/2010parentWe love the dedication and support from teachers and parents.
11/12/2010parentGreat teachers/staff support and vision, parents involvment and students enthusiasm and desire to suceed!
11/12/2010otherfantastic school and great math program!
11/12/2010parentThe school has great teachers and awesome parents. They work well together to make the children successful.
11/11/2010parentBrighten Academy is a great Charter school.
11/11/2010otherThe teachers at Brighten are the bomb!
11/11/2010otherAwesome...it's all awesome!
11/10/2010otherI love Brighten Academy because of its commitment to each student. The classes are small and there is a lot of individual attention from the teachers for each student. Most of all, Brighten is committed to excellence both in and out of the classroom.
11/10/2010otherThe teachers are competent and caring!
11/10/2010otherExcellent dedication to student learning in creative ways
11/10/2010otherThe teachers really do care, My grandson is learning to read and loves going to this school
11/9/2010parentBecause one of my favorite young friends goes to school there, Gareth Gibbs
11/8/2010parentI love the school because of the confidence building that they instill in every child starting at the early ages.
11/8/2010otherA great school led by people who love our children!
11/8/2010parentGreat charter school in our community that cares about our children.
11/8/2010otherIncredible alternative to public school in area.
11/8/2010parentSmart administrators and teachers, via the school's charter, can make create and efficient use of our tax dollars. Brighten's staff have the flexibility to think outside the box, and offer unique educational programs unlike anything else in our district.
11/8/2010otherthey challenge the children.
11/7/2010parentGreat school atmosphere. Solid, no nonsense curriculum. Dedicated teachers. Children exit far advanced in academic progress.
11/5/2010parentThis school has made such a difference in my daughters enjoyment of school! she enjoys reading so much now I cannot get her out of a book!
11/5/2010parentI am the boyfriend of a mother who has a daughter going to this school. she is always challenged here. She has learned good manners and can hold a very intelligent conversation. She always talks about new and interesting topics from school. Everything i have seen from here is terrific!
11/5/2010otherSeveral great nieces and nephews have gone to Brighten and they all love it. This school encourages parental involvement
11/4/2010otherWonderful teaching staff!
11/4/2010parentThey exceed all expectations for a school and help students achieve above and beyond their wildest expectations.
11/3/2010parentEveryone cares about everyone.
11/3/2010otherKids are the pivotal focus of this school. Parental involvement is made a top-priority creating a village catering to the needs of each student.
11/3/2010parentThey care about the kids.
11/3/2010parentThe teachers are awesome!
11/3/2010parentGreat Teachers, awesome kids!!!
11/3/2010parentIts a'bright smart place 2b! im a proud parent and my kid learn lots. cheers2spirit!!! love2learn, Brighten stimulates that good stuff education.
11/1/2010parentI know a student who loves it!
10/31/2010parentGreat school for learning
10/29/2010parentThe Rogers Boys are lerning much more that other friends children in other schools. As a member of AAUW I feel educations is SO important. To bad more schools ren't like Brighten.
10/29/2010otherA progressive charter school which is a refershing alternative to packed underproducing public schools and expensive private schools. Brighten is a flagship for the charter school movement.
10/29/2010parent The display of disire to help the kids.
10/28/2010otherThe education structure is superior.
10/28/2010otherBrighten is a great place for my nephew. The classes are small enough that he gets individual attention and large enough that he has great social interaction with other kids his age. I love the way that family and friends chip in and help around the school. You don't get to see that at most public schools.
10/28/2010otherTeacher, superior education, great kids, school spirit
10/26/2010otherWonderful atmosphere for children to learn in through positive reinforcement from caring teachers.
10/25/2010parentoffers great education for children
10/25/2010parentWhy do you love Brighten Academy ?
10/25/2010parentWe love Brighten and have been there from the start for 4 years! We wouldn't be anywhere else.
10/23/2010otherMiss Cathy is doing a great job with Marissa
10/23/2010parentI love Brighten Academy because my granddaughter is a student there and she loves it!
10/23/2010parentThe school's scholastic achievements are the results of a devotion to the proper education of children.
10/23/2010parentGreat parent involvement, and lots of opportunities for kids to have fun learning.
10/23/2010parentGreat school and great kids
10/22/2010parentVery friendly when we visited
10/21/2010parentBrighten Academy have a geat group of Educators, ver high scores and most of all they love the kids.
10/21/2010otherI have been told that this is a great school, With a wonderful review and excellent test results.
10/21/2010otherWonderful school I have three grandchildren there and they love it and are learning at an advanced level.
10/21/2010parentThe middle school team is phenomenal. My children have had the best brought forth in them because of the enthusiasm and encouragement of dedicated teachers. I want to go back to school and learn after sitting through the upbeat conferences with the team and my children. The excitement for learning is contagious. Brighten has been a confidence builder for my kids also.
10/21/2010otherThe motivation for creativity in each student makes learning an adventure.
10/20/2010teacherExcellent teaching staff.
10/20/2010otherThe learning atmosphere is so much better than public school My grandchildren have been attending since the school opened, the teachers seem to care about the children they teach. I also like the fact that parents have to devote time to help the school
10/20/2010otherReal good educators make for real good education. My grandchildren are doing very well and seem to like learning there.
10/20/2010parentTheir concern is for the children.
10/20/2010parentI have lots of friends whose kids attend and they love their school and need all the funds they can get!
10/20/2010parentI admire my wife, who works hard to make Brighten successful
10/19/2010otherMy nephews attended Brighton and had a wonderful experience. I want this school to succeed; it is an asset to our community.
10/19/2010otherBecause it provides quality education.
10/19/2010otherI am impressed with Brighten Academy as an alternative to the county public school system where there are far too many discipline issues and sub-standard teachers.
10/19/2010otherBecause my grandchildren love going there.
10/19/2010parentThe staff and parents go above and beyond to meet the need of each student, and any need that the school may have to accomplish high goals that will not just benefit our students, but also strengthen our communities.
10/19/2010parentOutstanding teaching staff!!
10/19/2010otherGreat school! promotes student independent and learning in a positive environment.
10/19/2010otherbecause of the yearly CRCT test scores
10/19/2010otherQuality, dedicated teachers and concerned, dedicated parents
10/19/2010teacherBrighten Academy is the best... Love it!!
10/18/2010parentBrighten Academy fosters a sense of community and responsibility among the students, while at the same time providing an outstanding educational experience.
10/18/2010parentThis school gives our children the much needed personal attention and has a wonderful curriculum.
10/18/2010parentBecause my nephew is a student there and the education is excellent.
10/18/2010otherBoth my grandchildren attend and I have volunteered there, so I know firsthand about their first rate curriculum and individual attention received by the students.
10/18/2010otherBecause it is a school that really appreaciates its' teachers and the education level of the students.
10/18/2010parentI am currently in the U.S. Army and I just return from Iraq. Being away from home for an extented time, you would want to leave your love ones in the hands of people you could trust and that are responsible enough loving enough to treat your child, grandchild, neice, or nephew the same as with there own. My neice Shania Nunnally attends Brighten Academy and the way they treat and love the kids at the school is remarkable. When I deploy I know for a fact she is in great hands with people who will take care of her as if her uncle was there. Brighten Academy is a remakable school and I would personally suggest it to anyone with confidence that they will take care of any child professionally, caring, and proficiently.
10/17/2010parentBecause it's a great school.
10/16/2010parentMy nephew loves to learn at Brighten!
10/15/2010parentBrighten has the best teachers!
10/15/2010otherIt't a great place to learn and meet more friends
10/14/2010parentCasue my niece goes to the school. And she really enjoys going there with all her friends.
10/13/2010otherMy grandson loves the environment and the teachers. It's nice to see kids that love School.
10/13/2010otherAt Brighten, it is clear that student learning is the top priority. The faculty and staff are nurturing and well-prepared. The administrative team are focused entirely on quality instruction and have created a successful program that supports students and teachers.
10/13/2010parentBecause I think highly of Tom and Laura Rogers and trust their judgement.
10/13/2010otherMy 2 nieces go there and really love it.
10/13/2010parentMy neice attends this school.I think the instructors do a very good job.
10/13/2010otherBrighten allows students to learn at their own pace. If they are advanced, they are given advanced work; it they need additional help, they are given the special attention they need. The teachers seem to love the students.
10/12/2010parentBecause of the standard they uphold and the mandatory parental involvement. I also like the fact that the teachers actually care about the students as individuals, not just a group.
10/12/2010parentIt's an awesome school!!!
10/12/2010parent My children are educated in a happy and energetic learning environment.
10/12/2010parentWe love Brighten because it has the BEST parent, teacher. student support I have ever seen in a school!
10/12/2010otherGreat School. Staff and parents greatly involved.
10/12/2010teacherBecause we are like one big family.
10/12/2010parentGreat families, students and staff who work together to make it a truly special school!
10/12/2010otherDevoted teachers, administration, and parents creating moral and wel educated citizens for tomorrow.
10/12/2010otherIt is unique in West Georgia--a positive, up-beat, high-tempo, academically solid school with a fantastic staff and great parents!
10/12/2010parentthey care about educating my children
10/12/2010otherI love Brighten because two of my nieces atten there and tthey love it. They are thriving and have a thirst for knowledge. That makes me realize that they have great educators at their disposal. Nothing makes a difference in a child's life as having a great teacher.
10/12/2010otherBecause of the high quality of education offered to the leaders of tomorrow.
10/12/2010parentI love Brighten Academy because I believe in smaller class rooms, dress code and the approach taken to teaching the children. The teachers there are well educated but work for less pay because they believe in the school and students. I really like the parent involvement that is encouraged there. It takes take a team effort in raising kids today.
10/12/2010parentThe Family and Teacher involvement, is not just needed - it is Required ! Brighten Academy really cares with its 7 C's Program.
10/12/2010otherThey have a commitment to excellence
10/12/2010otherThey have a commitment to their students that is beyond belief! Great staff, involved families, kids who want to learn......great combo!
10/12/2010teacherGreat first grade teachers!
10/11/2010otherWhy do you love Brighten Academy? It's an awesome school and my grandsons are getting a great education!
10/9/2010otherBrighten Academy sought to create a school that this community would embrace. Their charter school culture alongside incredible academic achievements is worthy of high recognition and praise!
10/9/2010parentThey are very caring for the students and always do their best to teach the students well. Whenever a student needs help, they will do whatever they can just for that child:)
10/9/2010parentBrighten Academy is a great school! My niece MaKayla Tappin is a student at this school.
10/9/2010otherBeing a charter school, it gives children an opportunity for a different and better learning experience than they may receive in a public school setting.
10/8/2010parentThey teachers are caring, and they believe in education and not teaching to the CRCT, but going back to the fundamentals of teaching and kids learning.
10/7/2010otherIt's a great school! They have done very well with the CRCT testing.
10/6/2010parentMy 3 grandchildren attend and are receiving a quality education.
10/6/2010parentThe best teachers and parents are at Brighten. Everyone cares about the school and their kids. All parents volunteer throughout the school year. The school itself is organized, well-kept and a safe fun atmosphere!!!
10/6/2010otherThis is a great school the teachers truly care for the children .
10/6/2010parentGreat academics, high test scores, sense of community and safety, been there since its inception!
10/6/2010otherPractices innovative learning techniques. Small class sizes, which enables invidualized attention.
10/6/2010parentgreat test scores and a happy environment
10/5/2010othersmall class size, dedication of teachers
10/5/2010otherThis school has been excellent for our niece. She has made great progress and enjoys attending.
10/5/2010parentVery proud of their FIRST LEO League support and team.
10/5/2010parentA determination to be the best in all areas of the school.
10/5/2010parentYou won' find a school with more caring teachers and staff! The teachers truly care about their kids and their future.
10/5/2010otherGood spirit of advancing knowledge and civic involvement and technical skills
10/5/2010otherIt is a very good teaching school. With teachers that really care that our children come out learning something every day.
10/5/2010parentBrighten Academy values parent involvement in every area. Parents are able to volunteer their time, donate funds and feel like their feedback is appreciated. As a result, 'our' school has a positive, productive academic environment. My kids love to go to school. That's a huge accomplishment.
10/5/2010otherI like the class sizes and the care the teachers have for their students.
10/5/2010parentIf want a school that is community oreiented, Brighten Academy is what your looking for in a school.
10/5/2010parentOur teachers are amazing!
10/5/2010parentBrighten is a great, happy plce to be!
10/4/2010otherCommunication with parents is excellent
10/4/2010parentWe are Awesome on our CRCT's
10/4/2010parentGreat school. Both my daughters challenged and learned how to think and mentally process information rather than by rote.
10/4/2010parentThe teachers are caring and easy to talk to about your child's performance. When my student is struggling with a certain subject, the staff works harder to find ways for him to learn better and they provide helpful tips for me to follow up at home.
10/4/2010otherGreat teachers, great students
10/4/2010parentStaff and Teachers are superb. Curriculum is very unique to the area schools also...
10/4/2010parentBrighten Academy is a wonderful school that develops the whole child. Not only do they educate our children to develop dynamic skills, but they also help them to develop strong character in each of our children. Our test scores reflect the strong instruction and teaching that our children are getting and proves that it is great quality. To watch our children handling life situations prove that strong character is being built. Thank you Brighten Academy for being a great school!
10/4/2010otherTheir academic achievements - their love for the kids who go there.
10/4/2010parentinnovative curriculum that embraces all learning styles: LOVE the passion of the founding and board members
10/4/2010parentBrighten has a lot of hands-on learning that just makes school a lot of fun for the kids. They also have a lot of after school clubs that add to the fun for their students. We love it.
10/4/2010parentSmall class size. Devoted staff. Higher teaching standards and methods.
10/4/2010otherIt is a great charter school and provides quality education, not quantity education.
10/4/2010parentTeachers care about their students and the school, lots of parent involvement
10/4/2010parentI am a first year parent of two Brighten students,and I am impressed with the overall set up at Brighten Academy! I
10/4/2010parentBrighten's teachers are excellent and they care about each child's education...these teachers have taken a cut in pay in order to teach our children. The school fosters learning environment and they always strives to cut out barriers to learning. Brighten challenges my child every day to do her best academically and socially to promote good citizenship. Brighten is the very best school and I couldn't be more confident in Brighten teaching my child.
10/4/2010parentThey have created a wonderful learning environment
10/4/2010otherPostive growth in the kids in attendance.
10/4/2010otherGreat reputation for quality learning, and students test very high on CRCT tests.
10/4/2010parentOne of the best charter schools in the state of Georgia. Staff cares about kids!
10/4/2010parentThis school produces results worthy of bragging. Any school would benefit from the lessons learned by this charter.
10/4/2010parentThe test scores are amazing, and the teachers really care.
10/4/2010parentParents and teachers work together for the benefit of the children. School has a family feel, and also the children have fun while learning. Test scores are proof of the benefits of Brighten.
10/4/2010otherI love Brighten Academy because it is a very progressive school that uses cutting edge practices in educating it's students. Its test scores are outstanding which is indicates that the teachers are doing an outstanding job with teaching and learning. They extend student learning outside the classroom to include aspects of character education and are meeting the needs of the whole child. I feel that the faculty and staff at Brighten Academy truly care about the students at their school.
10/4/2010parentI love Brighten Academy because their teachers and administrators "think out of the box" when it comes to curriculum and instruction. My son is a happy camper and enjoys learning. He is proud to be a "Blazer".
10/4/2010parentTheir teaching methodology really shows through with my 3 kids. They love to go to school and they are learning at a tremendous rate.
10/4/2010otherThe school is an asset to our community.
10/4/2010otherGreat literacy happening there!
10/4/2010otherIt is a great school with great teachers
10/4/2010parentBecause of the education and teachers.
10/4/2010parentThe teachers are dedicated.
10/4/2010parentI like Brighten Academy because of so many different reasons but one of them is their dress code, they have uniforms which to me symbolises that each student is treated the same way :-))
10/3/2010otherMy grandson attends Brighton and my granddaughter also attended Brighton. They have received excellent educations and my granddaughter now attends Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.sees
10/3/2010parentIt's a nurturing environment for the kids. The teachers are teaching great things without the kids even realizing they are learning as they are having so much fun! My kids love school and that is all thanks to Brighten!
10/3/2010parentBrighten Academy have the best teachers and they care about their students and work.
10/3/2010parentParents are encourage and required to be involved.
10/3/2010teacherParents....Teachers....Students....all working together for the children. =0)
10/3/2010parentBecause teacher's at Brighton Academy really care about, and take time to personally know their students.
10/3/2010parentThe teachers are awesome. The students have so much fun They don't realize they are learning.
10/3/2010parentBrighten challenges my child and is interested in developing the whole child!
10/3/2010otherMy gradaughtets attend Brighten Academy. I have seen tremendous improvement in their academics since they started attening this school. They are really being challenged. Thanks Brighten.
10/3/2010parentExcellant academics, with a focus on hands-on projects, manipultives, and Investigations!
10/3/2010parentBrighten Academy is a small family oriented school. This school has excellent teachers and staff. They encourage parent involvement in their childs education. The teachers are introducing pactical and everyday concepts to the children at an early age. Great School!!!
10/3/2010teacherWell have a support team, which is made up of an amazing staff and parents. We work hard to allow our students to succeed.
10/3/2010otherI have met so many dedicated and engaged parents at Brighten. It's academic results speak to the quality of the school
10/3/2010parentThey have done such a great job with our friends kids!
10/3/2010parentThe teachers really love their students and care about their futures.
10/3/2010parentBecause they are awesome to my children. It is a safe loving environment where they can succeed!
10/3/2010parentBrighten Academy provides a private school quality education at a public school cost.
10/2/2010parentGreat teachers, awesome program!
10/2/2010parentThe atmosphere of the school stimulates my children with a great learning enviroment,.. They love going to school. The staff is friendly and caring.
10/1/2010parentFabulous teachers and parents who are dedicated to the same mission.
9/30/2010parentIt's been a great school, with positive teachers. Good atmosphere and supportive parents
9/30/2010parentThe structure of learning the school provides!
9/30/2010otherI work for Brighten. All of the staff members are pleasant and really want the children to succeed.
9/30/2010parentBrighten has a great teachers, leadership and parent involvement.
9/30/2010parentOur Grandchildren go to Brighten....
9/29/2010parentI like the personalized attention my children get. I think the set up and the flexibility the school has it beneficial to the students progession and educational needs. I like the fact that behavioral problems are kept to a minimun and do not affect learning. Each student has thier own learning plan and goals are set based on the students needs.
9/29/2010parentMy kids go to school there. Great school.
9/29/2010parentgreat stuff, their innovative approach to education. Parents involvement
9/29/2010parentWonderful teachers. Parental involvement. A great learning environment.
9/29/2010parentBrighten teachers are awesome, and work so hard. My kids thrive at Brighten!
9/29/2010parentStaff truly care about it's students and discovers ways to teach students with techniques that match their individual learning traits. Two thumbs up!!
9/29/2010parentIt's simply an amazing school with amazing teachers & staff! Every kid thrives there!
9/29/2010parentThis is a great school. My kids have so many friends, the teachers are awesome and my kids learn a LOT! They really care about my kids education and want whats BEST for them.
9/29/2010parentThey constantly challenge our kids to think outside the box.
9/29/2010parentBecause my son is safe, enjoys all the educators, its small and all parents are welcome and invited to come to the school any time to observe or help with the children!
9/29/2010parentBecause it is smaller and we know more of what is going on.
9/29/2010parentMy son has become a learning machine because of Brighten's hard working teachers. Thank You Teachers.
9/29/2010parentBrighten brings back the old small school format. More parent involvement and teachers who really care about the child and the student, which inturn provides great results.
9/29/2010parentBrighten has a holistic approach to learning and challenges students to their fullest while allowing them freedom to explore and grow academically, physically and I believe spiritually.
9/29/2010parentIt is a wonderful schools. Brighten Academy has a warm friendly family environment. The students get along like 1 big happy family.
9/29/2010parentThe teachers are very interested in the children learning using the latest technologies available to them at the present time. The parents are also involved with their children's education.
9/29/2010parentThe best School in Georgia Atmosphere, Teachers & School staffs are very helpfull they don't waist time like other schools we are glad our kids goes to Brighten Academy.
9/29/2010parentBrighten Academy is a very caring environment w/a strong focus on academic excellence and individual best. We've been there since the beginning and my oldest is now in her 2nd year of the IB program in high school.
9/29/2010parentBrighten is doing a great job of keeping us aware of our childrens progress!
9/29/2010parentThe staff and teachers are wonderful. This is one of the best decisions I have made to get my children into this school. Brighten Academy is one of the top schools in the State of GA for the CRCT.
9/29/2010parentSo far, this has been the best experience that we have had with a school. The teachers and staff take the time work with your child and encourage involvement in your child's education. TOP NOTCH!
9/29/2010otherwonderful leadership and hard working teachers
9/29/2010parentThe teachers are dedicated and go the extra mile. Great sense of community and the CRCT scores show that we have the Brightest kids in the state!
9/29/2010parentOnly school in the state where all grades were in the top ten scoring of CRCT
9/29/2010parentThey have excellent teachers who truly care about their students!!
9/29/2010parentI love how parents are involved in the school.
9/29/2010parentBecause of its high test scores their philosophy with their hands on learning. The low student teacher ratio. The teachers get involved in each child's learning and the teachers and students are held accountable and are very involved in their learning. It is very secure and good atmosphere for a learning enviroment.
9/29/2010parentBrighten has good learning environment. It's like a big family.
9/29/2010parentThe teachers are the best the county has to offer!
1/7/2010studentI LOVE MY SCHOOL! This is my first year here. The teachers are better and I am making even better grades :) I would recommend this school to anyone!
11/3/2009parentThe fifth grade teachers are unlike any other teacher we have had in Douglas County. They are always positive and loving but firm. This combination of traits is hard to come by in most teachers.
10/23/2009parentLove the kids, parents, teachers, administrator, and Board!
10/23/2009parentBrighten Academy cares about its students and their families. The teachers are like 'personal' friends. They love their students and care about their learning. They encourage the kids. Last year the 5th graders scored the highest in the state on the CRCT. This care and concern is reflected in the test scores. I am pround that my grandson is a student at Brighten Academy,
10/22/2009parentI have to say I am a brand new parent at Brighten Academy. But I tell you it is the most friendliest and warming feeling school I have ever been in. The teachers and parents are absoultley fantastic. We have only been at the school for 5 days now and it's such a blessing to know that Brighten is teaching my child the education he needs but also treats him like a family member also. The education level is awesome, I was so impressed how well behaved the children are when we entered the school for the first day. Even the younger children in Kindergarden is so well behaved and the school was so quit and calming when you entered the doors. I have been with other schools and nothing compares to Brighten Academy. My son was so welcomed by his classmates and had made so many friends already and they were so kind and helpful to him. I know that alot of this is due to the way they are taught at Brighten Academy and the way the teachers teach the students at the school. I so recommened this school and we are so pleased that we are now a part of Brighten Academy!
10/21/2009parentBrighten Academy is an amazing school and I know that my children are getting the best education possible.
10/21/2009parentMy grands go Academy, Douglasville, GA and this year they are so much happier about attending school. They love the teachers and speak highly of them, The also enjoy the students. This year lesson time seems to be a pleasure. They feel good about the school and this makes all of us happy
10/20/2009parentWe have a great school. This school gives our children a great chance to get ahead in their education.
10/20/2009parentExcellent learning environment; rank top 10 in the State since its inception.
10/20/2009teacherGreat staff, supportive parents and the best students to teach!
10/19/2009parentThis is a very progressive school that advances the children to higher degree of education than in any other public arena available today.
10/19/2009parentThis is a wonderful school and my nephew loves going each day. The teachers are so attentive and truly care about the students
10/19/2009parentIt is one of the best schools in the district and has the brightest teachers.
10/19/2009otherThe school offers an excellent academic program that challenges bright, young minds.
10/19/2009parentMy children are happy and excited each and everyday to go to school. There is no other place like it...we are so lucky!
10/18/2009parentSuch a wonderful place, where the parents, staff and students come together with amazing results!
10/16/2009parentRigorous curriculum with support for all learners.
10/16/2009parentBecause my daughter comes home loving her day at school every day! She loves learning. Sloan comes home and says 'Mom, our teachers love teaching us and they are happy' WOW...I love that the staff at Brighten Loves their jobs!
10/15/2009otherIt is a small school with great teachers, hand-on teaching and we they have earned great test scores!
10/15/2009parentIt provides a community feel to the educational experience. It is parents and community coming together to make things happen.
10/15/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful and the atmosphere is great!!!
10/15/2009parentI love Brighten Academy because I have two granddaughter enrolled there that love it. They are learning so much!
10/15/2009parentBrighten is fantastic. The parental involvement and teacher dedication is great!
10/14/2009parentFirst, they love our kids! They create live long learners - not just test scores. They teach the importance of character and how to be good people through out life. Fourth, they partner with parents to support the students. They solicit feedback to improve the school.When there are problems, they handle them. They are the best!
10/14/2009parentBrighten Academy is what a school should be! -Great teachers, engaged and motivated students, and involved parents. It's a winning combination adding up to a great learning experience for the kids.
10/14/2009parentBrighten Academy is a wonderful school. Thanks to the teachers and staff my daughter is now a straight A student. She takes a genuine interest in her study habits as well. The genuine care of the teachers and their knowledge helped my daughter through her hurdles and helped see that she is an intelligent student. I will always be grateful to the teachers, faculty and administration at Brighten for all the have done for my daughter.
10/14/2009parentBrighten is one of the best schools in Douglas county and is producing the best kids around!!
10/14/2009parentI am always amazed at the great attitude of the teachers and staff at Brighten. I know my children are getting a great education because they care, they want to be there. Brighten has changed the life of one of my children who before Brighten was lost and hated school, just last night he told me he loves it. It truly is a blessing having Brighten in our family.
10/14/2009parentWhere do I begin? The team spirit, the positive reinforcement for the students, the amazing teachers, the tireless administration, the desire to figure out what's not working and the collaborative effort to find solutions, the smaller size than traditional schools, and the tremendous support of the parents. I could go on and on and on. Our family is blessed to have a wonderful place that our kids look forward to going to each and every school day.
10/14/2009parentBrighten Academy is a K-8 charter school in Douglas County that gives children not only the opportunity to excel, but also the opportunity to find out how they learn best. Great emphasis is put on project-based learning and multi-disciplinary learning so that children learn to use different approaches to solve problems. Most importantly they stress a positive learning environment that is felt and echoed by the parents and students alike. It is a very refreshing atmosphere to be in.
10/14/2009parentMy daughter graduated from there last year and she got accepted to one of the top secondary schools in the country, Phillips Andover, so I know she got a great education. My son is there now and it's nice to see him appropriately challenged.
10/14/2009parentWe are so happy to be a part of the Brighten Academy family.
10/14/2009parentThe best thing about Brighten are the staff and teachers. They truly love the kids, work very well together, and are committed to the success of each child. I love Brighten.
10/14/2009parentBrighten works so hard to help our kids in our grow and learn so much with such little money. Last year we had layoffs and this year is looking much the same. They work too hard to be affected by the state cuts.
10/14/2009parentBrighten Academy consistently demonstrates student achievement as an important goal through best instructional practices, meeting each student where they are. The school community also takes on the responsibility of developing the whole child and promotes community involvement on the part of parents as well as the students. Parents are regarded as a pertinent part of the functioning of all school activities.
10/14/2009parentBrighten Academy is more than a school, but a community that works together: parents, teachers, staff, and students that work together to educate the children. I am blessed to have a job that I love!!
10/13/2009parentBrighten Academy provided our daughter with three years of quality education that prepared her for high school success. Brighten's 7Cs facet was an integral part of her experience and continues to serve her well. Thank you Brighten Academy!
10/13/2009parentBrighten Academey is a wonderful school! The teachers are very caring about their students and are very knowledgable about their curriculum. They are doing a great job preparing todays young people for tomorrow's world!
10/13/2009parentAn incredible staff that always does more than what is required to ensure that our students have the best opportunity to learn.
10/13/2009parentI love Brighten because children are thriving, teachers are being allowed to 'teach' and parents are supportive. Hooray!!
10/13/2009parentThe kids, parents and staff all work to make it the best school experience possible.
10/13/2009otherI have been involved with Brighten Academy since its inception. The school have a tremendous and caring group of faculty and staff that really nurture ALL kids! I have been impressed since Day one!
10/12/2009parentThe school community, sincere commitment from all staff and parents, and the fact that it was created by community members desiring a great educational option for their children!
10/12/2009parentBrighten Academy has been in the top scores for the CRCT. The previous year (2008/2009) our fifth grade class was number one in Reading and Math CRCT test scores for the state of Georgia! Go Blazers.
5/24/2009studentThis is a great school, as a middle school student i agree with the rules and i appreciate the oppurtunity of attending this well civilized school. Any student is welcomed with care and is always accepted . I hope if any parents see ths review looking for a school to place their child in that they would choose Brighten Academy.
6/1/2008parent My son attended the first 7th grade class at Brighten. I only have one problem....I'm sorry he didn't start in the kindergarten!! I love this school. I wish they had a high school!
5/1/2008parentBrighten has been a wonderful place for my kids to learn. They have so many opportunities here and the staff is very caring and helpful. Brighten has made a difference in my children with there work habits and learning process. The students get so much out of this school from the way they teach and the hands on experience thay get. Brighten also is able to take more field trips with the kids so they can see first hand about things they are learning. I give Brighten an A+ for their teachers, parents and students its a wonderful place and a wonderful enviroment.
4/29/2008parentI have one in seventh grade and one in second at Brighten. My son has progressed by leaps and bounds and my daughter has been able to excel academically in a safe environment that values the individual . Next year my other two kids will attend!
4/2/2008parentAcademically, Brighten is impressive. I was relieved when I found out our child got in. The school community is still new and still needs some time to evolve into a real team, but inside the classroom- it is absolutely perfect!
3/28/2008parentgreat school! We are very pleased
3/27/2008parentBrighten Academy is beyond blessings and miracles to my son and family.With so many negatives and plain old fashion bs our kids are subjected to everyday it is a hurricane of fresh air to have a school like Brighten.Keep up the exceptional work.
3/26/2008parentOur daughters have attended Brighten from the beginning. We love the environment of learning. We are pleased with the opportunites for our children to excell and the climate of excellence.
1/5/2008parentOverall we're highly disappointed with Brighten as I have a kindergartner who is in the process of being expelled from this school for committing a '3rd physical infraction'. My wife and I spent endless hours working our child and his conduct did improve after he got used to the environment. This school is a good addition to Douglas County, but lacks appropriate resources and good leadership.
12/13/2007parentI love this school. It has taken the pain out of middle school. My daughter is allowed to grow and develop in a healthy, safe and engaging environment. I love the leadership qualities that she has gained through this educational experience. Go Brighten Blazer!
8/16/2007parentWonderful school.Very caring staff..My child excelled here! A real community school. My daughters learned so much in a year.Amazing!!!

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