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Snelson-Golden Middle School
465 Coates Rd
Hinesville, GA 31313
(912) 877-3112
public | 6-8
County: Liberty


  School Head OfficialYear
Katrina Bateman2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/9/2011parentMy family and I moved here last year in October 2010. My son always told me that the students are always cursing and throwing things at their teachers. What do the teachers do? Nothing. How does an administration and its teachers let children disrespect them? What are they teaching the other kids that do respect their teachers?
11/18/2009studentI am currently a student at SGMS. Snelson Golden is an okay school. I've attend Snelson since 2007, which was my 6th grade year, and the school was still the same then. The amenities are good. The SGMS Chorus is something I would perfer a child to take part in. The chorus teacher is excellent with music and the teachings of music. I'm not trying to flaunt the chorus, but im in the chorus. Well their are some things I have to say about Snelson and Thank You for reading my review.
9/10/2009parentSnelson-Golden Middle School in my opinion still needs a lot of work. Although after numerous attempts to get certain things in order for my child to achieve this so called 'superb' education, I still find there are flaws in the system. If a child is border-line pass or fail there should be something set up between the teacher and the parent that would ultimately help the child achieve the next grade. After sitting with the faculity at the beginning of the year and explaining to them that my child likes to hide things such as i.e. progress reports, homework, and tests I needed to establish something that I could monitor on a weekly basis. This was to alleviate a shock when report cards came out and we all know by then its to late. They have failed dramatically in this department.
7/27/2009teacherSnelson-Golden Middle School (SGMS) is a superb educational institution due to its rigorous academic requirements, parent-teacher contact, and academic support. SGMS teachers have high expectations for each middle grade student. Consequently, Snelson-Golden made AYP for six consecutive years. This accomplishment is a direct reflection of our students' willingness to accept the challenge to succeed and our teachers' tremendous determination to foster the best in each child. Our parent-teacher coordinator ensures teachers regularly communicate with parents. Finally, the school offers group tutoring sessions, and many teachers provide one-on-one tutoring sessions. Snelson-Golden strives for academic excellence. 'A Great School'
7/29/2008parentMy daughter has been a this school for 1 year. She was on the advanced team for 6th grade and loved her teachers. They seemed to be very involved and had some interesting projects for the students. She has always struggled a bit in math and I have to say this was her best year ever in that subject! She was in chorus and the teacher is great! A good school in my opinion.
7/21/2008studentSnelson golden is good school to me. Even though we may have some fights but it is a good school. I agree that snelson needs 2 work on disipline but its not always the school fault 2 me it is more of parents fault for there child misbehaven. Snelson gloden also has no favorites out of nonmiltary students and miltary ones.There are a lot of miltary students at snelson.Snelson is kindy of good school 2 me. Plus im in the 8th grade now and never got into any fights are sent to the office cause i did something wrong.
3/2/2008parentI have a child in this school and I have to say that he has had some teachers take an interest in his learning. He has also had some teachers who just do not seem to care. There are fights that my sons will come home and tell me about and when I talk to the princiaabout it, it doesn't seem to be high on their agenda. The kids have bad mouths and need disipline, but the administrators and teachers have to know that some of these kids who are disipline problems have an underlying reason for why they are acting out. If they can help those children then may everyone can focus more on education. Or maybe they need to take some advice from other schools that are doing better then SGMS!
1/1/2008parentThis is probably the worst school I have ever seen. I have been in the military for 17 years and have seen a lot of schools. I cannot say it is the school's fault entirely. Unfortunately, the change to school uniforms only put undisciplined children into the same attire. It seems like the teachers are overwhelmed by trying to keep discipline and forget to take care of the kids who are well-disciplined and there to learn. Favoritism is shown to non-military children. If I had a choice, my child would have gone elsewhere. If you buy a home, check the schools carefully before you commit to a purchase.
3/12/2007studentim not a parent but a student and i have to say the school is alright. Teachers help some but not all. the principles are ok and try their best sometimes but they dont always. there is alot of parental involvement at times. the school does need more funding for better equipment and for a better environment i am in 8th grade and about to pass to ninth grade. i try my best so i can get good classes in high school. but sometiems the teachers put alot of stress on me and other students as well. and it gets alot harder to consentrate on work. the school needs better saftey.
9/20/2006parentSeptember 2006 sgms is a good school we need to fund the school more so the kids can get better books and equipment. I think the teachers need to help the kids more in class instead of just telling them to do this from the book the teacher need to explain to the kids what they want them to do and then show them a example, not just say do this , my child have said that a lot of the teacher ,not all are not willing to answer there questions or if they ask a question the teacher act like they do not want to response to what they have ask, the lunches have gotten better also, they have added extracurricular programs for the kids to enjoy that's a good thing just need some minor adjustments on discipline the kids are not in the military lighten up some.
7/13/2006parentmy child was a 8th grade student at SGMs and he had the best set of teachers I have seen in many many years he was on tem 8-1 and he was actually excited to go to school. his teachers were so devoted to helping him when he needed it he had the best math teacher mrs. ryan she was a shining star I feel my child is prepared to make that big step into high school! god bless the teachers of team 8-1!
2/27/2006parentMy child has had a wonderful elementary education. The education is not continued at SGMS. Teachers do not spend time helping students, they sit at their desks grading papers and playing on the computer. There is no challenge to school. My child loves the social aspect of the school but is not getting an education that will be beneficial in the work force.
12/15/2005parentOur son went to an American school for the first time at SGNS and we were very happy with the support he received. It is one school in his life that he will not forget. A happy child in school says more than anything else ever could!Every teacher we met was a true blessing!
5/27/2005parentSnelson Golden is not that of a great school.The teachers dont help the students that much and does not have that safe of an learning enviroment that I have hoped for.
5/21/2005former studenti am not a parent but a student. i finished my time at sgms. It is a GREAT school. It just needs to put more money towards the band program. The band program is the best in the area! :) I've completed 6th 7th and 8th grade here and i miss it!
8/22/2004parentI have only had my children at snelson golden for a few months of the last school year and are attending it this year. I think the school is great and so is the administration. However, I do have a great concern...I think that the school board needs to take a great big look at the bus transpotation system. School has only been in for about 2 1/2 weeks and so far I have heard of close to 5-10 fights on my childrens bus.
6/30/2004studentI'm not a parent, but a student at this school. The only thing that could be improved about this school is the lunch, and the lunch isin't even that awful. This is a wonderful school, and should continue to make parents happy throughout their child's (children's) middle school career.
6/19/2004former studentSnelson-Golden provides a very challenging learning environment for its students. Students are well prepared in all subjects at this school. Because of my foundation at Snelson-Golden I was well prepared for high school.

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