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Sweetwater Middle School
3500 Cruse Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 923-4131
public | 6-8
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Georgann Eaton2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/10/2010parentthis school office staff does not care.hard to find somebody who can help me.I wish their education was much better like other middle school in ga
10/14/2010otherThe problem with Sweetwater Middle is the parents. A lot of them just do not care about their child's education. In addition, administration, but not all of them, make way to many changes. Thus, there is no stability to sustain a nurturing, learning, culture and environment. There are a lot of good teachers there, but when you have a combination of unruly students and parents who do not care that should expect the average rating.
4/27/2010parentThe front office staff is rude and not very cordial or friendly at all. They act like you don't even exist when you walk in. I am use to a staff greeting, welcoming, and smiling when I enter a school. The communication between the school and parents is poor and sometimes lacking. I believe your child has to be failing before you hear anything from the teachers and in my case, had I not been vigilant, I wouldn't have heard from any of the teachers. Communication regarding events is always late or last minute. I am dissappointed that I didn't get to choose where I would have preferred my child attend middle school.
3/4/2010studentsweetwater isnt a bad school we are very smart we just have a hard time showing it ,we have beajivor problems and we know we have to work on it and most of us are trying.We are getting better at some things and we do need to work on more things and i really enjoy being a students at SMS!:D
9/2/2009parentMy son is a 6th grader at this school. My son has a learning disability and he has had a hard time adjusting to the school. I think that most people don't consider a childs disability whenever they are teaching them. We need to step up and speak out for our students when it comes to their education as a disabled child. If I don't see any improvement in this school I will be look for another to school with better staff and great support.
7/29/2009studentI am a Probe student at this school. I'm going to be in 8th grade this year and I sure can't wait. The gifted program at Sweetwater is fantastic! We are like a tight-knit family, we're all more or less friends and learning is fun in gifted Probe. I learn so much! I love this school. The extracurriculars are not below average, there are tons of clubs to join, but other students don't even try. From my point of view, all the rest of the students at this school don't care about learning. I know for a fact that most of them just care about finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. If your kid is gifted, this is a good school for them. They will be sheltered and nurtured in a good learning environment. Teachers and students develop a close relationship, even laughing together.
5/31/2009parentI am so happy my child is done with sms, I found this school to have a very few caring teachers, as a result you have poor test scores and a low performing school...I am moving so that my child doesnt have to go the Berkmar high school..its sad, but I want my child to have the best education avail..uncaring teachers with rude and nasty attitudes will not help children suceed...you have to stay on top of the teachers just to get a progress report, the school is disorganized, and the staff is unprofessional..sad sad sad...
9/30/2008studentteachers can be rude, at any school if you make them that way, if you follow their instructions and obey them during class you will see that you will even become closer to them and they will respect you as much as you'll respect them and they'll make sure to treat you for the good things you do.Yet, that won t happen if you dont deserve it.I had great teachers, yet I also saw them be strict to other kids..no, they were not being mean, they were being fair, giving the kid the discipline he/she needed, so think again what kind of student you or your child is before you put a rating here, because a lot of what you place on this site reflects on you, rememeber there s no perfect school, yet we can make it as great as possible. You will enjoy this school if you have the right attitude.
9/16/2008studentI was in 6th grade last year here, and it was the worst school year i have ever had. If you are reading this because you're thinking about going here think again. The teachers are mean and there isn't any extra activities for us kids. Don't go to this school it will be a big mistake!
7/19/2008parent2007-2008 school year was my daughters first time at SMS. my daughter or i have not had any bad experiences with the school. i think that every individual had a choice to what they learn and on what level they can achieve that goal. it starts with the parents first. if the parent has a positive attitude then so will the child. my child had great teachers in the 7th grade and i hope she has the same for the 8th grade.
4/28/2008parentI think this school is horrible, when it comes to teacher/parent follow up. The teachers in this school, no names mentioned, really truly drop the ball with your children. If you have issues or concerns, stay on top of the staff and make them give you appropriate answers. I have had only bad expereinces with this school. My daughter will not attend this school next year, I'm taking her out. Not to mention the gang activity in the school.
9/5/2007studentSMS is a good school. but it could use some room for improvement. the school needs to put soap in the bathrooms and better food on our plates.Im an 8th grader and I've been @ SMS since 6th grade. The only reason why the kids are disrespect full is because we are always in trouble. Its a good school but im fed up with all the rules and policies that I am forced to listen to.
7/22/2007parentWe need more money for our school. We need more things for our children to get into. We need help big time help.
6/23/2007parentThis school is horrible, my daughter and my nephew attends. The school is very disorganized and the administration does nothing. The teachers were not on top of things you had to babysit the teachers and the principals if you wanted your child to be good. No activities for any of the children, no rallies, assemblies nothing that a school usually does. There is a new principal this year so hopefully things will change.
3/16/2007parentMy daughter attends SWM and I she has excelled greatly. The teachers are wonderful and she is making a lot of friends. The staff is great and the school structure seems to be very helpful to the growth of the student. The extra activities that are offered assists with the students excellence.
2/19/2007studentsweetwater is a great school most of the time the staff makes sure the students are safe an learning,but dont get me started on sweetwaters care for students to pass their classes.sweetwaters great but sometimes they might get a little overboard with rules.so honestly out of ten i would rate sweetwater an 8
2/18/2007parentSweetwater is a great school. Administrators hold students accountable for the good and poor choices they make.
2/7/2007teacherThis is a great school! I came down to SMS from Canada to teach, and unlike what all the Parents say, this school has an amazing focus on ensuring teachers. I am sure more then half the comments are from parents/teacher who enable their children to misbehave, and blame the system for their lack of parenting. I've been all over this God's green earth, and I can tell you from the heart, this school is dedicated to every child's success. The teachers are collaborative, and amazing! They are so focused on each child. I challenge the parents that made negative comments here to look inside to themselves and inside their children's lives to see where the root of the problem may lay...not in blame but in good parenting. This is a great school with a great focus....I MISS IT SO MUCH!
2/1/2007former studentactually im suppose to be an eight grader but we moved for financial reasons. The school has changed a bit since i was last there but i actually liked it. and believe it or not, a lot of middle school is trying to make you feel comfortable because their concern is the students education. When you have comfortable students, you have good students. Also, its not racist its just racially spread out so learn the words please. also, the teachers there are great and theres not suppose to be much extra curricular activities because its middle school, not high school, but they do have an amazing basketball team but honestly folks, you shouldnt complain about this because most parents dont understand that Sweetwater is your average school now a days.
12/20/2006studentI am a seventh grader attending at Sweetwater Middle School. The teachers are more focused on that pacheck. Overall, this is a poor school. The students are disrespectful.
6/17/2006parentI don't like the school and my daughter doesn't feel safe attending this school at all. This was her first year attending and I'm so happy that this will be her last year.
2/28/2006studenthi, I am a 7th grader at sweetwater middle school. I have a few words 2 say about sweetwater, one, it is a very racist school, 2, the extra cirricular activitys are very limited, 3, the teaching there is very poor, and the principal and staff ignores the students. Also, they are more focused on making us feel good about ourselves rather than our education, and so we students end up being harassed and having a poor education.
2/3/2006studentHey I'm a sixth grade student at sweetwater middle school.This school is totally horrible! My parents are really trying to get me help because I have been harassed.They have ignored us including the principal.I don't suggest this school to anyone! The things you should expect from this school is no communication,disorganization,pitifulness, and a bad enviorment.
10/26/2005parentI believe the teachers and administrative staff are only there to collect a paycheck. The students education and well-being are not top priority. They do not try to help parents who are trying to help. They only call if something is wrong. If you try to offer a solution or a prevention, you will be ignored. I am very active in my child education and a very concern parent. This school is the worst school my child ever attended. Only met the principal after I sent a letter to the school board. This school is ran by a bunch of clowns.
8/27/2005parentI feel like I am not even reading about the school that my children have attended. I have had two students attend this school and both of them loved Sweetwater. The band director, Mr. Skaggs is wonderful and the gifted teachers are fabulous. My son who was not in the gifted program still had really good teachers and a good experience here. I never had to deal with the Principal of the school but the assistant principals have all been extremely helpful. It is true that last year some of the girls and boys did not follow the dress code and nothing was done about it, but this year the administration is strictly enforcing the dress code and some parents are upset about this too. Overall, I recommend this school.
8/3/2005studentThis school is very disorganized, and the students there totally out of control! Athletic extracuricular activities are only available for 8th students and even those are limited. PArents are involved but it doesn't help much if the teachers don't try to improve.
7/12/2005parentI had two children who attended Sweetwater last year and the experience was pitiful! They were in 6th and 8th grade and both are honor roll students. This school is very disorganized. The quality of education in this school is very POOR! I am very envolved with my children academics and made sure they stayed on track. Also, the way these young girls dress at this school is pathetic! I have two sons and was disgusted when I came up to the school to see this. My oldest will be moving on to high school but I still have a son left to attend this school and am not happy about it!
9/13/2004studentHi I'm a student at Sweetwater Middle and I love it soooo much! I'm in the 6th grade! This is my 1st year going to a school in Georgia! At first I really didn't look forward to going because it wasn't as big as my old school but, I love it so much! I signed up for Chorus and Miss. Huff is awsome! She is really great! My homeroon teacher Mr. Rinshik is really funny! He makes learning so much fun! And Mrs. Adams is so wonderful! She is kind and funny too! I love to laugh in her class! But not too much! And Dr. Hargis is so nice! I'm really glad she's my health teacher! So I really enjoy Sweetwater Middle! I'm gonna be devastated in the 8th grade when I have to leave!
8/13/2004parentTeachers in this school are very rude and not helpful at all. They never return calls and when they do call, it has been my experience that the 3 calls have been about 3 different students (none of which were regarding my child). I feel as if I'm homeschooling my kids, because the teachers don't have time for them when they do not understand something. At parent/teacher conferences I'm told that they will help, but when the time comes the help is not there. They are disorganized. This is the first week of school and my child still does not have a schedule. Every day we are told that her schedule will be given to her the next day, but next day has not come yet. There is a lot of disorganization and very little attention is given to quality education and other things that really matter. Yet they are always ready to ask for supplies/donations from us.
5/5/2004parentMy daughter has been threatened, beaten up and ridiculed since day one. I can't wait for her to get out of this school. The principal does not about about the students and does not handle complaints at all.
2/23/2004parentI have 2 children at Sweetwater who have been there since the 6th grade. We have struggled and fought every year against the 'policies' for better classes, quality leadership and common sense education and learning. A poor experience all around for my kids.
10/5/2003parentThis middle school has the potential to be a very good school, but educating and supporting students is not at the top of their list. They focus too much on paperwork and bureaucracy and less on individual student needs. I m very disappointed.
8/27/2003former studentmy daughter realy injoyed this school and is wishing to go back for her last year in middle school. the school is great!

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