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Lindley Middle School
50 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE
Mableton, GA 30126
(770) 819-2496
public | 6-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Sandra Ervin2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/25/2011parentLindley Middle is an excellent school. I believe the Principal, Ms. Ervin, is the driving force behind the school's success. She is a 100% involved principal and her staff works very hard to make sure that each student succeeds in academics, and in other parts of their lives...be it socially or mentally. She encourages and sets high standards for her students and staff, and as a result my daughter excelled as a student and as a young person building her future as a productive citizen. Ms.Stephens- parent of V. Stephens Ms. Stephens, parent of a 7th grader
9/22/2009parentMy daughter loves Lindley. Her science teacher Ms.Shull is the best, my daughter comes home and tells me about how her kids are all ways doing something funny. Her PE teacher Ms.Hendrix she is like the Jimmi Hendrix of PE. They don't over work them, but they are still exercising. Now I've know her band teacher ever since she has been at the Academy. She loves Ms. Harris and Mr. Ritkard, they play the best songs and always have fun. I truely love the school and the principal Mrs. Erivn gives in so much for the school. I hear they are getting all new projectors and Smart-Boards, and she bought the school Wiis for events, but the best part I love is that they stride the kids to get all A's and she takes the kids out for a whole day of cheesecake
9/16/2009parentLindley students, staff, parents and teachers have worked overtime to become a school of choose.
9/9/2009parentMy son romello stafford is new to the school. He is a 8th grader, and we are very happy so far with the school and the over all enviorment.
8/24/2009parentI was so scared about my child going to Lindley this year, but I must say that it is not what it seems. The teachers seem to care, the principal takes that extra step towards helping the kids, the instruction is great! My child came home for the first time actually knowing the standard and why she was learning certain things. I was blown away. She has never wanted to participate in PE but she actually talked me into buying her a uniform and that she like her PE teachers. She said they are very fun and they actually care about the 'bigger' girls and how they feel. She said it makes her feel better about exercising. Her science teacher is the best! She loves Ms. Shull and talkes about her all the time. Keep up the good work Lindley, you are going to do great things!
7/17/2009studentLindley Middle has changed since Mrs. Ervin became principal she has put her students before anybody she made sure we were taught right and made sure that were comfortable so I really thank Mrs. Ervin for her hard work that she'd showed students!
5/24/2009studenti love lindley 2 bad i have to go ta high skool.ms.ervin total turned our skool around.now it is a great skool.the band program is great..the band teachers are aswsome...love ms harris....go drumline..
5/15/2009parentI personally think that this school is really good it has improved since mrs.ervin came in as a principal it has so many outgoing and fun teachers.
3/16/2009parentI Love this school and its staff, especially Mr. Landon Brown (Principal). He is very uplifting and he stimulates the minds of the kids. This is the most disciplined school that I have ever encountered and I have had kids in Austell/Mableton (Bryant, Lindley, And Pebblebrook) for 15 years. I wish more schools were like this one and my child looks forward to going to school. I hate that she has to leave and go to the 7th grade. I wish more Principals would follow Mr. Browns lead. Thanks Mr. Brown. I knew he would be great when I first met him at the other Lindley Middle when my son was on his step team. His spirit inspired my son to do great things.
1/8/2009parentTotal turn around from recent years with the additions of Ms. Ervin and Ms. Smith, two dynamic leaders!
12/22/2008studentlindley has tranformed tremendously and is doing very well.
12/3/2008studentLindkey is an excellent school to send your child to. This is my second as well as last year at lindley and I believe that its changed alot since the first year of my being there. I do have to agree with the dicipline issues. I think its how you raise the child that makes them act the way they do.Going to lindley , juast like other schools it has DRAMA. But its all good.At the end, you go into a beter person and have life long frinds.
9/28/2008parentAfter hearing the horrible stories about Lindle Middle School, I decided to send my children there anyway, so that they could be expose the children who may not have great parenting as they have. I wanted them to become more sociable and see that there is a big world of different people. Lindley was the place. So far, they socially have gotten the message. However as a parent, when entering the school, you experience alot of un- welcoming attitudes. I am speaking of adminisratation and office staff. The secretary seems to be very dishonest. I have sat there in the office and heard conservations on the phone and then turn around and make backstabbing comments. I have heard staff talk about parents of students and speak against them. ( You never know who is listening and paying attention) I dont trust them, by observation, not by encounters.
9/28/2008parentThe 6th grade academy rocks!!!!! Mr Brown has done a great job with 6th grade. He definatley has a knack for his work. Futhermore he is great at interacting with the kids and the parents love him. Ms Ervin, 7th and 8th grade principle could surely learn from him. Years of experience doesnt substitute for less years, its all in your approach. Ms Erivin is rude and shows lack of respect to parents and her stff. She has created and intimidating atmosphere, the teachers are running scared. Sad situation. I dont see much improvement happening at Lindley. Mr Brown, you are the best!!!!!!! You are doing a great job with 6th Grade Academy.
8/30/2008studentim am at lindley for the second time this year.the new princi-'pal' is awesome!she has redone the whole way about lindley.its the best school in cobb county to me!my teachers are awesome!im looking forward to a wonderful year at lindley.8th grade here i come!!!!!!!
8/12/2008parentMy son came home and told me his teachers were great and that his principal is strict. Love it! Lindley has been transformed into a real academy. My son brought meaningful homework home the first day of school. Go Lindley!
5/28/2008parenti believe that lindley is a horrible school for kids who want to get somewhere in there life. the staff and administators dont care what the kids do im way too afraid to send me sons there because i think they will get shot by hoolligans. i pray for those kids and that the school would b put of its misery. hopefully they will be successful but i know that for a fact those kids arent going anywhere...
3/28/2008parentI totally agree, this is my daughters first year there and it is absolutely horrible. I go up and just sit in the classes sometimes and watch what goes on and honestly it's a zoo for untamed children. What bothers me is how do they expect the kids who want to learn to do so when the entire class time is spent redirecting the children. The administration could care less and the only time they do call you is to complaine and never have anything nice to say about your child. Please close this school down.
3/9/2008teacherI'm a teacher at Lindley. The administration is HORRIBLE and does not address the discipline issues. The principal (McCrary) really needs to be replaced. I wouldn't even allow my own children to attend Lindley.
11/11/2007parentI hate this school for my child im getting her transerfered this is ridelouse there so much drama and bad education I hope they get closed. They need a new princpal. I really dont like the school
8/10/2007parentMy son attended Lindley (6th grade 2006-2007 term). I can honestly say that there were some bumps and bruises along the way, but only with one teacher and one advisor in particular. The good thing was that my son had 4 other teachers that were outstanding. I have chosen to send him back, not because I didn't have an alternative, because I did. But, because I love the principal, and I understand his vision and where he is going. Not to mention, he has made some great changes at the school in only a year. My son will be in the 7th grade (gifted classes) this school year, and I am looking forward to see what other great things the principal will institute. I too read all of the negative reviews, but we must remember that you have to crawl before you walk.
8/9/2007former studentthis school is great and i loved going there. it has a fantastic principal with lots of tough love for the students and he's strict but fair the teachers are tough lovers too. some of my all time favorite teachers were Mr.parsons Ms.chenault and the dance teacher Ms.copening and who i prefer over everybody, Ms. nelson.
4/19/2007parentMy child has attended this school for the past 2 years and will not be going forward to finish out. Lindley should commit to becoming a strict discipline focused school; the teachers spend 85% of valuable class time attending to problem children. Tests are still administered without consideration. Teachers cannot teach when frustrated, they seem to spend much of their time concentrating on other issues. I would not recommend any parent who cares about education levels, quality of education or issues such as social & emotion adaptation.
3/8/2007studentit is a great school to go to. i really like the way they are organized at this school.
4/11/2006teacherI have taught at Lindley for several years and agree with most, not all, of the parent comments. However, parent involvement does seem to make a difference in individual student achievement.
3/19/2006teacherWow, I can't believe what I am reading! I am a current teacher at Lindley Middle School. I have been employed at this school for nine years. I am sorry that so many parents haven't had a wonderful experience for their child at our school. I live in the community and I enjoy working with the students, staff, and especially the principal. I hope that anyone who reads these comments will keep an open mind and also come to the school and take a tour for themselves. Signed Always working hard to make Lindley a better! place.
3/1/2006parentI'm A Parent of a&th Grader attending Lindley for the Second Year. This School is A joke,when it comes down to fedd back about your child education.I have gone out there on many occation and the receptionist don't put your letters to the Tearcher in there mail Boxes,so you are left with no responses back from them. You send the Emails no response,so now what are you suppose to do? Well,for me I think it time for us as Parents to seek higher Authority.
2/1/2006teacherI am a former teacher of Lindley Middle School. The principal is awful. Honestly, Lindley would be a great school if the faculty and staff worried more about the students than AYP. not taking the time to show care and respect for the children and parents. This was one of the worst schools that I have ever worked for. I wouldn't recommend this school for any child.
10/27/2005teacherI am teacher at Lindley Middle School. As I read the reviews, I was disappointed but not surprised by many of the negative comments. Unfortunately, our school has gained a horrible reputation in the community. Academics IS our first priority, not discipline. However structure and order are key components. Without structure, there is no order. Discipline is required to maintain that structure and order. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I find many parents teach their children that no on has the right to discipline them or correct their behavior. This encourages children to not respect authority. They talk when you are teaching, they play in the hallways, they are loud and obnoxious then respond in a negative manner when you attempt to correct them or discipline them. This sets our children up for failure, not only in school, but real life. I choose to teach at Lindley because these are our children.
10/10/2005parentMy son is a second year student at Lindley. He will not be attending this school next year. The school does have a displine problem. I feel that it is due to the large influx of residents with below average income levels. I have found that when the income level is 40% below the poverty level, the educational system will be seriously lacking. Teachers who are recruited to such areas will be seriously lacking also. I have had numerous problems with the teachers, but I must say, whenever I contacted the principle, I would receive immediate results. I feel that the principle is wonderful, but it's just the surrounding environment that is bringing Lindley down. We are moving to Alpharetta.
5/11/2005parentLindley is a horrible school. Teachers, staff are totally uncooperative. They SAY they want parental cooperation, but when they get it they treat the parents with the same negative attitude they have with the kids. Do not move here unless you plan to put your kids in private school.
4/29/2005teacherAs a teacher at Lindley, I am on the front lines daily! I refuse to let parents sit back and blame the teachers anymore. Yes, unfortunatley, most of my time is spent dealing with discipline. It is not because I like it that way! I would love to be able to TEACH. Unfortunately, most Lindley parents are not involved in their child's educations. It is much easier to blame the teacher. Well, I am here to tell you, if you child were being disciplined AT HOME, we would not need to do it for you at school. Stop blaming the teachers. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Support the teachers. Teach your children the meaning of respect, the importance of an education, and the appreciation of hard work and success! Do not sit back and blame the teachers for your parental deficiencies. Enough is enough.
4/9/2005parentThis is our 1st complete year at Lindley. My child went there last year and I was very disappointed with most of her teachers. I was disappointed in what she didn't know and I though she should have known as a 7th grader. I'm displeased, the administrative staff tries to be helpful but there is only so much they can do. They failed the grade again this year. I think a big problem is having to bus the children from so far away. The Six Flags district need their own school. We plan to move, Pebblebrook is the feeder and there is way to much negative stuff going on over there!
10/13/2004parentThe school is too over crowded. Over 1400 students with a teacher/student ratio of over 30 children to one teacher. The disciplinary problems are at a all time high which really challenges the sincere academically inclined kids. Reccommendation would be to definitely split the school to reduce the harmone flow in the Lindley halls. This would would significantly increase the learning climate in the school.
6/20/2004parentMy son was a student there for 7th and 8th grade. I was very disappointed that Cobb County would allow such a low performing school in its system. The school was more interested in discipline than academics. There was a serious lack of communication from the principal and teachers to the parents. The test scores are abysmal. At orientation 3 years ago, they emphasized the new building more so than the academics. My son was on the honor roll for both years, yet I am shocked at what he doesn't know. I am also concerned about the feeder schools for Lindley. Most if not all of the elementary schools feeding into Lindley are very poor performers.
4/28/2004parentMy children went to this school for a period of 3 weeks before I thankfully got them transferred. This school lacks in the educational goals and teachers needed for thier young minds. My children were very behind in their new schools and struggled to catch up from the Lindley Middle School education to the Floyd Middle school education. Warning if your child goes to this school, please offer additional home education so that your child will not be one of the children left behind!
10/29/2003parentMy child is in the 6th grade. He loves school (which is a first). I especially like how you know each kid by their first name. You make kids feel as special as they are. I've just had the pleasure of experiencing the awesome teamwork displayed at the parent/teacher conference. I applaude all the 6th grade teachers at Lingley for taking the time to care for my child as well as the other kids. You are a special group. Thank you for your skills, tough love and discipline. May God Bless!
8/26/2003parentMy child is an 8th grade student at Lindley Middle School and I agree that discipline is the first priority among The Lindley Staff, I believe any school should first maintain discipline in order to give our students a better education, The Teachers at Lindley are doing a good job in my opinion and they seem to care about the issues of their parents.
6/17/2003 My son will be entering 8th grade in the fall of 2003. My experience with this school is that they seem to focus more on discipline than on educating the children. There are some wonderful teachers at his school and overall I am happy with them,I just think that maybe more focus and creativity in teaching the students is what is needed there instead of making discipline a priority.

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