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Peachtree Ridge High School
1555 Old Peachtree Rd NW
Suwanee, GA 30024
(678) 957-3100
public | 9-12
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Kevin Tashlein2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012parentMy daughter is a freshman this school year 2012-13 and we have great teachers. She has honors classes as well as 1 College Prep class. The leadership team at PRHS has been great thus far. She is enjoying her first year in high school.
6/12/2012studentPeachtree Ridge is the best school in the area. All of the teachers & admins are incredibly nice & helpful if you need help. About the cliques...sure there are some snobby people, but what school doesn't have then? There is something for everyone here. It is so fun every day. At lunch we have spirit contests and dance offs occasionally. As for education, it's top notch. #1 this year on junior graduation tests. The school grounds are very very well maintained and the campus is beautiful. Football games are so fun!! If you're not a sporty person, there are sooo many clubs you can join. To the person that said you cannot be in a club and a team with out being judged: that is entirely false. I'm a rising senior, and every year at PRHS I've done volleyball, track, theatre, the pageant, DECA, art club, and so many more clubs. I love every minute at PRHS and I recommend it 100%.
3/25/2012parentGreat schools. Academic program is wonderful!! I love the opportunity for advanced placement as my daughter needs to be challenged to excell!
2/26/2012studentI moved from Collins Hill district this past year, and I'm loving Peachtree Ridge. Please read me out as I highlight some recent "issues" in the comments, this coming from a first year student with no knowledge of anyone or anything. There is a lot of recent talk on how the school is only focused on athletics. NOT TRUE! They praise athletic accomplishments and want to accel, but it's nowhere near as bad as people say it is. If anything, I've noticed a main focus on academics, which continuously go up. We were ranked 1st in the county on the graduation test and hold a new record for highest average sore and pass rate, as well as the number of perfect scores. Arts are weak, but you can see them growing. A new band director just came in and will revamp the program. I see NO RACIST ISSUES! I have made friends of every race already, and they all know each other. Sure, the asians have a click, and the white kids, and the black kids, but how is that different than any school? Races tend to share more common interests. I love the school, and I see a lot of good in the future. I'm optimistic for years to come.
12/14/2011parentI LOVE PRHS My daughter is a sophomore and is more prepared for college than most other children and I attribute that to the block system. I have found the teachers and administration (Principal, Vice Principal, department heads, and department chairpersons), all very accessible and truly caring individuals. There are over 3,000 students and the principal knows most of them. The communication is outstanding and the faculty appreciates parents that are involved - via email, phone, or volunteering. I cannot give enough praise and accolades to this wonderful learning establishment. The only detrimental comment I have is from my daughter - who states the guidance counselors are not there for the children, she feels that they should meet with the children to see how they are doing. My daughter is in the special ed program and I cannot give this department enough praise; be it to her teachers, case worker, and department head. They let her know how important she is as an individual, and believe in her, her grades and overall self esteem have improved light years (from her previous school) and I owe that to the staff of PRHS. I highly recommend this fine learning establishment.
11/15/2011parentMy son attends this school and I see it as only average. My son is a dyslexic with great work discipline but the block schedule does not accomodate learning differences very well. The school is also VERY cliquish and while ethnically diverse it is very socially segregated. I also do not like the lack communication about school happenings. You kind of have to find out for yourself ways to get involved and then stay there or you're an outcast. You can't be an athlete and part of a club at the same time. They only things they make sure you know about is football games. If you're not a good athlete you don't matter excpet in your clique.
9/15/2011studentThere is nothing positive to say about this school. I attended this school for a year, and I absolutely hated it; it was the worst year of my life. The students here are ridiculous. It is a mostly wealthy school, and the people are very snobby. There is also a problem with integration, as another commented stated. The people are very unaccepting and withdrawn from other people. I attended another school for my ninth and tenth grade years where we were like a family and we stood by each other. I spent my 11th grade year here, and I came home sad every day because I never made any friends. They're so cold here, including the teachers. I had several who couldn't care less about the students, and I had one who couldn't stand any of us just because. The teachers can't keep their classes under control, and the focus is mainly on sports and your social status. Don't believe what people say abou this being a great school, because it's not. This is coming from a student who wasted a whole year of her life there. I strongly suggest to anybody moving to this area to make sure that you are not in the district for Peachtree Ridge! Your child will likely have a miserable time and bad education.
8/5/2011parentThis school is a joke. The bureaucracy and red tape involved in the scheduling and paperwork process is absolutely ridiculous and impossible. Counselors and administration are worthless... they do not know how to function in a coordinated or student-oriented fashion. Everything takes days to complete, communication is non-existent... The entire school is set on raising its own ranking, and has no concern for the children's personal desires. This is unfortunate because the teachers (for the most part) seem to be genuinely passionate about the students, which is praiseworthy since there are so many to take care of. If you plan to send your child here, make sure that you never have issues with scheduling, classes, any school-related papers, attendance, etc... administration isn't going to go out of their way to help you. The other thing I am concerned about is the obvious lack of integration and racism problems. Having moved from a more liberal state I'm surprised at how segregated the students are, which is not the school's fault, but teachers also seem to act this way with certain races as well. Very disappointing overall. Don't believe the hype.
3/13/2011parentThis school has a drug issue and as a parent i am not satisfied with the schools way of handling issues such as that. It seems as if you do not do a sport at the school, you are treated of lesser value. The administration team is a joke. The little extra help that some students may need is not there. Instead they are looked down upon for not understanding the curriculum. My child has been to many schools, and out of all of them, PRHS is the worst.
10/20/2010parentI am not pleased with the school. My son has ADHD/ODD and the block schedule is not a good situation for a child with these disorders. Students with below average or average grades fall through the cracks at this school and it's very sad to see.
8/25/2010parentVery poor communication from administration. School is only focused on sports. Majority of teachers are good.
4/20/2010parentThis is an excellent school, we have lived all over the country and this the best school my children have attended. Top notch academics, staff, and extracurricular activities have made it an excellent institution. The school really prepared my girls for college.
12/8/2009studentthis school i love it and will always love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss it soooo much i used to go here! =( teachers are spectacular, helpful and fun. the academics are through the roof, they are strict with work and also make time for fun. =D definitly the school of choice
9/16/2009studentIt's amazing and there are such cool people there. Also we're the only High school in Georgia that has a chinese program. Many different classes are offered and we get the newest and latest technology and books every year :)
5/28/2009parentThis school prepared my child for his future. Block scheduling allowed him to experimce more electives than other schools.
4/13/2009parentThis school gives my kids an opportunity to succed in life and it prepares them for whats coming.
4/4/2009parentThis is a great school, it had prepared my daughter for the challenges she has faced in college and she got to go to her dream college!
2/17/2009parentPeachtree ridge is a bad school. The school doesn't provide a high level of eduacation
11/13/2008studentThis was hands down a great school, and I having to move 3 times during my high school years thinks it's really academic and sports advanced. I went to St. Pius, which was great for a year, but moved due to parents which couldn't decide if I should go to a great private school called GAC, which was also great.. but out of all schools, I loved PRHS the most. Even though its a long drive to get there every morning (from where I live) its worth it!
9/10/2008parentIt's a good school, practically brand-new with excellent infrastructure. The block scheduling is a big plus. My son spent four years there, graduating last year. There are, however, issues with the counselors and administration being very monolithic and unresponsive. Teacher quality varies greatly - in Senior Language Arts, for instance, there's a Teacher of the Year, but then there are others that probably shouldn't be teaching at all. Overall, somewhat disappointing.
8/29/2008parentMy daughter goes to this wonderful school, and i ahve to to say it sure is the best school shes ever been to
8/28/2008studentThis is the best school you can send a child to hands down. Excellent academics, extra-cirricular, and sports. Great teachers and good school lunches...what more could one ask for? The administration is very cooperative also.
7/26/2008studentIt prepared me better for college than most other people I know who went to other high schools.
1/9/2008studentAs a former student, I can honestly say that Peachtree Ridge has prepared me for the challenges I face in after graduation. The block scheduling (while tedious at times) is similar to the class load required each semester in college. While at the Ridge, I took mostly AP and gifted classes. The teachers I have had have been passionate, inspiring and helpful with very few exceptions. They push ahead where the counseling department tends to fall through. I found that my teachers were far more involved with my application process than my counselor. Meetings with my counselor were hard to schedule, impersonal and unmotivating. The teaching department, however, more than makes up for it. Superb students, curriculum and sports make Peachtree Ridge an incredible school.
5/30/2007parentThis is an excellent high school! One of the best in Gwinnett county, for academics and extracurricular activities. My son just finished his freshman year and really enjoyed it. He's active in sports and loves the block schedule. He feels it's much easier having only 4 classes to study for at one time. I recently heard that Peachtree Ridge was ranked at the 7th highest high school in the nation. I'm happy to have my children going there!
2/26/2007studentI am currently a sophmore at this school, I was also a freshmen there too. I think that most of the teachers are very kind and helpful. I like the fact they emphasize the importance of learning how to write reports/essays. But the school is really crowded. Really long lines at lunch. The counslors are not involved in the students lives at all. But I really like the block scheduling (4 classes a semester=8 classes a year). Overall it's an all right school. But if your child is looking for a school that is fun and exciting, dont come here it gets really dull. Most students dont wake up happy to go to school ever.
2/9/2007studentEveryone seems to be so involved and so motivated! Sure, I hear about the not-so-desirable kids, and the over-competitive kids, but this school is as good as public education gets! I never hear about how good the performing arts department is here, but I went to a theatre performance and an orchestra concert, and they both blew me away!
1/22/2007parentGood school, good education. Please note that this is a block schedule school (ie) whole math book learned in 1/2 year. Also if you plan to move during a school year, check how this might affect the grade placement of your child. Some core classes are not started till the second semester.

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