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Cherokee Christian School
3075 Trickum Road
Woodstock, GA 30188
(678) 494-5464
private | K-12
County: Cherokee


  School Head OfficialYear
Michael Lee2009
5/5/2012parentMy daughter graduated from CCS in 2008. Last Saturday we celebrated her graduation from Reinhardt University (debt free!) with a degree in Science, Spanish, and English Education. CCS prepared my daughter 100% for college She received over $80,000 in academic scholarships. She maintained a 4.0 GPA and tutored other college students. She speaks 4 languages and is headed to China to further her studies. The teachers(missionaries IMO) at CCS are amazing. My only warning is CCS is not composed of perfect, super spiritual students. If you want your child to have a fantastic education then this is your place.
8/25/2010parentCCS has been such a blessing to our family. The school has the best staff of caring, nurturing teachers and administration that makes it feel like family. The Christian based education goes much farther than even the outstanding test results will show; our son's favorite classes are Chapel and Bible. Our daughter is very excited to attend this fall as well!
3/3/2010teacherI have the unique privilege to have been a parent first and teacher second at CCS. After homeschooling our daughter, we decided the best thing for her would be to go to school. We visited CCS and were impressed with the longevity and quality of their teachers. Our daughter started kindergarten and loved it from the start. She received a great academic foundation that prepared her for her coming years at CCS. I started teaching at CCS when my daughter entered first grade. I have taught in many private Christian schools, but they were nothing like CCS. The faculty has a genuine concern for the success of their students. The administration truly cares about their faculty and our families. Teaching at CCS is a joy and it is a wonderful place to minister to families. I count it a privilege to be in my fifth year at CCS!
3/3/2010studentLooking back upon the four years of high school that I spent at Cherokee Christian, I realize how fortunate I was to be able to attend such a wonderful school. Now as a freshman at Georgia Tech, I realize the education I received at CCS thoroughly prepared me for college. CCS has a curriculum that is both challenging and rewarding. Although the coursework was sometimes difficult, I was constantly given the opportunity to improve my study habits and learning skills. In fact, when I took a few college classes during my senior year at CCS, I found myself to be adequately prepared for them. This has given me a confidence in my academic foundation that has aided me greatly in my current studies at Georgia Tech. I can honestly say that this school has been faithful to their promise of growing students both academically and spiritually.
12/16/2009parentAfter moving to Roswell from Florida, we became involved in the public school system. We had heard how great Cobb County schools were, but after 6 months of less than pleasurable experiences, we realized that if we left our children there, the childlike innocence would be lost. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes going through these cicumstances for one to see the reality of our public schools and the stark contrast that a school like Cherokee Christian offers. All three of our children are now at CCS. It has been a huge blessing and we thank God for it everyday because based on our experience, there is no comparison. We continue to recommend families to look into Cherokee Christian Schools.
11/18/2009parentWhen we first applied to CCS for our children six years ago, it was a step in faith...not a leap of faith. We knew it was the right 'step' for our children and our family. Over the past six years, we have been overjoyed to see how our children are growing both academically and spiritually. We have also witnessed the progression of their classmates. I watch all the children in carpool both morning and afternoon. I see them happy, very happy to be at school, to see their friends and teachers, to be at CCS. When they leave, they all glow...their smiles and giggles are irreplaceable. I notice not only the abilities of the staff, their knowledge, personalities, diligence, patience, but I also look for the affect it has on all of the children. Our family couldn't be more pleased. We trust Cherokee Christian Schools with our most important investment...our children.
10/23/2009teacherI am grateful to teach at Cherokee Christian. I can speak of truths and failings that I have experienced during my Christian life without worrying about being PC which allows me to be myself and be an effective teacher. Our administration is extremely supportive, our staff has an extraordinarily positive chemistry, our families are involved in their children s academics, and the Lord continues to bless our school. Graduates who go onto college often come back and tell us how well prepared they were. And even the few who do not make it to college directly tell us how glad they are to have been at our school. It has been a great privilege to come along side our parents as they seek to prepare their children for life beyond high school. Our teachers look forward to having more families dedicated to Christian education to join our community at Cherokee Christian.
10/22/2009parentWe have two daughters at Cherokee Christian and it is a wonderful school! The administration, teachers, and staff all have a servants heart. The curriculum is challenging and we know our girls are getting a terrific education that will prepare them for the future. Most importantly though, you can feel the Spirit of the Lord at work within the school. It is so wonderful to know that the school is partnering with us in the spiritual and academic growth of our children! My husband and I have grown too in our knowledge and faith through books, conferences and classes offered at the school. Our whole family has been so blessed by this school!! God is doing great things at Trickum Rd. in Woodstock, Ga.
10/8/2009parentMy children have been students at the Cherokee Christian for eight years, and they love it. The school has been a valuable partner with me in raising my kids to understand a Godly perspective of His creation. While I struggle as a parent with ideas about what is best for my kids, CCS has stayed the course focusing on the Lord s call to bring up my children according to His Word. My children enjoy a great relationship with their teachers, challenging academics, deep friendships, and a Christ-centered community. I think that any true Christian who wants to allow their children to be instructed properly not like the please-anyone-who-is-possibly-offended government sees fit would be blessed to have their children at Cherokee Christian.
5/21/2009parent In 2002, we were led to enroll our eldest son in Kindergarten at CCA. We had no concept of how it would impact our families lives. The school atmosphere has not only taught our son to be a faith filled, well educated young man, it has been a faith lifting experience for our entire family. We continue to attend CCA with 3 children enrolled. It is a blessing to know they are nourished mind, body and soul every single day!!!
5/12/2009parentI don't know where to start. Cherokee Christian teaches academic excellence and yet reaches out to the families and supports and loves on them. We know without a shadow of a doubt that our children are safe, loved, taught by amazing teachers and most importantly they are challenged every day to be all that our God created them to be for HIs glory. Thank you.
5/9/2009parentOur oldest daughter started at Cherokee Christian in the First grade, she is now finishing up Fourth. Our son started CCS this year for Kindergarten, and our youngest daughter will start Kindergarten there next year. It is the best money we spend. Not only does this school consistantly make it a goal to honor God, but they are academically aggressive, as well. Even at the Kindergarten level, students are given a framework of good study habits (nightly homework) to build upon throughout the course of their academic career. Two and a half years ago we even downsized ourselves home-wise in order to get closer to the school, while simultaneously ensuring that we could continue to pay tuition for all of our children as the years progressed. It was the best move we ever made. We love our new smaller home and the bright future for our children.
5/7/2009parentThis school has changed our daughter's life. I praise God for the school and the loving faculty that nurture the minds and souls of our children.
5/4/2009parentNot only can't I say enough about how good a school this is, but I can't say enough about what a great God I have for bringing my family to this school. It's never going to be perfect, but I have never, in my 15 years of living with and working with Christian ministries, seen a school where the staff and faculty are all there to give of their time, energy and talents to help my children excel both academically and in their lives. The administration has time for us, the teachers know my daughters almost as well as I do, and my girls have never had such excellence in academics. It think I know why... because God is put first in this school, and when He is, He is honored and glorified by the results of the test scores.
3/20/2009parentWe have been at Cherokee Christian for 6 years now and I can't imagine sending my children to any other school. Cherokee Christian has topnotch teachers and academics. The teachers have high expectations but also extend grace to the children as they grow and mature academically and spiritually. They are commited to providing each child with a quality, Christ centered education. We couldn't be more pleased.
3/6/2009parentOur son has been at Cherokee Christian for 7 years and our daughter for 4 years. In those years, we (both individually and as a family) have all grown closer to God and have solidified our belief in Jesus as our Savior. We are thrilled with both the spiritual focus in all the classes and the academic rigor required of the students. The school s motto speaks of edifying the whole child; based on our experiences, CCS is by far exceeding their set standards. The teachers truly are dedicated to the well being of each student. Activities including drama, sports, and International Night offer abundant opportunities for students. Compared with other schools in the area, class sizes are small with the lower grades having a Teacher Assistant for all the classes. We are appreciative of the ample security and technology that the administration has employed. Both of our kids say they would not want to go anywhere else. Neither would we! Scott and Rebecca Murray
3/3/2009principalI wasn't sure if I should respond to an entry that was highly critical of our school. I am so grateful that the Lord has built a fine school with great teachers but we do not claim perfection! Therefore, I cannot expect that every comment posted will be a five star rating. However, when a comment posted is so out of line with both the truth and the experience of the vast majority of our families, I have to say something. Here is part of the post: 'While we throughly enjoyed the sense of religion that radiated from CCS, we found that when our daughter began public school, she was severly behind in almost all her academic subjects. At CCS, she had been an A student, and at her new school, she had a report card of C's and D's. I feel that the academics were far to relaxed, and that now our daughter will pay the price later in life.' (Those are not my typos; this is just copy/pasted from the original comment) The truth: CCS's Standardized test scores (which compare our school to public schools nationally) have scored in the 95th percentile or above in each of the last 3 years. Additionally, many of our recent high school graduates are attending colleges and universities like The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Covenant, Georgetown, and Berry College. Regarding the experiences of other families, please read the other posts. Thanks!
1/28/2009parentOur daughter attended this school for four years before a buisness oppurtunity caused us to move. While we throughly enjoyed the sense of religion that radiated from CCS, we found that when our daughter began public school, she was severly behind in almost all her academic subjects. At CCS, she had been an A student, and at her new school, she had a report card of C's and D's. I feel that the academics were far to relaxed, and that now our daughter will pay the price later in life.
1/8/2009parentWhat an awesome experience we've had thus far with our First grader! The Holy Spirit leads in this school. We are blessed that Cherokee Christian teaches a Christian WORLD VIEW--our 7 year old knows how to deal with things of the world through a 'God-filter' and it is awesome to watch him DAILY using the skills he has been taught at Cherokee Christian to make positive, Holy Spirit-led decisions. We are so excited for our Preschooler to start Kindergarten at CCS in August to further our family's journey through God's plan for our lives! If you are looking for a solid Christian world view, backed by a strong academic program, and staffed by teachers and administrators that truly love the Lord as well as the children, you have found what you are looking for at CCS.
11/27/2008parentWhen we knew we were moving to the north Atlanta area, we immediately started the search for a school; solid theology, strong academics, and a K-12 school that knew who it was and who it wanted to be were our main criteria. We looked at CCS along with many others. Between the CCS website, talking to school personnel, and visiting in person, we decided to give CCS a try. That decision has turned out to be the right one. Now that we've been at CCS a while, we can say that it is theologically sound, academically excellent, and has a vision for how to serve the greater Woodstock area as time goes by. CCS is growing and we expect that as it grows, even broader academic, sports, and arts opportunities will abound. We are glad that are kids are at CCS.
9/16/2008parentWhy choose Cherokee Christian School ? CCS is a school you can feel proud of. Your child learns what God's word teaches us and that is to put Him first. It is a school where children are academically challenged by loving and devoted Christian teachers and staff. The administration works together to ensure your child is receiving the best Christian education possible. We are proud to say that this is our 6th year at CCS. Come see for yourself how God is working at CCS. The first thing you will notice is the joy expressed on both the students and faculties faces. It is definitely a representation of God's true love for us. We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to send our daughter to CCS.
6/9/2008studentI am a 08 graduate from Cherokee Christain and i have to say in the 4 years of me being there is was the best thing that my parents has done for me. The teachers took the time for the students and best of all shared to us about Jesus Christ. I urge any student or parent who is considering this school to take this chance and allow your student to be taught the right things. This school will very much prepare you for college and for other things that you will encounter in life. Thank you Cherokee Christia. -Justin 'remington' hyde
4/1/2008parentCherokee Christian School has been an amazing experience for my child. This is our fourth year at the school and we couldn't be happier with her progress. She absolutely loves going to school each day. We feel so fortunate to be a part of such a Christ honoring environment, with the same values that we teach at home.
3/28/2008parentAwesome school! This is our 1st year at CCS and we can't sing praises loud enough at how please we are at the education. Our kids attended Catholic schools for many years out of state. All along we had thought they were getting a religious education until we came to CCS. There's no comparison. We love the fact that God is present in their curriculum. The curriculum, at times, can be tough, especially in the upper grades, but the teachers are patient and notify parents immediately if there are any problems. We love the fact that the teachers in High School (especially for boys) are true mentors. We see a maturity in our High Schooler in just the few months he's been at CCS. Elementary grades are nurturing and like a family. Wonderful school. We highly recommend it. Well worth it!
3/5/2008parentWhat a wonderful place to have your children educated!!! The teachers as well as the administration truly love what they are doing and it shows in all aspects of the school. The loving and caring atmosphere as well as the importance of developing a Christian worldview through education are the reasons we are so pleased to have our children attending. The curriculum is challenging as well and each child is encouraged to step up and be the best they can be! Cherokee Christian is truly an awesome school!!! Cheryl Ballard Marietta, GA
1/21/2008parentOur son is in full-day Kindergarten at Cherokee Christian and we couldn't be happier. The Christ-centered education program includes weekly memory verses from the Bible. They offer an advanced reading program in their kindergarten program which we are very pleased with and have even gotten creative with additional math cirriculum to ensure our son is challenged. One of the things we enjoy most is the flexibility to join our son for lunch. Since my husband and I both work full-time, this has provided each of us with a means to be connected to our son at school. We would like to see Spanish added to the cirriculum for kindergarten. I believe it picks up in 1st grade. The after school growth-care program is also outstanding. Our son thoroughly enjoys the interaction with students from some of the other classes. We will definitely be back for 1st grade!
12/5/2007parentOur daughter is a second grader at CCS. We had many concerns about not only her education but also the environment she was in during her first two years at a local government school. We are thrilled not only with what our daughter is learning at CCS but also the ways in which she is learning. We can honestly say that CCS has been a God send and an absolute blessing. As Christian parents, we always want to be consistent with regard to Truth and God's Word. This is paramount at CCS. We are thrilled with not only the Christ centered approach at CCS but also with the academic excellence that is put forth. Our daughter is being challenged both spiritually and academically like never before. And to our delight, is meeting these challenges beautifully. Jason & Kam Roberts
11/7/2007parentOur child has been attending Cherokee Christian School 8 years. The academic programs at Cherokee Christian School are far above expectations. The results for the Standardized tests reveal this. The Musci, Art and Sports programs are great. The children have to excel in Academics to play in sports. My wife and I are very involved in volunteering at the school. We find great joy in the Lord's work to expand his Kingdom at Cherokee Christian School.
9/25/2007parentWe are blessed to have the opportunity to send our children to Cherokee Christian School. We have been very pleased with the spiritual and academic growth of our children while attending the school. CCS provides an authentic Christ-centered environment and an academically excellent education. The distance we drive and the tuition we pay each month is worth every mile and every penny. We hope to continue being a part of the CCS family for many years to come.
8/29/2007parentWe are parents like most who love and want the very best for our children. During a different time, we received excellent educations in public schools and college. We mistakenly assumed and expected educational quality in our local high school. Our youngest son became essentially lost in the shuffle of public education, and suffered a continual bombardment of worldly distractions. His first weeks at Cherokee Christian School were a complete surprise to us. His progress over the next year astounded us. To witness the professionals of CCS nurture the whole child, is to view a miracle in the making. Our hope is for other parents to have the prayers for their children answered as we have! This is more than a school; this is an exceptional place, with exceptional people, growing leaders to further God's Kingdom for tomorrow. Make whatever sacrifice you must, our children are worth it!
8/20/2007parentCherokee Christian School has been an answered prayer for our family. Our children have attended CCS since Kindergarten and are currently in Elementary grades. If your priorities for your children s education include: * Building and protecting your child s faith in Christ * Maintaining structure and standards in the classroom * Knowing that your child is safe and secure while at school * Your child is cared for and loved by committed teachers and staff * To receive an excellent education that puts them ahead of the curve If these are your priorities, then Cherokee Christian is the absolute best school in the area. We are grateful for the outstanding leadership, teachers, and staff at CCS. Last but not least, both of our children LOVE attending school here!
3/20/2007parentCherokee Christian School has been an incredible blessing to us for eight years. Since glorifying our precious Lord is the primary focus in our family, a Christ-centered education is the only choice. The administration, faculty and staff work tirelessly to provide the students with a quality education in a loving, safe environment. As parent volunteers, it is a privilege to work along side other Christian parents to further His kingdom.
1/23/2007parentOur child has been at Cherokee Christian for six years and we could not be happier. The students are given an excellent education, as well as learning to glorify God in all they do. It has truly been a blessing and privilege to be a part of CCS over the last six years. I know first hand that every student has plenty of time to use the restroom. Anyone that has spent anytime with children should know that if you let one child up in the middle of a lesson you will have 5-6 more that want to do the same. I must say that I have experienced my child needing to stop to use the restroom after school but it was not because the opportunity was not given during the day.
12/12/2006parentWe had an awful experience with Cherokee Christian school. The school is very religious. If you place an extremely high value on on God first and academics second, you will be pleased. For us, it just didn't work. The school is also very strict with the children. Rules are great, but taken to an extreme they are not. For example, our first grade daughter could only go to the bathroom when allowed by the teacher. She would come home begging to stop some place just to go to the bathroom. This school is great for the right families, but proceed with caution and be sure your philosophies match those of the school. There is no flexibility on the schools part.
9/26/2005parentI am very pleased with the education my son and daughter are receiving at Cherokee Christian. I am pleased with the overall atmosphere of the school and the eagerness of the staff to respond to me when I have questions. The Bible classes are outstanding and the teachers truly care about each student.
3/8/2005parentThe quality of the overall education is outstanding! The teachers take an interest in each student, and thoroughly explain each subject and assign the right amount (sometimes challenging) of homework. I work in the education field and I definitely see a high level of excellence in the students, which of course is impacted by the qualified teachers. An important feature of a well rounded education is the music, arts, sports, and other extracurrricular activities the school provides, with again the focus on the student's development rather than going through the motion or competitiveness. Parent involvement is at a high level, just look at International Night, Cub Scout Programs, Cherokee Chase 5k race, and more. Overall, it is the best school for an education for your child, and it also has its foundation based on Christianity and Jesus Christ.
3/3/2005parentIf you are a practicing, conservative, christian family this is the school for you. This is truly a school that exercises christian values without compromise. From the minute I inquired, to the moment my son said he felt right at home and looked forward to attending, we have been blessed. Being disappointed by a former christian school and not thrilled with our one year experience in the 'gifted' program at the local public school, the academics are just right at CCS for my child. It is a growing school, with sports activities being added on as they grow. The tuition is very reasonable as well. The only minus we have, being a Catholic family, are the history books are written from a protestant perspective of the Catholic Church (Reformation). My son's teacher has been sensitive to his feelings when they approach these materials and we certainly appreciate it.
1/13/2005parentI absolutely adore this school. My kids feel like they can truly connect with their teachers, like their teachers actually care about them! And they do! Parent involvement is encouraged, I love being able to go eat lunch with my child without a big hassle.
1/8/2005parentOur older daughter received a number of college scholarships. Our younger daughter, still a student, has grown dramatically and has made many friends. The school has been instrumental in this.
2/23/2004parentOur students have received a Christ-centered, academically excellent education at Cherokee Christian School. Three of our children have graduated from CCS and have been awarded various scholarships for college, and have experienced success in college, both spiritually, academically, and socially.

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