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Holy Family Catholic Academy
830 Main St
Honolulu, HI 96818
(808) 423-9611
private | K-8
County: Honolulu


9/29/2012parentMy daughter attended HFCA for 5 years. The middle school is a hit or miss. Math, Language Arts, and Art were incredible. The teachers in these subjects area pushed my daughter to excel and they helped nurture her artistic abilities. The other subject areas did not meet our expectations but that might due to the frequent change over in the other subjects. Overall, it really is an EXCELLENT school with a Principal who cares about her students and knows all their names!!
2/2/2012parentMy son has attended HFCA for the past several years, and we have been very happy with the school. He's had the opportunity to perform with his band in the Aloha Week Parade, the Honolulu City Lights Parade, and even Disneyland. He's participated on basketball, volleyball, and track teams that have usually placed 1st or 2nd in the league. He's been challenged academically, and he's a kind, caring kid who has been prepared very well for the next school he attends. The only minus is that the facilities are old, but they are very well-maintained. I highly recommend HFCA, and I don't think you'll find a better school on the island for this price.
8/20/2011parentMy son has attended HFCA from ELC and is presently in 3rd grade. I can envision him staying through 8th grade. The school fosters building great character and citizenship. The facilities are worn, but well-kept.
6/15/2011otherI was a public schooler from K-7 and the when I moved to Hawaii for 8th grade my parents sent my to the school, not a horrible school, but certainly not the best, and not as good as my public California middle school. The worst part about this school had to be the math. The ADVANCED algebra class only got through SIX chapters, at my current high school that is what they cover in half a school year, therefore I was behind and had to take two years of summer school (that's an extra $800) just to catch up with my mainland public school that I will be returning to in the fall.
2/23/2011otherI went to Holy Family from 1st grade till 8th grade. that was a really amazing school, the kids there are great. the teachers are so nice and helpful. I'm so glad i went there i was completely prepared for high-school when i graduated from 8th grade.
10/1/2010parentI have 2 children - one completed ELC through 5th and the other ELC through 3rd. HFCA's focus on character education sets it apart from other schools and is the reason we enrolled our kids. Academically, it is better than most public schools, and on par with small private schools. Might not be a good fit for very gifted kids. Curriculum suffers from large class size (35 students). It's routine to progress only halfway through textbooks by year's end. Teachers do not develop critical thinking/writing b/c there are too many students. No continuity and little progress in curriculum from year to year. If your goal is Punahou or Iolani, expect to supplement HFCA's lagging academics with outside tutoring and summer school. That being said, the school nurtures respectful, tolerant, responsible, caring children in a safe environment, which is priceless during the elem years. My kids are doing well, no regrets!
6/9/2010parentHFCA is such a great school...my son has been there since Kindergarten and we just love it there. My son loves the teachers and Mrs Malins is a very compassionate and great leader. This school provides the basic foundation of what it is to be Christian and also preps the children to become well rounded human beings...not to mention prepping the children to also strive for excellence in their studies. The children here get accepted to the top private schools here in the islands. This school is a small school and that's what also makes it great. The teachers will not let you fall through the cracks. I would definitely recommend this school.
3/31/2010parentI sent my daughter to Holy Family for Pre-School and she learned more than any of my other children did at that age. I had to save money and sent her to a public school in my neighborhood for Kindergarten. Well, public school wasn't doing their job and so I sent her back to Holy Family and she loves it! She is doing excellent and the teachers are very loving! There are fundraisers that the school does, but you are not required to participate in all of them. However, this school shows compassion by fundraising for the homeless, the troops at war and more! What public school really teaches moral values and social responsibility? I know that it's not the public schools. The parents are also eager to help, which is part of the reason why the school is so successful. The price of the school is the most affordable!
3/31/2010parentWe took our child out of the ELC and placed him into a much better preschool due to the fact that for us, Holy Family is not a compassionate, caring school. Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars every month, but if your child's teacher is not a kind and caring individual or has no patience, your child will not thrive. We were extremely disappointed with the ELC director as well as the Principal, especially the Principal. because they only took our child's teacher's opinion. We will never recommend Holy Family to any of our friends or family in the future. Kudos to the other families who were fortunate to get good teachers, but in our opinion, Holy Family was a waste of our time and money.
3/28/2010parentOur kids currently attend HFCA and also attended the Early Learning Center. This is a great school with wonderfully kind and loving teachers, and a caring, supportive principle in Mrs. Malins. Of course all schools do fundraising and HFCA is no different. The students all benefit from the fundraisers. We are extremely happy with our choice to have our children attend HFCA, and would highly recommend this school.
3/28/2010parentI have had two children graduate from this school, and both were accepted to the top private schools in Hawaii for high school. I have one child still attending and find this to be the best value for the money in high school preparation. The teachers are very responsive to parents and work hard to provide extra instruction as needed.
3/13/2010parentSeriously do the research before you put your child in the Early Learning Center. We put our child in this school because we assumed it would be a good choice. However his teacher in our opinion was not a good fit. She has only been teaching for two years and does not provide a nurturing environment for the children. Of course when you do put your children in private school, they're are countless fundraisers to do and with 2 working tull time parents it's rough to keep up. If the family is not beneficial to this school, they won't accept your child. This is just a fair warning. I know several families who have pulled their children from this school because they were very dissatisfied with the treatment their children were getting. Two thumbs down way down for this school.
11/6/2008parentI have two daughters attending HFCA; 1st grade and 3rd grade. Both started at HFCA in kindergarten and I must say that I have been extremely fortunate to have had the best teachers! Mr. Akiona, Ms. Hill, Ms. Stites, Ms. Tremblay, Ms. Patiak and now Ms. Gibo. Ms. Malins, I believe, truly cares about the school and the students. Our after school care program is top-notch under the direction of Ms. Gay. We have an unbelievable PTG President, Ms. Jane Chang, whose enthusiasm and passion for the school is immeasurable! I consider my girls lucky to have had the opportunity to attend HFCA!
10/26/2007parentI am a parent of two bright and confident Holy Family Catholic Academy students, both started from the E.L.C. (Pre-K). I feel Holy Family's well rounded curriculum prepares it's students for the challenges they'll face as the progress through grade levels on through life in the real world. Holy Family students are studious, well spoken, and exemplify humility. If you want your child to be confident and prepared for the real world, you cannot find a better foundation than that of Holy Family Catholic Academy.
10/26/2007parentHoly Family's ELC and Academy has been a positive experience for us. Our children are happy, learning and exceeding appropriately for their temperament and developmental age. I am surrounded by educators and developmental specialists both personally and professionally. The one consistent comment I hear from them: PARENT RESPONSIBILITY. If your goals are not being met, the PARENT must get MORE INVOLVED and INSIST on help at the first sign of trouble, no matter which school they're in or where they are in life. Parents need to learn about their children, how they learn the best, and work on their strengths. Be proactive, not complainers. The students and staff are good examples of Roman Catholic citizens, displaying respect, obedience and exemplary character from the academics to the many extracurricular activities. The Catholicity enhances our family's faith and values. Why we chose HFCA? It's a well rounded, character driven Catholic school!
4/20/2007parentMy family's experience has been both positive and negative at HFCA. In recent years, the school has been hiring more local, qualified teachers who stay at HFCA longer and know what they are doing.
1/12/2006parentThis school has been fantastic for my 7th grade daughter. The academic standards have been on par with previous Department of Defense and Virginia Schools. I'm very happy with this school.
1/9/2006parentThis has been by far the most upsetting school year I have ever experienced for my children. I have to say that it has been a complete watse of nealy $17,000 especially for my older child. The curriculum goes from one extreme to another with 3rd grade having what I would call simple math and spelling to the over whelming amount of 5th grade homework being very challenging and time consuming. There are nights when homework can consume 4 hours and most weekends. My poor rateing for this school is not based on the curriculm but on the teachers, I cannot fault elc to 3rd grade. The principal needs to open her eyes and see the money these teachers are losing her school.
7/1/2005parentWhat a difference a year makes. With the new administration HFCA is beginning to excell in so many areas. We were extremely pleased with the education of our 3rd and 5th grade students. Our children are happy and can't wait to go back next year.
5/9/2005parentHFCA is a wonderful school. We have been very happy with the quality of education our daughter has received in Kindergarten. The phonics program is top notch and she has surpassed many children we know in first grade.
4/20/2005parentIf you're paying $5000 and your young child is one of 35 children in a classroom, how can you say that HFCA is back to being an excellent school? We attended one miserable year there and that was plenty. One child was in the ill-fated 5th/6th grade and my 2nd grader was bored...and it was disheartening to hear (and see for myself)that the 2nd grade teacher had to help many of the children read their tests. What were they doing in the 2nd grade if they couldn't read and follow simple directions. I wish I had seen this information before we enrolled. I encourage all parents considering Catholic school in Hawaii to look around and to look carefully. We were all unhappy there.
10/23/2004parentThank God Holy Family is back to being an exceptional school. There is a whole new administration this year, including a new Pastor, Principal and Business Manager. We are very pleased with the improvements made thus far in the curriculum and facility. I would once again highly recomend Holy Family as an excpetional value, with the many programs they offer.
5/26/2004parentHoly Family is extremely behind on it's cirriculum! I am very upset and felt alot of money was waisted! The Principal Mr. Boquer and Vice Principal Mrs. Mallins continually shrug off thier responsiblities, and cover up any wrong doing by blaming the parents. If your child lacks reading or math they are sure to fall way behind at Holy Family! If your child is above average, they will bore easily as Holy Family's cirriculum is not at all challenging! They need new adminsitration for Holy Family. There is too much nepotism!
5/26/2004parentI am extremely concerned about the education our children have(n't) received this year! We thought when we signed up at Holy Family we would be experience an excetional education. Holy Family has failed many students and parents over the last few years! We are not returning next year due to the negitive response we have received by Mr. Boquer and his staff! All grade levels are suffering greatly. The cirriculum is so below average! It's really sad! Our children were doing algebra, at holy family...they are doing Addition and subtraction in third grade~~ Sadly, we have supplemented there homework and paid top dollar on doing so...Think twice.. holy family is not worth having your child put back a grade!
4/22/2004parentI completely agree with the above parent who is referencing the nurturing of HFCA & 5th/6th grades in particular. This is our child's 1st yr here and already we have concerns about returning next fall due to this yr's excessive turnover and the new unqualified inexperienced teachers; 3 math, 2 language arts & 2 science teachers. The plans for next year which include removing foreign language are very unappealing. As parents, we have many school choices, but we chose HFCA for its prior noted national standards. We have always attended Private Catholic Schools and are willing to pay a good tuition price for our children to get a good education in return.
4/19/2004parentthis school has really slipped in the academic quality area. 5 years ago, most if not all the teachers where actual education degreed folks. now - it's all to often - a warm body at the 5-7 level. Look elsewhere if you want your children to learn any math or science. If all your looking for is a safe place to put your kids - it's ok.
4/14/2004parentThe environment at this school is very nuturing. This is our third year at HFCA and two of our children still attend. This year 03/04 has been very trying. There has been a large turnover and many new, young, unqualified, inexperienced teachers. The 5/6 th grade curriculum and students are floundering as they have had 3 math teachers, 2 language arts teachers, 2 science teachers this year alone. Plans for next year include removing foreign language- one of the pluses to the school. Teachers are supposed to be responsive to parents cpncerns but this year getting responses or answers has been intolerably difficult. When you pay for the education- you expect to at least get your money's worth. If we weren't moving this summmer- I do not think we would be enthusiastic about returning next fall. We might even have fallen back to the public schools and saved the tuition.

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