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Iolani School
563 Kamoku St
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 949-5355
private | K-12
County: Honolulu


10/29/2012otherI'm a current student and 12th grade is just bad luck. A new building means a humid, makeshift tent to replace the senior hangout area which was in the old building. The tent was set up very far away from the buildings that seniors often have classes in. There was a plan to reform the technology on campus by giving iPads to the JUNIORS. What was their reasoning? The school said we are "leaders" so we must be good role models, humbly turn down the offer, and let the juniors have them. What kind of reason is that? Also, seniors had practically no say in A PLAN THAT WAS MADE BY SENIORS FOR SENIORS. Guess what? That plan GOT APPROVED and the iPads will arrive around springtime. There was even a plan to trash the senior class' role in a 50 year old tradition this year (in fact, the tradition is mainly for seniors). Some seniors were outraged and petitioned to keep it the same. The activities adviser listened to us and decided to revert to the old ways NEXT YEAR, WHEN WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS THAT PLAY A MAJOR ROLE IN THAT TRADITION, ARE GONE. Someone please explain this school's disturbing excuses! The administration at Iolani has too much power and too little sympathy or equality.
8/21/2012parent'Iolani School is a perfect place for a gifted child to be his/her best in an academically challenging yet still caring environment. The teachers are excellent and dedicated, the class sizes are small, the campus is beautiful. The One Team philosophy of the school helps every student to succeed. I have two children at the school and we are so happy to be part of the 'Iolani ohana.
7/25/2012parentI have 2 sons who studied at Iolani, It is without a doubt the best school in the Islands (including Punahou) and one of the top in the US. Iolani's graduating class (about 210) is half the size of Punahou (about 425) yet they have more Merit Scholars every year. My older son finished in 2007 Iolani had 34 scholars to Punahuo had 21(state total of about 77). Iolani is also a top school in athletics.
5/17/2012otherI am currently attending iolani school. its a very good school academically. as students move up a grade, it gets harder and harder. after 9th grade, it gets VERY hard and we have so much homework and tests. there is not a single day that we don't have homework atall. i get stressed out a lot because i have to so much stuff.i start homework after school at 4 pm and i go to sleep at 12 am or 1am. not even kidding. its ridiculous at times but overall iolani prepares you for college very well and its one of the top schools in the state of hawaii.
11/7/2010otherI am attending Iolani School now and am very grateful to go there. Iolani gives me everything I could ever want. The programs there are amazing and teachers are always there to give you the extra time. Also, class sizes are small (16 students) which allows teachers to personally help every student.
8/27/2010otherAs a recent graduate, I'm just now seeing how well 'Iolani has prepared me for college . However, the road has been very rocky. Prepare yourselves for sleepless nights, a loss of 'social life", and shame if not taking at least three AP classes your senior year. But perhaps the greatest thing about 'Iolani is the environment--students motivate each other (through a little friendly academic rivalry) to strive for their absolute best. Working hard becomes a hard habit to break. 'Iolani pushes you to your absolute limits, but you are not left standing alone. 'Iolani faculty makes sure that you develop the skills to succeed at the school--and eventually life. Students: don't be intimidated by 'Iolani's reputation, but do make sure you WANT to be here. Parents: be proud of whatever your child accomplishes at 'Iolani--it's a hard environment to succeed in.
8/20/2010parentThe school is good for academic but the school action in community is terrible. Date and Laau residents are upset because the school bought their land. I am concerned about the backlash from the community now. I don't want my kids school to have the image of taking advantage of poor community. I don't want that image to reflect upon my kids.
2/26/2009studentIolani has a great programs in academics, sports, community service, and speech and debate. Iolani is also great in preparing students for college.
1/28/2009parentGreat school in terms of academics and extracuricular programs. Good follow through with counselors and Administrators. The school offers computer lab time and teacher office time to meet with students. I like the fact that students are treated with respect and trusted to roam the campus on their free time or to eat whenever and wherever they like. While there are many good teachers on campus that do many different activities with students, there are a few poor ones. (You will have to find out who they are) These teachers teach using old fashioned memorization methods and rely heavily on lecture formats. Thought that the school would have all good teachers that would use the most modern techniques and implement the best practices in teaching to accommodate all students but some simply do not know what that is.
1/6/2009parentIolani is a special place for students. In Lower School the extremely small class size of 35 boys and 35 girls allows all of the children to know each other (and parents too). The Lower School parents are totally supportive of the exceptional teachers and so the children receive a lot of parental support and involvement. The Lower School selectivity leads to a close-knit family environment. By Upper School the class gets three times larger (200 to 220), but it is still small enough that you know your classmates. The faculty offers a lot of extra help sessions for those who need it, and the extracurricular activities are numerous. A huge advantage at Iolani is a small class size also allows children to be on teams that they may not have been able to participate in at other larger private schools such as Punahou or Kamehameha.
10/24/2008studentgood school focuses too much on education no extra curricular activities
9/6/2008parentMy two daughters attended Iolani's summer recreation program this year and really enjoyed it. The teachers were caring and made sure my girls had a good time and made friends. We live on the mainland and it was a very good experience. Susan Bartow
8/26/2008parentI am an alumni and also a parent of an Iolani student c/o 2018. My years at Iolani were perhaps my best years and I hope my daughter will develop the same close knit 'One team' concept as she continues her education at Hawaii's finest school
5/9/2008studentOne motto Iolani has is Iolani One Team and no three words could describe the school better. Iolani has a family atmosphere where everyone knows you and you know everyone, including teachers and staff, and the support system from the teachers/staff/classmates is what helps students get through the rigorous academic schedule. Contrary to what the public may think, students are not slave driven by homework. As a student, I'd say I was your average borderline 2.9/3.0 student. Every quarter I struggled to make honor roll.I was rather involved in school activities such as the dance program, afterschool sports, student council & theater. Only in college, did I excel academically, graduating in 3 years. However, without the continuous support that I recieved from teachers, staff & classmates,even after graduation, I couldn't have completed college with such success.
12/1/2007studentiolani is one of the best schools when it comes to education in hawaii...some people may say that it has too much work but if you know how to manage your time wisely then you can handle it! overall iolani is a really good school and i don't know any school like it in the island
10/14/2007studentAs an alumni of Iolani, I cannot stress to you how supportive and encouraging the teachers/staff are. Iolani can get its students to where they want to go. Of course, students must also work hard and be well-rounded in extra-curricular activities. It is very common for Iolani students to go to the best universities in the US and abroad. Futhermore, if you speak to college recruiters or mainland people familiar with Hawaii, they will know surely Iolani. It's true Iolani can be quite rigid and strict. However, the discipline and work ethic that students gain will propel them throughout life. The Iolani community is a strong network. Now living in Japan, there is actually an Iolani network here. It's surely a big investment to send your kid to Iolani, but the long-run return is invaluable. Aloha
7/20/2007parentAlthough Iolani is a good school, it tends to only focus on education. In terms of other programs, it is lacking and this school does not produce well-prepared students. My daughter complains how some teachers are too unreasonable and don't even put the students' interests at heart.
7/19/2007former studentIolani is Hawaii s top academic school with the highest test scores and highest percentage of graduates in college. Iolani and Punahou are the states top rivals. Iolani s student body emphasizes academics and dominates testing scores.
6/15/2007parentIolani School is the finest college prepatory school in Hawaii. The selection process is rigid, but the selected students' are motivated to succeed. The teachers that my son has encountered have all been superb. All of them have many years of study in their target subject. The students challenge themselves and take advantage of their school's multi-million dollar facilities. The list of available extracurricular activities is vast.
2/20/2006parentMy son graduated from Iolani in 2004 - he would tell you it 'completed' his school years. Great environment, teachers, culture. Students do have to 'want' to be there though - not good for the not so motivated. Lots of extra help if the kids want it. Excellent college prep - the kids really know how to study.
11/15/2005parentBest school in Hawaii! Academics being surperior. Extra curricular and sports also add to make it's name Great.
9/20/2005parentIolani has always gone the extra mile to keep my children up to speed, including extra tutoring. It's an academically challenging school filled with top notch kids, so you'd want to make sure that won't be tough on your child.
11/17/2004former studentThe best school in Hawai'i. The teachers are among the best in the nation. Know for a long history of turning out the best and brightest students in Hawai'i.
4/18/2004parentAcademics, extracurricular activities and atmosphere of school top notch. This school is very nurturing and excellent at preparing students for life experiences.
9/9/2003parentNeeds more for the money spent.

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