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St. Andrews Priory School
224 Queen Emma Square
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 536-6102
private | K-12
County: Honolulu


8/19/2012parentWe highly recommend the Priory. We have one child at the Priory (now in middle school) and another who attended public school first, then went to Punahou. This wider perspective allows us to be more objective. The Priory is an excellent, nurturing school with a good blend of flexibility (electives, activities, high school program with Hawaii Pacific University) and structure (uniforms, academic rigor). Even in elementary school, there was an art teacher, a PE teacher, and a music teacher.. and of course the grade-level teachers, who teach the core subjects. This system allows the grade level teachers more time to prepare during the school day. This seems to work well for all. Positive energy and patience continues throughout the week, and avoids the cranky exhaustion by Friday that I've seen elsewhere. It also allows students to receive excellent instruction, consistency, and year-to-year progress in the specialty areas. The size, location, and parental involvement provide a sense of community. This avoids the lonely anonymity that can cause problems - and serious losses - in the teen years. Excellence in education since 1867... yes, it is a great school.
7/14/2012parentSolid is the word I use to describe the Priory. My daughter has been in the lower school going on 5 years and she has learned and grown so much in that time. I credit her teachers who have been dedicated, attentive, responsive, and supportive, and the small class size (10-13 per classroom for the young girls: what other school of Priory's caliber can match those numbers?). The small size of the school means that my daughter knows a number of girls in the upper school who have been excellent role models. I really appreciate the Priory community and think the students and their parents are wonderful. There is tremendous value to a girls school -- it is terrific that no matter what the subject, activity, or event, girls are participating and leading. I believe my daughter will graduate from Priory knowing that she can accomplish anything and thanks to Priory she will have the skills and self-confidence to do so.
7/4/2012otherIts not a secret that this school is probably the best school in the state, but that doesn't mean that it is the best for your child. I attended this school from kindergarten through middle school and i have to say the education your learn is great, but the atmosphere is so negative that its hard to get anything good out of this school. The school is full of clicks, backstabbers, and pretentious brats. It is extremely expensive to attend and not honestly worth it. It is a waste of money when you could go to a free public school and have a better time in school. The teachers are fully qualified, im not denying that, but most of them expect way more out of the students then they are probably capable of, like they are college students. And i realize that they are trying to set everyone up for college but honestly i was in middle school not military school. I really don't recommend going to this school. Save your money and just go to public school.
11/15/2011parentMy daughter is a recent graduate who has gone on to a highly selective private college on the East Coast--she is thriving and doing extraordinarily well...and it is because the Priory prepared her for the challenges that awaited her in college. They say it takes a village, and at the Priory, the teachers take a personal interest in each student--that is one of the added values of a small, private, all-girls education. While tuition is a challenge, it's one of the most important investments we can make as parents--and the education these young women receive at St. Andrew's Priory is priceless.
7/18/2011otherI am a recent graduate of the Priory and it has been the most unbearable experience of my life. I am going off to college, but I know that I won't have any Priory friends to hang out/reunite with next summer. Yes, this school is good academically, but its at the cost of a social life. At the Priory, we are put in a situation where we don't have the option of choosing our friends; we are forced to hang out with the girls in our class. Most teachers are unprofessional and passive aggressive. I was humiliated and singled out in one of our class meetings by an advisor. DON'T SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE! It's a punishment to attend this school. Of course most parents will write wonderful reviews, but they don't know what its like to attend this school today. When I was in 2nd grade (10 years ago), I remember feeling a loving atmosphere. As the years passed, this atmosphere has vanished and has been replaced by something very different. Maybe it's just me, but I honestly hate this school and wish I could have memorable high school years. Also, the electives suck! There aren't that many to choose from and most end up being cut since not enough students sign up for it.
6/9/2011otherAs much as we complained while going to the Priory, it has really made us all into fantastic women. Priory has truly empowered us and prepared us for the real world and collegiate life. I know I was able to grow into a woman who is not afraid to have her own opinions and to speak out for things I am passionate about. Priory truly has given me my best friends, friends I know I will be connected with for the rest of my life. These girls have been alongside me through think and thin; they are the girls who are going to be standing alongside me at me wedding, at my bedside when I give birth, and supportive no matter what. I cannot express in words how much Priory has shaped my life. Looking back at my time there I am truly happy that my parents chose Priory for me; I loved it there.
6/6/2011parentThe Priory is the best all girls school in the state. My daughter entered as a shy, insecure young girl in the 7th grade and just graduated as a mature, articulate, intelligent and socially responsible young lady. Academics is very challenging and she had to work hard to keep up with her peers, but she did with the help of wonderful faculty and administration. I am very grateful to the Priory and firmly believe the small class size and an all-girls environment allowed my daughter to thrive. She gained confidence, found her passion and is looking forward to pursuing her dreams! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Priory, it's faculty and administration for believing in each student, challenging the students to be the best they can be, encouraging them to reach for the stars, dream big dreams and giving them the skills to achieve anything!
6/3/2011parentSt. Andrew's Priory is one of the very best private schools in the nation, and certainly the best all-girls school in the state of Hawaii. Our daughter is a recent graduate who has continued to excel and thrive in the competitive college environment. We truly believe that it is because of the Priory's outstanding academic program, nurturing teachers and environment that our daughter is so well-adjusted and successful.
6/3/2011parentOur daughter is graduating in a few days, finishing many outstanding years at this wonderful school. Her teachers have been so caring and encouraging; they have challenged her to do her best. We are so very proud of our daughter, she has become an amazing and confident young woman. Sending our daughter to the Priory was the best decision we ever made for her.
6/3/2011otherAs a graduate of St. Andrew's Priory, I can honestly say that it is a wonderful school and one of the best decisions my mother ever made for me. I attended Priory from 9th through 12th grade and it helped me to become the person that I am today. Priory teachers push you really hard, but they genuinely want you to do well. They care about you as a person and are there to support you in all areas of your life. It is a small school, which is more like a family that will be there for you. I have life long Priory sisters that are still there for me even though we have graduated. Attending the Priory, gives you the freedom and support to become the best version of yourself possible. You will work and study hard, but when you get to college you will know that it was all worth it - Priory prepares you well!
6/2/2011otherI am a student who regrets each day I spent in this school. I was forced by my mother who thought I would be distracted by guys and ended up having a horrible experience in high school. In this school, you are treated 'guilty' before they find out more information about what you did. You are never asked if you did something. They always assume you did and punish you before they even find out if it's your fault. I obviously know this from experience. I did something inappropriate and got a yelling before I could defend myself, explain the circumstances, and even before they had enough evidence. And if you are proven 'innocent', which almost never happens because you get punished right then and there without explaining, their reaction is "oh...". (where's my apology??) They also don't seem to care about singling out certain people and playing favorites. The teachers also act very immaturely and talk back to the students and get in childish arguments. I hope you don't make the mistake of sending your daughter to this school.
6/1/2011otherI attended this school for many years. If you are not a conforming student who puts on a fake act to please the teachers and admin, you will be openly disfavored. The education is more than great at the sacrifice of a normal social life and friends. I graduated this school with no friends, but with many genuine, individual, outgoing, outside of school friends. The teachers publicly humiliate students they do not like, and sometimes gang up together. They do not play fair and act childish. Tuition is high, but what you do not know is students must buy their own textbooks, uniforms, and fundraise like crazy. If fundraising isn't enough, which it won't be in most cases, students pay from their own pocket.
3/26/2011parentAcademically, this school is top notch. This is my daughter's 2nd year at the school and she loves the environment and the girls. I do agree with many of the posts regarding the administration. The administration would be a strong group if they were to be running a fortune 500 company, but this is a school and they are dealing with children. The compassion and the love is not there and it is completely necessary when dealing with young minds, especially those in the elementary school. I find the admin attitude to be judgmental and non-caring and my daughter comes home telling me things that were said or done, by teachers and admin, that are inappropriate (e.g. having the girls write or say things that are annoying about one another) ~ it doesn't foster a healthy environment for growing minds. The parking is HORRIBLE. Tuition should NOT be the same for all grades. My daughter is in elementary school and does not get to participate in any sports or clubs that tuition is paying for. Why should I pay for coaches when my daughter isn't eligible to play anything? Overall excellent academics and I guess that is what it is all about. Oh yah, and the club for dads ROCK!
3/24/2011otherI went here for 12 years, 1st grade through 12th grade. I owe a lot of who I am today to my experience here. Everything was exceptional from the food to the classroom, but what I'd really like to comment on are the teachers. I have bragged for years that I have never had a bad teacher. I know have been truly blessed in that regard. When I came to the Priory in first grade, I was shy and behind in reading and math. My teachers were able to see the potential in me and they never stopped pushing me and challenging me to do better. By 8th grade I was on the Honors track in both math and english. I took 3 AP exams my senior year and received college credits for each one. I don't believe that would have been possible without the continuous support of my educators. I wouldn't be who I am today with the Priory and their high standards and dedication.
10/12/2010parentMy daughter has loved the past five years at this school. Even though the "new" administration for the past decade has been a disappointment, the curriculum and overall academic environment remain strong. The students benefit from seeing strong female leaders as role models. I would like to see a more current approach to leadership, teaching philosophies and openness. It all seems to hinge on the need for moderately competitive salaries for all the positions at the Priory (not just male positions).
9/3/2010parentFor the most part, this school has been absolutely wonderful. The teachers have taken very good care of our daughters and helped them to build the social skills and confidence as we had hoped. Our only complaint is the administration, who is seemingly uncaring and unconcerned about the girls as well as the parents. She absolutely should not be in the lower school as she is not concerned with the needs of young girls or how to handle them. She treats parents as inferiors, whereas the teachers treat parents as partners. Any concerns expressed to admin will either be blown off or rebutted to your face. The school has strong parent involvement. Academics are challenging, and most of the teachers of the Priory help the girls to build a solid foundation of the whole self.
8/22/2010parentI was never a big fan of non-coeducational schools (although I graduated from one) but was pleasantly surprised by the Priory. Our daughter attended St. Adnrew's since Kindergarten and its fair to say that the homework seemed very accelerated and progressive (even Summer School) and we find ourselves helping her more and more, every night -- something we don't mind but well aware that there will be a point where we won't be able to help her. Regardless, we believe it is a very good school with a solid reputation and good academic standing. We have seen the recent changes in the Administration but have yet to come to an opinion, maybe hoping that these will "settle down" -- if not, then we will find another school for her. We're hoping this will not be the case and encourage the Administration to concede to changes listed by other reviewers.
8/7/2010parentBest choice we ever made was to send our daughter to St. Andrew's Priory School! She has bloomed under the excellent tutelage of the instructors and administration of this school. Highly recommend this all girls school. There is much to be said about an all girls school.
5/11/2010studentI'm a current Sophomore (about to be Junior) and have been at the Priory since 5th grade. Let me be the first to say that I honestly love this school. My teachers are great, my classes are interesting, and my friends are amazing. Being in an all girls' school is pretty awesome. I can just be who I want to be without any regard. It's because of this that us students really get to know each other so well. The size also helps. I tutor elementary students and I'm totally amazed at the closeness between the grades. I went to a public elementary school and you were lucky to know everyone in your grade. At the Priory, the second grader I'm tutoring knows my friend's 5th grade sister, and they both know my kindergarten cousin. I find that pretty cool. Besides that, the traditions in the school are indescribable.
4/11/2010parentThere is no way to express how wonderful this school is and how much personal attention they give to each student. From the administration on down this school makes each student achieves their potential. And they graduate students that get into the finest universities such as Vassar, UCLA, etc. If you want your daughter to get a first rate college prep education St. Andrew's Priory is the place for her.
3/28/2010parentMy daughter moved to the Priory two years ago and loves it. She wakes up begging to go early. She has had good teachers, has made great friends, and is thriving by any measure. The school is small. She has friends in many grades. The upper school girls are like big sisters. The afterschool drama program is great. The school director is relatively new but seems to have embraced the school's traditions while still making some changes. The school is fairly strict, but in a good way. We're paying a fair amount for tuition and expect it to be academically challenging, and it is. But my daughter likes the work and enjoys the projects. (If we wanted little challenge, we could get that in the public school where they no longer have class on most Fridays.) We are very pleased with the Priory.
3/21/2010parentI am very disappointed in the state of this school. I really wanted to love it, because it was a great school 20 - 30 years ago. There are some great teachers who work hard, care for the students, and have passion. However, there are just as many, or more, poor teachers & administrators who are more interested in rules, control, and stomping on the students' individuality. The problems stem from the administrative staff who do not welcome parent input. Any 'criticism' is not taken as an opportunity for examination and improvement, but rather as an outrage. Teachers can't speak up either. The current administration has a self-righteous attitude and no awareness as to why families leave. Even if told, they would deny it and not believe it.
2/17/2010parentI can't understand a parent who complains because the private school they send their child to has an excellent academic program. St. Andrew's offers an excellent education with graduates going on to become lawyers, doctors, legislators, etc. My daughters get a wonderful education. If you don't want your daughter to do homework then send her to a non-college prep school. St. Andrew's offers a terrific environment in which to have your daughter grow and and reach her full potential.
2/14/2010parentMy daughter is always stressed out and weekends are more like stay home school days. She is in high school and it seems that when I try to talk to the teachers they make not effort in change, but only use words to please me. But, my daughter stays their was no change in the amount of homework they got after I talked to her teacher. Therefore it seems that it is either the teachers way of the highway. Also, once you really step into your daughter's shoes then you actually see how much they learn but how little of it their remember or understand. Also, the administration is very corrupt in a sense they say that they want parents to speak their minds, but once you do they just defend to why they are correct. It seems that they pretend to really listen just because the enrollment is down.
1/13/2010parentI am the parent of a third grader. Our daughter has attended the Priory since K. The school has enjoyed a great reputation in academics. While they do emphasize math and other sciences, language arts are not the school's forte. As parents we have concluded that there are things more important than 'Priory Academics.' 1. A child's self-esteem (not a priority at the Priory, as pushing and moving ahead in seems to be more important. 2. Children are presumed 'guilty before innocent. Reading the reviews on this website, I see not much has changed. 2. Parent involvement is spoken to, but really not welcomed, even if that means constructive criticism. 3. Spring break, Xmas break, summer break? No chance. That is the time for science projects, book reports, etc. 4. Daily homework and studying for tests on weekends has been the worst for the entire family. We are looking for another school.
6/13/2009parentKulia i ka nu'u! The people behind the scenes at The Priory have nurtured my daughter both spiritually and academically. She has excelled tremendously in her personal achievement. And let's face it, all-girls education is better for girls. Look at today's leaders who went to The all-girls schools...Mother Theresa, Hillary Clinton, and locally, Colleen Hanabusa. Looking forward to many more happy years with this school.
5/20/2009otherThis school is definitely the best all-girl school in Hawaii. The school's curriculum is set in a way that ensures that its students will be prepared for the arduous life of a college student. The teachers are also easily accessible and encourage the students to stay true to their beliefs and dreams. Definitely the best! :)
5/4/2009studentThe best school ever!!! teachers encourage stdents to be themselves...everyone there is funny, goofy, and fun...its less distracting without boys
4/27/2009parentI agree with the 4/2/08 parent posting. Because of the teachers in this school, my daughter has done very well her first 2 years there. I was very happy with her progress--until now. The prior administration was wonderful and I got the feeling that the counselor/faculty really cared. I cannot say much about the current administration. It seems like we have a new principal or social worker every year. The current faculty do have a 'guilty until proven innocent' approach and I don't have the confidence that they are working in my daughter's best interest. The school really needs to find people to permanently fill positions and they should have a dean for each class so that the girls have someone that can follow them as they progress through school.
4/11/2009parentI am surprised to see several poor ratings on this page. I have had my daughter in the school for 11 years and have been very happy with the education she had received. The teachers show concern and enthusiasm. Of course each school may have a weak teacher or two but that is the parent's job to express their concern to the administration. I have found them friendly and approachable.
4/2/2009teacherI am a recently retired school administrator who is currently doing some long-term substitute teaching at the Priory. St. Andrew's Priory School really impresses me with its professional approach, caring faculty and staff, friendly and supportive atmosphere, and a curriculum which is comprehensive and progressive. The school administration is right on top of potential problems. They are proactive, rather than reactive. The students have been most cooperative with me, even though I came to them in mid-term (usually a difficult experience). After nearly 50 years in education as a teacher, coach, advisor, and administrator, I know an excellent school when I see one, and St. Andrew's Priory is such a school. By the way, I intend to re-retire at the end of the term so I have no personal gain by writing a positive evaluation.
3/30/2009parentQuality of school is down. My daughter has only had 2 really good elementary teachers there, although she has attended the school since kindergarten. New principal and new teachers hired to various grade levels are extremely weak. Communication between parents and principal exists but principal ends up backing weak teachers. There is no excuse for this type of quality of teachers to exist in any school, private or public. If you don't mind paying $13000 for only art, music, p.e, christian studies, drama, then this school is fine. Other than that, go to another school.
1/24/2009parentThe school does not encourage much parent involvement, I'm not happy with this and so are other parents. Communication is better now due to the new school's website, but still needs improvement. Communication between teachers and parents needs major improvement. I and other parents don't agree with the loads of homework given during school breaks (christmas, spring and even summer). What's a break from school if you have to do homework while you and your family takes a vacation somewhere. We had to take my daughter's books and laptop so she can do her homework while we took a trip! I don't understand why all that was necessary. The school needs to understand the definition of the word 'Break' in Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.
11/3/2008parentAfter reading some of the earlier negative reviews we were a bit apprehensive about sending our daughter here. Our daughter started kindergarten this year and absolutely loves it, as do we. Curriculum is very diverse, definitely things that would not be taught in a public school at this early age. Low student teacher ratio and small classes has brought our daughter out of her shell and instilled more self confidence. Faculty and other parents have been very friendly and her teacher is always available for any needed help or concerns we have. Lots of opportunities for parents to be involved such as field trips, class parties, PTF, monthly lunch with your daughter, etc. The downside is that parking is very hard to come by except various metered stalls around town. Also, the lunch is not very good.
9/11/2008studentThe Priory is, overall, a pretty good school. The teachers usually try to be available for extra help if you need it. In fact, most teachers tell you in the beginning of the year, 'Please come in and see me if you want extra help.' Since the student-to-teacher ratio is relatively low, students get more individual attention from the teacher and participation is strongly encouraged. At the Priory, it is not hard to find a place where you fit in. At the Priory, most people do not judge you or stereotype you before they meet you. The friends that you make at the Priory are friends whose friendships you want to keep for the rest of your life.
6/18/2008parentthe administrative has fallen apart these last few years. they haven taught my daughter how to write but they would tell her just to write but not how to write. they dont offer as many things as other school like sports teams. They dont have many facilities. the teachers arent as strong as they use to be.
5/28/2008parentThis was the first year our daughter attended Saint Andrews Priory. It was a bit of an adjustment coming from pre-school, but the teacher and school staff where very friendly and supportive through the transition process. The school s academics are top notch. My daughter is currently thriving in the school s environment. Her knowledge, skills, and work habits have are increase beyond our expectations. The only negative is the lack of parking on campus.
5/13/2008parentThis school is great if you enjoy helping your kid with homework for 3 hours a night. The teachers say that each student is expected to study 10 minutes for every grade. For example, 1st grade - 10 minutes per night, 2nd grade - 20 minutes per night and so on an so forth. However, this is not the case. I often feel my daughter isn't learning as much as she could in class and I spend more time than I honestly want explaining her homework to her. It seems to me that if you are paying over $15,000.00 a year (not including summer school) you should be able to depend on the school to teach your child 100% of the curriculum. I work full time and have other kids and can't possibly keep up this 2-3 hour a night marathon.
4/2/2008parentThe administration s been falling apart for the last several years, starting with many long time faculty and administrators leaving en masse. The highest administration positions (Head of School, Principal, Dean of Students) have all had recent changeovers. With the administration problems came bandaid substitutions, like the counselor acting as interim principal, religion teacher acting as interim counselor, tech dept. person teaching foreign language. Most of the teachers are ok, but some are questionable, such as the teacher who shows the Nicolas Cage movie National Treasure instead of actually teaching American History. There is no 'partnership' between school administration and parents. Requests to discuss issues are ignored, parental involvement is discouraged. The new administration has a heavy handed rule and does operate under a 'guilty until proven innocent' mindset. I know of students that have left due to issues with the administration. My daughter also will be starting elsewhere next year.
10/17/2007parentThis is our daughter'f first year attending St. Andrews Priory and we were a bit afraid on how they would adjust, especailly coming from a public school. They seem to be adapting well, they are learning things that they would never learned in the public school system, and so far we have never had any problems with the faculty or adminstration. They are all friendly and eager to assist. We as parents must also learn that the teachers and faculty can only do so much and that we as parents must also motivate, descipline and teach our own children.
7/11/2007studentIf you're looking for a great education for your young daughter, Priory's the place to go. Just a warning- girls who enter during the later elementary school and middle school ages have sort of a hard time adjusting to the schoolwork and homework. The Priory has been going through a lot of changes recently, most of those things involving the administration. This has been causing some problems and complaints from everyone. They have been enforcing some new and ridiculous rules, such as the students being penalized for sitting on the floor. These problems sometimes make the Priory seem like a terrible school to attend, but one of Priory's best features is the friendly student body, which I have been a part of for years. New girls are almost always able to adapt and find a social group they belong in.
7/9/2007former studentWhen I attended the Priory, it was a very good school. It seemed as though I had limitless opportunities due to the small class sizes which brought a sense of intimacy. At the Priory, I maintained good relationships with most of my teachers and gained further opportunities in the community thru their mentorship. One of the greatest benefits from the school was their relationship with Hawaii Pacific University. I was able to earn 10 college credits free of charge during my senior year. There are some points for improvement though, mainly involving the administration. However, the administration is changing to a new system. Parents can be involved if they look for the opportunities. My parents helped out mainly in the athletic and music programs along with the golf tournaments. Overall, I'm very happy I attended the Priory.
4/20/2007parentThe quality of the academic programs at Priory is top notch, the girls are highly prepared for college curriculum and are well equipped technologically. However, if you are looking for a school that caters to the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of your daughter then this is not the school for her. The Principal and Dean of Students show no grace, or empathy toward the girls and rule the school under the presumption of 'guilty until proven innocent' and innocence is hard to prove in their eyes. Parents are meant to seen, pay the tuition and not be heard. The Principal doesn't listen to any parent suggestions. Parent involvement is highly discouraged and often turned down. For $12500 a year, you'd expect a little courtesy or at the very least a wave or smile, but no.
3/9/2007parentThis is our daughter first year. The school is a great school. However, you need to start your child in kindergarten because of the advance curriculum. If you start her in 2nd or 3rd grade she may have problems with the advance curriculum. If you start her in 7th grade I don't think she will have a problem. Also I don't think this school is family friendly no parents involvement. Very hard to find parking. I feel it wouldn't hurt some of the teachers to show they they care about their students. What's wrong with going up to them and telling them that they are doing a good job. I won't be sending our daughter back next year and I will have a very hard recommending this school.
3/22/2006parentMy daughter has attended Priory for 8 years. The advanced curriculum in the elementary years has allowed her to take advanced courses in high school. The small class size provides a family environment (everyone knows each other). It has been an excellent environment for her because she has a close group of supportive friends, can participate in sports and music without being exceptional at them, and has opportunities for advanced placement studies.

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