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Mililani Ike Elementary School
951330 Lehiwa Dr
Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 626-2980
public | PK-5 & ungraded
County: Honolulu


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/1/2012teacherTest scores definitely are not the only thing that makes great students, which is why at 'Ike we believe in the motto, "We teach far more then we test, and we will not test what we have not taught." 'Ike offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn far beyond testing. Our teachers plan great parent nights, our librarian creates amazing book fair nights, and our students go on some of the best field trips that teach far beyond what we test. We also offer a wide variety of after school activities through our music and physical fitness departments, robotics, junior police officer program, and student council, to name a few. As for students sitting on hot cement, I'm sure most of us can pick on the excessive exaggeration. our students our directed outside after lunch for a maximum of 5 minutes before their lunch recess begins. It does get excessively loud in the cafeteria when students' noise levels get out of control, so as an incentive to lower their voices (not complete silence), students may earn 5 extra minutes of recess. But the incentive is not earned easily. And the pavement isn't hot...
2/29/2012parentThis school stinks! Some of the teachers and counselors are clueless. How did they ever get their jobs? Test scores are not the only thing that make great students. Kids sit on the hot cement after school and not able to play because they were a little loud at lunch. You can voice your concerns but don't expect any good to happen from it. Administration is too busy, or your problem was not important enough for any results. Remember, these are human lives you are dealing with. Treat them with respect. So parents if you have concerns, voice them. That's the only way to get results. There, it's who you know and that the only way to get any action.
9/14/2010parentOur family grows more impressed with Mililani Ike as each year passes. Parental involvment is at an all time high; the education received here is outstanding; and the school is well equiped with the means to give children the highest standard in education. The teachers care and are more than qualified. An emphasis is put on communication as well and that's important to us. My only complaint would be parking.
4/23/2010parentMy children have been at Mililani 'ike for several years. We love the school staff. 'Aunty' Val in the cafeand her staff make eveyone feel welcome and start the day off on a positive note. The Office ladies treat all of the children with the upmost respect and make sure all of them are looked after. For such a large school, I give the office staff kudos!!!! I've worked in a large school and there were 6 of us working in the office and we still played catch up all the time. I totally disagree with the previous reviews. Look at the whole picture, I would say there are over 800 students, 100 staff member and all of the parents that these workers take care of!!!! GOOD GRIEF! Have you noticed, those ladies even know students by name! The children are getting a wonderful education! Wonderful job!!!
4/1/2010parentPrivate schools can be more selective about hiring experienced teachers. Considering that Ike has a mix of possibly less skilled teachers, it is doing very well. You must decide if your child is challenged by the academics. I've had to teach fourth grade math skills to my daughter. In 9th grade she took the SSAT, we found out that she was a year ahead in math, average in reading but below average in vocabulary. She was accepted at the private school b/c she applies herself and accepts challenges. However, not all my children are the same.
3/29/2010parentWe are not here long enough to express an opinion on the teachers and curriculum but I have to agree 100% with the previous review about the office staff.Every time I have to deal with them they make me feel not welcome.Cold as ice. Brrr!!
10/27/2009parentDisappointed with the curriculum. My child has been there for Grade 2,3,4 and 5. One would think the transition to the next grade would be smooth being that there's no change of school. No...in Grade 4 he was expected to know multiplication and write cursive. Both were introduced at the later part of Grade 3 but never taught fully. My child started Grade 4 behind the expectations of the teacher. One would think the staff communicates with each other. My other complaint is the office staff at Mililani Ike...not cordial or helpful to parents who stop by. I've spoken with quite a few Moms and hear the same thing. Staff virtually avoids looking up from their desks or will talk to you without getting up. Very abrupt in communication. Whenever I leave the office the staff's mannerisms put me in such a foul mood. Disappointed!
5/27/2009parentWe have 3 kids attending Ike in K, 1st, and 4th grades. My oldest 2 had previously been in Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS) while I was overseas. DODDS has an excellent reputation worldwide, with the test scores to back it up. I was (oddly enough) pleased when we got here last year and my son's 3rd grade teacher called us in during the first month of school to tell us how worried she was about how far behind he was! He was an honor student in DODDS!! With her help and constant feedback we got him caught up in no time. This is a great school. I am at a complete loss as to the earlier entry by a military family member. We love this community, and this school. The PTA, the faculty & staff.......all top notch!!
8/14/2008parentMy children are very happy at Mililani 'Ike. The teachers and staff are wonderful. They use many of the same books as other schools, but it is the staff that makes this school better than others. The teachers are so professional and soft spoken. It was quite the opposite at one of the military schools. I understand why people want to live in Mililani Mauka so bad. Mililani 'Ike feels like a private school but without the tuition. The atmospere on campus is very peaceful and positive. I don't feel that my children are being discriminated against because they are from the mainland. We are very happy here.
6/8/2008parentI think this school is excellent! The school mission is to inspire high character, independence, and hard working ethics. Since all three of those items are part of everyday life at Ike, a higher level of education is achieved much easier than other schools. Look at all the negative reviews... do you see a trend? Parents with students who have learning disabilities are the people who rank the lowest. In my humble opinion, Ike isn t for all kids. Ike has high standards and kids who are behind the curve when they arrive will have a hard time catching up. Parents who complain and write negative reviews usually blame the school instead of the people who really need to be blamed (themselves). Kids who start at Ike in K or pre-K have the upper hand in succeeding since they are used to high standards from the start.
6/2/2008parentAs a parent of twin kindergarten students at 'Ike, I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with how much and what my girls have learned this past year. They could not read or write when they started last August, now 9 months later, they can read and write paragraphs. Amazing! Most parents are involved and both my girls teachers communicate well and are open to phone calls, notes and emails.
3/7/2008parentThis is an awesome school. As a military officer I totally disagree with the other military review submitted. This school is equal or better than our school at Ft. Leavenworth, KS which was attended by mainly officer kids. One great thing about the school is that the teachers stay on for 2 years with each class. This means continuity for military kids. This school is top notch and was rated as the 3rd best public elementary school in HI.
2/18/2008parentWe are from the mainland and had our son in Ike for two years while living in Hawaii, and we thought it was outstanding. The campus is beautiful and brand new, and no doubt it seems to have attracted the best teachers. The parents are very involved, which I think is no coincidence since a lot of people seem to choose living in Mililani Mauka because of this school. But the proof for us really came when we moved back and found that our son was way ahead of his peers here in both reading and math (especially reading). Mililani Ike really pushed the students hard to achieve, and it showed. Five stars.
2/11/2008parentI have been extremely pleased with 'Ike academically, with the teachers, and with the learning environment overall. I feel that my children are well taken care of while they are at the school. Much concern is taken by all of the adults at the school to ensure that the students follow the basic character traits that are reinforced by the school. I believe that the academic expectations are refreshingly high, although every school we have experienced in the past has had different ways of doing things, for better or worse, so it's always difficult to compare. But 'Ike has been my favorite school of many so far. The principal truly has every child's best interest at heart. The teachers we have had have been extremely dedicated and have gone the extra mile, even with the larger classroom count. The kids have recess, music, P.E., Japanese and Hawaiian studies.
1/3/2008parentMy child has been attending Mililani Ike for the past 3 years, his 1st grade teacher was awesome and really made the initiative to communicate and work with me in helping my son when he was having trouble with reading and he has made major inprovements since than with her help. I believe this school sets their standards to high, putting too much pressure on the students which makes it hard for them to understand what the're being taught. Overall Mililani Ike is a great school with great staff but a little over rated.
9/25/2007parentMy child has attended Ike last year and overall, I was not happy with that school in general. First of all the class sizes were outrageous. There was not interaction between the teacher and parents. My child also had a total of three different teachers while attending 3rd grade. In the third year of the schools operation, there were not enough classrooms to accomodate all the student. That meant some students had to in portables while others occupied high tech class rooms. Overall that school is to over populated and the students are being deprived of deserved attention by the teachers.
9/11/2007parentWe have been disappointed in the environment since our son started K+. Now,in 2nd grade, no homework routine, the teacher seems very disorganized with regards to the daily classroom activities and nightly homestudies.My child is also enrolled into the 'Guided Reading Program' in which he hasn't been seen in 3 weeks. All of which causes multiple phone calls to the school to discuss.There are more Teacher Workdays than Holidays. Principal and Staff are focused on 'The Numbers and accreditation' than the child.Extraordinary no. of children who go to school there but don't live in the district. The Faculty and other 'local' families are not friendly nor do they go out of their way to try to be. Being a Military Family we were also looking for the 'best' but have been very disappointed in this school and surrounding Mililani Ike Community w/regards to how Military Families and Military Children are treated.
7/21/2007parentOverall I think 'Ike is a good school as far as Hawaii public schools go. However I am concerned with the mathmatics ciriculum.
6/3/2007parentThere is no question that Mililani 'Ike is one of the state's best schools. Mililani 'Ike is a great school because my children have received a rich and rigorous education from caring and compassionate teachers. All of the teachers, counselors, and even the office and cafeteria staff are nice and will go out of their way to help you. The principal is also a great leader who has won multiple awards and moved his school as a foremost state leader. I also am impressed by the number of teachers who earn awards at the school. Talking about awards, I am also very happy that the school received a full 6 year accreditation without a review! In addition, my child has thoroughly enjoyed the extra curricular activities such as track and cross country. Beyond athletics, the school provides video, flag, and an orchestra that you can't believe. Mililani 'Ike is truly a great school.
6/2/2007parentI am disappointed that one parent's concern can lower the parent's rating of Mililani 'Ike. I believe that Mililani 'Ike is an excellent school because the school focuses on the Hawaii Standards versus old...traditional...outdated textbooks or reading basals.
6/2/2007parentThere is no question that Mililani 'Ike is an excellent school. The school just received a 6 year accreditation (without review) and so many of the teachers and principal have earned awards for their leadership.
6/2/2007parentMy child has been attending Mililani 'Ike for since it opened 4 years ago and I am so happy that such an excellence school can exist. Everything from the teachers to the principal are barnone and it is obvious that the school has become one of the states best performing schools. Beyond winning multiple awards for excellence, the school has always been approachable and positive.
1/30/2007parentIke compares to the best private schools in Hawaii. I am so pleased with the school and the emphasis on a quality education. What makes this school special is the pride in this school. The principal, teachers, staff, students and parents. Parent involvement is remarkable!! Mr. Nakasato the principal has put together the finest staff and encourages all to be a part of of the education process and this great school. This is a wonderful school that anyone would be proud to be a part of.
9/18/2006parentWell, I must say that this school is one of the best I have seen. The staff is great. One downfall that I do Not like is how the kids have to be too independent. They are strict on being on time. I mean, like one min after that bell, your kindergartner has to get a late pass! Even if u walk them to class. Sorry I think that's ridiculous, hes 5 and they are usually late because of the working parent. If you are moving from the mainland, this school is a little advanced in reading. We moved here from NC, where my son had already finished kindergarten and was not yet reading in his old school, and was very out of place when we got here. Very discouraging for a child who is normally very eager to learn!
2/9/2006parentBrand new school so no test scores are out there but the Mililani schools are by far the top rated and Ike looks like it will follow that pattern. The staff and kids take a lot of pride being part of the school. I can't think of a single downside unless you are looking for a more ethnically diverse school.

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