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School Profile

J Sterling Morton West High School
2400 Home Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402
(708) 780-4100
public | 9-12
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
20 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Joe Gunty2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/16/2012parentAt morton its a well.. great school and great teachers! There are many school programs for students.
2/10/2012parentDespite the horrible School Board and Superintendent; this school perseveres. Great teachers and marvelous principal!!!! Dr. K is the main problem in District 201.
6/8/2011parentDespite the budget issues; this school is wonderful. Excellent teachers and staff. The students are engaged and feel safe. Nice building, excellent principal!
6/8/2011parentI am extremely impressed with how hard the teachers and staff work with the students. The School Board and Superintendent need to be replaced. Despite this issue, the teachers and staff persevere and do and good job. Excellent Principal and Administrative Staff!
11/1/2010parentteachers are working hard to teach and support our children
10/31/2010parentDespite the tight budget concerns in this school district, the students are engaged and ready to learn. They just need some of the perks that are available in wealthier school districts.
10/31/2010teacherDoes it's best to serve needs of students. Very responsible school administration
10/28/2010parentI love Morton West High School because the teachers are phenomenal and are always willing to help the students!
10/25/2010parentLet's Go Mustangs! The best teachers around!
10/25/2010parentThe teachers really care about their students. They give up much of their time for the students and school. If a students wants a great education they can get it here. Also, lots of extracurricular activities to keep them on track
10/25/2010parentJ Sterling Morton West High School, has proven to be one of the best things that happened to my children! The teachers are dedicated and show their passion to the children that attend their classes.
10/25/2010parentThe honors/AP classes are good. My daughter loves the theater dept and teacher, Ms D!!!!
10/25/2010parentGreat teachers. It is also my Alma Mater, Class of 1972.
10/25/2010parentI love J.S. Morton Sterling West High School because there is a zero tolerance policy, kids are at school to get their education and get college geared. I also love the uniform policy.
10/25/2010parentALL schools are what you and your child make of it!!
10/25/2010otherGreat school for preparing young people for higher education. I especially like the vocational technical aspect which is extremely beneficial for kids desiring to go directly into the work force after graduation.
10/25/2010parentI love Morton high because it has a lot of spirit and has made my daughter a better student.
10/24/2010parentI give it a 5 star. The school has plenty of extracurricular activities for its students to keep them motivated
10/24/2010parentMy kids go there and as long as the student had the best teachers there and my kids were involved in many after school activities.
10/23/2010parentMy oldest son graduated from Morton West an this year my youngest son will graduate from Morton West.
9/24/2010parentI have attended the PTO meetings at Morton West. Over three thousand students attend this school, but only three or four parents make the effort to support the school through participation. There are more teachers at these meetings than parents! The teachers work hard, many of the students want to learn, but where are the parents? What makes charter and private schools work is parental involvement. Why have so many parents given up on their children, then blame the school when the student goes astray? It's time the parents did more than simply complain.
5/11/2010studentMorton is a terrible school. i went there freshmen year, then transfered to LTHS, It was great at LT, my senior year i transfered back to morton and it was a nightmare. worse than it was my freshmen year. they treat students like middle school kids. the uniform is there number one priority. they care more about unforms than they do the grades and whats important. the deans are rude, the secuirty is rude. there are some teachers that a nice. asome that dont care. and some that are angry at the world. morton needs a tune up.
5/4/2010parentIn the begining when my son was a freshman he was so excitement to be into all the sports. After the second year his excitment went down the drain. The guidance at this school is a joke!!! I am ashamed to tell people what school my son attends because there is nothing good to say about it!!! If I could afford to send him to a private school I would... I pay too much for taxes on my home that leaves no extra for a private school. I will not give up on my child because his school district has.
4/29/2010studentThe school is a joke . They focus way more on enforcing dress code and rules rather than actual education . Test scores are ridiculous . And the school is now drilling into the ground with the new budget cuts beginning next year . Would much rather attend a school that actually makes me want to learn and get my education rather then one full of teachers that put shame on you for grades and test scores (does not even apply to all students) . Ummm try a little bit more involvement and encouragement !
3/24/2010parentMorton West needs to concentrate more on studies and less on so-called discipline. With reading, science and math scores so low, Morton teachers and administrators should be ashamed.
11/18/2009parentI have three children attending. The teachers are wonderful and the curriculum is improving. My children enjoy going to school. That's what is important. I do wish there was more parent involvement
1/18/2009parentI graduated from this school years before my children started attending, and I am so happy that the curriculum has improved. The teachers are very involved with the students, and have been very helpful to us parents in keeping us informed of our kids' progress.
1/13/2009parentthis is a good school i love it you learn a lot never wanted to leave. great curriculum good teachers i love it
1/12/2009studentThis school needs some tidying-up seriously. If the teachers were much more encouraging to each student they would not have any problems with test scores or grades. The teachers are suppoed to set the example so do it!!
9/16/2008studentI loved Morton! not only was I a great athlete there and a student but I went off to play college sports and recieved amazing amounts of educational scholarships all thanks to my hard work and the help and passion of the teachers there. i loved the school so much I'm comming back to be a part of the staff!! Go Mustangs!!
5/24/2008studentAs a former student, I believe that high school is what you make of it. If you go to school and get your work done, you will get a quality education. I graduated with a 4.2 GPA and I now attend DePaul University. I did very well for myself and I have the awesome teachers at Morton to thank. Students just need to shape up and stop acting like little babies. Morton is NOT a bad school! They wouldnt have to enforce rules if the students just followed the dress code. Teachers REALLY care here! Morton is very underrated!
5/1/2008otherformer student their the school is a huge joke they cant focus on the education instead they focus on dress code and enforcing their dumb rules
5/1/2008otherI went to this school and I loved it but many idividuals complain and are concerened about all the fights,gangs,pregnacy's, and use of drugs in the school. Most people will rate average or below average but as a former student I rate it with a 4 of 5 stars.
12/12/2007studentThe school is basically ok i mean it;s not the best but they do what they can. Teachers are always willing to help there's extracurricular activities.
10/28/2007studenti think that uniforms should be ruled out for students to wear. Everyone should not be punished for others. As individuals we should be able to wear what we feel but in a suitable manner.
10/11/2007studenti think morton has excellent honors and ap classes. the teachers are willing to help the kids before and after school.
10/2/2007parentI am becoming more and more concerned that the school has become so overcrowded that students cannot get into the classes they need or transfer to another class that better suits their academic purposes. This is something to really watch because if you need college prep classes and they can only place you in auto mechanics - well that's a real problem.
10/1/2007parentYes, Morton has the potential to be a great school. First drop the failing football team for now and put money into technology. Also, Morton needs to expand the lunchroom and offer better, more quality food and sometimes my daughter doesn't get a lunch because the line is so long and she only has 30 minutes for lunch. And, most parents know that the school is so, so overcrowded, yet there is plenty of expansion room on campus. I have written my state congresswoman to have her review Morton's funding and policies so that Morton can be a much better school overall. As far as academics, I have no complaints at this time. I have a 1oth grader and an 11th grader attending.
6/12/2007parentMorton west is not as bad it seems. Well atleast the tennagers aren't that bad but the school does not meet the financial needs of the students. I for one think it's unfair to have a sport like football being funded when ,no offense towards any football parents or coaches on the Morton team, the team does not have a good record and hasn't had a good record for a while now. The little funding that the school does get should be put towards the art classes and technology classes because adolescence seem to be more involved with tech. and art or music programs these days. But then again I know that school is expensive and these kids tend to take advantage of the priviliges provided to them.
5/22/2007parenti think that the principal this year is doing an exceptional jo. the teachers are wondeful and my student is learning alot. the only problem is that some rules i think apply only to certain people.
2/27/2007parentThe quality of academic programs is marginal, but there is a relatively good availability of sports and other activities. The parent involvement is not what I would expect from a high school as large as this is.
2/18/2007studentIn my opinion Morton West is a horrible high school compared to the one I go to now. The main thing that needs to be worked on is safety and discipline. Gangs and racism are also main issues. It's a bad school period, although the teachers are okay.
10/8/2006former studentI am a Morton High School graduate and can give everyone a bit of perspective. In my circle of friends, the following colleges were represented...Princeton, University of Chicago, Stanford, Millikin University, Northwestern...just to name a few...so for people to say you have no shot at Morton is ludicrous.
9/26/2006parentMorton West High School doesn't challenge students due to the out of date text books and teaching material used. I feel my child is not being challenge enough, even though he is in honor classes.
9/23/2006parentParents get informed! I believe I didn't get the help I could have for my struggling Morton teens. I am a Parent that cares! This school failed Annual Yearly Progress 3 years in a row.
9/19/2006parentI agree with previous comments made about having to be 'in the face of educators' My experience is that the administration isn't there to work with you and as much as I tried to work with them I got resistence at every attempt. I thought the whole concept of the education process was to teach, apparently I was mistaken because those who excel in school do so with little effort and those who need help just fall behind. I lived in Berwyn for 15 years and was happy there until my daughter went to Morton West High school. I had to move in order to give my daughter a chance to succeed. Lets face it, its hard enough to find a job these days and without at least a high school diploma chances are slim. No guarantees: but at least my kid has a shot now.
2/15/2006former studentThe administration in this school could improve itself greatly by putting the students' needs above the need to improve test scores.
1/7/2006parentThe school website reflects the help and resources you can expect from Morton West. Stubborn persistance is needed to get anywhere with the staff at Morton West. Homework and organization skills are up to teens and their parents - no real lessons from the school here. The Morton West system makes it difficult for parents to get information before it is too late to make a difference. Progress reports reflect information from 3 to 4 weeks prior to receipt. There is heavy reliance on teens to convey information and needs when they often do not have the maturity level to do so. Parent Teacher Conference is poorly organized. A web site with useful and updated academic and activity calendars, e-mail contacts, and individual teacher areas would benefit Morton West, its students and parents. Some of the teachers go the extra mile. Band program and support for it is outstanding.
10/15/2005former studentterrible school. no discipline. fighting all the time and teachers don't care.
9/18/2005former studentAs a former student the school wasnt too bad but its what you make of it. If you hangout with the right groups then you will be fine. Also if you dont mess with people or start drama (drama happens alot here). Also people think that Morton is full of bad dumb students. We have many smart and great students there its just hard to find them becuase,the school pays more attention to the trouble students rather the good ones.
8/21/2005parentWell let's just see how Senior year goes for my son. he is not the best student so I am not a parent who looks at life through glass eyes. With that said, can I just say if any staff from the High School is reading this, your school has to be by far one of the most UNORGANIZED registrations I have ever been to. Your staff is rude to the students! No wonder the kids are the way they are, it starts from the top. From a management level to hopefully someone who cares that reads this, you really need to get it together. And what is up with only 2 conselors on staff for regis day? Come on seriously, let's get it together. Practice what you preach staff!
8/4/2005former studentI am a Morton graduate. I was a teacher at Morton also. I am the mother of three children who did extremely well in school - because they put effort into it! I could not believe the whinning of the people who entered their reviews in this site. (Their grammar was atrocious besides!)There's a simple rule of life; put much effort into something and you will reap great rewards. Morton does not go out and hire disinterested teachers. Get real! Could it be that education and character and good behavior and good study habits were not emphasized in the home of these disgruntled people? Just because a person walks into a school now and then doesn't make them a student. A proper upbringing is the responsibility of the family so that the person attending school is prepared to learn plus partake of the extracurricular activities provided.
4/11/2005studentI'm a student from Morton. The teachers are okay, and I don't think that there's a huge problem with racism,though there still is a little bit. For instance in the spring when girls start to wear skirts, the parapros go for the latin and black girls wearing short skirts, and most of the time white girls dont get told anything.
2/20/2005studentI am currently a Student at Morton West High School.....Overall most of the teachers are very nice and caring about each individual student well at least the teachers I have are but if they know or can tell that you are in a gang they most likely treat you a little bit differently than they do the others. I have never seen the principal of my school or i have never even talked to my dean . My counselor is a nice guy though.
2/19/2005parentI read the reviews and I can't agree with them any more. Morton is a disappointment and I am afraid what will happen to my child when he needs to be prepared for college. The counselors, vice-principals, principals, deans, all the overall staff don't care. Your lucky if you get a return call back after 5 or so messages left for a person. The principal won't even call you back. There is not enough classes for all the students, they have them working in the deans office or in a study hall because they have no where to put them. it is so sad. I hope someone reads this and overhauls all of berwyns' schools especially dist 209 & 100. Please Help Our Kids
2/6/2005former studentI just transferred out of Morton West. There are alot of Hispanics at the school, and alot of whites, but very few African Americans. I was one of the African Americans, and I constantly felt singled out. All day I heard people (mainly hispanics) saying the 'n' word like it was nothing, and I was even a victim of racism. A girl told me she hated Mexicans, and Black people, and constantly joked about the KKK, and my teacher would do nothing. There's also alot of racist staff members. The staff at that school couldn't care less about the students.
1/30/2005former studentI believe this school needs a lot of improvement. I went there from 2000-04. I believe i saw the new principal three times (including graduation) and he wasn't very outgoing. The 'safety measures' are ridiculous and the parapros only catch you if they don't like you. Otherwise it's just another public high school.
12/17/2004studentI am a student at Morton and the school is alright. There is a lot of gangs, and a lot of fights. One student was put into the hospital, another fight was by my locker, and there was blood everywhere. They have good education. YetI still feel unsafe at school.
10/3/2004parentThis school's only worry is about making money and pretending they care about your kids. I will soon remove my child from such school. I think that even Chicago schools are better that this one.
9/9/2004parentHigh School is very scary as a Freshmen, its new, big and a little overwhelming. Teachers arnt as kind and you loose that personal touch, I think its pretty said to overwhelm children the first few weeks with Homework, and then after spending several hour doing it, get uncalled for statements like (very weak effort) and stupid unhappy faces, I think its poor effort on the Teachers part, these are still kids! You should not belittle their efforts, let them know what is expected of them, give them time to adjust to their new surroundings. Really disapointed with the first week of Morton West.
8/16/2004studentI myself am a current student at Morton West High school and I think the school is great. But even the greatest have its own defaults. The extra curriculum activities are awesome. It is so good that there are alot of activities that students can attend to rather than being involved with gangs or any other foolish activities. The coaches are cool except for some of our that are too concerned about winning that they do not let some of the other players play in the game and eventually we lose our games. The teachers are awesome and do what they have to do. The principle is not that very talkitive to the students. I only seen him twice and that was in our pep rally and before our winter vacation. I think he should reach out more to the students.
6/9/2004former studentAs a young alumni of Morton West, I can say that the school has always manintained great facilities, resources, and funding for many various extracurricular and academic activities. Therefore, it is up to the student and parents' encouragements to make use of those resources (i.e computer labs, library, academic clubs like Scholastic Bowl, Model United Nations, and sport teams). It also important that students understand that Morton West is unfortunately filled with an environment of the majority of students who perform academically average or poorly and who may be disillusioned with their future. This, however, will not affect those who want to succeed, because students who follow the most academically advanced curriculum (i.e Advanced Placement Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, History and English) are better prepared academically by teachers, and increase their chances into great universities across the nation (i.e. Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc), as it has been achieved from Morton West repeatedly.
4/11/2004former studentI myself went to morton east and west. I think there is still room for growth but otherwise a good school. Education is what you make of it. If your kids apply themselves then they will get the most out of there education.
2/24/2004parentI have two students at this school and have had several problems with their safety. It seems that the school is only interested in serving the criminals than they are the ones that are there to learn. There is no cooperation from the Dean staff and the security from Berwyn Police is a joke. Here it is 2004 and there is still racism in this small suburb. I moved away from the City to give my kids a better chance at good education and safety and instead I feel I put them in more danger. The school also needs to offer more programs for teen moms, instead of sending them to Morton East. Morton West is a separate entity from East and needs to be treated as such.
8/24/2003parentMorton West needs lots of improvements, not only the teachers but office personnel as well, they are very rude and not very helpful.
8/22/2003former studentThis year's principal was a complete Joke. He didn't even make himself known to the school until a month into school. The old Principal Dr. Stan Fields was a great Principal and got things done and most everyone liked him. The Counselor system is also a joke. The counselors are supposed to be there to help the student and most of them just want you to do what they tell you to. The teachers on the other hand are mostly good people, hard working and excellent teachers (with a few exceptions).

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