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Belding Elementary School
4257 North Tripp Avenue
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 534-3590
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public | PK-8
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Heather Smith Yutzy2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/6/2011parentAlthough it has only been the first part of the year , I can't tell you how pleased I am with the new 2nd grade teacher, Ms Albina. She is enthusiastic, passionate, and warm. She is also quick to respond to parents concerns. Her energy seems endless .I hope to have yet another wonderful year at Belding!
4/12/2011parentMy daughter is in Kindergarten at Belding. This school is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. The teachers are all excellent. The communication between teachers and parents is on a regular basis. Our principal is very involved in all everyday activities and is always available to talk. She is always looking for new ideas to make our school better. The PTA is extremely well organized and gives all parents the opportunity to be involved in all activities . It is a true pleasure to have my daughter attend a school that has so many parents who want to be involved in their childrens educations.
4/12/2011parentBelding has challenged my children academically and nurtured their spirits. I have seen my kindergartener thrive - now reading at 2nd grade level and doing 1st grade math - while developing friendships with children of widely diverse backgrounds. She loves her teacher and is excited to go to school each day. My entering 3-yr-old preschool boy went from recognizing only 1 letter, to recognizing 3/4 of the letters and some numbers, and is having a great time in the process. Belding has a strong network of parents supporting the school, a visionary principal who clearly loves her work and knows how to be a strong leader who also listens to the parents of her students. I highly recommend this school!
4/11/2011parentAs the parent of a kindergartner, I was nervous about entering CPS. After the first year at Belding, I'm a huge fan! My daughter's teacher has been fabulous -- challenging students and yet making learning fun, too. I love the principal's vision for the school, and I have felt a true sense of community as I've gotten to know the parents and teachers at the school. My daughter has learned to read, write stories, tell time, and do simple math. Perhaps more importantly, she has loved every minute of it. When I asked her to rate kindergarten from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, she gave it an 11!
3/27/2011parentBelding Elementary School has exceeded all of my expectations this year and last. Not only are the parents coming together to create a strong and motivated support system the principal is pushing the school into a whole new direction. I have two kids attending the school and I could not be happier with the level of dedication and pride the teachers exude at the school. This school is truly a global melting pot of kids, it has excellent scores that are rising and a fantastic staff.
3/25/2011parentWe live in the Old Irving neighborhood and have two children at Belding. Belding has great teachers and Principal Yutzy has a long history with Belding and truly cares about the school. She is a fantastic leader and is a true "go getter" who is more than happy to listen and get things done. Parent involvement is growing at a very good pace Since she has taken over.
7/22/2010parentMy son entered Belding in the 7th grade and has been doing great, with all "A's" and being challenged to do more. They have excellent teachers that care and give their very best. Belding has a great support group and strong leadership.
10/17/2009otherBelding is avery good school and I would like to personally complement Ms Ann Hudson, Geather Swenson, Catherine Stillwell, and Diane Bryniarski , asst principal. My grandchildren are really doing well and the school itself has a lot to offer. I highly recommend Belding.
9/15/2009parentBelding is fabulous school. The teachers are dedicated to the students. The principal is always willing to support her staff.
6/7/2009parentMy two sons are attending to this school for 3 years and in my oppinion is an exelent school.
3/4/2009parentmy kids are new this year but prior excellent comments you'll read here continue to ring true - my kids are challenged to their individual fullest - extra help for my son - accelerated 'gifted' programs for my daugher. Only 2 classes per grade - the teachers and staff all know the kids - the teachers and staff are energetic, dedictated and extremely skilled at their crafts. The school was accepted to be a world lagnuage school and my kida are getting to learn Arabic which is a spectacular educational oportunity. This school is absolutely right up there with the best of the best - a diverse student body - a dedicated group of professionals at the top of their craft and a solid group of parents who are involved enough - but not too much! Hoorah to Belding for doing it right. Public school education rocks!
7/6/2005parentWe have an amazing group of teachers who actively engage our children. This year one of our students took third place in our area's Young Author's Contest, and another received the Bronze Award in Chicago's Science Fair. The Junior Great Books program began this year in six classrooms, and more are being added for the 2005-2006 year. Our students have an opportunity to participate in Chorus (which again placed in the 'Excellent Division'), fine art, and the Belding Dance Club. After-school sports programs are available as well. Our parent volunteers are tireless in their efforts in assisting with raising funds for extra-curricular programs, books for our school library, sponsoring academic contests, and more.
2/7/2005studentI am a student in this school in 6th grade currently its is a good school.the principal is hand on but very strict at the same time. The teachers are nice but hard at the same time. they are very helpfull and help me score great. we have after school programs ranging from a field house to home work help an after school math and science program (invitation only) an art class and finally a first place choir. eryk p
1/23/2005parentI have 2 boys now 9 and 10 years old. Hands on principal. Teachers always challenging for students. 10 yr old scored 96% on ISAT. Younger brother sings, acts and is creating pieces of art all the time. I love the diversity of the different ethnic backgrounds. They have friends from Albania, Poland, India, Puerto Rico, Philipines, Mexico and more. The cultural environment is ripe for learning. The only thing I do not like is the retarded parents driving around the school. I park 1 block away and walk the rest.
9/9/2004parentI love Belding Elementary School. The parent community is extremely involved. They are making great strides in all areas, academics, enrichment programs, sports and the arts. It's wonderful to see a community come together even in the heart of the city.

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